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We never meant to be.
We met to never be.
Darryl M May 8
Why is it wrong for a man to fall in love?
I’m tired of the playa ways.
I’m tired of no strings attatched.
I don’t believe in magic.
But I hope these magical words work on you;
I Love You.

I no longer want to have Chemistry,
With these Silicone babes.
I aim for bona fide.
I aim for you.

My dreams about you are never dry.
I hate obligation,
My love for you is not a rule.
It’s not meant to be broken.
els Apr 10
not all love-mates
stay together
there are cases
where two souls feel
for each other
and know well
they aren't meant
to be, rather

such bittersweet
entangled tongues
in the way
much lies in these
lips we portray
as if we're okay
as if we're each other's
sixpoetry Mar 12
i fell for you
as if my soul
was always
destined to
we were always made for each other. we were always meant to be.
Every time I hurt you,
please forgive me;
I never meant to.
I have to live with this
I never want to hurt you.
I wish I could take it
all away.
Please forgive me... please.
Amanda Feb 24
The happy ending
We always thought would be ours
Wasn't meant for us
Let go of the illusion that things could be any different
Rules are made to be broken.
Guilty :)
Some things
are not
to wash away.
Some things
to stay.
Just a quick thought...
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