She looked at him
In the dimly lit room
Sensations blooming
At her plush lips
Every inch of flesh
Taken impatiently
His playing hands stroke
His intention clear
The moves playing
Of rhythmic ardor
svdgrl 3d
You always scoop me up with a smile and a wink.
I can't help the smirk that comes in sync,
You open your broken door to let me in
You're straight out of work and you still hold the scent
of the day on you, and we're spent but still I stay on you.
And I don't need to know, but I'll ask "How was it?"
while you're driving through our cities,
for you, I wasn't just a way, I knew.
I stare at the green patches and the spills of blue,
we listen to the radio and I listen to you,
lips glisten as grass and morning dew,
tongues run along them fast, and we have a clue,
and we glance way up ahead, as the cars come to a slow
you lean over and press them to me, under the red glow
You've a hunger and my lips abundant-
a feast, for plunder, and it's no wonder
under the disguise of your caddy sedan,
you're the man whom I call daddy,
a dirty man with a solid plan
and we'll drive by some thirty friends,
and park down and around the bend,
and scramble in through your basement door
even though it's no secret anymore
We'll say hello to your mother,
pretty sure she knows I'm your lover-
and though I hide the shame
cause I don't wanna be lame
My name in your parted mouth
And you in mine, hard down south,
makes for an even better night
than kissing at all of the red lights.
Do you believe in love ?

Because I do!
That warm feeling of the summer breeze as you hold your love on a cold winters night.

Vivid thought of future pleasures seep into imagination only to be made real by loves touch!!

Are you alright baby!?

Should I take you home!?
Can I sit you down,  massage your feet with some hot coco to go!

Long strokes caressing you
Loosen up your muscles, making you weak, relaxed, opening your mind to new possibilities an I'll do it all if it pleases you

Should I go on!

Maybe work on your mind a little
An no no no baby.
I don't play no mind games
I know you wanted to ask
So I saved you the trouble
release your mind
See past the barriers of time
50 years an when you return
Know that this is love!

Rex Verum Regem
Love we want it seek it even fight for it but only a few are willing to sacrifice for it!!! Love if caring, love is forgiving, love is kind. Mind, body and soul.
In urgent call.
The door opens by elegant wrist.
Her lashes close.
Soft beads of water fresh out the shower.
Made glorious, covering me.
Her scent the tip of my nose.
Every wrong made right.
Sweetened cocoa butter, the hint of mango.
Artesian painting reflects us.
Offering safe passage from tongue to lips.
Open, the taste of delicate skin.
The fragrance of all I'd need.
Seasoned by discovery.
The rediscovery of thought.
The towel drops.
Every breath a caress from which we grew.
A flower in bloom, ripe in unification.
Well soaked in eternal ache.
The artesian painting retouched by desire.
Consistently in the utmost obligation.
The passage of me to you
In ultimate reference.
I am not sure of the source.
With great modesty out the window.
I am a great believer and hold this to be true.
All things in heart are true.
A curious emotion.
Passionate in photography.

The literature of perfect emotion.

The exact existence of perfected mess. 

I imagine the most beautiful sight.

Cinematic in nature.

The things that appear exactly how they are.

Existing because our belief is they do.

In truth we are fragile.

Oblivious to the chaos that moves scene by scene.

We are in love pretending not to see how beautiful the mess we create.

How completely compulsive we are.

Ignoring that we've lost control,

Sooner or later,

We notice it's manifestation.

And I can see how beautiful you are.

In perfect justice,

I am mindful that I want to strip you down
RBWhite 5d
Her lips tremble in awe for the pleasure to come,
How could it be like this after so many raids,
After one killing another begins,
Covered in gold like the scriptures demand,
And in black ties a churning sound lifts angels back to heaven,
But a curse of lust will forever haunt their wings,
And she walks with her insides filled with conquests,
They never seem to go away,
She never seems to disagree with each of them,
Because another raid will start soon,
Opening her legs with her face up,
Oval lips begging for hell,
And then it starts finally,
For the love of fucks,
She will be filled.
There are ways to love a woman ;)
Ormond 7d
You were my gift,
Soft, sweetness, little one,
Eyes of moon and ocean
Hills of creation, of shadow
And bread.  In your nakedness
I fled the earth and bathed
In starlight and dust at the end
Of the forever of the sky.  
In that silence,
Of exploding cosmos and vapour,
I fell, feeling in your smiles the suns
Decay, I felt light beyond
Its barrier, and was decimated
In the gravity of the neutron
Blue of floating eyes in separation.
Your faraway orbs were lost
To me in the frozen dark energy
Of shunted light and the cold
vacuum of space.
It was my birthday
And you were set on leaving.
It was my birthday
When I nearly
Inked Quill Jul 6
I’m voracious
For his passion
Seeded in
Too deep into me
My parched lips ache
To surround
His growing urgency
My gaze glides
On peachy contours
Of his chiseled body
That naked shrine
Inked Quill Jul 4
Thankful for his collar
At my collarbone
His body
My Temple
Not my weakness
But strength
Deriving pleasure
When I kneel
Before him
And I stand
At his command
Frankhie Jul 4
I saw a howling moon last night
I imagined the wolf within growl light

Atmospheres away…
The humid around pry
For further attention from me
I felt it so close though it was far.
The gray-silver pearl covered in dark-dust cloud.
Such immense beauty amassed my emotions
To believe the existence of an aesthetic apostrophe…

Indeed I can’t get the Image off my mind.
I had a billion thoughts run through my mind in a moment.
But in the spur of a mundane feel, I realized what it was saying to me.

Rest still…
Be still...

Wherever you head tonight,
I’ll be up here over your head.
Not watching over you…
But be here whenever you need to feel the beauty all around you.
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