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Aahi Oct 19
¡ didn't found any difference
after a new title six(teen)
It's all same..

As I found
My only
Fitted shoes
As a depressed teen..
16th birthday, still no positive blessings
MerlieJ Oct 19
I remember these early times
The first
Downtown in the cold
Lights out.
Adults living like heathens
Teens on the streets
My inspiration
The freedom which comes
from taps on bricks
cold air to put
you right back in your body
It was freedom nonetheless
Growing up in Eugene as young teens we would frequent the downtown bus station where scores of transient teens would congregate to talk of life, meaning, use drugs and debate existence after childhoods of parental neglect.
huma Oct 12
Ever since I was a little child, I always wondered what it would feel like to be an ant. A little teeny-weeny tiny ant. Wandering around in this gigantic world. Following the sugary smell of life, yet all they find are scraps. Collecting all there is from it for their families, and no matter how small the food seemed to us humans, it would always be HUGE for them to carry.

Later on, I grew a bit older, and I started to think, how did the first ant that was ever killed feel like? to be stepped on by a huge giant foot, and without it even realizing that it had stepped on an ant.

How strange it is that such a critter can carry 50 times its own bodyweight, yet can be killed so abruptly.

Would it feel anything? Or would it simply just die? Would her family and friends even realize that it’s dead? Does it even have friends and family and little ants that cared about it?

I wasn’t really sure about the answer, but I always wondered about it.

And then it hit me, or should I say smashed me. That same giant foot I was talking about. No not only did it smash me, but it squished me, squished me hard enough, that I became nothing but a…? I guess I became nothing.

Since then, I knew exactly what the answer was. To be a little tiny creature smashed to the ground. Nobody noticed. Nobody cared. Or did they?
Marga Oct 7
you were my once in a lifetime
my charm sublime.

you didn't say goodbye,
but neither did i;

suddenly we went out of focus,
maybe that was the last of us.
Marga Oct 4
maybe we held each other too close
which made us now too loose.

maybe we became too dependent,
that made us now feel indifferent.

we can pretend this is easy,
but how long will we both feel weary?
Marga Sep 28
change is painful,
but it is beautiful.

nothing in the world is fixed and arranged,
so you must have your feelings managed.

you can't be too attached,
neither can be too detached;

so know where your heart rests easy,
and let it decide freely.
Aahi Sep 13
Take me to the place,
Where none will present to chase
At me!
Just wanna stay alone
And come up with
My own theories..
None will be there
To knock me
With the term
Julie alise Sep 11
dear anxiety ,

you make me feel like my shoes are full of cement and it seems like your goal is to stop me from walking. i hate  how you make me forget the next words im going to say , you got everybody thinking iam a fool , forgetful , and now looking stupid. you make me want to cry its like you only trick my eyes to flood when im happy . you make me question lifetimes and existences . you make my eyes tired and often you make me drift off into the forms of lights around me so i can daydream.  you make it hard to breathe and im wondering why ... why if my lungs are so  healthy then why do they constantly feel like they are collapsing on me?  you try so hard to be my best friend each and every day . you constantly make it hard for me to ask simple questions when i appear out in society  and now you got me thinking about what others are going to say and think  about me. They might think " She's so emptied minded" "A blonde ***** with no brains" You make me feel like i'am nobody. Like fragments of me don't matter because they are all  very much flawed anyways. I like to think being already me is perfect enough and i know i'll grow on things that need improvement but you have me questioning every dam thing about me and everything that  i do so it starts to feel that nothing i do will be good enough.  you gave me jello legs and twitchy fingers with palms that sweat way too much.  i want to be at ease and flow freely so i can sway with confidence when i walk.  i need to know that everything will be okay and you scream in my face NO IT WILL NOT you slap me across my cheeks saying why do you even try! look what you just did! why did you just say that! you freeze me up while i watch everyone else look at me being a freak. i wonder what people see when looking at me break out like that , my own fidgets that they cant understand ,  i let anxiety do its thing and my fingers play away. it goes away but knows im always dreading for the  next time it comes back , yes im waiting. till next time anxiety
a poem about my experience with anxiety
Emily Donoher Jul 25
thirteen days left of summer
i am thirteen               thirsty
for genuinity                today
served me nothing         i am
hungry        to be     eighteen
in grass that is chrome green
feeling ***** but feeling clean      &
not apologising for it
I was thirteen and
So was she
I followed her around
Like an aimless puppy

Stalking from a distance
Too afraid to be close
I got some courage
When I turned fourteen

I sat behind her and
Smelled her hair

I got sad
When I turned fifteen
I promised to myself
To never look at her again

In a week I broke my promise
And have been doing ever since
I turned sixteen
And she disappeared

I shaved my head
And got depressed
I wish it ended there
'cause the greatest tragedy in life
Is to get what you wanted.
Teenage nonsense growing up
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