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neth jones Jun 14
Return to infancy;

Before true perception and intelligence
            Were explained away,
Before the mind joined the infantry,
Before we learned to be rationally afraid
                                           Of everything.
brevity homework 4
1.  Is there no way out of the mind? ~ Sylvia Plath
neth jones Jun 8
knee high sea of grass
tussled like groomed fur
  spry winds lashing
distribution of lifted seeds
life in correspondence
Tanka style
early June 2022
neth jones May 29
air deleted from the room
vacuum    of  mausoleum  silence
violence played quiver on your lips
lids  of  eyes      made twitches
itchiness blazed over my skin
thin words introduced
' i   hate   you '
cold said   hurt true


drawn deep
deleted from the room
          vacancy for silence
   violence volunteers corrugations
           across your visage
betraying twitches
itches blaze over my skin
thin words induced
' i   hate   you'
cold said   hurt true
brevity homework
neth jones May 27
out of its' tree
a squirrel in the rain
runs low                      
                  just like a rat
cuts across the concrete
manic for something
out of its tree
neth jones May 26
summer sky aloft
a massive cloud bank disbands
      lacing into gills
wind huffs make spastic punches
cooling my agitation
mg Apr 15
Even urgency
resists the urge
of plea.
neth jones Mar 10
Inuit art
framed in medical waiting rooms
famined behind glass
wronged chime

the grazing eye passes through the greed of it
little need
with such clement weather

Stretch out those eagar linkers
and read those signals
        you were nursed to read

being tactile
induce swelling
and poke at holes

There is no dignity
and we look ridiculous
        within its service

share a meal of teeth
family of whitened grins, laughs and interdependent stares
a formula
for props and catalogue

Cash in my reflection
at retail it'll fetch its metal


                       t h e          e n d
neth jones Mar 6
he said 'wedlock' anti-amorous lead clocked signing them contracted away from their grieving animal truths boothed in a partner grip that'll mend them toward social safety
Mark Wanless Jan 4
haiku 22/1/3a

so the micro invisiblility
of the nuance crys for
a true revelation of the unknown
neth jones Jan 2
deviancies body my perspective
mangy deceit by perception
whim the world an alibi
blue of a threading
jest passing true
mastering a
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