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And I think we were meant to be,
In every life
But this one.
KHY Feb 24
You know what I did,
But not what it meant
Just because you know what someone has done doesnt mean you understand what it meant
KMarie Jan 30
Subtle hints
Little glints
In your eyes
Tell me lies
But I can see
It’s meant to be
I want to feel
That this is real
Can we make it
Last for long
Will you stop
Is it wrong
Loving me
Or will it be
Too much
Your touch
Is never enough
This heart of mine
Can take it
Please don’t break it
I never tell someone
How i feel?
But, might write a poem
To make them beleive
We are meant to be
Just few lines, more like prompt i wrote.
I don't love you
But you still mean something
You mean pain
You mean lying awake
Trying to erase all those moments
The longest five hours of my life
And you caused them

You don't own me
But I'm your midnight memory
I bet I'm sacred to you
A pale body in the moonlight
Naked for you
I am nothing to you

And I don't want you
You are my snow spill bloodshed
You're the pill under my tongue
Dissolving, making me numb
I don't love you
It will always be that way
Are we abusive? All I know is that we are both ****** up and I honestly deserve you. I'm could and you're a burning heat that you can't even feel. That dream about shoplifting was a glimpse of the future. I bet we have a messy home and messy *** and messy clothes. We both know we're hurting and we both know we hate it, and yet we keep going. God, I don't want to be with you.
Diksha Prashar Dec 2019
You came, you went
That’s how the motion went,

You lived for fun
I demanded stability, no pun

You desired no strings
I fantasised rings
Binding us for eternity,

Idea of kids recoiled you
My heart burst with excitement
Having mini you,

Wanted world to know
We belong together
Recoiled you further
With my day dream bubble,

Maybe, we are never meant to be

Maybe, I was too blind to see

Better to part ways
Before shredding each other, away

Maybe our love story
Not meant to last forever.
Grey Dec 2019
I never meant for it to go this far
That's what I said.
I never thought that I would fall
That's what I claimed.
And yet…
Irene J Nov 2019
the only problem that I haven't told you
it's because you are my dearest friend.
you probably already know,
from the words I wrote,
that it all meant for you.

I'm not ready yet to prepare myself to heart the truth.
Because I know it would **** me softly.
hopefully, you will read all of my poem to you.
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