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rgz Apr 7
Once upon a time
she was useful and sharp
a righteous light, blinding
afraid of the dark

Once upon a time
she'd cut tunes like a harp
shining arias of light
to swallow the dark

Once upon a time
she followed her heart
taking flight through the night
unafraid of the dark

One too many times
she travelled that track
now she's blackened, blunt, broken
alone in the dark

She used to have dreams
and recognise herself
before the nightmares moved in
next-door neighbours from ****

So she spent wistful days wandering
passively burning in fires of longing
waiting for rains that never fell
noting banks that never swell
with no paddle in the dry creek
of "Once upon a time" she
remembered all too well
Arden Feb 12
Im not suicidal
I just dont want to be alive
     like I dont look both ways before
             crossing the street
     like I dont check how many pills Im supposed
             to take and hope I take too many
     like I cut food with the knife facing me
     like I play with fire and
             I run with scissors
because I still have a little
hope left
but no desire to stay alive
Addi Anderson Dec 2018
I pick up
the sharp blades,
and feel the weight
of a thousand things
fall of my shoulders.

I am cutting off
every little tie
that is left between us.
Each inch is
a memory.

You always did like my hair long.
This is kind of random, sorry guys.
c Sep 2018
Rock, paper, scissors, shoot
Bouncing words and blades for two
“I’m rubber you’re glue”
How much longer till we’re through?

Breaking bones and grinding teeth
Clenched jaws with fire beneath
Tempers rising with the heat
Rock won’t stop until you bleed.

Rumors splashed across a page
Filled with malice, filled with rage
Money floating to the stage
Get the paper, make it rain.

Cut them down with dagger smiles
Ignore the wounded battle cries
Metal words until they die
“Stick a needle in your eye”

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
Look what growing made us do.
Inspired by a writer on instagram
mysa Sep 2018
my scissors go to work,
cutting away
the people "i don't need"
but blood is staining the paper
and only some of it is theirs.
things could be going better
Amanda Mar 2018
I am the glue that holds your mind together,
You are the scissors that slash my sadness apart.
Today Tay said to me "You are the glue that holds my mind together." Which of course made me melt. And then inspired me to write this.
Jessica Jarvis Feb 2018
Like swimming upstream,
Going against the grain,
Walking through a festival's crowd,
I cut into the package,
But I couldn't get through.
It was stuck.
Would not

So it


I was using scissors and they broke. I was not happy. I wrote this. lol
Alice Wilde Nov 2017
Everything is imperfect-
The space
Between your eyes.
The crooked white
Inside your half-smile.
The paper-cutting
Scissor bangs
That frame your face.

You chopped them late
In a dim lit bathroom.
Flickering neon against the blade.

Tucking tounge under breath,
Chunks of midnight strands
Refracting grey-silver dreams
Fell to the floor like splinters
Hurled from breaking wood.

With crescent moons
Formed on each cheek,
The mirror smiled.
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