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Lizzie Oct 9
I’m constantly pointing out constellations for people who will never see the same lust within them that I just cant live without. I don’t know why I still get excited to share the beauty of the stars with people who will never notice the passion in my eyes as they gaze up at Cassiopeia and Orion sharing the winter night sky above New York. My dreams are in those stars, caught in the webs of the constellations. My heart is in the moon and her ever changing face. My soul is lost in the galaxy in search of a long lost mate hidden beyond the planets. Someday i’ll know when my soul mate’s been found, on that day the passion in my eyes will be met with another just as strong.
Do you ever just feel like you’re dying,
Like a million suns from unknown galaxies
Are crashing into you,
Stealing the space and air from your lungs,
Colliding with your heart,
Until what’s left of your soul detaches from your body?

Do you ever just feel like even starlight
Cannot keep the hope awake in your chest
And you yearn for the precipice that is the night sky
To swallow your whole?

Do you ever just think to yourself
That only monsters live inside you
And you are doomed to forever repeat
Your mistakes on time lapse
With despair in your bones?

Do you ever feel like there is no soul alive
Who is want for what you have to offer,
That the madness within is your only gift
But no one dares to receive?

I do.
Pyrrha Aug 8
The stars look bitter tonight
Like a candle is only sweet with a flame
You take away the sparks
And only the bitterness remains
That's why the stars only sparkled for him

For now I'll just blame it on me
Because its easier than hating you
I wish I could change the blood
That courses through my veins
If I changed who I am
Would you love me then?

He took the night sky with him
In his eyes, he took my stars
This isn't about anyone, it was inspired by a song I wrote in a dream
When the sun fails to set,
And the night never comes;

When the moon no longer resides in the sky,
And the waves cease to crash against land;

When bluebirds forget to sing their songs,
And nature no longer makes melodies;

When colors fade away,
And the world is forever black and white;

Only then will my love cease to exist.

Because then, that world will no longer be ours, and the stars will cease to shine because no one would enjoy life enough to ever watch them dance above the clouds.
adira May 8
people write poems about stars
the ways they sparkle and dance
the ways they fly across the sky
during the darkness of the night
I would want to be a star
and dance without a care
and look at the world from afar
and have the world look back with love
I would want to be a star
that floats joyfully in the endless night sky
fiachra breac Apr 13
oh but for a moment of sweet, foolish fun.

smouldering coals glow bright
with gentle touch.

a moment of young, lovely bliss,

a kiss shared -
a real one,
not the farce of hours prior -
from one who is interested.

conversation spills out,
and with it,
admiration, affinity,
some sense of belonging.

silly things, not heavy,
but light.
float above the damp night grass -
soar amongst the clouds gathering above.

push past the smoking remains of
the fire

up the stairs

laughter, smiles, warm skin

nobody's business but ours
nobody's business but ours... a kind face and listening ear
Kaede Apr 13
Sitting on the passenger's seat
While the radio is playing my fave song.
Street light reflects on his glass skin,
Our drive will not be that long.

I tried staring at him for a long time,
But he stares at me back.
I could not help but to giggle,
Making my heart flutter is his knack.

We stop somewhere near the shore,
I could hear the sound of the waves.
I walk in a distance to feel the cold breeze
Then he finally give me what I crave.

Fave song still playing back in my head
He grab my waist, preparing me to dance.
Under this moonlight and playful night sky,
Every stars knew this is my only chance.
2nd post for tonight. I wrote this poem when he was 3 cities away from me. Oh diba? ANG OA KO. I don't know why I wrote this but I'm pretty sure that I really want to go to the beach at that night and watch the stars (with him) if it's okay? hahahaha This is a weird poem for me cause I can't remember the most real reason why I wrote this but nvm. Just enjoy!! Hehe
shatteredpoet Jan 15
i reached for your hand
and suddenly i was
in the stars with
shatteredpoet Jan 15
i wanted to fill the
darkness in your head
with stars cut from
every wish i made
about you
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