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Miesha 3d

breeds like vines

hugging the

parts of me

I try to set

When everyone around you is a better writer than you. How does one keep up?  Why bother?
Emi Jay Nov 2018
you are an
coarse and fine
you scrape me raw
but in the end
your sharp cuts
hide an ointment
and my soul
thanks me for you;
for this change,
a renewal,
healing after
(out with the dead,
in with the new)
be still as stereo,
so you can peep the wilting filigree
of the blooming expanse
we rarely ever care to choke on.

breathe is a question
whispered by oceans and i use
it coax this **** out of
lotus seeds.

Luiz Nov 2018
Quiero ser el Sol al que te levantas

todos los dias...
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