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Far away from here,
There is somewhere.
I dnt need to cry,
and bow down to all your whys.
The questions and demand,
Here i  burden myself with all your commands.
But somewhere,
My view matters,
My choices are better,
I dnt need to follow command
And my desire expand.
I wish to meet you there too,
So that you see how happy i am without you.
Meet me there in a better place
In the Charleston marketplace, a boutique auctions off
detailed limited edition replicas of black history: a slave
who hugs his chains upright over his porcelain hands,
is sold for $1200.00 to a man with a black Amex card,
a horde listening to the Emancipation Proclamation
goes for the same amount, Malcolm X gets $1000.00,
MLK just a little less, the OJ bobble heads sell for $60.00  
in the store’s gift shop while the white Bronco in
slow pursuit complete with flashing police lights
and breathless live commentary garners $2400.00,
Rosa Parks languishes at the rear eventually getting $300.00,
Eric Garner, Treyvon Martin, Rodney King are
part of lot sold for $500.00 clearance and a free
Black Lives Matter T-shirt, George Floyd gasping out
“I can’t breathe,” enshrined in a porcelain halo nabs
the same price, while the last figurine, of his murderer
being embraced by a very happy Donald Trump is
purchased by a man in a MAGA hat for $10,000.00.
Are you crying from lying I'm desperately trying to understand your brain.
There is a part I'm never buying and I know I'm not insane.
You say you want to prove this wrong but you know it's not the same!
I want to carry the message along as life is not a game.
Anza Mar 26
I can tell you how I feel but we've been there before
You said you got my back but you watched me fall
You said you're my voice but you don't really talk
Are we living a lie? Or your heart is not involved at all?
Am I in your heart or I'm someone you just like to call?
I taught for your heart, are you sure you're giving me your all?
Everytime we kiss it's like you're looking for something more!

Lies and betrayal, we've been there before
You act like you don't need me, who am I supposed to call?
I can see it in your eyes the spark is gone!
But I can't question your love although it's looks like it's taking a walk
I used to fall in love with everyday now you've built a wall
Honey I'm not here to fight, can we at least talk?
Is it just me or what we used to have is gone?
All I know is that if I fall out of love I'm lost
Now I can feel it in my heart the lime is drawn
But I'll keep looking for your love from dusk till dawn
Glenn Currier Mar 14
What matters matters
it doesn’t matter
that there are so many things
and people that do
including you…

and me.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
Even if it doesn't
Make sense to you

It will
Genre: Abstract
Theme: When everything matters
Esther L Krenzin Sep 2019
the story you tell yourself
is the story you live out

Esther L. Krenzin
you can create your own reality with nothing but a change in perspective and thoughts.
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
You know I love you, just realised you not there
I'm speaking to a silhouette of you,
My child, please remember I cared
I would bleed for you
You were my only breath of fresh air,
The one I was supposed to protect,
My boy, are you there?
They took you from me,
I can never imagine, your fear and dispair
Fear cloaks every part of me
just thinking you scared,
Calling out for me to save you,
Then realise I'm not there,
Oh GOD this killing me
Did this happen to me,
My child, my family......
I never thought this could be
Bleeding fist and tears
Is now the clothes that I wear
I family torn,
A human life,
That these demons could have spared.

Let's protect the ones we love....
The scourge of these demons, that see a human life as coin. Remember that it's not only one life you destroyed.
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