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Ivy Leigh Dec 2019
It has been a bad day.
I took a nap in the morning
and was on my phone throughout the day.
I kept hitting on the pen
and avoided food in every way.
I did everything to keep quiet.
Sleeping helped keep the hunger at bay.
I didn't do a lick of reading,
but went to an appointment even though I wanted to stay.
The only thing that made me feel better
is when I masturbated in the shower.
But I thought of my ex-boyfriend,
and that his **** had superpowers.
Definitely not for him
Jacob Scott Dec 2019
sometimes i forget myself,
lying in a warm place
with the windows allowing passage--
sunlight in, soft music out

i know i am falling.

a dozen lives i live,
all beautiful iterations--
caricatures of a theme
without exact place or time

loves lost and found,
faces upon faces--
the real and imaginary
separate but all in one

all is good, and all is right.

there is a piano
somewhere in the house?
there cannot be--
but i hear her playing it

and who is she?

i go deep again,
visiting with an old friend
i've never met--
perhaps it is me

i am neither asleep or awake.

i know i am not asleep--
the room is my own,
the time is not lost
but it gets thin

am i asleep?

my eyelids are my own,
to be opened if i wish--
no, not asleep
Jacob Scott Dec 2019

I was a sunbeam.

Descending down through
rippled glass
with heat
and motes of dust
on my tongue,
falling through the room
and onto the sleeping frame
of a girl I knew


I did not know her face,
but her mind.

She was her own
(and lost)
with her eyes
brighter than mine
and something
one thousand layers
that lay atrophied--
an acrid piece of her heart,
and known only to me


She did not
see me.

I ran light
through her hair
onto her sleeping face
turning her flesh red,
flushed by my burn
while she dreamt
of the places she'd
been once, but never again


she was in a place
I would never be

I lay across my idol
and whispered
that I must give her up--
and her body lost all meaning,
that it was not mine
while I rose, cooling
and rousing her
with my absence
and when I left her
she sat upright,
blinking into the dark
and pondering
how quickly the night had come
Nadia Jul 2019
I would like to recline, rest
these weary limbs of mine
- head down, feet up,
giant sigh -

Resting for a moment, really,  
I'm not going to sleep right
now...  I just need to rescue
these poor feet... only a

I’m not sinking deep into
the couch... one little show
and then off to bed I’ll go...

Yes, that last blink
lingered… and the next
more so - another sigh -
and I sink deeper…

One more blink… weighs
heavy on… dreaming
eyes… too late to fight…
good… night...

NCL 2019
James Study Jul 2019
nodding daydream sun
shade tree nap with flower scent
windchime song awake
oh sweet merciful vacation
holiday your sloth is grace
lay me further into bedding
let not the sun ****** my face

for it is here in bed im cradled
give me only moments rest
i am weary from my labor
comfortably beneath deaths breast
Amanda Apr 2019
I am asleep on the couch

Everything around me could collapse and I wouldn’t have a clue

It’s all roses and sunshine inside my weary head

Dreams are not honest and I don’t wish them to be

I am ready to wake up
Written 10-29-18
Amanda Apr 2019
I stare while you peacefully sleep
Trying to peek inside your brain
It is the trust issues plaguing my thoughts
Driving me this insane

Why do I act crazy
Every time I get too close?
All I desire is a guarantee
That I am the one you want the most

You say you are happy with me
But something won’t let me believe
Hesitation in your smile
Betrays truth I long to receive

A confession would ease my worries
You show no honesty as evidence
To prove promises are accurate
Strengthen your defense

I wish every word you said was true
My heart would have relief
It’s hard so unsure I ponder
Your emotions as you sleep
Yes I sound like a stalker I know
Steve Page Feb 2019
I'm pottering and napping
with no space for snap chatting
I'm reading and snoozing
with no online browsing
I'm just taking downtime
some space for just me time
I'll see you tomorrow
when I emerge from my burrow
A friend inspired this with that first line.
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