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4.3k · May 2015
Put on your face and see as everything get earased
You see things that nobody see's
But they don't listen to you
your a little thing today
So pleas wake up little thing as you try to sleep
you cant escape the pain that this world brings
Putt on your doll face
You see things that nobody ells see's
No they still wont listen to you as you cry out
So put on your doll face wakeup you cant sleep yet
They think that your perfect
But you see things that nobody ells see's
sometimes I don't like being a loner
but I guess its better than being a stoner
I am caught in mellow drama
kids these days hooked on marijuana
I will not smoke *** with you
but I will read you pride and prejudice
I like my books better than oxycontin
My Clarry and Jace more than your straight ***** and chase  
I like books more than people
reading is my choice drug
while yours starts bringing you down
on your addiction is frowned
mine is making me looked up to
yes I am a loner
my walls build from Stephen kings
my heads not clouded with weirs the ****
no I guess I am not a stoner
but fictional people are better than real ones
I wont **** for a too finger bag
but touch my paper back and ill have your ***
2.4k · Jul 2015
Angel we sing
We go down to **** to play with the devil
for we cannot be raised to heaven and sing with
an angel
you see this little girl
walking down the street
you'd never know
its death she's trying to beet
because those kids at school will tell her she's not worth it
like she's  second class
like she's not a person
I find i kind of funny
when these kids walk on they all want a friend and she could have been one
this little girl she'll g home and cry
call-in' out to god
'why cant I just die! everyone hates me, I'm just a waste of space, I am not loved and this time I've had enough
everyone turn's  as she fights depression
the only way she can get someone to listen
is when se go's to confession
Like she had something to be ashamed of
when its the kids who make her want to take off
now she's sat up in her room looking out at the moon, sad that she has to go so soon  but, she knows she cant take it anymore
"The world the sick one" she writes in her final words
all she ever wanted was to have fun
now she's braking down like a little kid
she cut at her wrist's she's had enough this
her body hits the ground she had enough of It
now she is gone d you really think that its over
because she's the dead one?
I find it kind of funny
that you think that its over
its a soldier that she needed
and I  failed her, but I will fight on
even when she's gone
for the kids who don't have one
my soared is my song as this winds to an end  I will never back down even when theirs no sight of an end I mad a promise to fight  and I will fight till my end
I just want you to know
their is someone who cares
and if you need
I will forever be their
till the vary end
you don't have to be scared
you dont have to be scared
just take a deep breath, close your eyes
I cant tell you it'll get better
but for now I'll be your reason why
and if I ask can you do me just one thing?
just don't give up, after losing her I've had enough
I know I seem tuff
but I cant take it if you go
if I could I would put us in hand cuffs
to let you know that if you jump were both going down
1.6k · Feb 2016
Wind Chimes
Your tears are like wind chimes,
as your heart brakes so softly,
silent you try but this you cant hide.
You've tried to be sweet, and keep the melody up beet,
but sometimes the wind goes and  dies.
But no your not fragile,
from this you shall grow.
That although your tears fall like wind chimes,
you are stronger than most know.
Yes you are hurt ,
because you feel burnt,
but dear you are a wind chime ,
you've faced so much worse.
From storms in the sky,
and when the earth quakes from bellow,
you have faced so much worse that you must know.
Dear the wind shall come again
jut be carful to who you give your heart to spend
1.5k · Feb 2015
I stand but, I am fallen
Broken I mean nothing
Should I listen to these words
or should I stand up stronger

Hate Is all around me
Broken I am falling
Nobody can see how bad words hurt me.
But I will stand when they call me nothing.
I stand but I am falling

We are the fallen broken we are forsaken
I know you hear the same words
That tack away your worth.
But with these broken wings we will stand don't give in to the dream land it will be ok someday
Don't hang your head broken little angel sadden  by the world
their words wont take away your worth
1.5k · Oct 2015
That prick
Beer bottles thrown on broken walls
Your children hide as you try to crawl
hes made you a sheep
to afraid to stand up
Your children are to young
so they shut up
How can you tell your children everyday before school
To believe in themselves when everyone seems cruel
How do you look them in the eyes without getting sick
Because when you tell them good bye you have to put up with that *****
When the nurse asks you tell them to lie
when it was him who gave you that black eye
And they are to young but they understand
That if their mother puts up
Its ok not to raise a hand
Your daughter will grow up thinking that its all rite
to have your husband beet you up almost every night
And have your children cry out for their mother
but because she has a fat lip
they get no answer
That its ok to curl up in the middle of the floor
after he's said he wont hit you no more
And because you let them see what happened your daughter will grow up
to expect it to happen
so stop what your doing and open your eyes
your children lurn by the look in your eyes
if you were a mother and a good one at that
when he first punched you, you would have called it that
left with your children and said your good byes
but no your children fall asleep to your cry's at night
1.5k · Aug 2016
Dear future boyfriend
Dear future  boyfriend....
I will assume you will break my heart even before we speak.
And hold on to every word like it were the air that I breath.
I will ignore the good things that you do.
And search for every mistake meticulously.
I promise to never have faith in you and to always expect you to fail.
I promise to put you on a pedestal  that you'll fall off of
and to always go running to my friends the second you speak out agents me.
And when I do something wrong and you say something about it,
I promise to always find a way to blame it on you,
Dear future boyfriend I promise to drain you emotionally so that you cant ever find the strength to leave me,
And to always ,make you feel like you cant leave me alone.
Dear future boyfriend, I promise that when it ends ill make Facebook posts about it so that all my friends can see,
and so that they can all take part in a breakup that was largely to do with me ...
Dear future boyfriend, pleas.....don't be my future boyfriend
1.3k · Feb 2015
with burning screams
you will see
what the world has made of me
I will **** the worlds good night dreams
and sing with the terrified burning screams
1.1k · May 2015
Hello Baby girl
Hello little baby girl
I see you have face this cruel harsh world and theirs nothing left to give
but I will hold on forever never letting you go
because the world burns in snow
Hello little baby girl ill hold you till the end of the world but you say that your fine that your now all rite because of the things that I said im glad you can lay down your head because the world wont pass by your sleeping head
Hello little baby girl you have left me alone in this cruel harsh world because the people around you have held on to you and you have left me.....
Hello Little baby girl im calling to say goodbye to the world because the only thing that I needed was a little bit of love
it seems like hope was not enough and you broke down to like the world in a tuff so say goodbye because this night I have lost my fight....
1.1k · Feb 2015
With broken wings
still i sing
i am far from death
and with this dream i will burn
**all the world has left
1.1k · Sep 2016
My fault
its alright if I am secondary to whoever comes before me.
its alright if you don't love me anymore.
Because I must, I must have a sine that sais 'use me'
And it must be my fault that you left.

Im sorry that I had a few morals, and I didn't want to have ***
Im sorry that I wanted to Waite till I was in my wedding bed.
And im sorry I made you do it, because my **** was my fault.
At least that's what you said.

Its not even a ****, I didn't **** you.
You never said no, you never told me to stop did you?
No I suppose your rite, I didn't tell you to stop.
You couldn't hear me after you covered my mouth.
And you couldn't see my face while tears rolled down.
And you didn't realize that the sounds coming from beneath your hands were my cry's for help.

I guess your rite, it wasn't a ****, because you wont admit it Im the one to blame?
No Not this time this wasn't my fault.
My parents still love me, what will yours think when they see you locked up behind bars like a vault.
because again I suppose my **** was my fault.
This is dedicated to the people who are sexually assaulted every day, for the people who are still coming to terms with what happened to you. **** is never the victims fault, no matter what their wearing.
1.1k · Jun 2015
I am not...
I am not suicidal
Sometimes I just get a little sad
And if you were to ask me
No I wouldn't get mad
Now and again I feel alone
Like my hearts made of stone
But what I'm keeping out '
is on the wrong side of the door
I don't know the feeling of being alive anymore
because although I can breath
Inside I am suffocating  
I am trapped inside myself
With the monsters inside my head
And the demons that live under the bed
I don't know if I could say this to anyone
but to myself
I write it out so I don't have to put it on the shelf
I am not suicidal
I just get a little bit sad
Like I am trapped inside an hour glass that's filling up with sand
Now I know how it must feel
like it was all your fault
But With these last words
their was really nothing you could do to help
1.1k · May 2015
Today i saw.....
Today I saw a kid
and watched as somebody killed him
I never thought twice
I went to bed that night

today I saw a bully
and watched as he worked
I had no choice
I never thought twice
I went out with my friends that night

Today I was alone
I don't know why
and I never thought twice
I went home and cried

Today I saw  razor blade
and commented on how nice it looked
it said 'why thankyou can I take away your hurt?'
I never asked why
I don't want to cry
all those times I watched and did nothing
I never thought I would want to take my life
but now as I breath my last I see you walk away
yes you watched on...and did nothing
will this nothing turn into something.
1.1k · Apr 2015
razor blade
broken little dream
you sit at the edge of a bath or a sink
you think the world it deadly that you find it to hard to breath
yes death is easy
and life is the hard part
But your skin should never be torn apart
yes death douse sadden us
We cant have love without pain
But you wont hear the words that i say
i cant make you stop it
i cant make you stay
but that razor that you hold
is a permanent solution
to a problem that will go away
So to put these words gently
Broken little dream,
You must chose to live
because a life without you is not worth living
1.1k · Feb 2016
Rose And Their Thorns
really how sweet is the rose that ****** one to many times?
You know the one that wilts but never dies
thinking its over you go to see if its all rite
but how sweet is the rose that makes you cry
bring her some flowers
act like you love her
see if she wants to get back together
you've pricked her small finger
still her heart lingers
because what is a rose without its thorns
She reverts back to the written not spoken to speak
because to her feelings she hides them to keep
just to keep you around and to see your bright eyes
but how sweet is the rose that only ****** and never dies?
1.0k · Aug 2016
Daisy Heart
Theirs a daisy in my tea cup.
Theirs a sun set setting high.
Theirs a river running past me.
And the deer are striding by.
Their are feathers stuck inside the tea ***,
and their are a few in my cup.

We  remember, or at least most of us do.
The lesions we were taught
about a people who are now few
fewer than the patches of grass in our city parks
fewer than the smog less city's that
have wilted our daisy hearts

Now we've gone and built our world
on top of their prairie plains
we gave them land to live on
but reservations aren't the same
Now I feel like I need to bring something up
and it might be hard to stomach
Just sit back and shut your ******* mouth....

Your kids are slitting up their wrist because they've had enough of this
so how about you get your head out of your ***
Kids are dying in the street getting pumped full of led
Because you asked them to pick up your daily dose of ******

I understand if you want to report this but theirs one thing that I would like to say
From me to you :).....

"*******, **** your life your all ******* *** wholes! I hope you all ******* rot!
~Thanks :)
993 · Dec 2015
charity is not my thing
I am not much of a talker
I'll stand in the background
poetry hidden inside me
My breath carry the wish of dreams
my dreams the hops I carry
I am a dreamer without my peter pan
my Dan without a Phil
I hate everything about me
and love the things a faults me
I cant take criticism well
Words can hurt me
No I am not bold but I will speak my mind
and one day I will come true to time
but for now I will stay silent in the background
silence is the best thing I found
I believe in truth above pride
but I wont give myself time
I am self detrimental broken not ok
but I have dealt  so I will deal
I hold up but I fall
im complicated
987 · Aug 2015
I've always tried to  hold everything together.
Pain or love threw any weather.
But even the strong know the week.
It hurts when you get knocked down but you get back up, cant sleep.
I hope you know this in every word I speak.
Because one day I'll be gone.
All that will remain are forgotten melody's to a broken song.
I can never claim everything will be all rite.
because we all know what hides inside our heads at night.
Even when I've lost my fight
And I don't wake agene at the end of a night.
Just put your faith in the sick, deprived, and un-holly
Because death is all it seems will take you wholly
947 · Sep 2015
River Bend.....
One more day is all that I ask
I just want to see the sun set before I pass
The light as it plays off of the river bend
This is weir I want to be burred in the end
Take my hand now mother pleas don't cry
Tell our family that it ends tonight
Pleas tell them that I am going home
and someday we will meet again
I want to go to the river bend tonight
hear the nightingale sing as I look up at the sky
Mother tell Father that I am ok
I will love you both forever and always
I want to go to the river bend
Lay me down to rest
pleas don't levee me till I've breathed my last
And sing the songs of ages past
I am gone to the place weir angels rest
Mother tell my brothers that it is all rite
I don't fear my death a little tonight
I want to pass at the rivers bend
Because as the sun sets and the colors are bright
maybe the angels will find me all rite
882 · Apr 2015
doctrine of death
I am here to write these simple words
to let you know I've tried.
But your daughter who cut her wrists so deep is broken now she died
Blood kept slipping out as she wanted to slip free
But don't worry now I have the answer
To why she fought to be free
She said her basterd father and wore mother
Made her feel like ****
She stade  up one night and lost her fight
with a smile  on her face
She cut her wrists in painful bliss
I  am the doctrine that she wrote to her friend and family
She told me to let you know
She hopes you rot and die
You tuck away her smile
and broke her shattered heart
so go to **** and I would say I wish you well
but that would be a lie
875 · Mar 2015
Broken little girl you lay on the floor
You know the world doesn't see you anymore
You are lost
You cannot be found
Just fade away, laying on the ground.
Broken little girl
Who doesn't cry anymore
why are you silent laying on the floor
your eyes have lost luster
no feeling no emotion
you are void and unspoken.
Broken little girl
how do you stand up
how do you put on a smile
how do you say your all rite when we both know
your dead inside
Broken little girl taken from the world
how did you find the cordage to take your life ?
856 · Dec 2015
sleeping pills and cyanide
suicide and you wonder why
compliments and ***** deeds
ropes that stop  the breathing
butterfly's and blue sky's
bleeding wrists and crying eyes
burning body's
and happy smiles
are all equals in the eyes of the devil
children dyeing people crying
a thousand angry voices raising
stop your crying, life is part of dyeing
we are all equal in the eyes of an angel
if I raise **** will you lower heaven
dance with the devil sing with an angel
suicide and cyanide
bitter ends don't wonder why
852 · Oct 2016
Dont Look Down On Them
They say "You can't stop me."
They mean "Pleas try and help me."
They'll tell you "Go away."
But pleas understand they want you to stay.
Because they feel alone,
and loneliness gets old fast.
Because in their heads they see nothing
but, the stretch marks on their legs.
The thoughts that run through their heads,
are about the fact that they cant go out with their friends
they have to save up to be able to afford food instead.
Don't look down on them because they work.
Don't look down on them because of their race.
Don't look down on them because you cant face
the fact that when they grow up...
They'll have more caricature in their pinky toe
than you ever had with that fake *** face....
And even if they fall down.
Get nocked down and locked away.
Some wont turn out ok
but you'll have that one, the Mandela of today.
Don't act like you would have turned out any better than they did.
And I hate to say this...
But my generation is ****.
Grow up, get over yourself....
I thought we were better than this....
845 · Jul 2016
From my finger tips to my elbow
my arms are covered in paint.
They are all different colors,
but the idea is the same,
to create something beautiful,
a sunset, a rain shower .
an old pine tree or a flower.
I don't paint with anger,
I paint with love
I paint with my heart,
shouldn't that be enough
I see beauty in what could be
But so many before me have written it out
what beauty is supposed to be
One color, don't mix, separate, don't  fix.
Yes one color can be beautiful,
and one can be bright.
But one without the others,' seems like a very plain sight
Why do we separate one from the other, why do we try to moderate one from another color.
The world around us is changing and yes we wont be hear forever
but we can stay together if we could only love  one another
765 · Jun 2015
They tell you.
They tell you that you'll never do anything
say your not worth the fight
They say to keep In your lane
You'll never get the chance to change
They tell you to fall in line
March to the same beet and to the same time  
They tell you its their world you live in
like its a privilege to be living
They tell you to act the same
I tell you.. to .forget what they tell you.
I hured this on the news the other day
a small girl tuck her life away
Because she had a skip in her step
and didn't followed the rest
They told her she wasn't cool
Made her look like a foul
She said she had enough
Like the world was to tuff
So in her last final words
she showed the world how bad it
do you see   how your words **** the kids with worth
Because they believe in the lie
Feel like its their time
When the world could be so much better
If that girl never wrote that letter
They tell you to fall in line
they tell you that you'll be fine
if you'll just follow suet
Forget the girl that knew
that not everyone is the same
Life's not meant to be lived that way
But oh well they'll tell you
like its your job to follow
Like you have to obey
the rules make everyone the same
and that if you just step away
the entire world will brake
forget those words
forget what they tell you
If you need me I will protect you
762 · Jun 2015
Thousend years
A thousand years and I will rite a letter from the darkest night
asking you not to hold on to the things people say
because all I am is lonely
a broken thought taken from me
cant you just top to see
that the nights that's all that's left of me
now im gone remember me
the things I always wanted to be
And in a thousand years I will breathe
Of the highest trumpet symphony
But, forgotten is the night and how hard I tried to fight
Alone once agene
I am lost
a thousand years and you will see what a broken heart did to me
"Then i leave you and promise you thet i wil come back to you one day and redeme myself in your eyes goodby my sisster and good night
He left me slowly but shurly once the darkness had made it imposibule to see him i once agen focased on the crematory thet had semingly dun its job.
The flames wher dead and all thet was left of the girl was the chared ashes thet had once bean her bones .
I had said to her thet this would be in the back of my mind soon enufe and it was when i turned away it was shuved to the back of my minde.
The car waas cold when i got into it i had left the windowe open so the cold nightime air could get in.
I rolled it up and turned the car on.
It hummed to life with a catlike purr i only had to tape the gas petal to mack it shoot forwerd downe the lifless barlet lit street the i would never go downe agen.

My hous was a good sised one for me i had ushualy had a manchen but i did not consider this to be that.
It had ten roomes ot including the basement and garage a kichen,3beadroomes,a library,a living roome,a game rome, a theater,and too bathromes.
I had sevral cars thet wher parked in the garage thet i freqwently did not use.
Thet wher cars frome my past the modal t  was the oldest of them it had beean my first car thet i had bought .
I knew the man who had bilght it from hand and gave it to his beloved crush he was so infachowated with her bad i did not feal the same.
Then i had a few more i hade cars thet wher not street egal because thay could go up to 700 mials per hour and uther thet wher just pretty.
It was the only thing thet had come out good frome hummen evalution.
I parked my lambragini next to my rould royse and got out .
The house was also could i hadent the slightes clu why bt it was my pershan cat tin tu was seated on the love seet thet was in the living roome.
She was regla wheni came in her chin lifted high .
She meowed as i steped into her ew as if she was annoyed with me and the fact thet i had smeled like hummen blood.
The thing about her was she wasent a mortal cat she was an imortal cat once long ago i was borne to a varry powerfull man he had asked me what
i wanted and i had said thet i wanted to ceep my kitten forever and ever he had granted me this.
Tin TU looked at me annoted thet i was late home and paded around my feet untill i fead her then she happaly ignored me whial she ate.
The cat was all thet i caired to ceep frome my past she was the only thing besides my brother thet i wanted to ceep.
The wind frome the night blw open the windowe it the lving room Tin TU stoped eathing and hissed her taribul anoyed danger was neer hiss.
She did not have to i felt it to the chill was sent downe my spine as i turned slowly to fase the man who stud behnd me.
"Hellowe Father."
He was the demon who had given birth to me he was a man who could **** you witha thought and never think of it agen
He was the monster a chiald saw under the bead he was my father.
"Hellowe my littal soul stealer i see you have been bissy in your endevors?"
I shruged my eyes never leaving his
"I have adapted to the unfochanet surcumstances thet you have put over my head theas last few decades."
The could in my voice was sharpe as i spat it at him,but his smial never waverd for a second.
"And with age you have become more and more the monster that i hoped you woud be so thet you could rual beside me in the depths of your power ."
That was the thing thet he had birthed me for to use my power of the hevins and **** the devil satin who he worked for had instructed him to **** an angel so he had
and out of that i was borne the devil wants to use my power the too sides of good and evil gave me gifts the day thet i was borne .
Hevin gave me the gift of free will and the devil gave me the curse of eturnal life so thet if he forgote abou me for a decade or too he could still use me .
I hated them both sides they had never showen themselvs to me once to help me my father said it was to mack the choice mine and not to influence me.
That was the only thing we had in commune  we could not tell lies it was a curse thet hevine had put on him and had travald threw blood to me.
"Why are you hear father you have need of the pain thet you have put me threw all of theas years or do you just love to see the hatred in my eyes thet is because of
He tuck a step back eyes wide with shock.
"You dair speek to me like that i am your father i can **** you with one thought i am the devils advocet!?!!!!!!!"
That made my temmper explode into somthing thet i had never befor felt.
My suden outburst made him step back and blink.
I also steped back it was the first time thet i had ever used the demonic powers thet i had been born with.
"You should leav befor i **** you ."
My voice came out in little more than a wisper but it was loud enuff for him to hear me.
"You are my daughter."
The words wher smug and sympal they should not have had an affect on me but they did.
"Yu are not my father you are a demon the monster who ***** my mother an angel who did nothing to diserve this."
My voice did not raise but if you hurd this it would have seemd so.
"You may find this hard to balev my chiald but i loved your mother she was my friend she did thing for me nowone did whial i was alive."
He pased like he was in pain from ramembering things thet had happend his words only ****** me off.
"How could my mother have loved you a demon a crual man."
He ran his hand threw his hair and shruged he was sad i could tell and i knew he could not lie so i disided to lissen to him only this once."
"Your mother was a death angel she was the one thet brange the sould out of hevin and into **** that is why god loved her because she would give up her life to
surve him he loved her more than an angel.
He cursed me when he relized he would loose her o me he made me tell the truth of why i wanted her in that hould that day she was scaired she said thet she hated me
and i was scaired when she said that i missed her and i loved her if only she would lissen to me but the devil came and ***** her in that houl infrount of me
She cryed out for help and i tryed but the devil cursed me and my children you think the curse thet you have is du to mt thet i did this to you but i did not
It was he his words wher 'You and your children will never be alowed into hevin foe your incolence and they like you shall have to **** fore your life....
And so it was i was 18 at the time so enny and all my children will have to **** to live when thet reach the age of 18.... that is why you have to **** because he
hated me.'
i paused for a minute not wanting to balev him.
"You lie....but you canot can you?......How could my mother have beena death angel she was my mother not a bad angel."
My resurve was not as solid as it sounded i was scaired as if i was a little girl whos dog ran away.
He looked taken aback by this.
"Your 'canote tell a lie curse is less promanint then mine you can tell things thet you balev even if it is a lie."
Soon he shruged it off and walked around the room he was restless.
"You should leave now like rite now."
My voice was shaking and qwivering.
I was not who i was saposed to be i hade been talking to my dad somthing thet i would have never dune before i would have dune somthing to **** him before
but i hadent yet.
He stude thair inforont of me scaired and alone as if he was a boy.
"Goodby father, goodby...."
He looked up at me just before he closed the door to leave once agen.
"You call me your father why you know thet i am not ."
I said the only thing thet i could at the time the only thing thet i could say ,the only thing thet came to mind.....
"You are the only father thet i know the man who you say ***** my mom has not spoke to me at all he is not my father i have known you as such for all my life and so
you shall always be in my eyes."
Slowly he closed the door and left ,how could this night get eney worse  and i really hope i did not just jinx myself  thouse thoughts went threw my head .


Envalina sate on the couch in her house she was a varry tall beautiful womane she have the blewest eyes and blakest hair she was pail.
She had a scars on her back thet wher in the shape of wide almost cresents.
Her wings had been thair but they wher not eneymore they had been riped frome her long ago when god had found thet she had been ***** and impregnated by the devil.
The chiald thet she birthed was like no uther she had the blakest hair darker than night and pail skil,her eyes wher a ice blew almost coolerless.
Her name was Edome.
Envalina loved that girl she hated the father she hated the man wo had betrayed her and led her into the darkness and forsed her to be ***** and have the chiald.
Edome had stayed with her mother untill the age of 12 when she had relized her demonic powers she had killed an boy thet had hurt her brother with a thought.
She had ran away with nothing but a wallet full og monny and her mind.
A could wind came in from the kichen windowe it mand chills run up her spine she hadent felt that precence in a long long time
"You havent changed much Envalina in a long time."
The voice she hated the voice thet did belong to the man thet had betrayed her so long ago.
"Leave me alone you are no friend of mine you havent been for a long ,long time you must leave now befor i call my chiald to me and have her **** you."
He huffed anoyed by her lack of enthusiasum at seeing him.
"Edome wil not come to you she hates me why would she come to you."
Envaina lafed a sinical lafe one she had solumly if ever used to spee to eneyone with.
"I have more than one chiald you must know that ."
The smell hit his nose first the smell of sin and sorowe overwelmd him."
Evalina smelled the sent and did not react to the smell as the demon did he reacted as if a dead body had bee laying on the floor for weeks and nowone had moved it.
"Caramia come to your mother please let me see you and showe you to somewon."
A blonde cural and a blew eye poked out frome behind the entryway inbatwen the kichen and the livingroom.
She looked about sevi or eight .
She wore a simpal long whight dress thet had a bight wight ribone in the back.
She was small and skinny but she was her mothers daughter .
she had the enviase beauty thet eney womane would be enviase of she came into the roome shyly as if she wanted to not be hear at all she was afraied of him.
"I can sence the danger in yuo your darkness and evil you know my mother and i know you mack one false move and i will **** you hear and know."
Her words wher thretaning ut she said them in a wisper the demon mad did not hesatate whair she was conserned he ceept eye contact.
"And i can snce you sarowe and pain you ate of the darkness but you also have a soul a sad soul but you have one nun the less who are you chiald and what are you?"
She looked to Eavalina for help the mother just noded slightly as if giving her permishon to speek to the man wh had betrayed her.
"I am Caramia the daughter of the fallen death ange i poses the powers thet sh had i go to the depest depths og **** and come bback un scathed from the jorny.
You are a deomon of **** the one thet had betrayed my mother and sent her hear with a chiald she did not want so if she asks me agen to **** you i shall."
With that the little girl tuck a stance thet made her look only slightly thretaning.
The demon just lafed at her he could senc the danger in doing so but did it eneyway.
"You are like my daughter when she lived with your mother she protected the womae who you call your mother with her life and blood...did she tell you she almost did
die protecting your mother angel had come downe from hevil to slay your mom but my chiald would not allowe it she stabrd the angel threw the harte
they fought agenst one another for a good half day battaling untill both wher too tierd to cuntinu the angel had brither came to help him somthing thet
has never happpend sence that wher going to kil both of them but Edome stoped them she saved your mother so the next time you talk about the chiald you better do
it with respet she saved your mom and you owe her a life debt."
The wordscame out in a hiss of anger he had begun to yell at the chiald making it shrink back agenst the side of its mother.
"I owe her a debt? how could that be tru you said she had never lived with you thet you hated her thet i was the only daughter thet you loved
you lied to me moma!"
The chiald threw a tantrum of throwing thingd and skeeming out in anger she wasent to have this at all .
the chiald stoped for a second but then second thought it when her mother turned away from her for a secod.
she went to the demo who her mother so hated and spoke to hm not in a ******* tone but she was angry nu the less.
"you will brng me to the girl who i owe the debt to an i shall repay it then i will return to my mother and you shall leave us alone do you understand me demone of

He noded and looked to Evalina she was shaking her head as if she wasent to shur of her daughters plane.
"You should know thet the girl is of both sides hevine and **** she canot be killed if that was your plan to my chiald."
That seemd to stop her dead in her traks as she thought threw the thing thet she had just hured.
"How could that be so it canot you know that ....moma is it rite it cant be tru......moma?"
Evalina shuck her head and stud up abruptly making her daughter step back away from her.
"You can tell her what you did to me demon then see if she douse not try to **** you then..good luck boy."
With that she left the room to leave the too of them alone so they could plane the death and resurection of her daughter alone.

I stud alon in the rain it was a cool october night thet smeeld of somthing uther than death for once.
Hand raised to the hevins i called ou into the night thet was alll around me i comanded the powers thet i had been borne with the powers thet i did not use varry often
"Hear me call the wind the rain and all i summon thy to do my biding and end the life of a man who calls himself my father! i call to you the wind i call to you the rain
i call you fire i call you the pain thet i have been put threw and i demand thet you obay me frome the powers of hevin and the fires of ****
'adu-mi ala de putere i doresc sa aiba ?i killthe om ala nume' so let it be thet the demon father be killed on this night so let it be i cast thy!"
With that i casd the speel thet would **** the man thet had ***** my father the man who made her have me.
Lightning struck the fround on all sides of me it burned the grass arould me forming the circal thet i knew to well.
The blurry image of a beest fikerd to life in the flames it was grotesc and disturbing it was the devil.
he called out to me he was in pain so much thet i could see thet it was so, he howuld out in pain and thrashed around in the lames and eturnal damnation thet was his
All the anger and age thet had bilght inside of me had explode in an insetent i could not controll it eney loonger i exploded into the thing thet my father was
i was not me as my body began to morph in to a demon the demon me the evil thet had consumend me thet was blurry just became so cleer.
the monsters are inside my head but no I will not give in
They visit me every night but I'm not going without  fight
I will not give in to the things that once have been
that means a couple of things
if I cut you out of my life you handed me the scissors
if I leave you and you wonder why
its because you were meant to be a part of my life
but that parts over now
I was meant to be who I am
and for the first time in forever I feel better than ever before
im sorry for the things I've done
and im sorry for the girl I was
but now im feeling better than before
so If I let you go don't take it personally
Im just trying to grow up
and if I let you down im sorry
but in the first time in forever
I feal so much better
I know their will always be times I get down but I feel better now and I want you all to know that it may seem bad now but don't dwell on the bad find a ray of light no matter how hard to find
736 · Mar 2015
i see
I see every brake
I see every faulty
I see every heart brake
as your coming at me
don't you look into my eyes, don't you look into my , don't you look into my eyes  and spreed your lies
I see every heart brake and the pain that you make
Every broken heart beet and the songs that you sing
now I don't know if your going to stay this way
braking faith and making me repent
who are you
and who am I
every time its just another lie
I cry in the shower
so you cant hear how sad I am
I hide behind the door to my room
so you don't see how much of a mess I am
I do all these things so you don't have to worry
I cry all alone because I don't want to bee week
Tired of the hateful words kids speak
I cried out to God or whoever was listening
that they would take my life as I cried awake at nigh
I don't expect you to know this
so it might surprise you
that when I smiled I was rely trying
when I laughed I just tried to bare it
Because even thou I hate the world
I love you
and I could never put you threw that
Even when you left me, and asked me to still be friends
I grinned and bared it
That was the first night that I really cried for something real
Don't worry I've lived this long I can deal
687 · Nov 2016
Woe is me...
I've realized that I love hard
In the moment I can suffocate love
before it has even been born.
I rush in, in fear of loosing it.
And when they knock me back
I fall apart.
I can say that I'm strong all that I want but I'm not
and even this is just playing the victim
oh woe is me oh woe is I
suffocating love before it can cry.
oh woe is we oh woe is us...
or is it just me that cant see when enough is enough
wow its been a minute hasn't it since I posted....hoped you liked it!
679 · Jan 2016
Beutiful world
the world is filled with beautiful things
others die just to allow their kids to dream
A boy is allowed to walk because someone dared to think
But a beautiful world is not in my dream's
Silence is deadly as far as I'm concerned
My minds filled with beautiful words
I write the truth nothing more
Cover up the deadly the sick and the depressed
All so you don't have a heavy heart inside your chest
you've devoted your time to playing video games
im sorry that I act this way
but my words do speak the truth
the world is beautiful
but I owe my beautiful world to you
kind as you are I don't know much
your catholic your not its not a big deal but
I know you like fallout boy
and your American flag pants
you wore your sisters shirt
and you wore a 1920's hat
your suspenders are red and you like to excel
You don't like drama and your kind of introverted
your eyes are brown
and you have no idea how bad im hurting
but ill put it aside all just to Keep you happy
because without you I don't know if I could keep lasting
You are my beautiful world. I don't know how much you know about me and I don't think you would want to. just know I left you alone because I knew you hated drama even though you love to be in plays  because I would rather be invisible to you than for you to not be happy I wouldn't be hear without you Chimney something ells
658 · May 2016
Dear sister  can you hear me
are you out their are you listening.
Do you know that they have got me,
do you know that I fee like I'm drowning.
Our father he did tell us about the monsters in the sea
He told us to be cautious
he taught us to be weary.
Now I've lost you the ocean floor.
now the very monsters have me, locked behind the door.
I don't know if your still breathing,
But if you are I'll tell you this.
I am aboard the vampiret ship

Aboard the ship that moves threw nightmares
The flags made of bones and ash
Threw your dreams we will go
Aboard this ship that we sail
Aboard the ship of black and soulless flags

I have lost you but one day find you
Then we will never again fear the night
We together aboard this ship that carries all of fear
Aboard the vampires ship
your a pretty girl in platinum, anyone tells you, your not. You've got the football team just crake em'.
Like that **** don't matter, you'll forget about it when life is served to you, on a silver platter.
you smile in all your pitchers, but you've got all of them fouled. because behind closed doors your broken, and inside you feel like your choken'
You've got the chance to be the best, but inside your just like the rest.
Life's not fare, not what its all cracked up to be.
You watch as your mom forgets you dad's infidelity.
Your brothers never home, he left when he was old enough
leveeing you to pick up the ruff stuff.
He smokes to much duch in the bathroom, acts out, schools about to call your dad soon.
Your mom reads the note you wrote, se calls you out and pushes you down.
Sais if you ruin the face of the family, they'd never find your body.
Because of this, you feel death is your best option.
The way out its in the bathroom, take a few pills you'll be dead soon.
your running a race but you'll never finish it. But all your doing is trying to save face.
Now I'd like o take this moment, to tell you to take a bow, weight for the call of the Curtin, because you've fouled them all, they never knew you were hurtin'
After all this you come out alive.
Because some kid saw it in your eyes.
Remember that kid you watched get pushed to the ground, he knew that you were feeling numb and you really had no one.
the kid stud up for you when he never even knew you, he stood up because he really hoped you would come out of it, and be above it....but you never woke up, in your head you had enough, your mom cant see It because she's to busy trying to be 'it'. your dad doesn't notice you, and your brother doesn't even know you, so who can blame you for wanting to duck out?
cant say it agene ill see you when I don't want to pretend.
650 · Nov 2015
You want me to be honest
then fine hear it is
I don't like how you make me feel
because when im with you I feel like ****
you remind me of all that's wrong with me
all of my little flaws, and my insecurity's

you tell me that im beautiful
but I don't believe you at all
you say its ok to be the way I am
but I feal like your secretly writing S.O.S in the sand

Telling me that your my friend
is not helping me out at all
I hate it when you say that
because I hate the way you feel
when I look at you and your smiling I can see it from my dark corner that I hide in

all of those insecurity's your confirming
I hate you because your nice to me
and you made me think im special
but your a nice guy
you broke down all my walls
as my heart screams defeat
I hate nice guys who are like you
because kindness is a lie
and they made me fall in love with you
643 · Dec 2015
one day you will open your eyes
open them up and see all the lies
they have shoved down our throats
some people dream of blue sky's and butterfly's
I dream of sleeping pills and cyanide
see people are the problem
people and their words
the things they do
the way they don't see how actions hurt
we are blind to the truth
because we chose what we see
the whole picture might as well be history
and you wonder why your children die
cutting themselves up,
marking their arms with scars made by pointed lies
be honest with them
is the world beautiful
or should they carry a gun even to their own funeral
hurt pain death hope love care suicide honesty funeral blind cutting
635 · Mar 2016
I'm not going to die today
but I might just need you still.

No im not going under tonight
but I could use your company

Yeah I'm not going to die tonight
but without you I just might
630 · Sep 2015
Sometimes I want to forget how to feel
I don want reality to b real
Douse noting sound so bad when this is the alternative
we fight for love, and die for it
im sorry if I've had enough of all of it
I don't want to love and lose
but you cant have one without the other
So I don't want any of it
what do we  do when our hearts are not in it
what is worse? Loving and leveeing
Or never loving and liveing a lie
Now all I want is to forget
all the feelings that run threw my head when I see you
My hearts not in the battle
my mind in the war
i cant help it when i fall to the floor
I became a **** to be played as you pleased
I was so ignorant i couldn't see
why is my heart so hallow
So tell me dear now what do i do?
I don't want to feel i don't only want to miss you
That's the reason i want to forget  
That's why i hate reality when its real
Im sorry i have to cut this one short
I cant make it this time so im sorry
Don't be real oh pleas be a lie
I cut myself out not cut out for this life
Im no saint
but take this one like a bible verse
You have to listen even thou it hurts
Remember me Oh' pleas don't forget
feelings are real and reality's ****
624 · Mar 2015
Broken I have sung my song
Broken I have bean for so long
shattered by this signal thought
Would you miss me if I were gone?
True am I to my word
I will not forsake the world
I am not the girl I once was
Songs of beauty have lost the once loved
now and agene '
I will sing out a second
but, broken have I stayed
a dream that longs to fade
618 · Mar 2015
who am I  not to go
Yes I want to stay but, this is not my home
I do see how broken your eyes can be
But, when I'm gone wont you remember me.
I can see how bad it can be
Broken by my long lost dreams
As death douse sound like my melody
I ask you when I'm gone what will you remember of me?

Do you remember my smile
the time I lived for a wail
Do you remember the times I cried
and even the ones in witch we fight
Who am I not to follow
to fight, falls hope its to hard to swallow
And in death I do part with such sweet sound
silent are tears as I am laid down

So dear friend I have asked this thrice
Will you remember the pain of my vise
I did cry, and I did fall
The pain I paint the words on the wall
So my vary last words my friend.
I will say this once agene
What will you remember when I am gon
617 · Jan 2016
if I wasn't made out broken dreams,
I could do most anything.
but the world around me seems just a little to cruel,
and I just feel a little to blue.
so if your not busy  why don't you stop bye,
just to see if I'm all rite tonight.

now I know we've got our problems,
you and I.
But, you said you would never leave,
can you promise me that tonight.
if you can only see the world  threw my eyes,
you'd know how much I really need you tonight.

just promise me that whir ever you may go,
its  only down a rode I can follow.
I guess this is good-bye for you and I.
just know you are the sun and the moon in my eyes.
Well, this is a little reprieve from my norm, I hope you like it and I'm curious to see what you think its about so leave a comment if you would like! Let me know if I should write more in this type of style  or if you like my norm !
612 · Mar 2015
Take a breath ill pull myself together.
Just another step till I reach the door. You'll never know the way it tore me up inside to see you.
I wish I could tell you something to take it all away.
Tell you something to bring back your faith.
Sometimes I wish that I could save you.
And their so many things that I want you to know.
I wont give up till its over, even if it takes you forever.
I want you to  know that when I hear your voice.
Its drowning in the whispers.
Its just skin and bone, their nothing left to take.
And no matter What I do I cant make you feel better
If only I could find the answer to help you understand
Sometimes I wish I could save you.
And their so many things that I wish you would have known.
I hope you know I wont give up till the end.
I hope you understand I meant it ' forever till the end'
I want you to know that If you fall, tumbledown.
Ill pick you off from the ground.
And if you loose faith in the world ill hold you so that you know their is still good to.
Tell me you wont give up, and ill be their if you do.
Sometimes I wish I could save you
and theirs so much you should have known.
I wont give up till its over. If it takes you forever.
I want you to know I meant 'forever till the end'
And I wish that I could have saved you
Their are so many things you never will see
Just don't give in tonight
don't give up on me.
599 · Jun 2015
I have passed among the raging waters
and dealt  with all the pain
I get along with the voices that are inside of my head
and work well with the monsters that are under the bed
the weight of the whole world is held on my shoulders
and I am fine with that
as long as you know that I am not immortal
And will end up dead
I have nothing more to complain about
this is all up to you
If you want make a wish
and I will come back
598 · Oct 2016
She placed herself alone in a room with her thoughts that were dark.
She danced with the demons that lived in her head and she didn't fall apart.
This girl that I once knew with eyes so blue, danced with the demons inside of her head.
She spoke with them calmly and danced with them till dawn.
So they wouldn't cry when she was dead.
597 · Jun 2016
Were all liars,
our house is broken.
This house is not my home,
I feel broken.
I don't know how im supposed to feel,
when I don't want my reality to be real.
This house is broken,
its not a home,
hasn't been  since you threatened to leave so long ago.
I love you, I do,
Ill never leave you,
but, I cant take all this heart ace.
I've got nothing left inside of me,
Becoming numb to your memory.
This house is not a home,
were all liars because we say so
This house is not a home....
and I feel broken...
594 · Mar 2015
I have lost a broken doll
who is their to here this broken little thing call out
you came and yes, yes I am afraid
broken little doll will never be the same
593 · May 2015
I need a savior to hold me up
because the worlds become to tuff
Who would save a girl like me
a blip in history
everyone always sais
keep your head up don't let them see you cry
but when the world is the one that's sick
who will save me from it
I need a savior to hold me up
not the one in the holly book
I don't think im meant to be
im just a blip in history
585 · Apr 2016
Is It Just Me
is it just me?
I don't think so..
Is it just me
that's what I've been told
Im getting real sick of all this *******
all this dull ****
Im real sick
if you don't love me then be on your way
you aren't a necessity in my life today
I don't need you if you wont want me
so  if that's the case
you can be replaced
is it just me?
I don't think so...
Is it just me?
That's what eve been told
But that's ok if that's the case
I don't need fake friends in my life today
577 · Sep 2015
I'm Leaving now
let this be a lesion
To all who think that words don't matter
How could you look her in the eyes say you love her
she knows you lie
why not come clean what's the point
all she wanted was for you to try
burry her in the finest silk
tell her she's beautiful before her make up begins to wilt
all she wanted was for something to be real
Now she's gone what will you say
to the mother that walks your way
You smile again but it biter sweet this time
When a daughter takes her own damb life
tell her she's pretty, take her out to eat, dance with her
let her stand on your feet
don't turn your back and pull out a flask
all she wanted was for something to last
I'll make this quick you wont have to stay
close your eyes and float away
go to her it will be ok
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