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Mature my Mirabelle.
Fill my senses with your rich commences.
Yellow and blue, you are majestic like Malibu.
A royal color growing in nature like summer.
Discover emotions never felt before.

Sweeten me, Mirabelle.
Touch me with your gentle skin,
send a shiver down my spine.
Catch my soul as it follows your trails.
Jump in the dam, destroy the walls.

Accept my body, Mirabelle.
Give birth to our energy.
Mirror our synergy in the purple glass.
Yellow hair hovers across heated beaches,
presses my heartbeat as I am within her reaches.
Your name rests
Between my lips
Like a prayer
Or maybe
Something sweeter
Dripping off the
Tip of my tongue

Kassan Jahmal Jul 11
Free space, free myself,
to free my mind
I've got some free time,
and a place we could hide
So leave your skins behind.

Free love,
don't waste your time buying it at that corner store
Free entry into my love,
seeing me exposed. Enter if you're brave enough, I left the key by the door.

*** must be a fire,
burning in it's yearn
A desire unlike any other,
burning underneath your skin
   (Just not in vein)
Under the covers, and the night
Who knew this time comes and came
(Shall we do it again?)
Jeremie Jul 7
She said to me,

“Slow the pace of your touch.
You are blooming gardens inside of me
before Spring has had the chance..”
Maelynn Jun 11
Heartbeats in tandem,
A loving release-
For you my dear darling
I’m eager to please

Hands move with purpose
A tender caress
One subtle movement
And you’ve left me a mess

My heart swells with love
As I look in your eyes
And settle into your arms
For another sunrise
How exposed are you,
all that lies in your heart?
All the pains and hurt it knows,
all of what you are.

To the naked eye of I,
I see in you a spark of fire.
As it longs to see you exposed,
but not when you remove your clothes.

Save that for later.

Let out your emotions,
leave them bare.
The bare essentials of you,
the deepest parts of your soul.

The battle scars carved throughout,
all that you've fought.
All that you've conquered,
all of which shows me your worth.

I'll make the effort worth the time,
awe-inspiring, for you're so sublime.
But it only gets to be as such
if you really don't mind.

My naked scars on display,
a showcase of my being.

We could be naked together.
Johnnyqu33r Jun 2
Strip of fabric folded
Darkening the day
So that you not see
Desire radiating

*** cherry red
Soft hands clapping
Flushing the cheeks
And then you smile

I want to be your teeth
So that your tongue
Is constantly touching
Feeling and licking

Black cat arched back
Fingers arachnid running
Descending and deliberate
I want to be your teeth
Dark Dream May 19
my hips Ache
they need to be
over and over
by a body
on me
or riding
a ****
need that
Loosen me up
from behind
or below
Hold me down
Pound it out
then do it
and Again
erase the Ache
replace it
with another
nóah May 15
Revering the sight of your curves in the sheets
Titillated are my thoughts to which has brought to exist
Letting the water fall emanate strongly
while having my fingers swim through simultaneously
Yours were tied down on the promises I’ve kept
Blind folded as it pleasurably gets
Trust is the bond that made us so sure
To let each other have this type of love so soon

Sensually it may come, oomph we may be are
The sight of you naked is a form of an art
Beautifully it truly is; ***** it may get
Love is the truth, no matter how hot it could get
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