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A question,
Long left unanswered,
What makes you so desirable?
And, the answer popped up to me,
In less than an instant.

A curiosity,
A one of a kind wonder you are,
And, no wonder man searches you,
In the twinkle of a star,  
To be left spellbound by you,
Like an enchantment,
In spiritual and cosmic realms afar,
Only to realise,
You're no fantasy,
But, a phenomenon and a certainty,
As good as across all realities.
To my weary eyes,
And, my shattered heart,
Your arrival,
Remains a big welcome.
If I'm at war with time,
If I'm enraged with fate,
I blame it on one reason,
Along the lines of treason,
To have not met you before we first met.
I had never imagined,
How you could do this to me ever,
Something small in nature,
Yet enduring in calibre,
The power of your cute smile,
Blooming into my senses like never,
To heal my heart forever.
You're the sunshine in my mind,
And, the storm in my heart.
I ask myself every day,
What makes you so special?
And, it is because I realised,
The words I write about you,
In my mind,
The thoughts I have about you,
In my heart,
Arise even before a sunrise.
Vivek Raj May 16
A simple thought about you,
Is enough to kindle,
A dimple in me,
Like how a delightful smile pops up,
At the mere mention,
Of chocolates to a child.
Vivek Raj May 16
I can't contemplate anytime barely,
A beauty unlike you anywhere rarely.
Vivek Raj May 16
You rescued me,
In my existence,
By letting me forever,
Drown in your eyes.
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