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B Nov 2023
The harvest is done,
a blue moon hangs from a string of silver
North wind found summer,
and has stalked and killed her.
I'm sending out puffs of ice cold breath
tender stream gathering in the frost
watching bejeweled leaves reach their final death and fall amongst the lost.
Chelsea Quigley Oct 2023
The stars tonight
Rose high in the sky,
From paths I walk
Through quiet night.

For animals they crawl
And bugs they bite,
Not a moment I would wish for
That would feel this right.

For who thought my mind
would feel so mellow?
Passing fields of green
And flowers of yellow.

Joy fills my heart
Through this hazy meadow,
Greeting others with a smile
And a sweet 'hello'!

For tonight is a night
Of joy and no sorrow,
Leaving worries and woes
Until tomorrow.
birdy May 2022
the whole valley
blended into a sea of black
stark to the starry blue sky
the mountains are the waves
I am only a water bug
Dereaux Oct 2021
a natural painting is what i see
of flowers and fresh grass nearby
a cloudy blue sky so breathtaking
it always leaves me with a sigh

no artist can paint so well and true
like mother nature does it right here
trees even give way to her sculpture game
and let precious splendor come near

painted with love, so velvety soft
just like fragile life mostly can be
look and appreciate what nature offers you
as she whispers “please come closer to me“
Gabrielle Oct 2021
The freckled yellow flowers
Smell like a breath in
Roots braid and knot the ground
Mange begetting rainbows

A thousand leaves palms up to the sun
Indifferent of the rain
Weathered are the paths that led me
To my mother's garden again.
Merlie T Jul 2021
I see a lion
through the rose petals
in the bushes
his mane forms and rests
The wind blows
and I can hear
his roar
revealing a pink tongue
The gold of his body
blends into the gold of the grass
It glistens and it shines
I see his power
It is mine.
Merlie T Jul 2021
dark blue
wisps of white
endless rolls
on the way down south
deep mounds meet
the land to the sky
stars sparkle
such silence
wind blows
degzvdg Jul 2021
Each word I exchanged with you,
each one of them is raining down on me
like falling stars.

The sky I looked at alone,
seemed like it was about to swallow me up.
I was afraid.

The starry night we shared was incredibly brilliant,
it somehow seemed unstable.

A single petal that came in my life.
Only you mattered.

This is my punishment.
Brumous Jun 2021
I wish that I can grow
a garden out of words

that way,
I'll be as comforting
like the cold breeze
on a blissful night

then, seeing autumn
will feel so right

but, instead of those

I have this
glaring eyes,
that angers my father
every time

I'm envious of how people can be like sceneries,
so beautiful and alluring

yet, I am just...
Shadow Jun 2021
Endless sky 
Bleached with orange
And a touch of pink
Scenes like this
Showcase how a beautiful moment
Is only ever temporary
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