I would miss the intensity
Of your sweet, sweet honeycomb heart
The endearing amber in your beard
And the strong hands I didn't fear
The way your soft eyes become so light
In the morning bright
Your warm skin against mine,
Holding me so tight
Your husky laugh
At my
The tiny touch of my hip,
The orgasmic stroking of my hair
Gripping my breasts
Thrusting hard, endless pleasure
I could sit in your sensual silence forever

Happiness knows no bounds
Inside your concrete floors and brick walls
Your open windows,
My open chest
My hair fell limp
Alongside my face
It cascaded down
Grazing my lace

My lips brushed yours
I felt our embrace
Your body on mine
I'm loving your taste

My eyes engaged yours
This can't be erased
The sensual pleasure
I'm dripping (Like I just ran a race)
BMiller 7d
There you are standing in the hall with the Moonlight cascading on your skin, showing off the silhouette of your beautiful body, I curse the Moon because it gets to touch you first. As I try to control my inner desire, for one brief moment I stop time and allow my mind to race in wonder. Atlas! I settled the discussion, I settled the debate and concluded at this one beautiful thing spoke your true fate:

Gorgeous is your caramel skin.
Gorgeous is your smile.
Gorgeous the way you walk.
Gorgeous when I hear you talk.

(Wild thoughts)

With my eyes I summoned you, laughing at the Moon as its no longer kissing your beautiful caramel skin. As I lay you down on the bed I slowly open your legs I can already smell your nectar.
I, like a hummingbird am drawn to your forbidden nectar, then for a brief moment I hear your heart skip a beat.
I blow on your clitoris now warm to the touch, you let out a soft moan "ahhhh" and words "love, don't stop" escaped!
With a smooth deep soft voice I uttered "your wish will always be my command"
Pulse of life cannot exist
Without our concentric synergy
Propelled about through the mist

Devour me.

I only ask
My bubble-gum
My evening hum
If not asking too much
Do tear this shear
I only need your touch
To air out the fear
And finally be.

My lucky strike
My gentle blaze
Grape our love
In nectar sweets
Of gods’ haze
And beaches’ breeze
Seize me.

Like I seize you
In fragile devotion
To memory.
Yes, I commit
To climbing your body
Reaching summit.

Day the night away
This time
With me.

Our beams are one
And so is our skin
Harmonized in tone.

My flicking harp
My growing distance
My grown apart
Must show myself
We’re not to be.

The more I write
The more I feel
With time’s cruel beat
The less it’s real.

Our waves still merge
No opacity
In added layers
Of make believe.

Between vibrations of me and paper
Fractalized into being
By doing simply
The fruits of labour
Define me.

Yet it is our love
That I most seek
Through amassed mounts
Of moments hissed.

Our passion fix
Was never real
Nor blew away
Nor meant to be.

My skinny thorn
My poison ivy
Maybe anyway
But if never worn

This love will surely
Through apathy
Against my yearning
Destroy me.

But as I live
So do we
Then we’ll make plans
But as I live
Devour me.
BC Jaime Mar 12
I remember gravel
crunching under feet,
sun beating down
a sea of heads. At a booth,
we were offered advice on cleaning
products and chamois.
We walked passed fake gardens,
pet prized-winning sheep,
soared overhead on the sky tram.

My parents bought me a pickle
from the pickle man. Large,
juicy, plump, thick, delectable...
My tiny hands wrapped around it;
my lips sucking delicious juice,
nibbling meaty flesh.
When they’d take it away,
I’d throw a fit; cry.
They should’ve known then.
© BC Jaime 2014 || IG: @B.C.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
Seriously though.. Porn is full of it..
It gave me unrealistic expectations... You see, I learned my sensuality by myself..
I used to think something was wrong with my thighs when I'd flick my fingers a certain way.. Or when I'd grind against myself.. I taught myself what I liked.. Porn taught me nothing. You see.. My thighs...They would constrict around my hand.. Grow slick with each thrust of my finger.. I'd add another and they'd shiver.. Good times.. I was experimenting then. Now I choose when I'd like to cum. Do I want it fast... Or perhaps slow.. Do I want to fantasize.. Do I want my mind completely blank.. So many options.. I like it best when I can take my time.. When I can close my eyes and really enjoy each stroke.. Each flick.. Every wet sound that echoes in the room.. I love it when I am gasping for air because of how intense I become with myself.. How careful.. I perfected pleasing myself.. You see.. I grip my thigh with my free hand just right.. I know just how to make my head tilt back when I play with my nipples.. While I press a second finger inside.. Shit yes.. I learned how to roll my hips the right way. To hit my spot with each thrust of my fingers.. Pausing ever so often.. I like it when my cum slides down my thighs and my face is flushed in completion but something inside eggs me to keep going.. But I can't... I've reached my peak for this evening.. My walls are clenched around my fingers and my thighs tighten around my hand once more, it feels so good... But I keep going until my vision is blinded and I feel nothing but bliss.. And one with the entire universe. Porn didn't teach me how to handle my body when I think of you like this.. I did..
This rant came out of nowhere. I was frustrated my lover was watching such lewd things when I was always so faithful to my desires to him.
His body

Slowly my fingers traced patterns along his spine, water droplets creating my artistic lines, absolutely his skin made me marvel.. It was carved by the gods, effortlessly formed and created... His very presence makes me elated. My hands roam him as if I'm seeking the very reason to exist, I've come to the conclusion that my reason is for this.. To explore him, to adore him, to meet his gaze. To get lost in a love-filled haze.

Never have I ever met someone who clicks with me as intimately as you do, a little bit at a time my love.. I'll reveal it all slowly to you. My fingers dance within soft locks of hair, my eyes dart around the room with half lidded gazes and I spot my lace underwear.. Cleverly entwined your body crashes into mine, wave after wave of pleasure overtaking the final shreds of logic left in my mind. You gaze at me as I absolutely lose myself in you, touching you and tasting you has released inhibitions that have long brewed. My heart races with a fiery passion that's been barely kept inside, you tell me that I have nothing to hide. I allow you to take me on a trip that taught me what I couldn't fathom before or see, I am absolutely insatiable when you're inside of me.
Sitting a top a cold mountain
I was thinking to myself
As I had my eyes shut,
Wrapped in warm clothing
Bottle  of whiskey at my feet
Listening to the eagles soar,
The trees swaying,
The clouds sweeping through
I imagined this warm feeling
Her, laying there naked
Velvet sofa with a book in hand
Legs wide open and tanned
She was so pure so clean
She bare her beauty to me
Soft delicate skin raised my hairs
I could maul her with my thoughts
But I decide to just eat her
Eating between her soft legs
As she read and drank champagne
Moaning after each sentence she read
She would put strawberries in my mouth
As I licked away at her lips
I dipped my strawberries inside her
Since I had no whipped cream
I was stone and she was flesh
An energy so pure in the night
Then, I opened my eyes
In front of a fire, I sang
"To hold you at my fingers tips,
To cherish the gold in the world,
To be set free forever in my mind"
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