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Jan 2016
if I wasn't made out broken dreams,
I could do most anything.
but the world around me seems just a little to cruel,
and I just feel a little to blue.
so if your not busy  why don't you stop bye,
just to see if I'm all rite tonight.

now I know we've got our problems,
you and I.
But, you said you would never leave,
can you promise me that tonight.
if you can only see the world  threw my eyes,
you'd know how much I really need you tonight.

just promise me that whir ever you may go,
its  only down a rode I can follow.
I guess this is good-bye for you and I.
just know you are the sun and the moon in my eyes.
Well, this is a little reprieve from my norm, I hope you like it and I'm curious to see what you think its about so leave a comment if you would like! Let me know if I should write more in this type of style  or if you like my norm !
Andie May ostrander
Written by
Andie May ostrander  inside of books
(inside of books)   
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