Like the touch of rain she was
On a man's hair and eyes
When the joy of walking thus
has taken me by surprise;

With the love of storm I burn,
I sing,I laugh,well I know how,
But forget when I return
As I shall not forget her somehow:

Suddenly they shut the door
Between me and rain,
That was never shut before
And will not open again.
Jenny Jul 11
the electricity runs through our veins
and past the street signs we rumble by
in the car you stole, we go fifty above the speed limit,
the roof of the car is the noir sky above
and the midnight rain pelts our upturned faces
the dancing drops of water drip onto our smiling lips
the sound of the sky collapsing
echoes the flashes that streak the sky,
the flickering light casts paved roads with a brief brightness
(as if god were wearing light up sketchers)
the lacy brallette that wears me
gives me the bravery to stand up in the speeding car
the velvet pants that ripple with the wind
drink up the nighttime rain
and the rare headlights race past us,
heading into homes and hearts
the mellow playlist that connects the aux cord to our ears blasts
so loud, we can no longer hear our insecurity
the mascara that once clung to my eyelashes
now streams down my face.
on a two way street,
we drive down the middle
unafraid in the face of direct dangers
so unaware of the towering empty skyscrapers
and instead highly exhilarated
from the street signs we drive by
too fast to read the blocky lettering
the road signs glint, smiling as we wave and reach towards them
the cigarettes you smoked are thrown through the open window,
still smothering slightly.
i can still taste the smoke on your lips
and your hand tucks my hair behind my ear
and as the wind objects and inhales
unreal in the hazy a.m. car trip
the tunnel rushes towards us,
and we both hold our breaths,
as if breathing would contaminate us.
the lights that glint, cast a yellow-white glow
and for once, i see you for who you are
a boy too buzzed to feel
a kid who only felt "sort of"
a person who couldn't heal
and a lover who could never give love
about a boy who was my living teenage dream // nothing scarier than finding a broken loveless boy who makes you the same
SMS Jul 2
The world stops to listen
To the gentle trickle
The lull of pattern
The plants thrive
And thunder shakes the ground
Short little poem I came up with listening to a recording of rain while doing schoolwork.
stopdoopy Jun 13
I knew of a girl
in a little green sweater
her eyes were bright
just like the weather
she came from a sunny place but
I slowly learned her insides were more of the rainy type
she said she had the emotional health of a cheese grater
I never really knew what to make of that-
it could be taken so many ways
but what I did know was
she was strong, soft, bold, and outspoken
she might've felt flimsy like aluminum and full of holes,
glass with little cracks to seep through,
but to me she was solid titanium that could shred through anything,
diamond with dangerous piercing points
love ya my dude

(I was going to call it "You Deserve Better" but... you feel like the new title)
Rain on window
Window on rain
I want to taste the rain
Behind the glass
But the rain never lasts
And all I can see is the dark
Only dark and rain
And I can't help but be afraid
Of what waits outside
Behind the blurred water
That drips down my windowpane.
I've been staring at the rain, maybe too much.
Cana May 20
The skies were grey
The rain fell fat
Her smile was wide
Sheets, covered that.
Just another wet ol’ day.
Hurting Soul May 14
We met when we were little
Grew up together, and laughed
But one day the laughing stopped
And soon I was crying
Crying you were gone
Umi May 13
Perhaps it was destiny,
That we met on that rainy day,
You looked so happy, saying the teary raindrops were like jewels,
Joy surely comes in different kinds but what made them like gems for me was that bright, luminous grin of yours, while gazing away,
Out of selfishness and lonesome thoughts I drove myself near you,
To feel your warmth, to feel your soft, delicate skin and to feel loved.
Drawn into the imaginated landscape within my heart you lit an evening star, made it shine so my dim thoughts shall not corrupt me,
How generous you were, sharing your light with one who has none,
Yet, when I understood the meaning of eternity, you were long gone,
Passed away due time, an old dreamer who always saw the positive,
Fallen to the destiny of a life's end, oh how ruined I was then.
Since I cease to fade, I may as well keep the light you lit within me forever, so you too will never fully disappear from the face of earth.

~ Umi
Joliver Apr 25
Rainy days
Make the world smoother
Breathing easier
And my head clearer

Rainy days
Are a tranquilness
And contentedness
Anxiety competing with perfect silence

Rainy days
Oil the machine called life
Sanding off the rough edges of strife
Halting the reaper's ever-impending scythe

Rainy days
Are a gently cozy reprieve
So when the sun comes, please believe
This lost bastion of peace I shall grieve
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