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Hugo Feb 2020
L'eau, c'est un beau milieu ; pas vrai ?
La piscine est un bel endroit pour tenter de faire le vide quand les pensées dans nos têtes nous bousculent.
Lorsque tu y entres, oh tu as quelques doux frissons qui te traversent.
Puis, ton beau corps s'habitue à la fraîche température de l'eau
Tu te mets sur le dos, tu as peur de couler mais tu restes à la surface, tout paraît si calme mais c'est une guerre menée par les forces.
Oh Newton, il essaie de te faire couler dans le fond de cette piscine.
Oh Archimède, il se bat avec Newton en essayant de te faire remonter vers le haut.
Les deux se combattent sans s'arrêter et puis aucun ne gagne, tu flottes.
some sentences in French
The aerodynamics of your words slices through the atmosphere effortlessly.
Its succession is perpetual, reaching each listener that your voice can touch.
Your words are like the steady hands of a surgeon, operating; opening old wounds or closing new ones.
Your words are unbiased, unable to detect any and all human nuances; its only desire is to be heard.
Newton's law: An object in motion stays in motion.
William Marr Jan 2019
after thinking the matter over
the apple gracefully let itself

it landed right on the head
of Mr. Newton
dozing under the tree
Patrick Wood Jan 2019
Why Newton would tell you not to wear a seat belt

Going two miles-per-hour you’ll hurt yourself casually,
But if you add a zero to that you will be hurt incredibly.
Fine day we’re having, sure but the roads do look nasty.
No i’m sure it’ll be fine. But little did they know
their brains are soon to look like,
Well, dead brains.

Speeding two-zero-miles-per-hour,
Then in a flash, hearing scorn from Simon Cowl.
They’re in hell now,
Feeling very dead now.
This poem is deteriorating.
But it still rhymes.
So entertaining.
Based on a section in a science book.
Ashari Ty Jan 2019
Love falls from trees
But hey i aint newton
If it falls i'll try catchin
No logic needed for u
Ouch u hit my head
But my heart u missed, yes
Now my brain is ded
No logic needed for u
I can't sleep
Dinithi Perera Sep 2018
That girl, as tiny as a violet
That girl, drifting in the sky
Like the petals of a flower
Draws me to her with a force
Greater than the one exerted by the earth
In a single moment
I fell and rolled towards her without a rhyme or reason
Just as Newton's apple did
It is about how strong a girls attention can means to a boy.
If a burning, exothermic-reactant ball of gas can emit light that travels at 3×10^8 m•s^-1,

Why can't you emit the hope that you experience endothermically even when your ∆H is a negative?

Why do you have to be so selfish as to favour an endothermic reaction instead of being exothermic and being like the sun - shedding your hope onto others?

Since we have chemistry, can we not meet at chemical equilibrium?
Martin Mikelberg Jan 2018
e xcited
N ewton
i dentifying
g ravity
m unching
a pples
Perhaps an observation, mine?
Àŧùl Jul 2017
A gorgeous formula for force is:
F=dp/dt or F=d(m.v)/dt
By employing mass into velocity.
This formula uses the momentum
To elucidate the force involved
And to deduce the frontage
Of any effect developed
My HP Poem #1625
©Atul Kaushal
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