Her fingertips were Icy
and her eyes rather glazed.
A desecrated body                                                                          
with an endearingly brazen face.
Meandering flesh, rich in mortality and fable.
Her skin mapped a journey,
juncture she could no longer able.
Scared arms marked moments,                                                        
of suicidal salvation.
Unwary and wide eyed,
too juvenile to be taken.
Broken-down systems
Broken-down values
Broken governments
Broken  families
Broken relationships
Broken faith
What will be left
After almost everything
Breaks down?
Amanda Jun 11
Why are you careless, determined to fail?
Making choices that will end in a coffin or jail,
Is it because you're destined to lose?
I'm telling you, you get to choose,
Stop pretending your outcome hangs in fates hand,
Like cause and effect is something you do not understand,
Want you to realize you are wrong,
Expel items in your life that do not belong.
I am tired of this stupid act,
You're smarter than this, that's a fact,
It is easier to turn a blind eye and play dumb,
Than admit the dope is making you numb.
So go ahead, waste minutes on a couch,
Attatched to your bloodstained pouch at another filthy trap house.
I'm sure that's where you're at right now.
You whine and complain, put all the blame,
On life like it's got a hit out on your name,
The reason you're in pain, is you doing things the same,
Repeating mistakes, you make your brain insane.

You are one bad day from your collapse,
One angry outburst before your patience snaps,
I can tell you are done, can't take any more,
Will you pick yourself up? Or remain on the floor?

The power is yours, become what you want to,
Life is a voyage, captain is you,
You could leave it behind and run away,
Or hang in place, this cold state where you stay.
You wish for money, too much dope to count,
Instead of willpower to go without,
Losing yourself, you do not care about,
A fucking thing besides not running out.
Even after being sick a million times,
You chase the rush, you're addicted to the life,
You crave more than the temporary high,
Chaos, the constant pursuit to feel okay inside,
Plus it is a steady excuse for your lies,
The old you I knew completely died.


Maybe someday you will decide
To stop using drugs, live your life right,
It might be too late, and any good left inside,
Has been killed by heroin, you're just another homicide.
Right now,
Are Terrified of Reality.
Trump is causing us
To lose ground.
All our ideals
Could go up in smoke.
Brad post Jun 1
the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Step back a second,
before you judge,
and let me tell you the facts,
of addiction to drugs.

People think it’s clear cut,
that you chose to be an addict.
That the bottle, or needle,
is just some kind of tick.

They don’t know the fear,
when you’re not in control.
When you’re crying, while using,
and it’s ripping you’re soul.

They don’t know the feeling,
when you start to hide it away.
It’s a secret, I’m fine,
just another day.

They can’t see the battle,
of you versus your mind.
When you’re scared you might die,
but you try to act fine.

They don’t know the feeling,
when you know that they know,
and they don’t say a thing,
as you watch their disappointment grow.

They don’t know you slept,
on the bathroom floor,
passed out from your drug,
because you shut the door.

They don’t see,
you pushing your sides.
Checking your organs,
hoping today you won’t die.

Your fingernails are pink,
thats healthy right?
You don’t have a problem,
your eyes are still bright.

Who are you fooling,
they see the weight loss.
They know somethings wrong,
but it’s a bridge they won’t cross.

Now your on your own,
fighting your own brain,
trying your best to stop,
but you’re going insane.

Your addiction has won,
and you still try to fight.
That’s what no one sees,
is that you never lost sight.

That voice in your head,
that person you used to be,
has been drowned out,
by that addictive personality.

You want to apologize,
to simply beg for help,
but the shame stops you,
because you just blame yourself.

You didn’t choose to be this,
and you wish to take it back,
but you don’t think they’ll believe you,
because they can’t see the cracks.

Please don’t judge me,
I don’t want this at all.
I wish you understood,
that I’m against the wall.

I want my life back,
I want it to go away.
I never wanted to disappoint,
I didn’t want to be afraid.

Help me.

If you are having addiction struggles, I urge you to contact the helpline 1-888-508-4193.  There is no shame in admitting you need help with something you cannot control. I wish the best for you all.
first you've got to
get the money
then you've got
to find the dealer

then you find
a place to get high
melt it to
a complete liquid

pour it
into a syringe
and find a vein
don't miss a single drop

then sit back
and enjoy the high
but remember the
come down is on it's way
Lewis Irwin May 21
Simon was a straight A who made the grade,
But crippling news hit him like Brook's spade.
He fell into to some beastly vices and adrift was his mind,
Stumbled back up the path less traveled and down the path of the blind.

You see Simon spent his caged days in skag houses,
He was the dirt on the walls as well as the blood on the floor.
I'm sure the filth was bursting with dreary happiness and memories of Farmhouses,
Splendid days were they; when Simon had control of the Devils door.

Simon's offering his all to get clean - but it's impossible when you gawk at the TV,
A Prince marrying to a straight A Yankee, he insinuated "A happiness that seems so far from me".

That's all I can seem to recollect from my parley with Simon,
I'm sure he sundered into a rabbit hole of despair because of the Nirvana he'll never live in.
Amanda May 18
I hope someday you see the light
The happiness you're trying to find
Its inside of you, not up in the sky
Definitely not in temporary highs
Though only darkness is there you still try
Stepping closer to an endless night
Tempting fate, unaware of the signs
We were destined to part, maybe you are too blind,
Too wrapped up in your selfish ways
To exit before your body decays
You are covered in cracks and scars
Under the surface do you even know who you are?

Flaws hold you captive, you can't get free
You will never become who I wanted you to be
Some things you can't get back, people you pushed away
But its not too late to correct mistakes, not too late to change

I know how hard addiction is, its rarely overcome
All it takes is patience, its a battle many have won
How can you act like youre the only one
Affected by this enslaving drug?
I beat it, you can too if you want
All you have to do is say no and you're done
You're too attatched to the high and the fun
Completely numb, unwilling to run
Or attempt to climb out if the hole you have dug
Now instead of fighting you freely succumb
I dont even recognize the monster youve become


I wish I could accept you for
The junkie you are now, but I know in your
Heart there is still good, at your core
Lies something I cherish and adore
I wish you'd realize you're worth more
Than the scores you throw your world away for
You used to be warm and full of love
Despite the fact you were never given enough
It seems like you always give too much
To the ones who don't deserve your touch
You escape the only way you're capable of
By nodding out and shooting up
You say you miss me, that you want me back
We cant materialize the love we once had
You will never get your life on track
Even if you could for awhile, you will soon crack
We have no choice but to live seperate lives
I had to decide it was the right time to divide
Are you happier with heroin, not me,  at your side?
Can you honestly say you're satisfied
With who you have become inside?

To my ex, but really goes out to everyone I know addicted tp this Hellish drug..
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