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Ashari Ty Sep 1
You remind me
Of an apricot afternoon
Of the indigo cloud belly

Night and noon clashing
Into a perfect illumination
For a heavenly nap

You remind me
That I should never
Be awake again
MicMag Aug 8
life is just a long
drawn out nap on a death bed
waiting for goodbye
Lyn-Purcell Jul 23
Day one is over
The Queen studied her hardest
Now she can relax

I'm feeling the buzz
of anxiety and joy
Now I need a nap
I'M HOME!!!! And I'm exhausted!
After a short nap, I'll be back with more haikus!
Thanks so much for the messages, guys!
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
E over c2 Jun 16
i walked into the room tea in hand
to see you in my sheets
wearing my shirt because it "smells like comfort"
i cannot express how i felt in that moment
in similes i can try
its as if the horizon of ideas in my mind had a sun setting across it
as if beauty in its most pure and natural form laid out in-front of me
mother nature sending beams of orange yellow purple light across
my minds sky
and there you lie.
as peaceful as soft water falls out in the wild
your wild hair fell onto my pillows like golden silk


this i haven't felt before.
to be in complete awe at the sight of someone who deserves nothing but the best in all the little things in this big world
little like bedsheets and cold cups of tea
little like hands gliding up and down your soft skin
little like little naps before having to rush off back to "home"
i wish you didnt have to rush off.
because falling asleep with you in my arms is a sight i can get used to.

we had a night filled with ecstasy to bliss to peacefulness.
here's to many more
I come home again and there you sit
On the couch under the tvs grip

You never move, complain when I leave
I have asked you to come and join me

No you say, you're to tired for that
You rather go take your daily nap

So you escape to the room with bed
There you are laid now resting your head

Off you go having those horrid dreams
Keep this up, it'll be reality
Tonight, my two exhausted eyes refused to fold
And my timid soul is all restless and wide awake
Just Craving warmth and sleep but winter is cold
Oh deep sleep, give me thy frail hands to take .

It is very late and the sleep I crave is elusive
It's Casually playing by the rules of the universe
And the sleep I seek this hour appears less active
Saving the sweet yawning and naps that I deserve .

Night is here but sleep seeps beyond the light
Come back to where thy sleepy presence is needed
Oh Come you insomnia master of the starry night
Come to where a little bit of nap is appreciated .

Tonight I will genuflect before my bed and weep
Oh come to me now you dark and sleepy phenomenon
Bring me thy sweet dream to process when I sleep
Come and help me find that sleepy elusive demon .

twitter @ivanclappers
FACEBOOK @Ivan Brooks Sr
Sleep deprived and tormented, the soul cries for help..For some people it happens just a night,for others,.it takes forever to come ..thus  this poem1
Renee 'Wisera' Nov 2017
Energy sizzles under my skin
Teeth clenched
Muscles ready to dive right in

Even water sits like a stone
In my stomach
Wants to come up from thoughts alone

Poised and ready with nowhere to go
Hands folded
I'm feeling ready to explode!

Anxious about what will come next
Eyes wet
Nothing to do but to progress

So tired but trying to go on
Body sore
Naps are nice but it won't last long
Zara Oct 2017
Eyes are stinging slightly,
the tiredness is always there.
The world of sleep is mighty,
through days it makes us bear.

Oh it could be so easy,
to fall fast asleep.
It would be less painful,
than to lay awake and weep.

Weep is not the only thing,
sometimes I stay awake and ponder.
At times I even laugh and smile,
and ever so often I wonder.

Because at night it's still and silent,
and my thoughts have room to roam.
So why should I fall into slumber,
when my thoughts have found their home.  

A night owl people call me,
but that's the wrong phrase to use.
I love to sleep no more than you,
but at night my thoughts let loose.

So don't you even question,
the naps I take at day,
It's bright and loud and noisy,
and my thoughts are far away.
m Jul 2017
my eyelashes have turned to stone. my lips are soft, my breathing is even.
my ears have been pierced
with the drumming of time.

acceptance is the sheets,
and my windows have no shades.
attempts to escape; the future will come,
if you wish it so or not.

and so I lay, 3pm on a tuesday in July,
under covers, awaiting my fate
as a lover with no shelter and a killer with no shame.
depression naps ammiright?
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