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Ntando Ndlela Jul 18
Our love remakes the galaxies,
it makes us feel like Adam and Eve,
The heavens made you just for me,
That's why you're all that really matters,

I worship every curve you keep,
Sometimes it feels like blasphemy,
Truly you're a masterpiece,
That's why you're all that really matters,

I'll satiate your needs religiously,
Stay by you through calamities,
I hope to keep your heart at peace,
Because you're all that really matters,
To me.
Copyrighted ©️written by Ntando.
Act my age?
Never **** me
The number of years
You spent living
Defines the chronological age
Not biological state
State of your morphology,
anatomy, physiology
I am talking of  biological age
Forty is sixty
Sixty is forty
As if an alligator measures
Eight feet from left to right
Six  feet from right to left
If you're fit and fine
Young at heart and mind
Chronological age is immaterial
So acting my age
I don't wish to be trite
I shall act with all my drives
Biological age prescribes
Behaving stray dogs and cattle
I shall avoid
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Punctuation may break
Rhythm of writing
For a writer of poetry
Unavoidable under
Some circumstances
To convey correct meaning
Meanings change drastically
When l say:
A woman, without her, man is nothing or
A woman, without her man, is nothing
Punctuation sometimes
Does matter
If not in letter
But in spirit!
Traveler Nov 2020
Religious literals
Run our empire

With beliefs such as
The -ites must
Be purged from
God’s lands
In order to clear the way
For His return
Yes of course

That’s what the book says

Stone the gays
Burn the witches
Wedding night ***** check
Unbelievers are already dead
Oh and
Love thy neighbours

I’m sure there’s something in there
Worth saving!
Traveler Tim

Grew up in Christianity, studied religions for 5 years before I stop taking them literal...
I pray our leaders catch up!
Wish in one hand **** in the other
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Speed matters
If you wish to meet
Your goal in time
Slightest error
In the direction
You miss the goal
Choose right direction
Before gaining right speed
To reach your goal
In desired time


It is


Versus / For


Mostly missing

Trying to be a part of all
Far away from here,
There is somewhere.
I dnt need to cry,
and bow down to all your whys.
The questions and demand,
Here i  burden myself with all your commands.
But somewhere,
My view matters,
My choices are better,
I dnt need to follow command
And my desire expand.
I wish to meet you there too,
So that you see how happy i am without you.
Meet me there in a better place
Jonathan Moya Jun 2020
In the Charleston marketplace, a boutique auctions off
detailed limited edition replicas of black history: a slave
who hugs his chains upright over his porcelain hands,
is sold for $1200.00 to a man with a black Amex card,
a horde listening to the Emancipation Proclamation
goes for the same amount, Malcolm X gets $1000.00,
MLK just a little less, the OJ bobble heads sell for $60.00  
in the store’s gift shop while the white Bronco in
slow pursuit complete with flashing police lights
and breathless live commentary garners $2400.00,
Rosa Parks languishes at the rear eventually getting $300.00,
Eric Garner, Treyvon Martin, Rodney King are
part of lot sold for $500.00 clearance and a free
Black Lives Matter T-shirt, George Floyd gasping out
“I can’t breathe,” enshrined in a porcelain halo nabs
the same price, while the last figurine, of his murderer
being embraced by a very happy Donald Trump is
purchased by a man in a MAGA hat for $10,000.00.
Joshua r Hopkins May 2020
Are you crying from lying I'm desperately trying to understand your brain.
There is a part I'm never buying and I know I'm not insane.
You say you want to prove this wrong but you know it's not the same!
I want to carry the message along as life is not a game.
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