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Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
and now
all i can write
i can't even write
waves of
c h a o t i c p o e t r y
Transcribe my sine wave,
     Rays like the sun.

Describe the unending normalcy.
   waves crashing: one too many.

Laser-focused against the (g)rain.
        Tsunami enraged.

Defiance is my resonant frequency,
      sorry to disappoint.

I am the way.
Grey May 2020
And with just one word,
I watched as my dreams crashed down,
unable to hold
when life's harsh realities
beat down on their fragile frames.
May is the month of tankas and ten words, I guess.
Em or Finn May 2020
When I was young
You were  my entire world
You built me up
And gave me confidence I never knew I had

Even when you began cracking under the pressure
You stayed strong for me
Guiding me
And showing me that I could find strength in anything

The more I grew up
The more that image of you began to fade
Small scratches turned into small cracks
Until the glass began to shatter entirely

Other people never made it easy for you
Breaking you down
Until nothing was left but the hope that one day,
One day it would get better

I watched your world fall apart in front of you
Almost like the Black Plague
Everything was dying around you
And you were convinced it was because you touched it

Tell me that you'll be okay
Because without you, I am nothing
I depend on you for my happiness
But I know that I shouldn't

So, I started looking for happiness in others
Until I found out that their smiles were fake
Their friendship was fake
Everything was fake

So ... I started walking alone
Who needs three musketeers
When I can trust only one
And even that one I'm suspicious of

You were my entire world
But when that world came crashing down
I wasn't strong enough to build one
With you still in it

So ... dear self
It's been a long time without you
But I still have hope that one day
You'll return home
The Foodie One Apr 2020
I loved You so much,
You would never imagine
What it felt for my Heart
to give You up - It’s still crashing;

I remember and I drown
in your dark eyes
’cause I found
I Still love You, my Dear -

What remains
can’t disappear.
© 20/04/19
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
A mere phantom roaming Earth with no apparent direction
Miserably yelling
Yearning for connection

Tossed to and fro
Invisible waves
Into the depths of echoing caves

Not knowing why life I was given is cursed
Yet still I plummet headfirst

I do not know why the path I walk is not straight
Crooked for so long I think it may be too late

I hear cries
Loved ones pleading me to turn around
From so far I can barely make out the sound

I shout back to them
Am suddenly mute
Voice inaudible
Or at the most

My sore throat finding solace in silent surrender
Healing with a touch so tender

Stop a second to catch my breath
Look into water and my eyes glimpse death
Kinda just a poetic self portrait
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2020
Waves crashing as I finally "sea"
Darkening with the realization
For the first time I am aware
I no longer hold your admiration

Along the way ignored the signs
Showed up over and over
Skies rough at times but I love you
Valentine's Day and I am sober

You may be reading and thinking
Not fair to speak on your behalf
It's your words and actions that taught me
Huge difference between what's said and how you act
eli Dec 2019
music is important
to me

my father doesnt like music

I cant see why or how,
its a distraction
from the noise

the droning noise
that follows me

even when i'm alone
when i'm at home
the droning
the noise


the noise that is drowned out
by a simple melody

a simple hum when driving
whistling when walking
music when crying

music is important
lost Aug 2019
the feeling is back yet again

the feeling of slowly losing myself,
succumbing to the darkness in the depths

watching my mind darken, taking traces of the person I built up

crashing down the doors from the subconscious to conscious,
making my eyes burn, the pain slipping out

the pain i buried away last time

i'll slip again,
but this time,

no one can know

just let me slip alone
not edited
kam Jul 2019
You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me


You left me
In the middle of the road,
Knowing that I would come running back to you.

You left me
Stranded in an open sea,
Knowing that I would swim endless miles for you.

You left me
Thousand miles up in the air,
Knowing that I would come crashing down to you.

You left me
In the midst of a solar fire,
Knowing that the ignition in my heart will last forever.

Slowly becoming conscious of the fact that I was indeed

Running back to your arms,
Just to see you holding someone  
With the very same hands you pushed me away with.

Swimming endless miles,
And finding myself
Drowning in my own tears.

Flying thousand miles up in the air,
And realizing
That I was crashing down to rock bottom

Stuck in the center of a solar fire,
Being oblivious to the fact  
That it would turn me wild
And burn me alive

Red, yellow and blue
Never have I thought  
That I would be able to see something
So dangerous yet so beautiful  

Oh to what surprise
I was just blinded  
By your flame
And the words you spoke

You’ve got me under your spell

Captivated by your beauty
And enthralled in your whole being

Just let me go
Take your hold off of me
Begging and pleading
Take your spell off of me.

And finally,
I awake
From the spell that you have cast unto me.

You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me
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