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Elin Roberts Nov 2020
I feel like we're drifting apart.
I know you feel it too
We're stuck, helpless in our love, unsure of what to do
Seeking solace in nostalgia, I feel you reaching for my hands, lonely in their despair
Oh, how I miss that summer love, painted bright by sunny days
Those memories of sandy toes, as our excitement choked on salty sea air
Our sun kissed lips stole love in between laughter, made our knees weak in anticipation for more
I wish I could live in my denial
Blame our reality on winter, blame the shorter days, blame the longer nights
Blame anything, anyone
Turn our backs to one another as we struggle to find the words that'll fix us
As we try to read this stranger we once called love
What happened to us vs the world?
We were indestructible, impenetrable
Blind to the fact that we signed off for our own downfall
Perfectly imperfect, our desperateness to make it work
The little lies we'd tell ourselves, strangling the life out of hope
We nod and agree, let anger dwindle into empty solutions
And our hearts quietly weep, screaming for love in all its absence
I wanna say it was a foolish whim
A scapegoat we needed to evade reality
But I refuse to believe that this is all for nothing
You bring out the realest parts of me, knock down my walls with the flick of your finger
Your love engulfs me whole, caresses my broken parts
Gives my soul a place to be, a home I never dreamed I'd call my own
***** living for our summer love
I want you, all of you
The messy fights and silly spats
The goofy snort of laughter saved only for you
The late nights of fun, the mornings of regret
Our pounding heads, hazed by drink and drugs, yet solid and sure in knowing we're loved
My heart is yours beloved, to keep with my blessing
All my love too, cos, without you by my side
Only god knows what I would do
Spooks Jun 2020
I told myself i didn't want to write about you anymore
But i cant lie, you've shook me to my core
You'll look deep in my eyes
And then your mouth will spit even more lies
I try to run away from you
We both know, you'll just leave me broken and blue
I try so hard to disconnect
It feels like i haven't slept
Don't pretend to love me
We both know, we could be meant to be.
Kairosclere Jun 2020
Let's just say
we were destined
to stand out,
and yell on top of our lungs
till the world notices us.
Susan Nishimoto Jun 2020
How come I feel like my dream is so far away?

How do I know if it is really meant for me?

Maybe my dream will come true on some other day.

Maybe all I have to do is to try and see.

Will I ever reach my dream, I do not know.

Will I just sit back and wait, and let my dream go?

Must there be a way for me to find out somehow?

Must there be a destiny waiting for me now.
My dream was to be a Singer! What is your dream?
Tabbitha Erceg May 2020
And I think we were meant to be,
In every life
But this one.
KHY Feb 2020
You know what I did,
But not what it meant
Just because you know what someone has done doesnt mean you understand what it meant
KMarie Jan 2020
Subtle hints
Little glints
In your eyes
Tell me lies
But I can see
It’s meant to be
I want to feel
That this is real
Can we make it
Last for long
Will you stop
Is it wrong
Loving me
Or will it be
Too much
Your touch
Is never enough
This heart of mine
Can take it
Please don’t break it
Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
I never tell someone
How i feel?
But, might write a poem
To make them beleive
We are meant to be
Just few lines, more like prompt i wrote.
hannah Jan 2020
I don't love you
But you still mean something
You mean pain
You mean lying awake
Trying to erase all those moments
The longest five hours of my life
And you caused them

You don't own me
But I'm your midnight memory
I bet I'm sacred to you
A pale body in the moonlight
Naked for you
I am nothing to you

And I don't want you
You are my snow spill bloodshed
You're the pill under my tongue
Dissolving, making me numb
I don't love you
It will always be that way
Are we abusive? All I know is that we are both ****** up and I honestly deserve you. I'm could and you're a burning heat that you can't even feel. That dream about shoplifting was a glimpse of the future. I bet we have a messy home and messy *** and messy clothes. We both know we're hurting and we both know we hate it, and yet we keep going. God, I don't want to be with you.
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