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was prisoned at my throat
wanted to be out
desired to be known

but it was stuck
another came and shared
shoulder by shoulder, foot by foot

third made a crowd
it got in enforced
the tongue was found
opened but could not

she pointed with her gold finger
slowly and get calmer

the words got so clearer
i love you
he noticed and wanted to see what the feelings are?
Butterfly Jun 28
Everybody has a  angel and an demon on there shoulder.
Sometimes the angel wants to **** the demon.
And sometimes the demon wants to **** the angel
A tap on my shoulder,
And a wink,
From you,
When you saw me walking.
All I needed,
To make sure.
Now I know.
This isn't normal.
And even though I know.
I really know you're never there.
I still spend the breaks,
On the same place
Every day.
Still hoping,
You will pass me in the hallway
I'm writing a small poem every day, about how I feel or the world around me. This is #13
Jordan Ray Mar 21
Watching you dress under the lights,
Another bottle by my side,
I know where you've been,
I know where you've been.

I need a little more serotonin,
If I'm to keep it all in,
Because I know where you've been,
Yes I know where you've been.

I'm still scared to find out why,
You turn your back at night,
When it's getting colder,
We should be shoulder to shoulder.

Staring at a blank wall,
Don't know what you're thinking of,
But it's getting colder,
We should be shoulder to shoulder.
Emmanuella Jan 23
"Hello, little Little shoulder,
Haven't you seen a bucket of tears over the years?
Or was it?
Was it all just yesterday?"
Because it very well could be.
Inspired by the saying: "You can cry on my shoulder."

~~A little melancholy question for her shoulder.~~
Brian McDonagh Sep 2018
The support of a hand,
A game-changing palm clasp,
Like a coach to the shoulder pads
Of an athlete.
I don't feel I deserve it,
But I don't want to sway a friendly gesture
Because then do I feel I denied help
Sent my way.
I need that tangible gift,
Whether in a corn maze of doubt
Or in a harvest of success.
It's amazing, it's a grace
To have received at least one someone's hand
Staccato your back, your shoulder,
Even a friendly fist-nudge
That lunges your motivation forward.
How blessed I have been
To have had many people
Non-sensually give what I cannot see
Yet what I perceive indelible:
Their blessing and cheers for me
That I feel when a hand furls 'round my shoulder
And then fades away to let me harness that I.V. of assurance
Injected with sound decision and faith.
For those who never felt this kind of gesture,
Let these words be a pat on your shoulder.
You're doing just fine.
This year has taught me to relish that one beat of time when someone pats me on the back or the shoulder; it really is a seal of hope however it comes.
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