skez Jun 11
i could feel the pain running through my body
each parts of my body are aching so badly
but you keep saying those lies beautifully
those unseen tears
how long did you hold them in?
wish we were in the same ocean
so i could take you out from your own sea of tears
Unknown May 27
My Silver and red spotted friend is no longer pure, Its tainted with the thoughts of no other, It's no longer spotted but dripping red, and his friend is dead all because of a silver and red spotted friend
I have 4 of these friends!
Unknown May 27
When I cry,
It's all because of a lie I've told myself, It's all because I've put my needs on the bottom shelf and ignored them, It's all because I know I don't love myself, It's all because of the same lie... "I'm Fine"
I tell myself this all the time
We, the teens of the new era,
Are quite different.
Maybe this is just self obsession,
But whatever,
I know for sure,
That this generation is
Surely different.
We are mature more than we should be
We are childish even more.
We are not sure about our next step
Neither that our life is sorted,
At least that’s how we see it.
It is indeed puzzled.
We dream so big unlike our predecessor
And then again, at the same time we
Just want to leave the battle at the age of 16.
We are so much energetic
To think of ourselves as the next Einstein
And at the same time we are as lazy as a sloth.
We like to write carelessly
Much like me
And then again we think a lot before posting it
Thinking it wouldn’t remain as beautiful
After this moment will be gone.
But then again, I know we are so lazy
to even consider the very idea of wasting our effort
that we have put into
writing the piece.
so posting this currently,
without even considering the mistakes
that would have been commited.
Without considering
the reaction of the event.
That’s exactly how we are,
Jolly, happy, poetic,
Philosophical moreover.
What, I know only this much that,
We surely are DIFFERENT.
we are surely differnt, kind of born philosophers:)
I knew she was out of my league
She was on another level
She was on another wavelength
I was Pony league, she was pro
I was amateur, she was celebrity
She was better looking, more experienced
She was more woman than I was man
She was a ghetto goddess
I was a dork
She was used to guys who beat up guys like me
I was used to girls who wore pink nail polish
The thought of even knowing her never even crossed my mind
Like it was even possible
Yet there we were, alone together,
In a shitty room at a shitty party,
And you thought I was just cute enough
You gave me your number, then demanded mine
This chick made me wish I was anyone but me
Someone more badass, more debonair
She was everything intimidating,
Too much woman for most men, more manly than some men
And for some reason, she wanted me
Our first date, her choice – a pool hall.
She schooled me on the man’s game
Our second date, her choice – Six Flags.
She only wanted to try the scary rides
Each date made me feel less worthy
Yet still she wanted me
Our third date was at her mother’s house
She made me dinner
She made me pasta, my favorite
And then we went to the bassment for a game of pool
Because she was that badass
Halfway into the game. She learned her mother would be gone for the night
So she grabbed a Billy Idol record, and started “Rebel Yell”
Like it was her anthem
As it began to play she said,
“If you can’t make this fucking needle skip, you ain’t hitting it right”
And she took off her shirt
And I almost cried with delight
No one had ever talked dirty to me before
Only in pornos had I seen such scenes like this
Now I was in one
And it was loud and rough, and wet and wild,
It was dangerous, it was merciless
It was a boy’s dream, it was a man’s heaven
Round One was on the pool table
We ripped the clothing from out bodies
Stripes and solids bounced off the floor
Tongues and arms spread across the table
She was a loud lover, and I loved it
Her legs wrapped around my neck
Her hands clinging to the pockets
Like I was the hero in an action film
Breaking the rules, banging the hottest woman
I was a seventeen year old MAN
(Oh and old Billy didn’t make it to the second chorus,
I made that needle skip)
Round Two was in her bedroom
She changed uniforms, into a pink lace shirt
That neither covered up, nor hid anything
Instead, it somehow made her even sexier
And the battle raged on
Into the night, and the morning beyond
The bed was soaked and stained
She flopped on top of me  with a slap of our sweaty skin
And I wore her like a trophy
As we both gasped for air,
I stuttered, “ I could get use to nights like this…”
And she turned to me, and we locked eyes,
“Nah, you’re not angry enough in bed for me.”
“I didn’t know we were suppose to be angry in bed.”
“Yeah, that’s why I usually date older guys, Mexicans mostly.
They’re much more violent in bed… but this was okay.”
You know what’s worst than a bad porno?
A good porno with a bad ending.
Kyle D
Jolene Faber May 4
your unshaven face rests on my shoulder.
your hot breath sends shivers and little speed bumps on the surface of my tanned skin.
the unforgiving sun stinging us and reminding us of the cool breeze around us.
you smile at my lips and my creases deepen tempting me to smile more at you as if you knew what I was thinking.
your messy hair falls on your forehead and I move it, trailing kisses from the top of your face, right down to your mouth.
we say nothing.
we've said nothing for 2 hours, but our traveling eyes are having conversations irreplaceable by our mouths.
we can't get any closer, and contact wont allow us to get any closer than we are.
we hear each other breathing and it reminds us that we're living. and dying doesn't frighten us, because right now feels like forever.
your lip biting and slight looks up doesn't shift my gaze, as if staring at you has been innate.
your washed out jeans and faded black shirts lay on the floor like my dignity and composure.
loving you something terrible and letting you sink in.
Haleigh Apr 18
That's the thing
about teens

*We're no longer invincible.
Haleigh Apr 18
the shards of my shattered blood line
piercing into my lungs
tearing it open

letting me bleed my sadness out.

i bleed slowly;
                       i bleed,
                                    i bleed.

your vibrant persona is too much for me to handle,
it feels choking at times.

but nonetheless i am attracted
like a moth to a flame.
i know it is dangerous,
i know it will only end in my execution,
but i go in anyway
orchestrating my own death.

i plummet into your aura,
i take it in.

and a small part of me believes
that you even had the smallest inch of care for me.

but you don't.
it's someone else it always is.

it's always the 'it's not you it's me' crap;
or the 'i don't feel the same' torture.

nonetheless it breaks me,
and i break in silence.

the saddest part is i thought i had a chance with you.


what a joke.

it can't happen,
it will never happen.
and that is all there is for me.

there is no yes or inbetween.
it is always no,
a resounding no.

but it's not your fault.
i know i am an ogre,
a monster with two minuscule eyes,
with my pores oozing acid,
and my mouth spewing fire.

my fiery temper restricts all suitors,
i know i cannot be tamed.

maybe that is why.

i am boundless and limitless and that may be intimidating.
but i am human,

and every human has that one boundary and
that one

that was meant to be you,
meant to be you for me.

but you have someone else,
someone prettier and better.

so be happy, because that's all i want;

but for now,

i bleed slowly;
i bleed,
i bleed.
Warning: Boys are terrible
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