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574 · Dec 2015
Walk Away.
every moment you spent crying and every tear you let fall
came from words they keep calling
just because you walked down the hall
they don't know because they cant see
how vary close to the edge your standing
all your friends don't know you that well
if they did would they let you sit alone on a stair well
they will go on with their lives like everything is all rite
your left thinking if they just stood weir you are
they would care just a little bit more
no you wont make a sound
you smile just to fool all the kids who think they know what your going threw
you feel alone in your fight with  fear whispering in your ear
its the only thing that you can hear
every signal breath you take
seems like its harder than the one you took before
they tell you to stay calm
Keep your cool it wont be long
hold your head up don't cry
but they have no idea how close to the edge you are
they don't know because they cant see the scars on your heart
I wont say good bye
but I don't want to see you cry pleas just open your eyes...
why wont you open your eyes?
are you all rite?
pleas don't leave me hear I don't want you to die
I write with raw emotion fear or anger or hurt whatever it is...some days I'm *******....and days like rite now my entire world feels like its falling apart but, never and I mean never will I walk away from someone who needs pleas just...just think about the people in your lives who you fight with, one day they wont be their...dont waste your time on anger....pleas don't just walk away
567 · Mar 2016
When I Am A Mother
When I am a mother,
my children will be kind,
they will be strong, but they will have a kind mind.
I will be good to my children, but they wont have it easy.
My daughter will know about boys her age and how they automatically assume she's just as ******.
She will know that she can never be replaced, shell know Ill love her always.
When I am a mother my son will know grace.
He will treat others, the way he would like to be faced.
He will know to protect his sister, value her over any of her misters.
When I am a mother I will love my children.
If my daughter decides she's a he,
and if my boy wants to play dress up Barbie.
Because when I am a mother, like I plan to be,
no matter who my children are, what gender they will identify as, even if their body doesn't say that.
No matter who they fall in love with.....When I am a mother, I will love my children...because they are my miracle....and they are the world to me
558 · Sep 2015
My dffinition of beauty
if you cant see something inside of you that's worth fighting fore
then get a better mirror.
Because something inside of you wouldn't let you go
No you held on threw all the names and the hits that society labeled you with
You held fast to your life because who were they to tell you that you don't matter
Who are they to say those things to you
When you have no mom to go home to, no dad to pick you up
When what you turn to at only fifteen is liquor ad drugs
who are they to tell you to get over it
Sticks and stones brake bones don't tell me it hurts worse than a broken heart
don't tell me that when I go to sleep at night I might not wake up
Because if I wont wake up with a smile on my face what's the point
when I have to ask myself before I even open up my eyes is simply what will I get called today
What's the point
My definition of beauty is Mom
Because she is raising three kids, and she knows how it feels
No I cant hide that from her no matter how well I hide from kids at school, no matter how still I try to be.
No my mother see's.
When asked if I want to die, I stay silent
Because silence s the only thing that wont bake a heart
as other are going to sleep
we stay up, because when they close their eyes for a moment we dot have to run
Ask me again why I wont die
why don't I just back down?
Because My definition of Beauty is Mom
Because to many of us have been cast out like a knickknack on a shelf
because I wont lose my
I will not go silently
A vengeful Vers of death
As you lay your final breath
I may be gone'
But it will carry on
No way will it let you win'
It is what i held within
Broken you are nothing as i tare into something
I will be the savior
holding up the weaker '
And i wont let you win
When i protect the broken
Maybe you could run just make it fun
it will be your time '
ill be at the front of the line '
I will not let you tare us down
never again will another hit the ground
Broken but we will not make a sound
When we burn the world to the ground
554 · Mar 2015
Hey how are you
I guess i'm fine
No hes not you know this
yes he is he would never lie

hey you want to talk latter
no im out tonight '
Ok ill see you latter
i guess thats fine

You see him stop denying that
No it cant be him
He just turned around and saw us
see i toooould you!!!
Im going to levee

Hey what are you doing here
i was just about to go
Ok see you latter
No, no you wont

Why cant we talk any more
Because we are to far
But i still love you dear
Even when i'm not there?

He loves another
no he loves me back
We have bean together
You cant count on just that

Hey i miss you what about you
Oh yeah about that
You forgot didn't you
I think we should brake up
but we were doing good
Yha but you always stud me up
whenever you could

ok i guess
i told you he loved somebody else
yeah i guess
good by......goodby
539 · Apr 2015
Hold you up
such a little thing
why do you sit on the edge of the sink
I can see how bad I hurts
and you feel like its not worth the pain
I cane see how you wish this each and every day
but the things they say
those words full of hate
I cant promise it will all be ok
but that razor is not your only friend
and I will say I will never levee you this way
ill take you broken and ill take you whole
and if choose to levee ill let you go
but each and every day I see you cry
ill make shur I'm always bye your side
baby your skin should never be the victim.
don't give yourself scars ad don let their words tear you apart
I was with you from the start
and even wen your better
and you fall in love wit somebody ells
I will always hold out my hand  
I just want you to know that I'm here and I don't mined weighting
take your time I understand
I jut want you to know that I love you
538 · May 2015
I am
On day I will look back
and one day I shall smile
I don't know how long it will take
I think it will be a while
I'm Ten years old
and my mom and dad fight
I go in my room but don't cry...

One day I will look back
an  will ask why
It was a long time ago
and to that little girl
I say good bye
I am fourteen years old
and I just feel cold
I want my mom and dad
stop their fight....

Today I wont look back
because i say good bye
I have fallen apart
and it hurts in my heart
because my mm said it would only take time
Now se cant reminded me
My father tuck her life
he's gone now
and I'm left t die
I'm Seventeen and I have forgotten to cry
So as my last words I write this to you
so as times goes on you can fly to
the rope is my pen and it gives me an end
until you follow your pain d swallow
518 · Jul 2015
You think that I'm depressed
and I guess that your rite
but even them who will hear me cry at night?
All I do is mess it all up
at lest that's what you said
But mom I still love you
even if you don't want me to be near you
You gave all the fight you had left as you gave your final breath
Mom don't levee me no matter how much you hate me
I will always be your daughter
even without a father
I never wanted the perfect life
I only wanted to make it threw the night
Like a bird in flight
I  am slowly loosing direction
because no matter how far I fly
I cant ever get some sleep at night
so mom if your listening
I want you to know I sing
for all those times you wished you could buy me a birthday cake
instead you had to pay so our house they wouldn't take
now I'm running from some self hate
ill meet you at heavens gate
516 · Mar 2015
a word for the broken
a song for the lost
don't morn a time that will never end
rock and roll is never dead
Something for the man to make amends

A prophet for the lost
A destroyer for your pain
A mourner for your broken heart
a mystic for your words
an a deviant for something I'm not really allowed to word because it will get flagged
No more pain are their words and mystery
not silent they will fight  thou
they are the fallen in the night
491 · Apr 2015
You see she falls, another angel lost
You watch as they hit her, another Kingdome gone
Why don't you help her when she calls out to you?
Broken with no sound
She feels like a sin.
A sin that never should have bean.
So put the gun to her head.
You watch on and now she is dead
She's drowned herself so many times
and at the bottom of a bottle she thinks that It will solve her problem's
And you watch on she pop's her pills
Yellow green and blue
She hop's that you knew
That she's drowning herself In her sin
because she Is the angel that never should have bean
she puts the gun up to her head
Feeling like a sin
Broken the tears In her eyes are long gone
Now she just wants to be seat free
She pulls the trigger and she's moved on
because she knew all you would do was look on
491 · Jan 2016
save yourself
Am I suicidal?
just a little bit why?
I can see it in your eyes how bad you hurt inside
my mom caught me a few times with my last will wrote
she asked me why I wanted to die
and said I felt broke inside
kids at school these days
don't know how much It takes
just to stop the tears and say that your ok
they don't know how bad it hurts
to be pushed around the hallways almost constantly
but because you don't want to be week
you refuse to standup and speak
you see kids these days are blind, they don't see the world threw clear dark and blue eyes .
They think their indestructible but they arnt' all that wonderful
I popped a few pills when I was five, I was young and I wanted to die
I was to ****** to know what ones to take
so I swallowed about five to take the headache away
but, pleas don't follow down this rode
I might not be dead yet
but I can feel its close
just huge your pillow tighter
harden up become a fighter
because no ones going to save you
you got to save yourself
480 · May 2015
Who are you t tell her to die
her tears fall out as she hopes to die
you call her names and you push her around
and you laugh at her as she falls to the ground
she only wants to be put in the ground
I don't think you get it even as the funeral bells toil
as he mother falls down, and her father downs another
do you wish you never had hurt her?
Because that's what happened
she was broken and sad
the world around me  she said
' Made me sad...
I don't know why I chose this path
I'm broken now its bean bad
and I feel I have to let you know
that blood is warmest in the snow
I don't get it because you said I would be fine
but as time went on
I fell out of line
and no that I'm writing as my final words
I want you to know how bad it hurts
because I don't want you to burn
just that it hurts
471 · Feb 2016
My heart
dear my heart is what I'm afraid of
Because I finally feel like I'm enough.
How have you captured me so easily
How did you make me fall in love
Love is what I am afraid of
in all its vulnerability
How easily you could brake me
And then still make me fall in love
Dear my heart is what I am afraid of
because in your hands it rests
Because you can care for it so easily
or make me feel like second best
One day a boy went to the make a wish with his sister. they asked the too weir their parents were. The girl was 14 she told them they were dead. When they asked the little boy what he wanted he said he wanted to live. The boy had cancer. The girl got call from the hospital. They said the tests went threw the girls heart was the same as her brothers. She could save him. She went back to the boy and kneeled down next to him. "you know all those rocks we saw when mommy and daddy and big brother went away. The really pretty ones?....Well those are whir the angels go, when people get to old or they do something really good and help GOD calls them, they go up to heaven, but they need to keep the people safe so they put the people below those stones...and heaven just called im getting one im going to heaven and im becoming an angel. Your going to be ok because heaven said you could have my heart." The boy was so happy that his sister got to go to heaven and become an angel, he told her to tell mommy and daddy and big brother he said hi "One day well see you agene when you get to have your stone and come to be an angel." A week latter the girl gave her 10 year old brother her heart, she was layed to rest the next day. at the funeral the little boy said to their aunt to stop crying he said that ***** said heaven had called and that she was going to be an angel and that she would see him and tell mommy and them he said hi and she would come back some day to see them. When the boy was 14 he found out what really happened it was his birthday he got a lot of good presents but his aunt gave him a letter that his sister had wrote him the day before the operation.
'You are the only thing that I had left and I chose to die than to let you I hope you have a good birthday and that you understand I have no regrets for doing this, I told mom and them you said hi and they said hi to I hope you like the present  I got you ~*****'
the boy put his hand to his heart and wissperd to himself
'The best birthday present ever my sisters truly an angel'
this is for all the relatives of kids with cancer
I'd like to start off
that my name is Andie
I'm a little bit different
that you must see
you need to listen if you want to be friends
I'm kind of a freak
and I may have voices
so tell me if you want to come
we are the dark side and well have some fun
just le me know if you want to take the crazy express
pick up times at 8
pleas don't be late
463 · May 2015
I'm Sick
Some days I feel like I'm falling
and wen I do I'm so sick
Sometimes I feel like I'm braking
and i get sick of the world
I have got no weir ells to run
and I don't think I could
Because I feel like I nothing
and mostly sick of the world
Now this life hat I'm Leading
its something of a lie
because when i go home at night
I feel like I might cry
because I am sick
and for me theirs no cure
someday I will die from this sickness
because I got no weir ells to go
this world around me is the sick one
I'm just a lost unloved one.
because I get sick of this world,
and I feel like I'm falling
theirs no cure for the world
and I just don't care because I'm sick
I'm sick of the world
462 · Nov 2015
For all of us......
I want to breath...away from the canvas.
He's made it for me but I want to be free
One part from pills that I don't have
ninety-nine parts because of the names we were called
But who decides  our worth. when we cant?
From the names we were called
the classics like "Her spaz. hey freak..."
To the names that hurt deeper than a word
The ones we cannot brush away with a well placed smile
all I want is to breath
to be free of the canvas he has made for me
To stand up for the kids who cant do it for themselves
because I know how it feels to be broken
to feel like the names that kids give you,
are really who you are
One part suicidal, too parts loyal, and ninety seven parts afraid
I wanted to **** myself in grade nine.
Because of a girl who decided that my friendship..
it wasn't worth maintaining
Because even thou I stud for all that she was doing so alone
that I was not enough...
I kept my  tears from home because home is weir love is
But what happens when love is not what I need
now I want to stand up for the kids who have no one
no matter what that girl did to me.
Because no one did it for me
One part suicidal ninety nine parts afraid
I chose to believe that all life is preciouses
because yes some of us will give up
some of us who were more than one part suicidal
wont make it
but I chose to believe that all life is preciouses
because I want those kids who called us 'freaks'  to see
that I forgive them for what they did to me
458 · Oct 2015
Mommys gone
Mommy mommy pleas wake up
I don't want to lose you
all this time is not enough
Mommy pleas mommy open your eyes
you look like your sleeping so why cant you rise
Their putting you down into a box
you look pretty why don't you open up your eyes
grandma sais im staying with her tonight
Mommy im young but I can see them cry
when I ask weir you are they say that you died
But mom that's not true you  cant be gone
you taught me a lot expect  how to live without you
mommy pleas mommy open up your eyes I don't know much but angels arnt supposed to die
448 · Jun 2015
She said
I saw this girl the other day
she was so shy until came
And opened up her  mouth and began to sing
she said
'I am afraid of death
but I will not go silently
I am not meant to go into the night
Because I have not been alive long enough
and I will fight I will be tuff
Because that's what you need to see inside of me
day did pass until I saw her face agene
so powerful as she leyed down in the hospital bed
asking me how I could end this way
she said
"I have not gone silently
I fought for life an to be free
Until my dying breath you see I cannot go  silent into the night"
I did not see her agene until she was layed into he funeral bed
Her head apon the pillow as she was lowered down into her grave
I read her eulogy, something she wrote just for me
she said..
"I am not afraid anymore, I know your heart must be sore
But now that you are reading this, know it couldn't have turned out any other way...but I did not go silent, no I fought until my dying breath so that I could say...death is easy and life that's hard no go on its your life ad mine is gone
444 · Apr 2015
I'm going to tell you, a story of a girl.
Her name douse not matter, she is lost to the world.
She cried out with the rain.
Everyone she talked to knew she was not the same.
When they asked her, she said she was fine.
But when they turned their backs, she cried all the time.
Only one person knew, how bad she really was.
She held the girl and cried with her.
And said it was all rite.
One day the girl could take no more.
She had lost her fight.
But her friend called to wish her good night.
when she said she was fine, she hured how lost was her fight.
The friend hured her friends voice that broke.
Knew the girl had broken he faith.
And rushed over a moment to late.
The girl hung up the phone.
She stud up on her chair.
And saw the headlights racing up.
But se had said her good byes and had enough.
A moment to late her friend pushed open the gate.
And ran up trying to save.
She ran calling out her friends name.
But inside she knew it was to late.
As she opened up the door.
Her hear broke she fell on the floor
The girl hung her stereo playing her friends favorite song.
She loved her dear friend, and never wished their friendship an end.
But now her friend was gone
She had hung their for long.
At home her mother avoided her broken daughter.
And her dad all but forgot her.
She looked out at the moon.
And felt like a ghost now.
She played the dead friend her favorite song.
And put the rope around her neck.
She felt abandon, she felt broken.
And to the pearly gates.
He dead girl did make, and she meat her friend but it wasn't like it had bean.
he friend wisent all the way dead
So the girl told her o go back home and said she was whir she belonged to.
That she only meant to do this to herself
and that she never meant to make her friend hate herself
So she closed her friends eyes
and said her goodbyes
she sent her back to continue her fight.
442 · Aug 2015
You smell like her perfume
And you taste like cheep liquor. Were you thinking about me wen you went and tried to kiss her?
I see the fear in your e
yes when I picked up the call.
Its your mother don't worry its nothing at all
douse she know her sons evil and filled with deceit
douse she know her son lies as he smiles at me
don't worry I wont cry I don't feel that bad
cause Karmas a bicth and she's at my rite hand
440 · Feb 2016
She Was
I'm still learning about life
I've seen so little before me
closed into a world that truly barley knows me.
You see some kids at school thought it was funny to call her ****
little do you know she's dealing with  some suicide theory's
she deals with it all by writing songs and story's
she's made it to seven years old,
She already thinks the world is cold.
she wants a better life
crying herself to sleep for a shorter one.
She's made it to fifteen and the world seems un-clean.
her heart is braking.
she's had enough of the world around her that barley knows her.
why did you think it was all rite to try and write the end to her story.
now she's made her mind their wont be no happy ending
Write your apology, and put it in a sad little eulogy
your words meen more than what you think
she didn't make it to seventeen,
she wont be getting married,
she was in search for a better world now she's found one
once she was fifteen years old her world did seem cold
but now she doesn't have to feel the world around her falling
once she was fifteen years old.
but, i guess that's how the world goes
433 · Aug 2015
I KIll....
I **** myself so slowly
No cut's or burns thou on me
Its my heart the ones that's braking
now all I want is for my life god to be taking
All over what a few word
Maybe I could of pulled threw
but damb they hurt
Now I'm lying awake looking up at the stars
I'm starting to think about all the times I cried
I want to go back to heaven I don care if I die
But no you don't hear me ad make me go threw this
how can you do this
why do I have to go threw this?
Silent are the words that run threw my head but I don't care now
im already dead
425 · Mar 2016
I am
I am a lover who's never known love
A dreamer who cant fall asleep and
a human that cares to much.
even with this do you still think I'm enough?
424 · Mar 2015
I cant
I cant leave you
I think I still love you
Never thought we would ever give in
I think back to what hold have bean
I feel a little broken
I think my hearts stolen
I feel like falling apart
When I looked into your eyes from the start
I think back to the time when
We were just together
Simple as it could be
I Could keep you
I think back to the time we were perfect
Just a broken memory like the rest
I feel like im breaking
Is my life worth taking
I don't think about the past
I just want the pain to last
I don't want you to look back at me
And think that some times I was not happy
You just need to remember one thing
I remember the thought your smile brings
421 · Nov 2015
Hello, I'm sorry if I ever hurt you
I'm trying to turn my life around
and I guess I've cased some casualty's
remember when  we would steal your parents wine
and drink and talk about our lives
weir we would go
no one would know
as were flying higher than the sky
but now your gone and I'm left hear alone
a broken soul in a broken home
sitting in a dark room
wondering why you had to leave so soon
I wont drink until you come back to me
the liquors being pored down the sink
I'm calling the line up into haven to let you know that all the wine is gone
I cant stay sober for long
because when I do  remember a lot about you
and all the things we said we would do
so Hello, I'm sorry I have to move on without you
all the liquors gone
and I've ben sober for so long
but one day we will meet again
but until then drink for me all you can
421 · Mar 2015
You say that I **** up
and all I do is mess up
every week ever day
But mommy I still love you its ok!
I cry alone in my room'
so you don't get angry at my tears
I don't know if you even care
but its ok mommy I still love you
I know im a mess yes its all my fault
yes I get that Im broken but you wont ever see that
Mommy I love you mommy I miss you
cant you see im lost without you
Broken I cry out to the night
It is now my time, I must say good by
don't you love me mommy?
I don't CARE! I loved you mommy
I played your game I said my sorry
I never said I loved you to your face
I am not scared I am not fearful I am damd
and im bringing you down to
419 · Nov 2015
Hello, yha its me
I hope your all rite after I chose to leave
They said it would get easer after I was gone
but from the looks of it your finding it hard to move on
I just wanted to let you know
that after all it was me who chose to go
so don't blame yourself for what happened
their wasn't anything you could have done to stop it  from coming

Hey mom, can you hear me?
I'm in heaven but I am not gone
I can see you when your crying
but don't you know that seeing this makes it hurt worse?
I would rather you forget all about me
than live another day crying because I wasn't strong enough to go on
I forgotten what it felt like
to be taken from the world
so mother pleas forgive me
I never meant to make your heart hurt

Hello Dad how are you?
how's the family
how has it been after you burred me down beneath the earth
I hope you know im sorry
but I couldn't stay much longer
Everything seemed to hurt
and even thou I tried my lungs still burned
so tell my brothers that im all rite
and that it wont help to cry

Hey, can you hear me?
are you listening
All I wanted was to be happy
Its so different now that I cant speak to you
So I hope your doing all rite
im sorry for what I have done
Im only calling you so you can lurn to move on
Forget me if you have to
Don't let my death ruin you

Hello, dear family
I left because although you couldn't see
my chest hurt so badly
and with every breath I wanted to be dead
so if you hate me I get it
I never meant for you to have to deal with it
so I guess this is it
im sorry if you stop listening
just letting you know
that I don't want anyone to follow me down
I hope you relies that I have made my choice

Goodbye my mother
and I love you so much my brothers and father
no matter whir I go
I will love no other
so long
I will see you again when your time has come
416 · Apr 2015
broken little dream
you sit at the edge of a bath or a sink
you think the world it deadly that you find it to hard to breath
yes death is easy
and life is the hard part
But your skin should never be torn apart
yes death douse sadden us
We cant have love without pain
But you wont hear the words that i say
i cant make you stop it
i cant make you stay
but that razor that you hold
is a permanent solution
to a problem that will go away
So to put these words gently
Broken little dream,
You must chose to live
because a life without you is not worth living
414 · Oct 2015
You'll part one
Sometimes I wish someone would come along
and brake my heart so bad
I couldn't feel no more
If your going to hurt me make it the last time for real
don't promise me that you'll stay and treat my heart just pore
don't give me something to say im yours and treat me like a joke
I know you don't like drama
so what was the point
you meet me while I cried
your eyes numbed pain like a joint
but as I thought I was ok
and I had someone to hug
you looked at me and walked away
like I was acting smug
If you would like to read part #2 then pleas share re-post or like Ill be uploading it soon so let me know follow to see Part #2
413 · Mar 2015
its in Latin
Scio hunc non
Scio quod durum
quid per illa verba in occulto
et optima sunt
Non *** Latino
haec sunt idem
Im 'non boken
posuerunt in monumento
Non sum abierunt
ego autem mortuus sum,
capti a verbis victima
in caput meum
409 · Sep 2016
Chase the sun
We will chase the sun until our time is up
And we will be ok because we have to be
oh, we will chase the sun, till our time is up.
so don't fear for us we were strong enough.
Oh chasing the sun until the moon comes up in the sky.
We might get sad but, youll never hear us cry.
Tell my mom that I am alright, tell my dad I wont
be home tonight.
I am chasing the sun, but Ill be home when I've had enough.
and when its all said and done I would have lived,
I would have chased the sun.
As great as it might seem, freedom is never really free.
We are young and we still bleed.
We were young, much to young
we didn't get to see the world for what it was
But we chased the sun, our time came now our time is up.
Pleas don't foget us now that we are breathless
don't cry for us because we are gone
love us for what we were not what we could have been
love us till the end
We will chase the sun till our time is up,
and we will be ok because we have to be.
We have lived, we have lived enough.
We chased the sun till the moon came up in the sky
so pleas don't cry for us now that our time has come.
pleas be strong enough
Dedicated to all of the teens that have died from texting and driving, drunk driving, suicide, or who were killed because of something they couldn't have changed
402 · May 2015
I got a call from heaven
and I got a call from ****
they said they needed me
that I would do well
but I chose the worse of the other because I knew him
I chose the devil for he did hold me when I cried
and said he would give me a home when I died
he was always their bye my side the only thing that I couldn't hide
so I chose the devil for he did call as I breathed no more
392 · Jun 2015
I can see you walking out the door,
I don't know why you don't want to work anymore
How could it turn out like this?
If all we ever had was just a moment together
we could always make it work
You said you never really felt the same
and I guess that's ok.
Because even thou I hate you and all you've dun is hurt me
I don't hate you for your feelings
I hate you for my own
\I can see you walking out the door
ou don't care or want me anymore
so im left alone and I don't know if I want to carry on
so tonight ill lay down my head ill go to sleep one agene
and as I give my final breath will you lay me down to rest ?
391 · Mar 2016
Your Eye's........
"Its very easy to put up with you, because your so damb wonderful."
I've never let words make up my worth,
what some people say, even if it hurts.
But, the way you speak makes me want to be,
to some how live up to the way you think of me.
I've fallen for your eyes, but they barley know me yet.
Don't these feelings you forget,
I'm in love tonight.
Your heart is what I want,
because mines yours to keep.
As long as you care,
I know I'm safe in your reach.
God I'm in love tonight.
With all these words that I write,
I value yours over mine.
So if these words you do forget,
I promise you I wont regret all the time that we have spent.
I've fallen for the look inside of your eyes,
I hope you find a home in mine.
I'm still falling for you yet,
God I'm in love tonight.
"Its very easy to put up with you because your so damb wonderful."
No I've never let words make up my worth,
But, I've fallen for the rest of my life,
I can see in your eyes.....
WOW, my first love poem.....Do you like it?....So yeah the ever so dark Andie, has fallen in love with someone...its scary to think that someone can effect me and my life so easily.....I just want to put it out their that this is not in any way me saying oh, now that I love someone even if they say im worthless I think I, if he ever did that yeah it would hurt but, I know its not only saying someone that I love who is not my mother, thinks that Im as wonderful as I think they are, and its going to make me open up more, wish me luck!
390 · Mar 2016
Like the main the author must die
their lives written out, bound by a books spine
Their eyes are yours, you have what's left of their mind.
How tragic the story line was?
Well that was their lives.
They give you who they are, so you can read to
throw away some time.
Months to years of their lives soaked up in a weeks time.
But yes like the main, their creator must die.
But they are immortal in another way.
Their mind might die but their world will stay.
With hands now plagued with arthritis, and blind milky filmed eyes
They cannot tell you about their mains lives.
Aged is their mind, taken by time,
But immortal is the world they created....
A whole a few hundred pages...lives carried out
and then shut down....
Yes like their main an author must die.
385 · Apr 2015
Add Poems
Add a poem for the whole
add one for the broken
add one so those who cant speak wont go unspoken
Add one for those of us who wont say it for themselves
because that's why we click 'Add Poem'
for those who cant except It
I rite these words so that you know why w write these poems
we are nothing special we just how to let it out
Love Hate tag your who's all the same
we write these words so that you know its not over so read these
words and get that I love you don't give in tonight
377 · Jan 2016
Remember I Love You
dear don't cry for me I know it hurts,
but their is nothing that you could do.
I know that you want to follow me threw
but its not the time for you.
take a deep breath and then another,
take a few days to recover.
know that I will always love you no mater witch way the wind blows.
I am hear and you are their,
I know that it huts,
and its hard to bare.
just take a step back
a try to understand that....I don't want you to hurt.
wipe the tears out of your eye,
I don't want you to cry.
If you need me I will stay until you fall asleep.
one day I will see you again,
but until then just remember,
don't cry for me I know that it hurt
and their is nothing that you could do.
Just smile as often as you can,
and remember I love you
368 · Mar 2015
their is something  want you to know
death shall follow as we grow  
and if I die before I wake tell the devil im on my way
362 · Feb 2015
Sometimes I find myself
looking over the distance
wondering how would it be
if the words never did this
I look over and I see
the sea like glass
why would I want to end that way when
all I have would be useless
so I stand back and I laugh how selfish would it be if I had jumped into the sea
357 · Mar 2016
what do you think?
I kind of just sat their numb to the world while Vanaleta whirled around me like a tornado. Throwing anything she saw necessary into the trunk. I couldn't see a pattern in what she threw in. The look on her face told me not to put up a fight, to not ask her why she was inside my room, why their was a creature, man thing flickering like a candle in my room. It didn't hit me until she started to slow down what was going on. She was in my bathing room when i shot up out of bed and promptly fell to my knees. Once i was on my feet the world went black. I crashed to my knees, something caught my shoulders, holding me upright. My vision slowly came back, it felt like being stuck under water looking up at the world tat was above you but not being able to see it clearly, then suddenly braking threw the surface. the next clear thing to me was having my hair held back, and someone gently rubbing circles on my back. It felt like they were trying to be carful, like they were touching an unfamiliar animal for the first time. I remember looking up and seeing Vanaleta run into the room, seeing her eyes go dark, as my world went black again. God i wanted to scream, to make a sound, to so anything. But the Black that pressed down on my vision it felt like a crushing weight, pressing down onto my chest until i gasp, al the air was let out, and it finally pulled me under.
357 · Nov 2015
i spoke
I spoke to the devil the other day
he said that people are all the same
he swore it wisent his fault that girls and boys sin
h asked why everything was blamed on him
I spoke to an angel last night
she looked at me as she cried
she spoke of God who she has never seen
She said the creation of man was obscene
the angel cried her brethren left her
is the devil wrong?
He was the only one who tried to make her feel better
356 · Mar 2016
your alone.
God that hurts
The world wont stop spinning
God that's ****.
Just stop trying
But I cant
I cant let go of them
but they don't looove you*
No, but I love them
356 · Mar 2016
The Dream Men....
Once I had a dream that my father tried to **** me,
and everyone that was beside me was a man who had hurt me.
He had my heart inside a box and figured I was lost,
so he brought out a knife he had labeled 'Time.'
All the men in my life at some time or another,
left me at some point, in pursuit of another.
So no wonder in my dream, some men did try to protect me
but, turned around and carved their names into my heart.
All the women did not come, to heal my heart or give me another one.
So I was left on my own, with a hollow space under bone.
A cold feeling in my soul, that I now call my home....
355 · Mar 2015
I want to get something off my chest.
I want to say something.
But can what I say be enough?

I want to let you know you are enough
I know that its ruff.
That rite now it seems tuff.
But no matter what those hatters say.
I know you are enough

The best revenge is successes.
I know that its hard.
That you just want to end it all.

But angels do not look like me
I want you to look into my eyes
I want you to see this reason why

I breath because of you
I live because of you
I want you to pull threw because of you

You pulled me out.
You tuck away those pills
you pulled me out of depression
And I don't care if you hate me now

But I want to let you know that no matter what those hatters say
I know that your enough
I cried when i wrote this I truly believe that I can help I want to
354 · Dec 2015
sometimes I think about smoking **** but then I'm like better not
sometimes I think I can be brave but then I start to cave
some days I want to go up to you but then I think you'll reject me
I second guess every thing I do
I second guess the makeup I weir the shape of my hair
the way I look in the mirror all because of you
354 · Jul 2016
Just Like Daddy......
cry yourself to sleep at night to the sounds of another pointless fight.
don't listen to mommy cry tonight, daddy doesn't mean to fight.
are you alright dear, are you ok?
I know it hurt when daddy drove away.
who would blame him you want to go.
You walk away but daddy drove.
     Years have gone, and so have you
along a tear stained avenue, with your mind and your manner to
you are your fathers son through and through.
      and just like him, children came, from a woman, you cant even remember her name.
Unlike him you tried to stay but just like he did you drove away.
      Your boys left now without a dad, you've given him no better life than you had.
Don't you remember crying yourself to sleep, doesn't matter the bottle you'll keep.
     While your boy learns to stand on his own two feet.
349 · Nov 2015
Sometimes I want to care
but then I see you
and finally get that caring got me hear
348 · Apr 2015
She calls out your name not in words
but in the looks on her face
She knows you wont stay
And the pain she is willing to take
All she ever wanted was for her dad to tell her he loved her
and the fact that he never did
made her broke
Now she is damaged goods
and she hates the looks they 'arnt good
Her friends treat her like she labeled fragile
and her heart is stone
But she keeps on that face she always hade to paste  on
Sitting in her room going threw her dads pitchers she brakes down her toper blows
and now she's crying because she wants her dad back
but god made him go
and she is left all alone
now in heaven he looks down
his daughter he sense her on the ground and he has one regret
he did love his daughter
but he had to go
344 · Dec 2015
Nanoens heart
My heart was cold and my walls were high
I felt safe weir I lye
Then you came and you tore them down
now it hurts not to have you around
weir did you go now and are you coming back
I asked you to stay but you had to go
you left me alone and I'm getting cold
I don't know if I can hold
weir did you go with my heart
you said I would see you again
I feel so lost when your not around
pleas don't let me lose you again
My kingdoms falling all around me
My Queen has lost herself
My heart is yours but you are lost now
I think I might fall I have no more walls
now if you can still hear me know i love you
but you've left me with no protection
so say good bye for the last time
I hope you keep my heart warm tonight
let my memory strengthen you
always know my heart belongs to you
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