olivia g 10h

Wearing Converse ‘cause we’re All Stars,
leaping rails and busting through the knees of last year’s jeans,

Not sleeping, just dreaming for when it can all start over again.

But without the old, the exes and the oh’s,
how can we say we really knew the new?

You and I are like a mom and dad.

We have taken kids under our wings-
Keeping them happy,
And full,
And medicated.

They keep me accountable.
But they also enable me
To always seek pleasure,
So I can pay the happiness forward.

It keeps me fat.
My breasts soft
And swollen,
And my hormones are racing..

You and I are playing house
Because everyone wants a beautiful family..

But we are parents that never married.
We're not just together for the kids,
But we're not in love either.

It feels like we're stuck in courtship.

My heart still races around you,
And I stare at your lips all the time.
You pay for our 3 am dates sometimes
And you always look happy to see me.

We're two nervous kids
Only accepting affection in small doses.
You used to flinch whenever I would get close to you.
You let me lean on your shoulder a few weeks ago...

The worst part about having a baby daddy that won't let you kiss them
Is that I know it's not from lack of affection
Or maybe even attraction.

It's how fragile this is
For you.
You know that if you kiss me,
You'll learn to hate my lips.

Maybe it's because you could see yourself kissing me for a long time,
And you don't want to see yourself get old.

Probably wishful thinking.

In my selfish imaginations,
We consummate our marriage.
You cover my neck with lovebites,
And I give you pink scratches on your back...

I wish you would hate me.
Then I could kiss your pillowy lips,
And you could just squeeze my ass for hours,
And maybe someone would get an orgasm out of it.

I think I'm a desperate housewife,
Waiting for you to really fall in love with me.

I don't know if you ever will.

I know that I really want you to.

Until then, I'll tend to our little nest.
I'll kiss our bastard children goodnight.
I'll make you lunch in a Burger King bag.
I'll let you give in to me, hopefully...

Head spinning
Hands trembling
Body ready to give up
Tears rolling down in streams faster and faster

Mind confused
Lips quivering
Emotions all over the place
Doesn't know whether to feel betrayed or hate

Infuriated with everyone and everything
Thoughts were scrambled everywhere
Her brown curly locs no longer cascaded down her back
It now masqueraded her face

She wanted to be embraced
Wanted to feel like she felt before
Not this feeling, that she was foreign to
Her quiet gasp, her salty tears, and struggling whispers
She grabbed her chest and asked what is this ?

Anne Molony Jul 28

"Quick, let's get a snapchat!"
"No, you cannot post that"
"Three minutes 'till the bus lads,
c'mon or we'll be late"

Downing Naggins on the journey,
young girls are only learning
how much that they can take
so they can fake it

Temporary confidence
mixed with teenage innocence
marries at the party
"Vodka and Ribena will kill you, mate!"

"Put on Teenage Dirtbag!"
"D'you have any more fags?"
"Jesus pal, your ma will simply kill ye
if she sees ye in that state"

OK, so this poem is VERY IRISH. These notes will be handy to pretty much anyone reading raised outside of Dublin. "Blanch" is short for 'Blanchardstown', an area in North Dublin. A "young one" is generally anybody considered young, in this context, a "young one" is a teenager. Being "on the lash" is when somebody is "on the drink" or drinking (alcohol). A "Naggin" in Ireland is a 200 mL bottle of spirits, uniquely sold here and nowhere else. It is the go-to drink for any young person as it's easily attainable and cheap, often mixed with a soft drink or, "mixer" like "Ribena"- a brand of blackcurrant-based fruit drink concentrate.
Arcassin B Jul 28

By Arcassin Burnham

From emotional spectrums,
feelings are hellish,
i see the eyes , they shine , like everything was fine and dandy
in the gymnasium,
thinking there were some things i could have said,
there were some,

I could teach ya,
Remember when you had a crush on the teacher,
with the green eyes that passed by your desk for
the hate filled jealousy that consumed my body,
that didn't mean on-going sessions of persistence,
i figured since we didn't talk,
i could introduce myself,
we can be study partners,
you don't ride the bus, you walk,
and I.
Am digging your personality so way over my head,
like what is reality, so gone,
why was everything so wrong?
your smile faded into clouds , whatever we had was strong,
i thought that in the moment of falling in love with
someone i connect with would never ever do me wrong,
you were on the verge of looking for attention,
i was on the verge of an annihilation,
instead of fighting bullies i was always in your corner
talking to you,
it was love , but i was feeling patient,

From emotional spectrums,
feelings are hellish,
i see the eyes , they shine , like everything was fine and dandy
in the gymnasium,
thinking there were some things i could have said,
there were some.

TheGumDealer Jul 21

It's angry  eyes and snarling face,
running towards me at such a quick pace.

It's white  canine  jaws,
I was tackled and held down with its razor sharp claws.

I was in pain,
the dog bit my arm as my eyes poured down rain.

My bloody wound was carved in deep,
I hear a voice call out in a terrified weep.

The pain decreased,
when my arm was finally released.

Dylan Piper
TheGumDealer Jul 17

Drowning in my farce, exposed heart.
My demon?  heartless grin,
blue, white, electric red sockets
feeds itself from within.

Emotions are shadows
hidden in plain sight,
crimson tears.
Dull eyes, no love,
crumbling walls,
all lies.

My scars are invisible,
they don't belong.
I'm the cause, a reminded,
my misfortune.

I've made mistakes,
made people mad.
Commitment and remorse
is something I never had.

Concealed mask
laced with charm,
killer smile,
smooth talker.

All an act,
torn, restricted,
no plan, no clue.

I'm convicted.

Arcassin B Jun 11

By Arcassin Burnham

Flying High with a bucket full of dreams and a bright purple coat getting ready
just to paint the town.
Caught you hanging around.
Hormones in a life worth searching for a soul that could never get replaced
Walking on the street.
With a swarm full of sheep.
Fresh water fills your stomach as the taste grows thicker than the boy you
Liked in gym class, he was a fool.
He couldn't get with you.
Searching for what it means to be a female teen in the united States and worry
About degration.
It's your imagination.

When shit hits the fan and you think that nobody would care about your feelings
You have a friend in me.
I learned from empathy.
That boy in gym class never gave a damn about who you were and what you
Represented as a person , his fault,
If I were with you I would've gave it all.
I can see , I can see all the flaws and all the weight held on your shoulders, I just
Wouldn't blame you , only time could tell.
Don't live your dreams in hell.

TheGumDealer May 30

Horizon of endless color
pink sky, radiant water.

Currents crash heavenly
on the remote land,
my feet buried deep
within the vibrant sand.

The sun beams high
without a care,
engulfing my very being.
Gasping for air
the waves are ruthless,
my surfboard fair.

Dylan Piper

I'm not like those superficial teens
pretending that they're kings and queens
I'm the one living on dreams
and pretending to be unseen

I just wrote this out of a spur of the moment need, not that good buuut yeah.
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