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mark soltero Aug 2021
infatuated with me
you became my biggest enemy
something insincere about how you wanted me
i was there to take the edge off
coke binges at the bar every other night
and you wonder why your hairline is moving backwards
you caused my mood to lose all stability then
crying for your attention
you were starving for us to look past your lack of personality
you didn't need a reality show
you needed a reality check
at the time you were 23
way too old for me
you were grasping at straws to be pretty
we can see the crow's feet setting in and your liver failing
no amount of jogging can bring back your peak
you're the biggest cliché
you go to emo night unironically
you said you saw yourself in me
we are not the same
remember you were a prom king
grace Jun 2021
I’m the most stereotypical teenager you’ve ever met.
I spend all my time with my friends.
I like frappuccinos and I’m obsessed
With my social media pages.

I fell in love with a boy;
And, when he broke my heart,
I sobbed on the floor for weeks
And then dyed my hair blonde and moved on.

I wore a pretty blue dress and sparkly heels to prom.
I graduated at the top of my class,
President of the honor society,
Friends with everyone.

I’m your stereotypical teenage girl.
I’m the main character in a Disney channel original movie.
I have everything, I think.
Why can’t I sleep at night?

What they don’t tell you in the movies
Is that when I’m not with my friends, I feel lost and alone.
When I was heartbroken, I fell apart.
I’m successful, but at what cost?

The stereotypical teenage girl gets 3 hours of sleep a night.
I spend most of the night doing work,
But I also spend time texting my friends and flirting with boys.
When I’m alone with only myself, do I still fit the stereotype?
Eva Tongali May 2021
i kept your compliments in a locket
your sweet whispers wrapped in lace
i did not care about the harsh words
even when they ran down my face
and the blood trickled down and mixed with my tears
you still said i looked pretty that day
and i know it’s been two years
but do you still want to be my prom date?
for the girls in high school who never got their date to the prom
Carpo Nov 2020
A girl is different when it's in a dress.
It's a woman that makes me wanna confess.
A boy turned into a man.
A woman only a man truly stan.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
For every step we take
For every move we make
The feelings that sorround us
We always feel that we are Godsent

Under the beautiful skies
As I look into your eyes
We dance through the night
Only you can suffice

Even though there's so much many reason
Just not to be your partner,
But we always fall the same on one season
And that's the only answer I want to hear.

The song has been done
But my love we're not yet gone
I thought I was sleeping
Because it feels like I was dreaming.

This dance was all along true
There's no reason to get the blue
You lit me up, changed my hue
And now I can finally say I love you.
Yash Jan 2020
The slow dance with yourself, prom.
No partner in crime, no getaway.
Caught, red and white all I see.
The sirens of my heart, ringing.

No Heer, No Ranjha.
No Paris, No Helena.
No Laila, No Majnu.
No Romeo, No Juliet.

Ties and Dresses
Corsage and Coronary
Royal Red carpets
straight from the heart.

Epileptic lights
Face in a sea of masks
Empty hands and waiting eyes
Welcome to the Lonely Masquerade Ball.

Where no faces exist
home of the masks.
Where no hip is free
Siamese twins.

Only heart that beats alone.
Only open eyed one
Only closed lipped one
Soulless, Loveless.

Hordes, Masses, Groups.
Flurry of flamingos
Cackle of hyenas
Litter of rabbits, garbage.

The ugly duckling
Oscar Wilde
Stars on Earth
Rainbows in storms.

Missing posters, wanted.
Revolving doors, wait.
Get the getaway car
Go Go Go.
This poem is about somebody who does not belong. A poem about isolation in the midst of traditional love. And a poem about getting away from that place.
Faith Jan 2020
Silk down her body

Diamonds around her neck

Curls surrounding her face

Pain in her heart
Inspired by "prom dress" by mxmtoon
Ademar Jr Jan 2020
Prom's near, as excitement with their faces we're telling
An introvert in school was not expecting
For someone to ask him on a dance at the staging
Barely has any friends, looks like an emo living
He only talks when he's privately playing
In his room, full of loneliness and league of legends
Then she came, a girl who rarely talks became his friend
They have the same interest as best friends
Spending time in and out talking, and playing gadgets
The night of Romance for the high school came
They we're just chatting but have the same,
Same question in mind if they aren't ashamed
To go in the night romantically arranged
Being shy, they said the same thing as the time
They asked if someone has a partner in crime
The boy, being a gentleman, he had something mind
To ask the girl if it would be fine
For her to be his partner in the night full of romance
She Flatteringly and secretly was blushing
Her cute eyes were tearing, as both now have fired up feelings
The night came and both saw each other in such staging
Dancing, Dreaming, the night was wishing
For a star that their dreams should be continuing
Held Hands, as their eyes looked to that moment
Realizing that it was a great feeling for such romance.
take me to the dance.
hold me in your arms.
it might be your last chance.
so, what's the harm?

see, you have this special charm.
that reels in girls around you.
around you, i feel fuzzy and warm.
i wish that you did, too.
For: Jenny Thoma
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