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lucie 7d
soft melodies on the radio;
she’s got the rooftop down
brighton wind tangling her hair
fawn eyes wide with hunger

to see the way the sunlight kisses
the peach fuzz over her porcelain curves,
the thick brown lashes
over her tired-hooded-brooding lids

i will miss her small apartment,
the orange glow and that
lingering taste of cinnamon–
turmeric stains on her blouse

and i will follow her into the sea, knee deep
she will talk about the crash of the waves
too hard, too loud;
silent wind inside her insides
In the street full of flowers,
I saw you again.
The sound of film can be heard,
Didn't care if what I captured was blurred.

You probably didn't know when you started hurting me.
I approached you and I want to be honest with you this night.
I still wonder, wonder, beautiful story.
I still wander, wander, next story.

You were hurting too,
Now promise me,
Don't throw yourself away.
You should be your light baby.

Like the other day,
Come in front of me baby.
I want you to be your night.
In this scenery full of flowers,
Interwine our pinkies,
I want to make you mine.
I really love 'Scenery' of BTS ' V and 'Promise' of BTS' Jimin. I was thinking of creating a separate poem of the two but why not combine?  So I tried but I think it's messy so I'm sorry.
Our love is the flower
Which blooms on the unknown mountain.
Our love is beautiful.
Never picked and displayed in the imperior's palace,
Never put down to the soldier's grave.
Our love is swinging in the wind.
Our love is opening the petals to the sun.
Our love is always glad if it rains.
Our love never fade in the imperior's vase,
Our love never wither on the lonely grave.
Our love will give seeds
Like others,
Like others.
Our love is the flower,
Wild flower.
WordsHelp Dec 2018
I am a woman.
I am smart.
I am kind.
I am compassionate.
And I am so many other beautiful things.

I am a person.

I am not an object for you to enjoy.
I am not something for you to whistle at.
I am not just ***** or *** or legs.
I am not your pretty scenery.

I am a person.
kiran goswami Dec 2018
Photography was his hobby,
And she became his favourite scenery.
Louisa Coller Dec 2018
I can imagine,
trees, ponds, fish and oleanders
but I can't begin
to hold you tightly enough,
the anguish remains crafted.
Shantala Kothare Nov 2018
I feel a simple joy
As I look upon the hills
The kind that uplifts my heart
Without the skiing thrills.

The trees look their best
All dressed in multi-coloured hues
And stretch for miles around
Against skies of brightest blues.

And as I watch the sun,
Rise from the other side;
I see life stirring out,
From where at night it hides.

The sky gets filled with colour:
To a warm tangerine-orange glow;
And my mind is filled with awe,
At this wondrously delightful show.

Some birds have started
Singing their happy whistling tunes;
And will continue with their songs,
Till its way past noon.

There are some that have started
Before the day broke into dawn,
And unite with the melodies
Of those who start later in the morn.

And these very merry sounds
So full of happy cheer
Makes the state of Kashmir,
Our very prized frontier.

The sounds are echoed far and wide
On this mountainous terrain
Over hills and through valleys
They reach below to the plains.

At night it gets all quiet,
Except for the babbling brook
And the occasional hoot of the owl
That startles me from my book.
I am somewhere lost in a hostile dream and the South End.
There are no more feathers on my skin and stars in my eyes.
It is the second week of a gothic autumn and winter is waiting its turn.

I am swinging on a golden sunset enjoying someone else's fun
When you are this pretty you don’t just delete your social media,
You delete your entire social life.

This is a great way to rest peacefully in Life.
My mind is the beautiful scenery I live in.
Donna Oct 2018
Fluffy clouds float by
Trees still in warm summer mode
Magpies on rooftops
Inspired whilst out today :)
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