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like poetry in motion.
like the motion of the ocean.

Fluid like a breeze
passin with great ease,
Movin through the branches
Dancin through the leaves.

Flowin like my mind,
Going over time,
puffin on some trees,
Like truth I’m bout to find.
Stayin on my grind.
Leavin fear behind.
Blastin through the cosmos
like my stars are all aligned.
Quantum physics redefined,
The beauty of being kind.
Travel thru dimensions,
A universal mastermind.

This illusory time
alluding to retain us-
Yet the conscious mind
refuses to contain us.

Recondition of the masses,
Before time comes to pass us.
before it’s all too late
Start movement to change
Let’s wake each other up
Let’s take control over our fate.

Again and again,
Love it till it’s over,
live it till it’s fin.

A reflection of your life spent,
a vessel that you’ve been lent,
so go forth with intent.

Gratitude for all worth
Know you are important
Every breath, and all birth.

Your light that resides true
In the poetry inside you.
The vibration stays fluid,
Like the love that is intuit.
You’re a medium— a conduit.
Yeah, now you’re catchin onto it.

High frequency—-
Waves of love
True vibrancy,
you are free of.

Faith in self,
No need for vaunt,
lovin what you have
not havin what you want.
Give it all you got
till you got nothin left,
Then take the deepest breath
And give it once again.
I’m still choking on my own blood.

As it slowly fills my lungs.

I am drowning inside myself

The blood is mine; 
the air is gone,

Now so am I.

After death, there’s nothing more than that same familiar empty space 

waiting for your thoughts to refill it

Infinite & Eternal 
in every direction;
both up and down and beyond before.

encircled by the horizon.

This emptiness where your awareness doesn’t so much ‘go’ 
as recollect that it’s always been here.

look through this persisting dream! 

there is no afterlife because nothing, 

not even memory, is really destroyed.

just transformed 
into particles

into wavicles 

into higher frequencies,

your mind no longer fathoms,
so you leave 
your mind behind.





your awareness is the fifth state of matter.
Ilion gray Mar 3
Everyday I speak with those who Have not been,
Nor are they here, and will never be again.
And yet, they are more real to me than the sea, earth and air,
And wind.
Toxic yeti Mar 1
Two blue
Clear Baoding *****
A beautiful blue
As I look at them
As I swirl them
I look closely and
See that they are
Not normal
Stress *****
But parallel universes.  
What a summer.
Gandy Lamb Feb 26
Albert Einstein once said
that the Gorvanian constant of
Uranium-235 was 1.6*10^-41.
Albert Einstein died.
Akhiz Munawar Feb 10
Let’s pretend
Let’s pretend to be alive
Hearts blooming with the sounds of spring
Let’s pretend to see the stars
Holding hands
Staring up, making shapes, counting
Let’s pretend to fill it all in
That moment
When planets align
Questioning its very own existence
Time executes a treachery on itself
And stops
Let’s pretend
So … in a universe parallel to our’s
You and me
Don’t .
* In Quantum Physics there is a theory of Parallel Universes which states that there exist multiple universes which are exact copies of our own and there are multiple versions of us doing the exact opposite of what we do on ours.
Shadow Puppet Jan 29
I had a vision...
A dream our fingertips touched.

I had a twisted fantasy...
A nightmare where the spark was too much.

Fried from shock all she could muster was,
“You really, really love him, BUT”

There was where the story ends
From whence she came,
There she went

Gravity gently danced with you
Away from me
Petals vanished in the wind
All to honor your presence and utter negligence

I had a reverie
A dream our fingertips touched.

Lost in a cusp
Earth and air
It is merely dust.

For me it was once enough
Then I awoke from my slumber

Daily routine,
I count the calendar days
My sweaters cold static appalls me

I am laughing at how daunting,
Real and imaginary appear to be
Close, yet far

You are applauding
In the cryptic distance

Searching the audience
I vaguely listen to the lulls of your absence

I finally found something,
Greater than my own pain.
Love could never be greater than my pain, it serves as a foundation for it.
So if not love do you know what I am speaking of?
Nat Lipstadt Nov 2014
When I enter,
the black holes of myself,
they are located,
transcribed upon the
blackboards of our
unified bodies,
the magnification of energy
principles demonstrated
by the unconcluding
conclusion of the expansion of
the rebirthing of one universe
never ending

When I enter a woman,
the discovery sought,
the definitional needed,
the proofs equational,
the factors constant,
not the variable
the demonstrations positive,
the constants of the universe,
combinational, all within,
a single point glistening

to gentle comfort this
knowledge of my wasting,
the foresight of my limitations
from the day of birth
my matter,
my energy
neither destroyed or created,
my decline inevitable

and yet

cannot alter my atomic structure.
my future guaranteed,
my inner light,
traveling so fast,

it has yet

to arrive

When I enter a woman,
the laws of physics
become special theories
of relativity,
we are motion in time,
force and energy
nucleotides rawest refined,
elemental and particle nuclear,
packets of light

When I enter a woman,
organic, chemistry,
my body and its life force
shaped as
electric current transceivers
crossing galaxies,
there can be no deceivers,
there but and only
the birthing of heat,
a byproduct of
interjection, conjunction

she is my proof
long after the
log normal of my nerves,
now parceled to the
invisible of an oscillating
log natural,
fertilizes the sea grasses
that so intoxicate,
flying, carried,
by the invisiblity of the winds,
all-where I have chosen
as my shifting shape,
when this container
leaks and *****'d,
rentery orbit,
the nearest garbage strewn

When I enter a woman,
physics far beyond
the commonplace,
physical transition
to knowledge
of life ever after

death and fear are
time sensitized
passing notions,
crushed by the
consolation of physics,
the eternality
of a time
once begun,
cannot end,
and therefore
my one theory of everything,
is the God
I worship
The phrase "the consolation of physics" was taken from a novel,
City of Thieves by David Benioff. The other nonsense is all my fault.
11/23/14 8:30am

for my blonde Big Bang theorist
chichee Jan 24
I'm reading a step-by-step manual on
how to love yourself again.
'Cause although fundamentals may be philosophy,
Rewiring is all physics baby.
We all need a reason to escape gravity
and plunge ourselves out of orbit.
Self-sacrifice isn't worth ****
if you're wired for it.
To stand on the edge of a tall building and
think of jumping.
Inertia and hysteria.
The magnetic pull of your body to the ground. To return back to dust.
loving myself is
a little bit like that.
Schrodinger's cat lives, Schrodinger's cat dies, but you never know unless you open the lid.
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