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Color 6d
i know it's cliche
and i know that it's strange

but if it's okay
if i could arrange

for them to make way
for them to exchange

on this may day
while we interchange

a small entree
for your post exchange

i'd just like to say
(and i know this won't rhyme)

you are my north star.
Since our eyes locked
I've been fighting for air
My unfixable heart
You've seemed to repair

You fit the cliche
Blonde hair blue eyes
Sappy love songs
I grew to despise

Until the day
You came into view
Now every word
Revolves around you

You had me wrapped
Around your little finger
But the scent of another
Began to linger

I thought she had more
Than you have to give
My little cliche
Took my will to live

6 years down
I still can't forget
The feelings I felt
The instant we met

I sit alone
And you've moved on
Thank God you're happy
After what I did wrong

Please just keep
Your shy bright smile
You probably forgot
It's been quite a while

But I'll never forget
The choices I made
I hate cliche's
I should have stayed

I've never moved on
And don't think I will
Waiting on impact
Falling for you still

I've never had another
They won't compare
To that cute squeaky laugh
And cliche blonde hair

You're off at college
A million miles away
Stealing space in my heart
Still to this day

The crying is done
No tears left to drop
All I want
Is regret to stop

I know that you
Forgive and forget
So why can't I
Forgive myself yet

What I would give
To be 15 again
Waiting with you
For Spring Break to begin

This time though
I won't leave your side
My cliche high school sweetheart
My future blushing bride

Still to this day
I wait for a shot
To give you my all
That's all I've got

6 years down
My confidence beams
I'm still your someone
In cliche dreams

I have enough room
In this Queen size bed
For you to rest
Your pretty head

Instead I lay
Cold and alone
Wondering if you
Pick up your phone

Stare at my name
Debating to dial
Cliche first lines
"Wow it's been a while!"

All in all
I just hope you're okay
I know I'm not
But what can I say

My selfish actions
Caused my distress
How I long for
One tender caress

My true feelings
I wish that you knew
One last cliche
I'll only love you
Lily Priest Mar 25
Perfumed bedsheets,
Canvas the colour of her smile;
They'd become a cliche,
But he found
Even that
Was a masterpiece.
Hanna C S Feb 28
I still get a little dizzy when u kiss me;
Like the world turns a little faster;
Tilts a little more on its axis -
As our lips touch.
So time for you
                           and time for me
passes slower.
As the rest of the world watches;
I am left feeling a little out of spin;
A little out of sync;
And a little more in love.
Yh I hate myself too #gross
Who Feb 7
It looks like a ****** scene
when you look inside my mind
The blood stains are so obscene
The floor is hard to find

Wood splinters and stubbed toes
Cold winters from broken windows
Slammed doors, the noise is constant
Mystery tours of the messy conscious

Another day, always stressed
It sounds cliche but I'm depressed
My emotions are constantly bottled up
One of these days they will erupt
Not suicidal but not not suicidal.
ablah Dec 2019
isn’t it lovely?
the pain so inspiring
the grief in her eyes strikes passion in our hearts
the terror in her stance makes it so much more compelling
there is beauty in her struggle
there’s something gorgeous about the disaster
she breaks so stunningly
they paint portraits of her demons
they glorify her greatest fear
they heal her just to see her crack
break her, heal her
for all those who see her
just to see the exquisite suffering
of her past
to bring it back to the present
to keep it into the future
it makes us feel better about ourselves.
“oh, how horrible” we coo
as we trace delicate fingers down her horrified expression
we like to pity others
before they ever think to pity us.
ostra Oct 2019
the art of smooth handwriting eludes me &
i scribble silent letters
distracted by
boldly loud ones
onto the lines of a page,
emotions and confessions i will
turn in for class, my heart
out, &
where the teacher will
ultimately return it,
confusion marked
on the pages in red ink
my thoughts will be half understood
half appreciated and
half loved;
characterized by nothing more than luck,
who chose,
which thoughts deserved to be seen and
which ones would be
lost in translation,
from my head to the paper
existing clearly in my mind
yet appearing as hieroglyphics-
and i have yet to find my rosetta stone
i appreciate your words,
even if i cannot make them out;
emotion doesn’t need words,
art can be felt
Dominique Aug 2019
Blackout blinds and ditzy drunk, I lost
My breath it tangled with your fairy lights
Words like ripped petals collapsed, sad,
On your sheets and we are such teenage cliches
I cried about him one more time when I got home

It felt like the moon, fuzzy and good, you said
I was telling the truth but the vermouth
Hinted I was lying just a little and I was
Undressed to my bra watching fake plastic stars
Swimming in positive vibrations from your speaker
Thanking you for caring

We weren't ****** but we acted like crackheads and still
I cried about him one more time when I got home
The solar system came full circle, it wasn't
Solipsisim anymore, I'm not alone
It's not a simulation I really am hungover
And very glad to be a part of your universe.
I have no clue what this is.
Aa Harvey Jul 2019

You hit me like a bolt right out of the blue.
Every time I think of you,
And every time I try not to,
Still all I think is, I need you in my view.

You lift me from the Earth to the stars.
You spin my mind around, feelings fly like darts,
Between my left and right hemispheres;
I need to have you near.

I see you when I am hypnotized.
You float with me like butterflies,
And all around I feel you strike;
My heart beats twice, because of your eyes.

The electrodes hit my dreams;
The dream’s in which you leave me to scream.
My day dreams become a nightmare,
Because I am without you, to lift me up there.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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