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Gem Palomar Jun 21
pleasantly bothered,
with ***** came a violent lust,
honeysuckle, you suckled me
thunders struck as bodies aligned,
tongues entwined

I rocked with your rhythm,
your fingers had me opening up
like I was among the Primroses
you stroked at night
drunken eyes, gasping mouths

savage, reluctant, insatiable
you are, while I was, and still am
bewildered, dazed, but unfazed.
with the intoxication of spirits,
came a heavenly sin
My pillow misses you
more than I do.
The way you taste, the way you feel
Your kiss echoes goodnight.
A sheep lost it's way to the moon
We both lie awake waiting for you
The last thought before
falling asleep.
If it seemed I never missed you
you're sadly mistaken &
everything in between
I come to life when you touch me
Fluent & continuous.
You've unzipped my lips and tossed
them to the side.
I've never fallen &
been caught so freely.
I've never paid attention to how
flat the world really was.
A jagged peninsula
Eloped in oceans embrace
Curved in explosion.
Sometimes it feels like I am
I've never paid attention to how
flat the world really is
Chipped off, covered by you
falling deeper into you
Kassan Jahmal Apr 16
Kisses don't last forever,
lipstick scars on my collared shirt;
sweet perfumes sinking into my neck.
Searching for a rush,
there's a rush out there looking for me.

Let me play my tongue on you;
just like I love to play with my words.

Lust of rush; my eye on a crush,
She's a crushing feeling; as when my cheek
bones hurt every time I blush. Plush; so richly
filled and lush. Could I love you as a must;
But a piece of you is far too much.

Do you...

Indulge in all of those senses;
As my sense of appeal is to be the one who
stole your heart. I'm much made of steel;
heavy weighed inside of my pants.
But why be quick in our advances; let's have
a little romance. Pick out our cards at every chance.
I'll play your King, with just few plays with my hands.

A squeeze; you feel the weakness on your knees,
each time I wrap around your neck.
And proceed into those long kisses that steal your
breath. Bite you down like an enemy; be tender
to all of those marks like a friend.

But I'd soon forget, of which of us gets naked
first; before pulling the covers of the bed.
I'm sitting on the edge; grinning at a striptease
doing in my head.

I can't pretend, that my skins aren't hair raising;
lips craving, body shaking, and I'm embracing
the embrace of me driving my destination inside
of your place.

But these are the thoughts on the road:
of what's about to come.

I'm still on the way.
Ren Sturgis Feb 8
Your body against mine,
no fabric in between.
Your body so smooth,
nothing but perfection to me.
Heart races,
beads of sweat build on our skin.
Penetrates deep,
and diving deeper.
Pure ecstasy.
The late January 2 p.m. sun is as follows:
    - omnipresent
    - ten thousand photon hands per body
    - shining through souls;
         >  flesh has no stopping force if completely unraveled and dissolved in the sweetness of spring;
             the promise.
         a spring something that wafts through the still fresh year air,
     the one that gets animals and humans alike frantic,
  pink in patches, rhythms beating,
resonance seeking of matter against matter,

Surface vertical,
& Finally
Upwards when we merge,
having found each other,
released in sync
into the sky;
and heavy with the journey.

And then I kiss you again.
I'm back!!
Farah Jan 9
tell me you want me
but only for tonight
& if u mean it, then **** me right
satisfy me inside and keep me warm
*** I can get cold, i need ur support
let’s keep this a secret, we’re sippin on sin
enter inside me n caress my skin
look me in the eyes, hand inside my thighs
consume my body, whisper in my ear
tell me you need me, that I’m your dear
but please be gentle, I’m like a rose petal
im scared if you hurt me, I may become resentful
Kassan Jahmal Dec 2021
At the tip of your tongue,
o' love, so much I can taste-
      the taste of your love.

My dry lips that call,
  those licks of words.
You come to my mouth,
as it's theme song!

For as you are my darling companion,
    shall I find myself in you,
    as I rest under his strong embrace.
My lover of his brightest eyes,
are like sun kisses to my face.

As gentle as the gazelles,
and all their delicate deer,
   my love for you shall arise.
I will embrace the touch of
     both our wettest skins.

Stuck close to the grips
     of your sweetened lips.
Close to feel the gnashing of
        perfect teeth.

Come away from me-
     my mightiest lover.
Your touch for me is much.
     You are the glee to my heart,
held down by your love-
  on this scented bed spread.
By suchlike a touch so rough.

Your beautiful eyes of their worship,
as with a strong voice of prayer.
I shall plant within you,
  of what more words show.
And shall we together,
be of one flesh, and
       bone of bone.
To our spirits to connect
              of their souls.
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