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lost Aug 24
the feeling is back yet again

the feeling of slowly losing myself,
succumbing to the darkness in the depths

watching my mind darken, taking traces of the person I built up

crashing down the doors from the subconscious to conscious,
making my eyes burn, the pain slipping out

the pain i buried away last time

i'll slip again,
but this time,

no one can know

just let me slip alone
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kam Jul 20
You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me


You left me
In the middle of the road,
Knowing that I would come running back to you.

You left me
Stranded in an open sea,
Knowing that I would swim endless miles for you.

You left me
Thousand miles up in the air,
Knowing that I would come crashing down to you.

You left me
In a midst of a solar fire,
Knowing that the ignition in my heart will last forever.

Slowly becoming conscious of the fact that I was indeed

Running back to your arms,
Just to see you holding someone  
With the very same hands you pushed me away with.

Swimming endless miles,
And finding myself
Drowning in my own tears.

Flying thousand miles up in the air,
And realizing
That I was crashing down to rock bottom

Stuck in the center of a solar fire,
Being oblivious to the fact  
That it would turn me wild
And burn me alive

Red, yellow and blue
Never have I thought  
That I would be able to see something
So dangerous yet so beautiful  

Oh to what surprise
I was just blinded  
By your flame
And your words

You’ve got me under your spell
Captivated by your beauty
And enthralled in your whole being

Just let me go
Take your hold off of me
Begging and pleading
Take your spell off of me.

And finally,
I awake
From the spell that you have cast unto me.

You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me
Sharon Talbot Mar 26
The first one happened in the dark,
On an awkward bed in too much haste;
It was not really what I wanted,
Not a meal but just a taste.
The second and third were foggy at best,
A handsome face or long, blond hair,
The connections, sweat and smooth chest,
But the memories are still fair.
The fourth one kept hailing me
And I almost saw him there,
But his pursuit was like a drug
Too flattering sweet to miss;
Unknowing pain dispelled with a winter kiss.

Other trysts would follow:
In an empty room, on a stripped-down bed,
In a forest that covered a hill,
Inside a corner room,
With nights in white
Cotton and you missing still,
While floating snow fell.
I saw your face out in the storm.
No one there to keep you warm.

A summer lad was tall and fair,
His arrogance disguised as a dare,
Flaunting traits you wish weren’t there,
But a bacchanal makes up for OCD.
Until his obsession is directed at me.
Imagine Apollo in a haze of J.D.!

He took me home (unsuspecting) in his car,
Across the Valley, but it wasn’t far
Enough for me to endure his howls
About my lack of even temper
When he inspected other girls.
I stopped his rant and smashed a car door.
Yet he called the next morning,
Insanely wanting more.
And I told him that:
If a ten ton truck had crashed
Into his tin VW and we were mashed,
I couldn’t think of a worse way to die,
Than to be pinned there by his side!

So to you and all the others I bemoan:
Don’t take me back to your home.
I have no use for your romance,
I don’t need your wants,
And you don’t want what I need.
There’s a bed of my own where I prefer to sleep
And in the sunrise I will keep
A sweet liaison with coffee and birdsong,
Of synthesized music all morning long.
With a new gold dream beside me.
And summertime inside me.
There is a light and it never goes out;
Those who don’t see it have been shown out.
Julia Mae Dec 2018
i see your self improvement in waves and then eventually the waves come crashing back down, deeper into dark recesses, never rising above the surface again for long
and i am so afraid that you will remain there, forever lost
title credit to joyce manor.
stopdoopy Nov 2018
1 2 3
Seeds from fruit trees

I've missed you
My cherished one

You will be
With us again

Is the earth
Beneath soft snow

Way down here
The embers glow

Are we, beloved
Feelings freely flowing

Crashing into rocks
Passionate and fierce

4 5 6
Cross the river Styx
. . . . . .
Cherisse May Oct 2018
i'm deathly afraid
of falling, gravity embracing me,
and continuously feeling adrenaline
coursing through my veins.

i'm deathly afraid
of falling, crashing hard,
my feelings all placed in one bet,
risking it all as i keep falling.

i'm deathly afraid
of heights, the wind blowing,
my legs shaking, my body unsteady,
the ground seemingly a thousand miles below.

but what if
i jump off
to, as they say,
'conquer my fears'?
i'm falling, crashing, and i'm not quite sure where i'm landing.

my poems have lost the feeling i once used to pour out.

now all i have is my self, and it's getting too hard.
BoringBoy Sep 2018
Your gripping lies make me question why
Did I give you the time to take my sanity away
You never cared, you witched your passive spells
Entwined me in your nails, you've sent me straight to hell
I cannot contemplate what it could take in place
Of your sickened soul, an even bigger hole
Oh can't you stop that smile from ever turning into horns
You little devilish coward, why did you leave me so torn
Your devious smile, like poison to the lame
Crippled all over again, now I am really insane
I lost my mind down here, I guess i'm dead as my brain
I'm settled like fear, yet now my cheeks are wet from the rain...
Was it truly rain?
Brittany Hall Aug 2018
I gave you what you needed, but it wasn't what you wanted.
You gave me what I wanted, but it wasn't what I needed.
You took my heart, my time, my trust.
Only to find out,  all you had for me was lust.
I took your smile, your freedom, your pain.
Only to find out, that it was all just in vain.
Our souls intertwined and our bodies were confined.
Linked to one another, it's true that love is blind.
A chemical reaction, causing ripples out in space.
A cosmic implosion with but one thing out of place.
Giving each other glimpses of who we could be.
Showing each other things that no one else could see.
Banging  the drums, we didn't skip a beat.
Playing too quickly;  we couldn't take the heat.  
The sound was so sweet; you let me hear your voice.
Like waves crashing on the beach, I didn't have a choice.
Lulling me to sleep, with every single note.
Waking you up, each time I rocked the boat.
Before we knew it, we were beginning to sink.
Polluting the waters, without a chance to think.
With all of my strength, I brought you back to the shore.
Leaving me adrift, I won't see you anymore.
For my love.
Mia Taljaard Jun 2018
it was the sound of the waves crashing against the high walls of the rocks at bay
the sky a mix of colour of her cherry lips fading into the deepness of blue that sparkled in his eyes
she was staring into the brightness of the sun's farewell
he was staring at the strands of hair gracefully blowing around her face
he wanted to reach out to her to tuck it behind her ear so he could stare at her face better
he wanted to reach out to her and confess
she kept her face towards the sun as his gaze went unnoticed
the waves kept on crashing against the walls of his heart
she kept looking away
the sky moves to darkness
but the waves kept crashing
Ashari Ty Jul 2018
Crashing tides
In my head

Dew drops on
Pillows and bed
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