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UA Slam Sep 2020
Anxiety creeps on you in the night with no warning through light
It follows you everywhere like a shadow in darkness and light
It covers you up like a devil on your shoulder every time
He sticks on you like Velcro and you don’t notice because he is light
It whispers and sometimes screams in your ear words you don’t want to hear
It drowns you, overcomes you and you just want to swim to the light
It is in these troubled times you need a friend to help you through it
Trust me it helps to have a friend by your side, let them be your light
It’s in these times, it attacks you. You want to scream for it to go
Though fight it and challenge it with all your might. Darkness vs. Light.
~ Soph Buenviaje
Khyati Sep 2020
A tight hug
A kiss on your forehead
A strong shoulder, to cry on
and those words saying, "It'll all be okay"
is all that is required
to feel the miraculous healing power
annh Aug 2020
I rest my head on her shoulder,
The shoulder of the earth;
Cradled in her warmth,
Caught by shifting currents,
Cleansed by ****-frost’s pervasive bite;
Tutored by seasons’ changes.

Musing to myself that she has faith in me,
That I have something to offer her;
Negotiating with my intellect,
Letting my imagination run wild,
Enough to entertain the idea that
I am capable of something more than this.

‘In the end, the bedrock of existence is not made up of the family, or work, or what others say or think of you, but of moments like this when you are exalted by a transcendent power that is more serene than love. Life dispenses them parsimoniously; our feeble hearts could not stand more.’
- Nicolas Bouvier, The Way of the World
Sam H Apr 2020
The ice finally thins out
Yet we keep on treading
Did you whisper something in my ear?
For a whisper, it was pretty loud

What was it you said?
Your words were swept by the breeze
Light penetrates the bleak horizon
Winter has come to an end
Laura Apr 2020
pacify me
hold me until the sun rises
blood orange over the horizon
tell me i'm the only one
as if i didn't know
bury my fears
as deep as my head on your shoulder
hold me closer
closer, closer
Poetic T Feb 2020
Your mouth like groundhog day,
           ever repeating the same melody
sang out of tune.
But I'm the Bill Murray learning
that every time has to be different
          or you just living

your weak dreams.

Your just a lame re-run cancelled after
          the second episode,
but you think you famous cos people
recognise you for the wrong reasons.

Laughing behind your back.

       Your girl has had more rubber in
her than burnt out tires on the street.

Telling you she was saving it for you,
   should've  been a used car salesman.
   lying about how many miles
                                   she'd already done.

Ok off subject,

  You were yesterday never today..
  Always thinking you a star,
          but you shooting across
my atmosphere.

And I'm burning you up.

Ye bright for a moment,
                 then you just nothing.
But ash that I flick off my shoulder.  

You dropped and nothing
is going to bring you back.

As you mouths living
         a groundhog day.

                                        Learning nothing,
but that I'm already on tomorrow,
why your mouth living the same *** day.
N Nov 2019
Let me whisper
my last goodbye
between your lips

Oh, won’t you let me
bury this poem along
with our dead love

And pour my salty tears
upon your naked shoulder
This poem has been lingering in my throat so here.
was prisoned at my throat
wanted to be out
desired to be known

but it was stuck
another came and shared
shoulder by shoulder, foot by foot

third made a crowd
it got in enforced
the tongue was found
opened but could not

she pointed with her gold finger
slowly and get calmer

the words got so clearer
i love you
he noticed and wanted to see what the feelings are?
Butterfly Jun 2019
Everybody has a  angel and an demon on there shoulder.
Sometimes the angel wants to **** the demon.
And sometimes the demon wants to **** the angel
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