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shatteredpoet Jan 15
i reached for your hand
and suddenly i was
in the stars with
shatteredpoet Jan 15
i wanted to fill the
darkness in your head
with stars cut from
every wish i made
about you
Austin Mizelle Dec 2018
My relationship
With her will be like that of
The night sky and stars.
For her
Dike Aduluso Dec 2018
I was in a darkness of my own
Within a night I had not known
I chose to stumble in my pace
With all hope of light misplaced

On my course a twinkle caught my eye
A lonely star in the sky above
Getting ever brighter as I drew nigh
Then did I see the truth thereof
It was a myriad in mutiny
A constellation that raided the night
Luminous in its beauty
A radiance which compelled my sight

I was in a darkness of my own
Overcome by a light unknown
That eased my path in grace
And all lost hope replaced

It reclined in the cosmos
Calling out to me
Seeming within reach almost
Then I blurred back to reality
A marvel that pulled my soul
By more than figure of speech
To be part of a whole
My flesh could never reach

How daunting a brilliance
I longed for though farfetched
My heart need travel a distance
Fear served only to stretch
It held my tarrying gaze
For only a moment more
Then left me in a daze
Stealing that which I adore

I again stumble in my pace
Having lost my stars in space
Returned to a state I now bemoan
I am in a darkness of my own.
Angel Dec 2018
"Look at how tragically beautiful the sky is, it's a graveyard of stars" I said

"How can you say so?" He asked while looking at me

"For all the stars that are twinkling and glittering that paints the night sky has long been dead and empty, yet it still shines so bright, it is dead yet alive. It still gives hope and to everyone that finds the meaning of their existence. Even though they are dead they still glimmer in their darkest.
Everyone will love you if you are dead just like how they love the stars
I think every atom in my body are remnants of the universe, Iron in my blood, Nitrogen in my DNA, Calcium in my bones and Carbon in my soul is who I am, I have stuff in me as old as the universe humming with different verse.
I wish I am a star wrapped in a skin the light you are all seeking has always been within." I answered

"Now, I'm ready to become one of the stars"
Jade Dec 2018
It's no wonder that loud thoughts make
A wind-kissed night and
The quiet of the
Stars and the moon,
Like such great company.
I'll forever be grateful that the
Moon landed in our
Because the night
Would be so much darker
Without it's little
Blue sun to remind us
That it hasn't
It just went down for a nap.
A poem about the night.
Jordan Dec 2018
the night is full
of stars

with millions of stars

i know that
it's my ancestor's fault
that our sky is
hiding the stars
from us

their irresponsibility leading
to the heavy pollution

hiding the stars from us

and yet they are angry at us

you're the one
who's at fault

i want to look at the stars

it would help me
comfort myself

i've only seen pictures

i just want to see a sky full of stars
the indigo void
freckled with the infinite stars that exist

they say
"I believe what I see"
does that mean that i shouldn't
believe in stars?

thank you
for polluting our world
and blaming us

it's you at fault
Arianna Oct 2018
"... as some celestial wildfire, this Milky Way,
       across the heavens
                  in torrents of smoky,
    phosphorescent souls of stars..."
Wish I lived outside the city so that I could actually SEE the night sky rather than just imagining and writing about it...
Arianna Oct 2018
"I glance:

           and the blind


                                        waning gibbous

                                                       shadow dragon

                                                           Leers back..."
The moon looked like a half-opened eye the other night, and it's stuck with me. *shrugs*
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