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  Jan 2020 Ashari Ty
I miss the time when someone whole-heartedley loved me. The time when love was simpler. The time I didn't love myself.

But now that I do, I ask myself why no one loves me like before.
The most important love is loving yourself. Even if you do love yourself, you'll still feel lonely sometimes, but that's part of loving yourself too - realizing that you're strong on your own.
Ashari Ty Jan 2020

nothing beats a drukn n nighht
like a peaceful tipsy twilight

Beer and chicken while you watch the purple sky <3
Ashari Ty Oct 2019
As the sky turns blue again
My mood rather won't
Ashari Ty Oct 2019
"fake it till you mean it"
smile till you die
****** smile (:
Ashari Ty Sep 2019
Ikaw ang mantika
Ako ang 'yong tubig
Yung kama ang kawali
Mabilisan lang na tula hahez
Ashari Ty Sep 2019
the nicest thing
about me lately
is that i exist
my life is so empty and pathetic and i don't think i'll get better
Ashari Ty Aug 2019
pick me up
so you can toss me in the bin

go green
go green
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