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if I wasn't made out broken dreams,
I could do most anything.
but the world around me seems just a little to cruel,
and I just feel a little to blue.
so if your not busy  why don't you stop bye,
just to see if I'm all rite tonight.

now I know we've got our problems,
you and I.
But, you said you would never leave,
can you promise me that tonight.
if you can only see the world  threw my eyes,
you'd know how much I really need you tonight.

just promise me that whir ever you may go,
its  only down a rode I can follow.
I guess this is good-bye for you and I.
just know you are the sun and the moon in my eyes.
Well, this is a little reprieve from my norm, I hope you like it and I'm curious to see what you think its about so leave a comment if you would like! Let me know if I should write more in this type of style  or if you like my norm !
A vengeful Vers of death
As you lay your final breath
I may be gone'
But it will carry on
No way will it let you win'
It is what i held within
Broken you are nothing as i tare into something
I will be the savior
holding up the weaker '
And i wont let you win
When i protect the broken
Maybe you could run just make it fun
it will be your time '
ill be at the front of the line '
I will not let you tare us down
never again will another hit the ground
Broken but we will not make a sound
When we burn the world to the ground
Add a poem for the whole
add one for the broken
add one so those who cant speak wont go unspoken
Add one for those of us who wont say it for themselves
because that's why we click 'Add Poem'
for those who cant except It
I rite these words so that you know why w write these poems
we are nothing special we just how to let it out
Love Hate tag your who's all the same
we write these words so that you know its not over so read these
words and get that I love you don't give in tonight
From my finger tips to my elbow
my arms are covered in paint.
They are all different colors,
but the idea is the same,
to create something beautiful,
a sunset, a rain shower .
an old pine tree or a flower.
I don't paint with anger,
I paint with love
I paint with my heart,
shouldn't that be enough
I see beauty in what could be
But so many before me have written it out
what beauty is supposed to be
One color, don't mix, separate, don't  fix.
Yes one color can be beautiful,
and one can be bright.
But one without the others,' seems like a very plain sight
Why do we separate one from the other, why do we try to moderate one from another color.
The world around us is changing and yes we wont be hear forever
but we can stay together if we could only love  one another
your alone.
God that hurts
The world wont stop spinning
God that's ****.
Just stop trying
But I cant
I cant let go of them
but they don't looove you*
No, but I love them
We go down to **** to play with the devil
for we cannot be raised to heaven and sing with
an angel
Like the main the author must die
their lives written out, bound by a books spine
Their eyes are yours, you have what's left of their mind.
How tragic the story line was?
Well that was their lives.
They give you who they are, so you can read to
throw away some time.
Months to years of their lives soaked up in a weeks time.
But yes like the main, their creator must die.
But they are immortal in another way.
Their mind might die but their world will stay.
With hands now plagued with arthritis, and blind milky filmed eyes
They cannot tell you about their mains lives.
Aged is their mind, taken by time,
But immortal is the world they created....
A whole a few hundred pages...lives carried out
and then shut down....
Yes like their main an author must die.
I can see you walking out the door,
I don't know why you don't want to work anymore
How could it turn out like this?
If all we ever had was just a moment together
we could always make it work
You said you never really felt the same
and I guess that's ok.
Because even thou I hate you and all you've dun is hurt me
I don't hate you for your feelings
I hate you for my own
\I can see you walking out the door
ou don't care or want me anymore
so im left alone and I don't know if I want to carry on
so tonight ill lay down my head ill go to sleep one agene
and as I give my final breath will you lay me down to rest ?
the world is filled with beautiful things
others die just to allow their kids to dream
A boy is allowed to walk because someone dared to think
But a beautiful world is not in my dream's
Silence is deadly as far as I'm concerned
My minds filled with beautiful words
I write the truth nothing more
Cover up the deadly the sick and the depressed
All so you don't have a heavy heart inside your chest
you've devoted your time to playing video games
im sorry that I act this way
but my words do speak the truth
the world is beautiful
but I owe my beautiful world to you
kind as you are I don't know much
your catholic your not its not a big deal but
I know you like fallout boy
and your American flag pants
you wore your sisters shirt
and you wore a 1920's hat
your suspenders are red and you like to excel
You don't like drama and your kind of introverted
your eyes are brown
and you have no idea how bad im hurting
but ill put it aside all just to Keep you happy
because without you I don't know if I could keep lasting
You are my beautiful world. I don't know how much you know about me and I don't think you would want to. just know I left you alone because I knew you hated drama even though you love to be in plays  because I would rather be invisible to you than for you to not be happy I wouldn't be hear without you Chimney something ells
sleeping pills and cyanide
suicide and you wonder why
compliments and ***** deeds
ropes that stop  the breathing
butterfly's and blue sky's
bleeding wrists and crying eyes
burning body's
and happy smiles
are all equals in the eyes of the devil
children dyeing people crying
a thousand angry voices raising
stop your crying, life is part of dyeing
we are all equal in the eyes of an angel
if I raise **** will you lower heaven
dance with the devil sing with an angel
suicide and cyanide
bitter ends don't wonder why
a word for the broken
a song for the lost
don't morn a time that will never end
rock and roll is never dead
Something for the man to make amends

A prophet for the lost
A destroyer for your pain
A mourner for your broken heart
a mystic for your words
an a deviant for something I'm not really allowed to word because it will get flagged
No more pain are their words and mystery
not silent they will fight  thou
they are the fallen in the night
Who are you t tell her to die
her tears fall out as she hopes to die
you call her names and you push her around
and you laugh at her as she falls to the ground
she only wants to be put in the ground
I don't think you get it even as the funeral bells toil
as he mother falls down, and her father downs another
do you wish you never had hurt her?
Because that's what happened
she was broken and sad
the world around me  she said
' Made me sad...
I don't know why I chose this path
I'm broken now its bean bad
and I feel I have to let you know
that blood is warmest in the snow
I don't get it because you said I would be fine
but as time went on
I fell out of line
and no that I'm writing as my final words
I want you to know how bad it hurts
because I don't want you to burn
just that it hurts
Broken little girl you lay on the floor
You know the world doesn't see you anymore
You are lost
You cannot be found
Just fade away, laying on the ground.
Broken little girl
Who doesn't cry anymore
why are you silent laying on the floor
your eyes have lost luster
no feeling no emotion
you are void and unspoken.
Broken little girl
how do you stand up
how do you put on a smile
how do you say your all rite when we both know
your dead inside
Broken little girl taken from the world
how did you find the cordage to take your life ?
sometimes I think their are so man things I don't know
things I suppose I need to grow
so if you came an speak to me
of things that I should be
So many things that I cant see
like what you thought you meant to me

I will tell you like I told them
I am here for a reason
eve thou I am bleeding'
I will stand every day just to look the same
And I will fight even thou I do not  want too win
The world is falling
all around us
And I am braking with the sounds of angels
so if I do not win
think back to all that has bean
and look into my eyes and see that I am not aright

sometimes I think their are so man things I don't know
things I suppose I need to grow
Now I have said  my words
broken like a signal singing bird
broken I return to the earth
How i die is not the question you should ask'
It is why i choose to end my life '
Broken barred six feat under '
You finally here my cry
it a wonder you never wonder why '
Im dead and now you care
But when im not hear '
Thats when you choose to hear me '
How could you look into my mothers eyes
Saying you never meant for me to die
Im the only one who knows thats a lie'

Your lucky the dead keep their secrets
I wrote those notes not for a single soul
I wish you could have read them

You would finally find out why i called out in words you could never understand
broken suicide has left me the ******
A corps made up of a broken soul

how could you look into my dead eyes and say you did not know why
your the reason you tuck away my worth
And when its your time you'll finally know how bad it hurts.

And in time i will get my wish i will watch as i let you burn.
I have found the place in me
That I feel is enough

I have found my place
Weir I am excepted
weir I am enough

I wont need your words anymore
I know that I'm not worthless

Just think back to how its bean
I know that we ended broken
But in the end you taught me something

I am more than your words say I am
I am more than your words that slowly **** me

I wish I could have found out sooner
as I'm lade down in my grave
I want you to know it was never the things you said
But the fact that you said it with a straight face.
I wrote this because it is the closest thing to me I have been suicidal, and I believe that if I had not found this place in me ,that I can go to whenever I am feeling bad that I would have ended up like this....I dedicate this to all the victims of somebody's words, and to all victims of bullying because I know what it feels like to be hurt. Just know that you are enough no matter what people say words cannot take away your worth.
With broken wings
still i sing
i am far from death
and with this dream i will burn
**all the world has left
with burning screams
you will see
what the world has made of me
I will **** the worlds good night dreams
and sing with the terrified burning screams
I got a call from heaven
and I got a call from ****
they said they needed me
that I would do well
but I chose the worse of the other because I knew him
I chose the devil for he did hold me when I cried
and said he would give me a home when I died
he was always their bye my side the only thing that I couldn't hide
so I chose the devil for he did call as I breathed no more
Ok, so I have been on this site for about a month or so. I have written these poems, not for others (I know how bad that sounds) But I write them for myself, so when I have the chance to look back I can say 'wow I wrote all this, and I pulled threw.....That's the message I try to convey with all of those dark or depressing poems. Its not because I only always depressed I want to get that clear im not....But for those people who cant speech for themselves I.....ok so I guess what I said before wasn't true...I write for people who cant speak for themselves to....I want people to know their not alone that their will always be somebody to hold you up and I will continue to advocate for those people can you like and add this to whatever group or collection I want this to be conveyed to all that your not alone
Sometimes I want to care
but then I see you
and finally get that caring got me hear
charity is not my thing
I am not much of a talker
I'll stand in the background
poetry hidden inside me
My breath carry the wish of dreams
my dreams the hops I carry
I am a dreamer without my peter pan
my Dan without a Phil
I hate everything about me
and love the things a faults me
I cant take criticism well
Words can hurt me
No I am not bold but I will speak my mind
and one day I will come true to time
but for now I will stay silent in the background
silence is the best thing I found
I believe in truth above pride
but I wont give myself time
I am self detrimental broken not ok
but I have dealt  so I will deal
I hold up but I fall
im complicated
We will chase the sun until our time is up
And we will be ok because we have to be
oh, we will chase the sun, till our time is up.
so don't fear for us we were strong enough.
Oh chasing the sun until the moon comes up in the sky.
We might get sad but, youll never hear us cry.
Tell my mom that I am alright, tell my dad I wont
be home tonight.
I am chasing the sun, but Ill be home when I've had enough.
and when its all said and done I would have lived,
I would have chased the sun.
As great as it might seem, freedom is never really free.
We are young and we still bleed.
We were young, much to young
we didn't get to see the world for what it was
But we chased the sun, our time came now our time is up.
Pleas don't foget us now that we are breathless
don't cry for us because we are gone
love us for what we were not what we could have been
love us till the end
We will chase the sun till our time is up,
and we will be ok because we have to be.
We have lived, we have lived enough.
We chased the sun till the moon came up in the sky
so pleas don't cry for us now that our time has come.
pleas be strong enough
Dedicated to all of the teens that have died from texting and driving, drunk driving, suicide, or who were killed because of something they couldn't have changed
I saw your face in the clouds todays and I remembered you
I remembered your smile and how its been gone for a while
how much you loved the sunny days and the rainy ones alike
I remember how you loved us and how you cared so much
but it also made me sad because the first person I thought about telling
was so far up in the clouds I hurt my voice yelling to you
I cry in the shower
so you cant hear how sad I am
I hide behind the door to my room
so you don't see how much of a mess I am
I do all these things so you don't have to worry
I cry all alone because I don't want to bee week
Tired of the hateful words kids speak
I cried out to God or whoever was listening
that they would take my life as I cried awake at nigh
I don't expect you to know this
so it might surprise you
that when I smiled I was rely trying
when I laughed I just tried to bare it
Because even thou I hate the world
I love you
and I could never put you threw that
Even when you left me, and asked me to still be friends
I grinned and bared it
That was the first night that I really cried for something real
Don't worry I've lived this long I can deal
words are my cuts
pain is my dress
scars are my jewelry
hate is the melody
burns on my neck
discrimination such a symphony
I cannot describe
how bad it really hurt
With all this said I have to say I want the world to burn
one for the words they say
too for the hate
just skip three and four
five because it hurts much more
Your words has shown now layed down on my skin
how bad you never know its been
A tear for the little girl
that they always wished I had been
Who could have save me with such simple words '
if somebody just said
they knew how bad it really hurt
and knew how bad its been.
She calls out your name not in words
but in the looks on her face
She knows you wont stay
And the pain she is willing to take
All she ever wanted was for her dad to tell her he loved her
and the fact that he never did
made her broke
Now she is damaged goods
and she hates the looks they 'arnt good
Her friends treat her like she labeled fragile
and her heart is stone
But she keeps on that face she always hade to paste  on
Sitting in her room going threw her dads pitchers she brakes down her toper blows
and now she's crying because she wants her dad back
but god made him go
and she is left all alone
now in heaven he looks down
his daughter he sense her on the ground and he has one regret
he did love his daughter
but he had to go
Theirs a daisy in my tea cup.
Theirs a sun set setting high.
Theirs a river running past me.
And the deer are striding by.
Their are feathers stuck inside the tea ***,
and their are a few in my cup.

We  remember, or at least most of us do.
The lesions we were taught
about a people who are now few
fewer than the patches of grass in our city parks
fewer than the smog less city's that
have wilted our daisy hearts

Now we've gone and built our world
on top of their prairie plains
we gave them land to live on
but reservations aren't the same
Dear future  boyfriend....
I will assume you will break my heart even before we speak.
And hold on to every word like it were the air that I breath.
I will ignore the good things that you do.
And search for every mistake meticulously.
I promise to never have faith in you and to always expect you to fail.
I promise to put you on a pedestal  that you'll fall off of
and to always go running to my friends the second you speak out agents me.
And when I do something wrong and you say something about it,
I promise to always find a way to blame it on you,
Dear future boyfriend I promise to drain you emotionally so that you cant ever find the strength to leave me,
And to always ,make you feel like you cant leave me alone.
Dear future boyfriend, I promise that when it ends ill make Facebook posts about it so that all my friends can see,
and so that they can all take part in a breakup that was largely to do with me ...
Dear future boyfriend, pleas.....don't be my future boyfriend
their is something  want you to know
death shall follow as we grow  
and if I die before I wake tell the devil im on my way
I left but I still see tem, yes they have moved on
you still call them your friends but they haven't been that way for long
your gone and everything's changing , but you have not rite to care
their not your friends anymore
but then why do I feel bare?
watch on with a simple smile as they all go on without you
say your good byes' to the life you hade because they live on without you

You thought it would be different that we would go away?
But no the monsters inside your head we are hear to stay
Now your some weir new  you tuck for granted all that you had
you walked away now your hanging your head
what was the point of leaving your still miserable
all that's changed are the new faces you have to lurn to fool!      
            Those people knew who you were all the cuts and bruises to they all knew the same pain even thou you never knew
but now go look weir you are not a signal one can see
if you say one word much more pain they'll be
So the scars they must weight over top of unseen skin your not allowed to talk about what their has been
       so if she ends up taking her life don't look so surprised
in her heart she knew that it was ok...that you could live without her
I'm not going to die today
but I might just need you still.

No im not going under tonight
but I could use your company

Yeah I'm not going to die tonight
but without you I just might
I am here to write these simple words
to let you know I've tried.
But your daughter who cut her wrists so deep is broken now she died
Blood kept slipping out as she wanted to slip free
But don't worry now I have the answer
To why she fought to be free
She said her basterd father and wore mother
Made her feel like ****
She stade  up one night and lost her fight
with a smile  on her face
She cut her wrists in painful bliss
I  am the doctrine that she wrote to her friend and family
She told me to let you know
She hopes you rot and die
You tuck away her smile
and broke her shattered heart
so go to **** and I would say I wish you well
but that would be a lie
Put on your face and see as everything get earased
You see things that nobody see's
But they don't listen to you
your a little thing today
So pleas wake up little thing as you try to sleep
you cant escape the pain that this world brings
Putt on your doll face
You see things that nobody ells see's
No they still wont listen to you as you cry out
So put on your doll face wakeup you cant sleep yet
They think that your perfect
But you see things that nobody ells see's
They say "You can't stop me."
They mean "Pleas try and help me."
They'll tell you "Go away."
But pleas understand they want you to stay.
Because they feel alone,
and loneliness gets old fast.
Because in their heads they see nothing
but, the stretch marks on their legs.
The thoughts that run through their heads,
are about the fact that they cant go out with their friends
they have to save up to be able to afford food instead.
Don't look down on them because they work.
Don't look down on them because of their race.
Don't look down on them because you cant face
the fact that when they grow up...
They'll have more caricature in their pinky toe
than you ever had with that fake *** face....
And even if they fall down.
Get nocked down and locked away.
Some wont turn out ok
but you'll have that one, the Mandela of today.
Don't act like you would have turned out any better than they did.
And I hate to say this...
But my generation is ****.
Grow up, get over yourself....
I thought we were better than this....
the monsters are inside my head but no I will not give in
They visit me every night but I'm not going without  fight
I will not give in to the things that once have been
that means a couple of things
if I cut you out of my life you handed me the scissors
if I leave you and you wonder why
its because you were meant to be a part of my life
but that parts over now
I was meant to be who I am
and for the first time in forever I feel better than ever before
im sorry for the things I've done
and im sorry for the girl I was
but now im feeling better than before
so If I let you go don't take it personally
Im just trying to grow up
and if I let you down im sorry
but in the first time in forever
I feal so much better
I know their will always be times I get down but I feel better now and I want you all to know that it may seem bad now but don't dwell on the bad find a ray of light no matter how hard to find
broken little dream
you sit at the edge of a bath or a sink
you think the world it deadly that you find it to hard to breath
yes death is easy
and life is the hard part
But your skin should never be torn apart
yes death douse sadden us
We cant have love without pain
But you wont hear the words that i say
i cant make you stop it
i cant make you stay
but that razor that you hold
is a permanent solution
to a problem that will go away
So to put these words gently
Broken little dream,
You must chose to live
because a life without you is not worth living
I want to get something off my chest.
I want to say something.
But can what I say be enough?

I want to let you know you are enough
I know that its ruff.
That rite now it seems tuff.
But no matter what those hatters say.
I know you are enough

The best revenge is successes.
I know that its hard.
That you just want to end it all.

But angels do not look like me
I want you to look into my eyes
I want you to see this reason why

I breath because of you
I live because of you
I want you to pull threw because of you

You pulled me out.
You tuck away those pills
you pulled me out of depression
And I don't care if you hate me now

But I want to let you know that no matter what those hatters say
I know that your enough
I cried when i wrote this I truly believe that I can help I want to
Broken I have sung my song
Broken I have bean for so long
shattered by this signal thought
Would you miss me if I were gone?
True am I to my word
I will not forsake the world
I am not the girl I once was
Songs of beauty have lost the once loved
now and agene '
I will sing out a second
but, broken have I stayed
a dream that longs to fade
Sometimes I want to forget how to feel
I don want reality to b real
Douse noting sound so bad when this is the alternative
we fight for love, and die for it
im sorry if I've had enough of all of it
I don't want to love and lose
but you cant have one without the other
So I don't want any of it
what do we  do when our hearts are not in it
what is worse? Loving and leveeing
Or never loving and liveing a lie
Now all I want is to forget
all the feelings that run threw my head when I see you
My hearts not in the battle
my mind in the war
i cant help it when i fall to the floor
I became a **** to be played as you pleased
I was so ignorant i couldn't see
why is my heart so hallow
So tell me dear now what do i do?
I don't want to feel i don't only want to miss you
That's the reason i want to forget  
That's why i hate reality when its real
Im sorry i have to cut this one short
I cant make it this time so im sorry
Don't be real oh pleas be a lie
I cut myself out not cut out for this life
Im no saint
but take this one like a bible verse
You have to listen even thou it hurts
Remember me Oh' pleas don't forget
feelings are real and reality's ****
I hear the little girl inside
as she calls out and asks me why
but I cant answer her
because im braking
I just don't feel like fighting
like I would prefer dying'
but as I here her voice
and I see her cry
I don't need to die
I need to stand I need to walk I need to fight
I want to breath...away from the canvas.
He's made it for me but I want to be free
One part from pills that I don't have
ninety-nine parts because of the names we were called
But who decides  our worth. when we cant?
From the names we were called
the classics like "Her spaz. hey freak..."
To the names that hurt deeper than a word
The ones we cannot brush away with a well placed smile
all I want is to breath
to be free of the canvas he has made for me
To stand up for the kids who cant do it for themselves
because I know how it feels to be broken
to feel like the names that kids give you,
are really who you are
One part suicidal, too parts loyal, and ninety seven parts afraid
I wanted to **** myself in grade nine.
Because of a girl who decided that my friendship..
it wasn't worth maintaining
Because even thou I stud for all that she was doing so alone
that I was not enough...
I kept my  tears from home because home is weir love is
But what happens when love is not what I need
now I want to stand up for the kids who have no one
no matter what that girl did to me.
Because no one did it for me
One part suicidal ninety nine parts afraid
I chose to believe that all life is preciouses
because yes some of us will give up
some of us who were more than one part suicidal
wont make it
but I chose to believe that all life is preciouses
because I want those kids who called us 'freaks'  to see
that I forgive them for what they did to me
Do you know what I see when I look at you
You can ignore me all that you like
Brake my heart I wont put up a fight
but I see beneath your cover
Go on you think your sly?
You don't think I know why
I can see that your afraid
you don't want to give up your heart
But look at what you've done
just don't forget the sun
You can push me away think I don't care about what you say
But I walk away because that is what you want
I don't talk to you because it would be easer for you and her
and all I want is you happy
you don't think I see but oh, yes I do
I see rite threw you
I feel fragile at best
and at my worst I don't know why
god knows I have tried
But now I just don't want to feel anymore
I feel like am nothing to anyone
Im not saying that this is your fault
I don't want you to feel like it was
Once I was broken
but this is so much worse
I thought it would get better '
but damb it just hurts
Now  am broken and  don't know why
they ask me the questions
all I say is im fine
but that's not the truth I don't feel like I can tell them
I don't know why
why i feel broken..
God knows I've tried to forget
move on and forget all of it
but know I am alone
and my minds left to wander
I feel broken...I don't want to move on
so keep my words in this song
god knows I have tried to hard
but  don't want to feel what's in my heart
To be the only one to see
is a sad understatement
Its the sad truth that I'm a freak
and nobody seems to see
But with the powers of a freak
I will stand and I will see
all your grotesque atrocity's
because I am a freak a freak that see's
A thing I used to love is gone
and I have forgotten the words to my favorite song
the faces I can see beyond
I do not know for I am gone
I try to hold on as long as I can
but its hard now you have got to understand
its not dying, no that's easy
Its choosing to stay that makes me uneasy
I just want you to know that I never meant to hurt you
I only wanted to escape from a world who held my fate
so good by my only friend
I hope you understand
that I loved you to the end
but now I have to go
Barry me beneath the snow
I'd like to start off
that my name is Andie
I'm a little bit different
that you must see
you need to listen if you want to be friends
I'm kind of a freak
and I may have voices
so tell me if you want to come
we are the dark side and well have some fun
just le me know if you want to take the crazy express
pick up times at 8
pleas don't be late
Hello, I'm sorry if I ever hurt you
I'm trying to turn my life around
and I guess I've cased some casualty's
remember when  we would steal your parents wine
and drink and talk about our lives
weir we would go
no one would know
as were flying higher than the sky
but now your gone and I'm left hear alone
a broken soul in a broken home
sitting in a dark room
wondering why you had to leave so soon
I wont drink until you come back to me
the liquors being pored down the sink
I'm calling the line up into haven to let you know that all the wine is gone
I cant stay sober for long
because when I do  remember a lot about you
and all the things we said we would do
so Hello, I'm sorry I have to move on without you
all the liquors gone
and I've ben sober for so long
but one day we will meet again
but until then drink for me all you can
Hello, yha its me
I hope your all rite after I chose to leave
They said it would get easer after I was gone
but from the looks of it your finding it hard to move on
I just wanted to let you know
that after all it was me who chose to go
so don't blame yourself for what happened
their wasn't anything you could have done to stop it  from coming

Hey mom, can you hear me?
I'm in heaven but I am not gone
I can see you when your crying
but don't you know that seeing this makes it hurt worse?
I would rather you forget all about me
than live another day crying because I wasn't strong enough to go on
I forgotten what it felt like
to be taken from the world
so mother pleas forgive me
I never meant to make your heart hurt

Hello Dad how are you?
how's the family
how has it been after you burred me down beneath the earth
I hope you know im sorry
but I couldn't stay much longer
Everything seemed to hurt
and even thou I tried my lungs still burned
so tell my brothers that im all rite
and that it wont help to cry

Hey, can you hear me?
are you listening
All I wanted was to be happy
Its so different now that I cant speak to you
So I hope your doing all rite
im sorry for what I have done
Im only calling you so you can lurn to move on
Forget me if you have to
Don't let my death ruin you

Hello, dear family
I left because although you couldn't see
my chest hurt so badly
and with every breath I wanted to be dead
so if you hate me I get it
I never meant for you to have to deal with it
so I guess this is it
im sorry if you stop listening
just letting you know
that I don't want anyone to follow me down
I hope you relies that I have made my choice

Goodbye my mother
and I love you so much my brothers and father
no matter whir I go
I will love no other
so long
I will see you again when your time has come
Hello little baby girl
I see you have face this cruel harsh world and theirs nothing left to give
but I will hold on forever never letting you go
because the world burns in snow
Hello little baby girl ill hold you till the end of the world but you say that your fine that your now all rite because of the things that I said im glad you can lay down your head because the world wont pass by your sleeping head
Hello little baby girl you have left me alone in this cruel harsh world because the people around you have held on to you and you have left me.....
Hello Little baby girl im calling to say goodbye to the world because the only thing that I needed was a little bit of love
it seems like hope was not enough and you broke down to like the world in a tuff so say goodbye because this night I have lost my fight....
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