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Anais Vionet Aug 11
Kim: “So, your plan was to win him with awkwardness?”
Me: “No, my plan is to be as sarcastic as humanly possible and see if he can handle it.”
Kim: “You are SO good at the interpersonal stuff”
Me:  “ I so hope college guys get me - I’m out of sync with these high school durks.“
That first impression is key
Anais Vionet Jul 31
Bili’s one of my two best chums. She's exquisite, cagey and ferociously funny - compared to her I’m tomboyish.

Her hair is a straight corn-silk that shines like black-enamel. When we watch movies, I get to brush it. Her heritage is Japanese, she has perfect, warm-ivory skin, but she’s as American as sarcasm or gun-violence.

When she talks to me, sometimes she’ll be flirtatious or motherly, but always jocose. She bullies me, good-naturedly coaxing and chivvying me onto the trajectory she selects.

I’m jiggered - I enjoy being treated like a pet. I’ve been so harried lately that it’s somehow calming. I think I’m going to spend the rest of the summer, blithely letting her arrange me.
friends are like comfort food for the soul.
Water Street
After the rain
Is where wayward teens
Ride their bicycles
On damp pavement
Under staggered lamps,
I never knew,
Before seeing from the 2nd floor
That 2am
Is when lost youth roam.
idletown May 11
drunk on a feeling we know wont last

knowing the end is near

closing our eyes pretending we dont see it

u hear the glass shaterring hearts breaking

its something we cant let go of

its what i have been living for

how do we leave it when its all we need

i am under a spell

when i see u under the stars i forget about the troubles in the world

i forget about i have been through

why cant we stop the time

lay here with me until my breathing stops

i wanna make u smile when u are crying remembering the people that hurt u

i wanna hold ur hand when it gets cold

i wanna find u

wanna spend all my time with u

i miss u even tho i have never met u

wonder if we will ever meet 

just know i have loved u longer than u can imagine 

longed for u more than u think
Bobby Dodds Apr 15
All things ancient are once born young.
All things secret are shared by tongue.
All things hatred are worn with love.
All things whispered are sung by doves.
All things stone always come undone.
the inspiration for this poem primarily came from the thought i had, that all things like ancient or old or archaic were once young, smart words out of the mouths of the loud. brand new and original, and here we are, writing about them, like they're old news or yesterdays column.
Hamna Apr 11
Am I no longer fretful of my youth?
Do I have any antipathy of death?
The Beloved Rasool of Allah ( SAW) said, "Take advantage of five before five. Your youth before your old age, your health before your illness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before your busy, your life before your death." - (Narrated by Ibn Abbas and reported by Al-Hakim)
Bobby Dodds Apr 4
is 20/20."
As the tag-a-longs
And dingbats like to recite.
Well that's dumb- 20/20 is average!!
This is outrageous -even our idioms our idiotic-
So I propose a new saying,
And yes, who is the 17 year old white boy
To say anything about anything.
But hear me out,
How about instead, we say,
"Hindsight, the unluckiest symptom of consciousness,
and a hell in its own right"
Okay yeah, well, maybe it IS a bit wordy,
And yeah, okay, maybe it IS a TAD too cynical.
But since when has a teenager been anything BUT
A self-proclaimed cynic.

With stars too far to telephone,
And when telegraphs aren't a thing anymore.
We gotta make our own futures,
But when we're riding along through our
Generation of hate,
Or lovely liberalism.
Try not to check the rearview mirror
"Riding along in my funky car, Mohair suits and Jazz guitars, what's a little sugar honey?! if not to take me far
now won't you pass the mars bar? *overly epic jazz guitar and doo woppy bass licks*

I'm in a jazzy mood tonight, I need to relearn some of my jazz piano songs that I learned for band years ago,,, I may never be able to play a concerto, or any of my favorite Tartini songs, but at least I can "play that funky music white booooyyy"
Marga 梅香 Mar 30
there are things i have promised you,
things i don't ever want to put you through.
i'm sorry i broke those promises somehow,
i knew we weren't for each other anyhow.

i just want you to be happy,
i know we're both tired of being shady.
things between us are already sketchy,
every day, holding on seems very heavy.

letting go of you was hard
yet i don't want toxicity to bombard;
i want the best for you and me
so please, let's just set each other free.
thejeanjacket Mar 12
From the golden pearls placed on its doors,
my breath got cut short.
Its sliver coloring shook me to my core.
I saw it’d started to widen ,
thought I would see the world’s most beautiful garden...
but instead : stood, before me
a pit of fire and hell that could **** me,
and melt the life I have inside of me ,
I saw flames that spoke to me
I like the contrast between the meaning of the name Ryan in different cultures ( gates to heaven  hints the title ;) ) and hell .
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