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We are the teens who jump to conclusions who smash beer in the street, walk fast and try to soothe ourselves with ***** water

We are the teens who cry for a song feeling alone but surrounded by people
Who replace hurt with *** and hide our pain by waiting until maybe finally something good happens

We are the teens who go home every day and miss everyone who made our life worth living

We are the loud *** teens who smoke and drink and get 100s on tests and love themselves and are happy about it

We are the teens who get gelato and are homies with our host families and jump in with our clothes on

We are the teens who look at the waves and the height and think the wind blowing is beautiful

We are the teens who overuse the word love because we lack it in our lives

We are the teens who have to give it to each other because maybe not everyone loves us the way we want them to

Maybe that’s why we don’t love the people who want us to
Iz Jul 25
I don’t want to leave him
what I mean is
I can make it the 216 hours
till we both go
I fake love until we don’t have to make it
but what if  one day the roles change
I the one who gets lead on instead of love
will I wish the trust over the comfortable lust
When you find the one,
let their voice blow through your hair like a blissful breeze
and let them paint pictures with their fingers on your back.
When you find the one,
your feet will feel lighter, but your chest will feel heavier.
yet you know that carrying all of those butterflies are worth it.
When you find the one,
You'll want to conquer ever battle, every bruise that leaves a mark on your skin, with them.
Your spirit will run wild in a sea of stars that only you two can explore.
You will feel more alive then you could have ever imagined.
Your eyes were once weak and nervous but now they're bold, alert and focused. They've found a reason, a purpose to keep staring.
When you find the one,
Never let them go. Never let a single day pass without them on your mind. Life moves way too fast, and they could be gone in the blink of an eye.
itty bitty poem
You see so many different people
At the swimming pool.
People with a diving mask,
Checking out girl's ***.
Children splashing water
On each other's floaties.
Mothers and fathers,
Making sure their kids are safe.
Two people swimming after each other,
Flirting with no words.
Old people swimming
From one shore to the other.
People waiting in line,
To go off the water slide.
A couple constantly making out
In front of everybody.
You see very hot people,
And very **** ones.
Small, big,
Old or young.
All those people
Have one thing in common.
They're happy.
A poem every day.
Zander May 23
And this is it,

the life I want.

I thought I couldn't have it all.

I thought it was too much of a price to pay.

I thought it was all for nothing...

but here I am.

I made it, and by my side-

Is You.

They almost made me forget how much I love you.

But how could I possibly?

You are My Breath, My Life...

You make me who I am.

You taught me how to be me.

And yes, some things I have to do alone

But today, I'd rather be with you than to be anywhere else.

Thank you for showing me how to love.

And even though I haven't figured it out yet,

Maybe one day you can teach me how to love myself too.
Brent Kincaid May 10
A small platoon of beauty,
Lovely boygirls with tiny *****
Posing like Vogue models
And doing dancing tricks
So, hot. So pretty, but not
In the slightest masculine;
No attempt to be butch,
They revel in being feminine.

They’re better at it than girls
Being more of a success
Than all the ** movie stars
In ten thousand dollar dresses.
Such pretty smooth faces, traces
Of ancestry and cool breeding
For thousands of screaming teens
Wishing they were breeding.

They wish these boys were closer
So they could caress and kiss
Close enough so they could not
Avoid, so the teens could not miss.
They want to carefully tarnish them,
These angels of flashing bright lights,
And cuddle them, snuggle them
If only for one youthful, sensuous night.

We take precautions


just not all the way...

And I'm talking from experience here...
you know, being a teen myself and all.
Darryl M May 8
I’m not ready,
but the road would never be steady.
I’m willing to risk failing.

I’ve looked at ladies before and never thought about *******.
But the thought did once run in my mind.
But with you the very thought knows that it’s nasty.
It doesn’t come about.
Though you give me joy,
You ain’t just a toy.
My Barbie doll.

I look at your waist and vision my arms around.
I look at your head and vision a crown for my queen.
I look at your thighs and vision myself making the home run.
I look at your ***** and vision my last toy as an adult.
I look at your behind and vision a new pillow for my bed.
I look at your left hand and vision my ring on your finger.
I look at your lips and vision the wedding kiss.

I never wanted a girlfriend at all.
Then you came along.
I never wanted a flame,
but your love is warm enough.

On loves mark.
Get set for a bumpy ride.
Ready your heart.
Fire up the sparks.
Go on and be my future.
Keira Apr 26
One day
you'll fall in love
with me -

that's just how
the stories go.

You'll feel nothing,
then boom!
All at once.

And you'll be
plummeting down;

I can't promise
I'll be there to catch you -
but I hope I am.

Again, that's just how
the stories go.

The guy gets the girl,
and the girl
finds her prince.
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