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Helen gave everything to this life she never received anything back only the love of her family husband daughter and sons her dear
She gave so much to this world just by her presence being here but In return all she received nothing from this world but pain
And I'm still asking why she never deserved any of that she never complained of her pain her
I always remember a priest when Helen was In her wheelchair at a appointment at mental health
he said he didn't no why God allowed people In  wheelchair and those suffering so many
I think It so sad people seem be singled out to suffer In life were others
never seem to get any problems at
A priest once said he didn't know why God allowed people to suffer with illnesses end up In wheelchairs
He gave her the sea,
when he as the ocean.
He gave you a sea shell,
when all he has was a sea shell.
Johnny walker Mar 11
There were times I lay broken In sorrow being
left In this life
to the point of almost anger
but with anger directed towards me for had
done enough In life for
her could I have done any more
but as time moved on and I became to realise there
nothing more could
be done her
had become unbearable
and no kind pain relieve work any more so now I look at what has happened In a much different
that she was taken from me out my hand so she'd be spared of her terrible pain and know In my
this be true from the last I saw her alive she Johnny I'm giving up I can't do this any more for Helen didn't want to suffer no
but then the
bravery and to courage she
displayed to us all was truly amazing so God rest her soul my beautiful girl who gave me such a wonderful life
Helen gave me wonderful live memories to cherish of so many great times God bless her soul
Johnny walker Mar 10
Does It not matter that I love you she said replying to me after I told her I'd never been and knew not our to
Through child child abuse I suffered as a kid and to replying to me In the way that she did gave a new confidence
I'd never known In my life before this lady called Helen who answers my cries for help the lady who said yes to be coming my wife
who changed my whole outlook on life to be married to such a beautiful
wife but most Importantly her beauty that shown from
Helen  gave me a chance were other not even a glance and yes to being my wife
Johnny walker Feb 26
I know there were times I think you thought I didn't know what I was doing and half the time Helen you were probably
For I always muddled through most things In my life as  I had done since I was a kid I was never given any confidence by my parents
So I became quite used to Helen being mother to us all I felt safe and then she died I was completely lost
and struggled to
My strength was suddenly gone, for Helen the one we all turned and I would call her  mother of all mother
for that's what she was she watched over us
Helen was my strength my rock mother to us all she
gave me the confidence I'd
lack all my life
Jeannery Dec 2018
funny the way we laugh
but we can't stay like that
some times we are rough
someone's always putting a dot

i hope you get it
but I think you don't, I bet
I want it to be fixed
I hate it, you broke us at six

tired, I'm losing my grip.
i dont wanna lose you.
but what can I do?
**** girl, you already tripped.

and now that we're over
i want you to remember
the night we kissed on november
wretched, I lost my lover.


an untitled poem for the person who gave me reasons to write again, and now she's giving me reasons to stop again but I've been thinking about it. The pain she gave, the more my words are becoming powerful. Oh, i need her like the poet needs pain. Untitled, x.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
The poems I write are written
to my wife as my personal
tribute to her, I ask nobody
to feel sorry for me, but only
to feel sorrow for her, she was
a beautiful wife In oh so many
ways not just talking about
looks, but from deep within a
heart of gold never refused
anybody help, she deserved so
much more than sometimes
others gave credit for
This this poem Is written and all my other poems especially for anybody who may have jost joined this site
as  a tributes to my late wife
to keep her memories of  alive
as promised In life
Crego Nov 2018
If you really cared
about me
you would’ve tried
to save me
from letting myself
slip away
Mary Frances Oct 2018
You are the Gift of Love
I gave to myself.
My love for you
defies distance,
conquers barriers,
and transcends lifetimes.
Amy Duckworth Oct 2018
I am a protector,
I protect those I hold dear.
But... I sacrifice myself for others,
I have no time for myself.
I lose who I am,
But I protect those I love.
They say that I am too
And protective.
I am like a treasure map but without the X
I am useless without who I really am,
But I am useless without the people I care for.
So I gave myself up for them.
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