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Less rapacious.......than fire

©Fecundeity 2019
Aurianna 13h
Tie my arms up to the branch of a tree
I want you to bend me over
pull my hair
and **** the **** out of me
I like it slow
and wet
Take control
grab my jaw
shove your **** through my mouth to my neck
Foreplay so sensual
juices sliding
between my thighs
your own personal ******* slip n' slide
Your tongue sliding perfectly
in-between my lips
on my silky smooth mouth
between my hips
I want to know every inch so well
remember every groove of your skin
I want to learn all there is to know
so teach me the ways of your body
let me love you in every single way
Bruce Demos Feb 11
Kissing you
Staring back
Feeling safe
Breathing fast

Sun hot touch
Angel's skin
Sugar sweet
Free of sin

Young love is
Passion still.
First of its kind

Hello gorgeous,
That was the forewords that created our story.
A 5 foot tall, Slim, curvy body walked into my life
Like a glowing petal that needs to be tendered.
Your simplicity awakes a troubled heart.
To urge for a taste of your soul.

As days turned into month
Our familiarity exiled our strangeness
Our expression aligned with our thoughts
To seek the action concluded in our thoughts.

On that memorable day,
As my lips engaged your soft lips,
Your silentness was a turn off,
As I moved back,
you locked me to a wall
Like a fight,
you flawlessly won

As I gently kiss your neck, towards your ***
You moan with such tenderness for more
As my hand is feeling the tiniest spot on your skin.
you pulled me into you,
At that moment,
Our spirit became one

As we drill in the ecstasy of love
The air seem still
The Cold weather, warm on us
As our bodies emit droplet of pleasure
The ever wanting sound of more
Was silenced by  an unknown vibration
Which ended our play.

Feel free to make corrections. I'm new to kind.
Arianna Feb 11
Errant* hands,
But no error do they make,
Nor falter in their steps

Traveling west
          Across the blooming meadows
          Of roses brightening your cheek;

Tracing east
          Through the dark curtains of
          Of moss curling soft over your face;

Wandering south
          Across the steady terrain of your heart
          And the waterfall trails skipping gracefully down the lines of your form;

And striding north,
          To your raven-eyed crown,
          Where I see You, twinkling
          In the stars chosen from heaven
          To light up your eyes.
* = "Errant" here is used in the literary sense of "wandering" or "itinerant, rather than to indicate erroneousness or moral depravity.

For a Blue Sparrow. :-) This came to mind while navigating back to the hostel by memory after my phone died, thinking about the directions, looking for landmarks, and you know... Just thinking. ;-)
Viridian Feb 8
I grasp onto the gasps and awe of some stranger
I do it all reckless, and so unafraid by this danger
I tango with the early hours and my own ***** mind
I beg for more from the phone screen I hide behind
I play with these loose holds and these unattached strings
I play with their pleasure, revel in the way they moan and sing
I validate my own worth through this self I display
I almost don't recognize the person on my mirror today
I spiral down a dark and never-ending abyss of grappling with addiction after addiction, vice after vice
JoJo Feb 8
clean sheets.
warm bodies
***** *******
poking you
as we reach
the threshold
of ecstasy.
I am
you’re shaking
and the
world goes
and I
I want to be your black & mild
The thick hard plastic piece you
Slide between your lips
The thick hard piece you can't help but bite down on.
With each layer that withers away.
I want to reveal more of myself
In the comfort of where ever you take me.
I grow with such anticipation when you reach for me.
The moments counting down until you undress me from my wrapper.
With the touch of your hand only do I come alive.
The whispers only I can hear
Before my lips reach yours, embraced in a kiss.
Tempting you to bite down even harder.
I want this more than you could imagine.
Each ash thumped off, a testimony
To the moments that unknowingly go by.
A means of relief.
Making myself available for these special moments shared between you & I.
I want to be your black & mild.
The thick hard plastic piece you turn to for comfort.
My cologne granting peace with each puff you take.
Each layer of paper my words wrapping around you.
Flaked off without denial.
This is the effect you have on me.
Taking me deep inside of every thought with no explaination,
Our private conversations like ***.
Ignited in the whisper of a kiss.
Tucked soft between the nook of your fingers.
I want to be your black & mild.
I want to surrender only to you.
The thick plastic piece you hang out of your mouth cocked slightly to the side.
Until we both ****** and there is nothing left but hot ash
Tell me in a whisper
Is there anything you'd like to confide.
My lips pressed against your neck
The images seen when eyes close.
My breath hot against your neck.
Almost hyperventilating at a gasp,
Tell me right there in a whisper,
The not so terrible things we can explore.
The lining of your neck,
The rapid beat of your heart.
Common ground my tongue travels.
The loss of control caused by your hands alone,
Pull me tighter
Exposing your ear to my mouth.
In a single bite
A moan travels down your ear
Until it reaches the peak of euphoria.
We've put this off for so long.
These things we try to hide.
Tell me in a whisper how we've waited for this moment.
With me pressed up against you
Your thigh wrapped against mine.
With eyes shut tight this moment we both long.
My fingers hid between skin.
Tell me the grin we both await
Broken by a kiss
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