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Seanathon Nov 22
Valleys, rivers, mountains wide
To great upends and depths of trenches which divide

No cloud nor star
Nor sun nor gleam
Or misting fog at last be seen

Neath rock and root
Or oceans wide
Or frozen tundra stretched outside

No warming feeling felt
Twixt valley, river, and mountainous wide

No distance compares or parts of mind
When you are standing here beside
When You Are By My Side

The mountains collapse at a slower rate
thesa Aug 19
that night i held you
and your body felt so calm against mine
that i wondered

how you could sleep so tight
when there was a hurricane
rising right beside you
Johnny walker Jul 24
Empty Chair thats always beside me no matter were I am we're once my sweetheart
would sit beside
The chairs that will always remain empty for no one else could ever fill them my true love my only
For Helen's  has passed on hopefully to a better life
than the one I face here now all alone
So chairs beside me will always remain empty for the rest of my days for thats the way It was ment to
they tell the weather will be hot
the sun will be Perpendicular to the Tropic of Cancer
the degree will increaser
the sun left its hot at lower

you can feel the anger
of the land when you step over
your brother shout at louder
you will be ordered to dismiss by mother
the silent will be there
that is the father's order

the neighbor closed his door with his power
the water makes a deal and does not appear
the woman asked his man to go wider
to get some fresh water and air

they go out and become traveller
the hot becomes their nearer
the birds fly over the branches
they searched for water to be calmer

the time seems to pass slower
the leaves do not move announcing at clear
there is no air
even beside the sea or nearer
the hot weather changes the mood of man kind and makes him feel with trouble
Seanathon May 1
Cars roll by in subsequent order
Aimless yet guided
Aware of me yet not
And so, gone in an instant
Though similar in nature
Are thoughts
Are cars
Are these other lives
Are these
Highway Beside
Ashari Ty Sep 2018

Come, sit beside me.
Nothing else matters.

That's all.
We just sit.
I like you.
amber Jun 2018
i think i lost my mind
the leash i had on it
was too loose
im such a fool
i allowed too much slack
and my mind
took advantage of me
and ran away
ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
Twinkling stars, they shine so brightly, lights so brights but they don't blind me. Among the stars, they stay beating as one. Different colors, blue, orange, and white, twinkling in the night. Pulsing hearts, shining so bright. They're like jewels in the sky, even if you see it or not, their there, by your side.
something I wrote a few years ago if I am not wrong. I love this one too :)
Boygene Borice May 2018
I have loved you with my heart,
Not because I was after your flesh,
But I wanted us to be one,
For the beauty of your virtues, is my light.

I have always held you close,
Treasured you as my own breath,
Cherished you as my own soul,
For my love, abounds in eternity.

You have been the abundance of my heart,
The strength of my bones,
Always honored you as the queen of my life,
For my love, flows out of the heart.

I haven’t been the type that fades,
When they are pricked by thorns,
But I have always stayed beside you,
For my love, never, has it been seasonal.

Have I tarried to love you?
Have I ever run out of affection for you?
Have I ever left you alone, to bliss myself with others?
Have I ever let you, drop tears without me wiping them?

Today, you tell me to leave you alone,
You want me to forget the US,
Tell me, my Love, because I don’t know,
The reason to leave you alone.
When the heart loves, nothing can stop it
Nayana Nair Apr 2018
Stay right beside me.
Stay till I fall asleep.
Once my eyes have given up,
on seeing the world for what it is
and failing each time.
When my hold on your fingers
loosens breath by breath.
When I finally fall asleep.
Let me dream of a love for us
that hurts little less.
Live the life that I dream of.
Even if I am not there.
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