Cné 1d

blindfolded taste test
teasing my tongue sensually
erotically sweet

Just fantasizing

A near lifetime spent
Struggling in the outer gloom,
Blind to the direction of our

We were as two poles pointing
Out to divergent destinies,
Yet somewhere
Connected by a thread of
Healing innocence.
Our graced past grafted into
Our pressing, every day

It would be many rotations before
Our paths converged again,
As space folded back onto itself;
Points in the sky measured by
Blue shift velocities.

Light was now coming back to us with
Sparks sent in spontaneous
Our lives beaming
Possibilities and common purpose,
Responding to an
Archetype in the merging
Of night and light.

There but for a moment,
Ourselves in silent symmetry,
Cradled together
In a fraught darkness;
A darkness familiar but
Finally changed --
For it did not pass in stoic solitude, but
In a kind of shared striving.

But this charged darkness had a
Lover in light, through the window of night,
Carried by a forest breeze.
A heavenly radiance,
Spread out and lingering
In the cool air of our mountain wilderness.
Luminous and palpable as a
Seraph in our midst.
This light caressed and blessed
The human unity between us.

This sparkle of time lived
In the pure embrace of
Requited longing.

We found ourselves together, completed,
Strengthened in mutual support.
Separate poles in this
Close space.
Sensually spherical ---  
A new world spinning on a strange axis,
Turning in the moon light,
Coursing through a universe of our own divining.

We were present in a plane where
Dark and light, cool and warmth,
Silence and expression,
Time and eternity, here and there,
Familiar and singular,
Spirit and body were married, fused in joy,
Dancing in delight, singing and laughing and
Speaking words in soul sound,

There, in that same close space,
We were revealed in the tender pleasures of love and
In the hot tears of compassion and regret.

Finally changed,
Finally crossed and
Finally blessed,  
We were finally together
In that dark wilderness;

Between mountain and sky,
Under moon and heaven light.


     the silhouette of the crescent moon
     two hearts on a dim room
     heavy breathing and sweat
     rhythmic, music so sweet
     shadows of the night
     dirty dancing under the moonlight

The moon is watching..

Typical English poet,
thats me, sensual,
sophisticated and skint

© Pagan Paul (2017)


Rain on me, your azure eyes

together we experience, a blitheful feeling; tantalizing ...
I see stars crinkle around the corner of your eyes
when my virgin lips breathe out your name...
saturated; your vastness falls in circles; pounding.
We are oblivious -- to the existence of the universe we inhabit as

your azure eyes rain on me...

Experimental. Sensual write...
Kenya83 6d

You took me to beautiful places
sensual sunsets warmed my bones
My toes curled as you made me moan
Waters lapped the shore
I arched my back and pleaded, more
Skies a midnight blue scattered with tiny stars
They glistened in my eyes and reflected back in yours

We have created an Ineffable,
Glorious language
Between the beats
Of our Hearts

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