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Johnny walker Aug 18
In shadows of my past I walk for there's no path to future for me I'd rather live In the past memories rather trying to create new
I gain from Helen's memory than to try and start a new life with someone else just wouldn't work for
To strong Is our bond  as In life even more In death for I'll never let go her go keep her In mind every day and will be to the end of my
It's morning
I'm mourning
The person
I used to be
That's stupid
Because she
She was the worst
Never put
Others first
Hurt herself
Along with
Everybody else
But she was me
And she was
Something closer
To pretty
And she was mean
But she was
Something I'll
Never be
I ******* hate "recovery" sometimes.
Johnny walker Jul 16
I thank you all who have supported me through poety of wife and me In my time of grief for all of you who lifted my spirits In my time of
For there's no dought In my mind If not the
kindness  from you all
that have supported my wife and me through my poetry of Helens life and all the
times we had but I know for sure If not for you all I wouldn't have made It thus far so I thank and bless you all for you have undoubtedly saved my
Seanathon May 22
Time says
"Love me and I will love you back, want me more and more"
And I, find less and less of those things within time to adore
Hence forth, I will love time no more (;

A neutral feeling is better
Johnny walker Mar 10
Sometimes when I think you and all of those things we used to do still brings so many tears to my
countless numbers of the
times I have cried for
you whilst alone late at night In my
where once we shared so many beautiful moments loving each other
but at leased, you have left me with treasured memories
of all those wonderful days we shared together days of Heaven I had spent with you
And the true love we had for each other thats lifted my spirits to be a much stronger person
So many memories Helen has left me day of Heaven best described
Sarah Feb 25
Shrink me
Cut me into bite sized pieces
Anything to make me palatable
Make me who I am not
And then we can both move on
Seanathon Feb 14
Sweet as fruit
And looking too
Until the sun crashes down
Upon pale skinned youth
And reveals the burnt, the blunt
The obtuse truth
Give me anything but such a sign
I've no language left for you
Anything But Such A Sign
memoona kazmi Feb 10
It’s a shame for me,
To claim,
That I live in,
An independent state,
When all I see around me,
Are salves
Slaves of fate,
Slave of greed,
Slaves of lies,
It is a disgrace for me,
To say,
That I live in a.
Peaceful state,
Where  everyday,when I wake up,
All I see are the bodies,
Of innocents hanging,
Hanging on the branches,
Branches of banyan,
Branches of trees,
It is so degrading.
For me to say,
I belong to a loving state,
When I see my people,
Being discriminated,
On basis of colour, sect,religion,
And I feel ashamed,
When I see a headless body,
Of an innocent child,
Who had only learnt to smile……………
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