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Yesterday, today tomorrow.
Sunday, monday, suturday.
Autumn, winter, summer.
Shiny day or Rainy day.
Morning, night or midnigh.
Venus, Moon, Saturn, Mercury.
The universe already know that.
They prepared everything for us.
In right day and in right hour.
You'll coming in my life.
You will fall like a snow will falling on my hat.
R Arora Aug 26
Oh my, you really could not see,
That I was gloomy.
Just as the grey clouds,
Outside the window - the sun's shrouds.
You were more curious about the drops
On the windscreens,
Instead of those
That were rolling down my cheeks.
Okay this is a twisted and exaggerated version of the exact feeling.
Also, I was really bored.
nanimono Aug 8
Rainy day such as a sign,

Last time I saw your hollow point smile

Smile that used to be your special abillity

Gosh... you aren't a cheerful girl, but really I miss your awkward smile at your pale face

Blue flower that you gave me still bloom at my mind

And still I regret my failur to convincing you

Anyway not everyone is a fan of a happy sunny day right?
ag Aug 3
Can we talk about the rain?
Like how the sky cries so much
And how its cold wind
Touches your soul.

Or can we just share a drink?
While staring at the window panes
And while we sip
A nice cup of coffee.

Or can we just be together?
Without even talking to each other
And without even hearing anything
But the pouring of the rain.
Kai Jul 25
rain pours down in sheets
blooming petrichor outward
and folding me into peace
huddling under blankets
watching from the window
letting the sound wash over
gentler now as it settles
in puddles on the ground
inky pools dark as the sky
Rain is my favorite kind of weather, I feel euphoric when it rains.
Arke Jul 18
You told me once, life isn't aimless
We are all aimed directly at death
Eloisa Jun 23
Vivid in the green
Shades of purple, pink and blue
Sparkling hydrangeas
Queens of the rainy season
So mystical and special
Anastasia Jun 13
a poet's pen
with scarlet ink
paper thick
for blood to sink
roses fill
the empty space
while tears fill up
in the poet's place
these shadows offended
they tease and they taunt
petals fall
as the roses fought
their darling dear
their poet's fear
as the shadows were out for blood
a poet's own
to draw it from
skin pale like a rainy day
fiery hair
tangled in thorns
a poet's pen
in a poet's corpse
inspired from some outfits i saw. Enjoy ❤
Shabnam Jun 10
Winds have brought the glad tidings of the first drop of rain;
For the showers of blessings we await..
For the rusky scent of the earth
For the rainbow in the sky
For the heavy downpour
& the water puddles
For the hot fritters with tea &
The season of love for you and me.
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