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Star BG Nov 9
As I sit, drinking with sacred breath
life’s formula of experience,
I observe path taken.
Memories merge with moment.
Dark integrates in pulsating light.

As I sit, wandering with minds eye
before standing inside grace
I hear precious hearts song.
Music echoes within for peace.
Purpose aligns with Avatar self.

As I stand, dancing on horizon
before returning to source I smile,
I feel the power of love.
Wisdom anchors for action.
Human costume vibrates
to celebrate.
Life unfolds
to know I WILL make a difference.
inspired by Sophia
Nylee Oct 21
No one has the time
to give me another chance
maybe I will fail again
or I will fall from the train
at least I am trying.

Don't bury me
when I am standing
Let me be free
I am pleading
please give me
an another chance.

It is hard to feel all the heat
but I am keeping on my feet
don't make me choose the defeat
I'm inching a bit closer to complete
Really I do not want to sit, now.
Karijinbba Oct 21
I am a riddle..
can you solve me?

I stay in one corner but I get to travel all around the world!
And If you want me to I can also stay with you until you need me or give me away.

While I am with you though someone might steal me and only you will know and you can never find me nor track me down.

I am usually artistic pleasant to the eye and nobody tampers with me. my design commands respect
and I never need visas sometimes I return to you and you are never glad I do.

I seldom get burnt crashed or drowned
you know my name my job
and that my maker sells me
but only once in my lifetime

you gladly buy me because
its legal
You have touched me pressed me down and you fly me away first class in a mision across the world
or or in the same town.

I am convenient I don't drink nor eat and I don't need hotels;
I only travel un airplanes bus or delivery special transport.

If you buy me you want to lay me down in glue uncovered and I never sleep
anyone can lift me up but they have to be dishonest and can go to jail.
I bring joy and happiness and sometimes the reverse is true

What kind of amazing riddle
am I ?
Come on you know my name!! You chose me among many, You bought me you licked me, you press me down! You sent me on a mission but don't know my name!!!

Ashari Ty Sep 1

Come, sit beside me.
Nothing else matters.

That's all.
We just sit.
I like you.
Come one
Come all
Gather 'round and gather here
Listen close and settle near
For on this day
Authority is interrupted

I've come as close as any man
Can get
To stealing his own shadow
Divine throwback
A crime so small
It's never shed

Come far
Come wide
Sit on grounds of moss and stone
Observe sinful musings to atone
For on this night
I disrupt authority

I've gone as far as any man
Can go
To shatter down my broken soul
Opaque treasure
A ruse so slick
it's never seen

Be broken
Be whole
Try to look your best
While you can’t even find a single dress.

Figured an easy task,
But, heck, you haven’t even been asked....

So walk around, don’t sit.
Go in circles to find a cheap lip kit,

And hope for another chance
Because this just may be your last dance.

Uhg. Meh.
Star BG Feb 9
I sit with overflow of thoughts
that are now calmed by a snowy
Beauty inside peacefulness.

I watch recollecting self
in the tranquility of Mother Earths
gentle scene
as wind caresses.

I sit grateful for the
water crystals
that grace trees and hilltops
as not a soul is in sight.

I watch warmed by fire and four walls,
watching the ****** snow
as it blankets all I see.

Perhaps before sunset
I shall wander outward
to touch the magnificent gift
from Father Sky.
inspired by Mike D. A gift to this site. Thank you.
Sunshine Nov 2017
when i talk to you
i sound crazy
my words don't add up to what i wanna say
so i sit back
i watch you slowly slip away
you fall through my grasp
you drip through the gaps
and now i really miss you more than i did before
maybe because i realize how far away you are
maybe because i realize you'll never hold me
here you feel so close
when i see your face on my screen
and when you type out easy words
and when you leave me helpless in the middle of the night
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