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Sara Brummer Sep 1
Your dream-self came to me
with its familiar night music,
on delicate note at a time.
I listend to imagination’s tongue,
chanting the mantra of being.
Entranced by moon color,
I measured the distance of
meteors between your planet
and mine.

Dawn came reluctant
into the fog of high trees,
into the speckled dark
of mountain peaks.

Suddenly, you were there,
an unforgettable fragrance
of light, like blossoms
blowing through clouds,
a butterfly dream that
would last forever.
Jacqueline O Aug 12
The Moon
       The Moon

Your eyes are pretty

The Moon
       The Stars
               Your Eyes

The Moon
        The Moon
Captivated by the moon
Ignoring what surrounds her she stood
Under the midnight moonlight
Her silhouette shining across the lake
Longing for the moon
She howled to the night sky
Soon a ray of white light travels
Gold rays melting the lilac sky
Streaks of amber spreading through
As the shimmering sun rose high
There was no darkness
All the stars faded from the sky
And just like stars
She fades away gently and softly
As sunshine takes hold of the air
Khyati Jul 30
Sometimes I wake up
in the morning
only to wait for the
night to take over the sky
And the sun to bid its early good bye.

And hence I'll make love to
the winsome moonlight
In love with the night sky!
Word farer Jun 25
Sitting bored and listless
With chin in my hand
I gazed the night sky..
Just when my heart lets out a cry with a painfull eye...
I see the magnificent crystalline stars...
Of a past filled with scars..
Fade into the dark hues of deep blue
My heart and mind argue..
Dark night 😍
Ainsley Jun 1
Looked at the night sky
The moonlit night
The stars shining so bright
But could never describe those
Night's wonders
More than you describing Venus
To Zen...
jules May 1
she met him and everything
fell into place
each moment leading up to
one another
infinite timelines colliding
in space
creating galaxies
in their eyes
hearts exploding
across the night sky
We went barefoot
To the edges of where
The earth uprooted, and
Trees lay barren, with sand
tracks bearing testimony to a
Wretched depravity of time !
And we lay threadbare
In the cool April
Gazing upsky for hours,
Waiting in expectations,
For ñ elusive silverlight,
Of the fiery celestial might.
Of it's exhilarating approach,
and it's rapid tumultuous demise,
East onto west; upon the lunar sky.
And we wished to capture it, but
All that we could come up with,
Ws' an oak tree, in its wry solitude
Standing stolid, sly and slender

Mere spectator to the cosmos,
Yet, laughing at our fascination;
Of a lucid spectacle,
Which it did witness,
In its forlorn anomaly,
Innumerable instances
Of it's stoic incessant
Meteor showers 21/04/2020
The moon was big
And our love was bigger
I said anywhere you go
I would go with ya
Because I love the moon
But the view is better sitting next to you
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