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tate Jan 2021
it was the day, i didn’t expect to find you
i didn’t expect to learn you
i didn’t expect to share so much
i was hesitant at first, but of course
i gave in, i opened up knowing full
you will left me too
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
If you try being a better man
And fail
At least you gave it a shot
Something to be said about formulating a plan
The majority of people do not
Just thinking
Boris-Bryce Sep 2020
If only I could see what others see in me then I would believe, but I can't. If marrying death ment rest, then I do.
Ursula Wolf May 2020
The rain washed away
Your soft words;
Into my quiet step
You came by,
Didn't stand away;
You just stared
In the crowd's noise,
But didn't see,
Didn't hear me.
Maybe that's why
You have never loved
My father is an old man
Once upon a Time he was a cold man
He was almost always a good man
The kind where you knew where you stood, man.

My father raised loud daughters
My father raised proud daughters
My father raised daughter that said yes with no question
Who's no's were not a suggestion

My father raised strong daughters
Beside you when nights got long daughter
My father raised stern daughters
Daddy raised you get what you earn daughters

My father raised daughters that would fight a grown man
But know when to stay silent and when to raise a hand
Daddy raised daughters that don't need a man
Daddy raised daughters just like he planned

And those daughters became mother's
And their daughters are difficult women
Loud women
Proud women

Because daddy looked around and didn't like what he saw
He saw weak men
Like to drink men
He saw men who beat their wives
He saw men waste their lives
He saw men who would suffice
To sleep next to his daughter the rest of his life

So Daddy raised women to be strong
And sat beside them when nights got long
He never had titles, power, or wealth
In his old age he barely has his health
But daddy gave me more than money or fame
Daddy gave me his spirit and gave me his name
Erian Rose Nov 2019
Into the evening dusk
The steady beat of the trumpets ring about
Next time
As I gaze up upon the stars
I'll wish for you
While they hurry down from the sky

Though, I know
You'll never be mine.
An ode to the one who I know will never see me as more than a friend.
Alexander Sep 2019
I loved an empty being,
Gave my all just so you could feel something,
But somewhere along the way,
You came alive as I withered away.
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