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connor Apr 5
It seems that the American education system values
A's on tests and higher rankings more than
The mental health of the students
who there would be no high rankings
Or A's on tests without.

Everyday I'm trying to lift myself up
Because I see myself as a
horrible, gross, ****, aggressive,
worthless, useless, clingy, ****-bound person.
I know I am not a completely good person,
But I know that I don't want others to
Feel like I do.

No one should have to feel like
Everyday will come to nothing and
That friends won't miss you and
That people will get over you at some point and
That it wouldn't matter if you killed yourself
Because you don't make a difference.

I want to be there to lift others up
In areas where I can't lift myself and
Just let them know that
It's okay to not be okay, that
Someone loves you and
I will always be one of those people, that
I'll be there even if no one else is, that
If it's 2AM and you're suicidal that
You call me or some kind of hotline
And we'll get this sorted out together.

11% of adolescents will have developed depression
by the time they turn 18.
That is not okay.
Students are reported to Guidance
when something is amiss.
Guidance counselors are there to
help with scheduling and possibly developing
academic and social skills.
They are not knowledgeable about mental health,
and lots of times teens with depression
interact with people less and
as a result lack crucial social skills for
getting jobs that fit the academic goals that
we're told matter so much that
we think that sometimes the letter grades
on paper matter more than the student
who studied for hours to
earn that grade.

1 in 6 high schoolers have solemnly considered suicide
1 in 12 will attempt suicide, that number is increasing.
The education system needs to change
In how they handle mental health.

The world needs to change
How it handles mental health.

It's killing us.
My third and final poem for the slam contest I'm entering! I audition tomorrow and I'm extremely glad that I don't need any of them memorized until the 17th, when we have a dress rehearsal.
I'm sorry it really isn't very good, but I need three by tomorrow at 10AM so yeet
Juan Bot Mar 14
The trap fly walks across the room,

the house becomes the ardent fly.

Shining like gold,

As lustrous as Venus,

Its wings unfold,
followed by a swift shove of air.

Ascending into a new form of life,
the fly flies.

but gets trapped by an underground bear trap,
Always believe in your dreams.
laura Mar 6
Now a teenager,
battling against the world,
fighting 'til the end
finally a teenager
Bom Feb 25
The Angel of free will is dead,
now drugs and rebellion are the only things in hour heads.

I’m just a kid chained by self-esteem,
anxiety fills me to the brim
and depression kills me with the thought of him. [ her ]

Just wished for someone to love someone like me,
hold my hand and tell me I’ll be free,
but I know that can’t be.

‘Cuz the kids of today are too busy filling their ashtrays,
emptying their bottles, and fighting their battles.
Draining their sadness, and replacing it with boldness.
Hoping that their life will be better, suffering less.
Nie Jan 28
it was your birthday
you didn’t care much about it
but the moment i knew
i was counting down the days
i made you something
i couldn’t wait for you to see it
i had to held myself back with some stuff
i wanted to end every sentence with : i love you
but i couldn’t
i couldn’t do that to our friendship
but i do
i do love you.
Red Brush Dec 2018
Clumsy fingertips
Tremble in the dark.
Quivering, our lips
Kiss each birthmark.
Each firmly grips,
Passion's bright spark.
Night's youthful slips,
Memories deep mark.
Those moments that etched memories sweet...
Jhené Dec 2018
as you get older you start to wonder what happened;
those kids who were full of happiness and joy are now shadows of their former selves.

maybe it is the fact that they have been pushed so far down,
they don't want to get up.
maybe it is the fact that they have been scarred with far worse than some will ever seem to understand.
maybe it is simply the fact that life seems to purposefully hurt you,
and you are always the victim.

adults may say kids cannot be depressed or have mental disorders,
and those who do are blind to reality,
maybe your eyes will open one day and you will learn to love.

care a little harder,
fight a little longer,
learn to grow from a seedling into a beautiful flower,
a sapling into a big sturdy tree,
a baby into a strong individual.

and then you will feel at peace.

Anya Dec 2018
Children are...
rather innocent creatures
Or at least,
in my protected, childhood of fairy tales
Princesses and superheroes and talking frogs
My third grade diary when asked to name something precious
Unlike toys unbreaking
Keeps you happy and safe
precocious I was at that
but still too much

As I still am,
of course
See, the thing about adolescence
Hormones raging, from crushes to bullying to acting out
The time when we
We're out of the                     Naive
                  Quite dangerous, really
Since, we're really Not

A whole butload of
                               stuff I'll probably
Be subject to and
May have been earlier if not for
My reclusive tenancies
and lazy ways
and protected life

I say it,
In a careless manner
Trying to look cool, even in poetry
But, like, it's going to happen
I'm going to come face
to face
Have to make
a choice
And it's nothing to be intimidated about
I tell myself
Truly a question
to consider,

I'm assuming,
one day I'll mature
And when that day comes...

Will I still be the little girl
With the two bouncing pigtails
Scrunched up face
Pencil too tight grip
Oval eyes, smiley lips, long hair
My nth drawing of a girl?

Mind uncluttered
with what could be
         what should be
         what would be
Only, what is
And what I want

But as the clock strikes twelve another day has gone by
and it's well past time for me to go to bed
Another year, past
More time gone by
More memories to reminisce about
Also more to look forward to
Kaylah S Nov 2018
I love her
she yells because you make her mad
I love her not
you keep your arms by your sides, don't yell back
I love her
let her fists hit your chest, physically it doesn't hurt, so it doesn't matter
I love her not
your tears make you a *****, real men don't cry
I love her
the police will laugh if you call
I love her not
you're not a victim, be a man
I love her
I just feel as though men aren't as represented when it comes to domestic violence. The male is always painted as the perpetrator, and while the reported cases do ring true, there are so many unreported cases of female on male domestic violence. Domestic violence needs to stop in all genders.
I hope this made sense.
comment some opinions or questions ;)
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