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"We are all afraid,"
what a cliche.
I'm not scared,
The world molds me
I'm its clay.
Just another random poetic thought that I came up with when I was supposed to be working on something else.
The Red Woman Apr 24
i'm tired of
sounding like a
but probably even more
of the fact that it's normal
to feel
what i feel
and to experience
what i have experienced
Mary Frances Apr 24
People thought it only existed in fairy tales.
She found it cliché.
He brushed off the very thought of it.
But then it happened.
They happened.
We happened.
And we never expected it.
I'm a man that crochets words
A man that conjures dreams
The colours I use have flavours
The deserts I walk have streams

My oceans are filled with mirrors
The mirrors are crammed with stars
Light travels by using the darkness
As an energy fueled reservoir

I tie knots in the ends of stories
I paint pictures with pauses and stops
Grow trees from relative clauses
I verbalize things quite a lot

I dress emperors who have no clothes
Riddles are my stock-in-trade
In the peaceful silence behind my eyes
Wars are raging every day

I, Poet, am hopeful of beauty
Ugliness having loveliness to rhyme for it
I like my cliches covered in bruises
When language gets broken poetry restores it

I'm one of those surgeons of memory
I paint sounds that ripple and weave
Deep down in your deepest forgetting
I shine a light so truth can be seen

My macrame are stories and knittings
Sculptures and landscapes of rope
Twisted since ancient beginnings
Giving mankind a way to share hope

All this but simpler and more basic
Though it is clumsy and awkward in parts
See beyond these words and their meaning
I, Poet, am opening my heart.
exist Mar 16
it’s not that i don’t trust you
i just have trust issues
i guess i’m trying to say it’s not you
it’s me
or does that just sound too cliche?
Aaron LaLux Feb 24
At the Indigo getting into it with an Indigo,
in Tulsa or at least en route after one more round in LA,
stuntin’ in The Land of Abundance all real no frontin’,
can get anything I want except getaway,

and this all feels totally cliche,
spending time but got no time to waste,
already at redline trying not to flatline,
catching up to made up deadlines and keeping pace,

trying to lose the stress without losing my mind,
trying to win the hearts and convince the minds,
trying to do everything without having to try,
only do and do not do you like you buy,

welcome to America,
consumerism on steroids,
where we empty our pockets to fill up our closets,
empty hearts with souls for sale anything to fill the void,

everything that was ever made sacred was destroyed,
now we’ve got black artists on the radio making white noise,
where are our idols how are we supposed to look up to anyone,
but sometimes I feel like there’s no escape and I have no choice,

so I buy in in order to not be left out,
get the girl get the clothes get the hotel room,
but really I don’t feel like any of this is mine,
plus I’ve got a place to be so I should go soon,

so long farewell,
I bid you my Love good day,
but before I go let’s go one more round,
for Old Time’s sake before I make my escape out of LA,

at the Indigo getting into it with an Indigo,
in Tulsa or at least en route after one more round in LA,
stuntin’ in The Land of Abundance all real no frontin’,
can get anything I want except getaway…

∆ LaLux ∆
skye Feb 18
Writing about you
is my favorite cliché;
It's an error that I
will never ever omit.
it's always been you.
SMS Jan 23
Hope Heaven smells extra good today
And you get a thousand bouquets
Hope your foods even more divine
And the sun has an even brighter shine.
I know. I know. The cheesiest cliche
Just making sure the moods not too grey.
Sorry if we can’t come to visit
We’ll be there soon.
Happy Birthday Ma.
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