When it all gets to me throw up these hands
Let it all stop let it drop where i strand
Sympathy no i sync up with the beat
Say what I mean as i lay up with the heat

Look at what i made let make a stain
Never lack always on my gain ****
Am I in a cage with the world as a stage
Imma keep on it, keep engaged, sit with pain and beast sonnets

Imma be on it, venom in my veins
Imma be honest Imma get it any which way
Any may imitate but they not the boy
fated, faded fill up the void

Dark night, light wave - I lost all direction
Start my last take - cross me out in sections
When will it stop this madness in my head
Off axis watch this skin when i shed it quick

Send me to the brink don't even have to push me
Can't even think right now the current took me
Over and over and over again
Said it I went and I scratched with the pen

Let it all go - Let it all end
Let it all flow - Let it all in

I write letters to my ghost
He knows me better than most
I remember when he said
You'll never measure even close
Is this enough? I think not.
Wanting to grow, stuck in the same spot
******* I'm some ******* monster
On and on I ******* wander

Wondering how i can say this
I didn't ask for this ****
Hoping it leaves me painless
Bound till I'm ashes in the wind

Wondering how i can say this
I didn't ask for this ****
Hoping it leaves me painless
Bound till I'm ashes in the wind
listen here:
I found a snake berry in the garden;
It tasted mild, sweeter in the garden.

It curled around augustine and bloomed in
the thickly ****-breaker of the garden.

I ate the snake berry as the warden of backyard play, augur of the garden.

The berry snake beckoned and beckoned
"Is the fruit mild, sweeter in the garden?"

It was, I said, sweeter in the garden
It tasted mild, sweeter in the garden.
Madison Nov 2
Your love is like ******
I inject you straight into my veins
It gives me a high that
I don’t think I can live without anymore
Your love is like ******

And it is going to destroy me.
This is why my mom told me not to do drugs...
Amanda Oct 15
We fell in love, life was perfect for awhile,
Each touch was concentrated sunlight,
We'd kiss, I'd taste whichever flavor
***** we drank earlier that night.

Turned to you, I needed a friend,
Called to vent every day,
Time passed by us swiftly,
Had my heart, things finally felt okay.

Was the perfect romance for awhile
But as the summers and winters went by
Began to notice the thick haze we lived in,
Something different in your eyes.

Didn't know what was amiss,
Keep me waiting up all night,
Though I wasn't sure exactly what it was
Knew you were hiding something out of sight.

Uncovered more and more incessant lies,
Started small then grew, neverending,
We sadly floated further apart
With each secret text you were sending.

Was obvious there was someone else,
She took all of your time,
I figured you were buying her lots of gifts
Because you never seemed to have a dime.

Truth is, it was painfully clear,
Should have seen it at the start,
I was not the only one
Owning a piece of your heart.

The day I finally discovered who she was,
Identity of your seductive sin,
Is the day our world changed forever,
Your mistresses name was ******.
What do you think? I thought it was a pretty good idea. Does anyone else have any metaphors or similes they'd like to contribute for cheating compared to drug addiction? If that makes sense..
A king of reptiles,
a broken man,
your pain created such beauty.
Look at what you've made.
You, yourself, are a master of creation.
The cage that hinders me never held your heart.
Your cage was an empty needle.
Held within, the years we lost with you.
Life and death hold the same meaning.
Can you feel the torment fade
and your blood begin to thicken?
Ride that snake on home, Jim.
Ride that snake on home.
This time my minds blank as i search my imagination for meaning seeming like life’s alright tonight with tunes blaring in my ear
Tomorrow is too near to see clear
Find some code or order in this chaos
Put semblance in a sentence and see what sense makes
Pretty pictures emanate from the acid I took years ago flashing back to vivify life if only for a little while
Isn’t that all we have relatively speaking of course
Certainly BoJangles
Get back in your cage Kevin from high school those days are gone and dead!
Only if you let their memories die
Then keep shooting ****** you ******* ******
I only say it because i dont want to lose you too
I love you bro
Sorry Kevin
Lori Mack Sep 21
Puppet Master

You crept in like a mischievious thief.
Intrigued, decieved and retrieved my son.
Influencing and destroying his beautiful life.
Diminished his hopes, his dreams and his self-esteem.
Convincing him he had no future,
No love, no value was to his life.
Your wicked silk spun web of deadly lies,
Mislead him to believe,
That happiness and love cease to exist.
This is your fuel,
This your fire.
Your one and only desire.
You will not quit until they all expire.
******, black, H or tar,
You are a seductive liar.
Your needle point claws buried deep his arm,
Dripping with your poisonous conceit.
Now you are his puppet master.
Dominating his mind, his thoughts and his words.
Your malicious acts preformed through him,
Make him look wild, insane and disturbed.
Each day in your tight intense grip,
My son dwindled and shriveled away.
Becoming your molded and trained apprentice.
Coached to perfection in your twisted ways.
You are as bad as a ******,
A murderer and even more.
I hate you ******!!
You started a war.
I will not let you win!
Let go of my loved and cherished son.
Let him live a full and beautiful life.
I surrender to you myself.
Volunteer my own life.
Take me instead,
Be my puppet master,
Enslave me,
And let my baby live.

L. Mack

Lori Mack Sep 20
****** does that to you...

Phone rings,
It's 1 a.m.
Private number.
I know what that means.
"Hello" I say.
His voice is shakey,
He chokes out the words.
"Mom, I just got arrested,
I'm going to jail."
I took a deep breath,
Giving me time to think
Of the right words to say.
"Ok, I love you.
Don't forget to tell them
That your gonna be sick."
****** does that to you...
"Mom, I should of listened to you.
I'm sorry.
Next time I will."
How many next times,
Thinking to myself.
I can't count how many times he's been arrested,
And sent to juvie or jail.
We both knew this time it would be prison.
****** does that to you...
"That's what you said last time.
But you just keep running back to it.
I know your sorry.
No matter what,
I will always love you.
I am holding you right now baby boy."
He cries even harder.
"Mom I'm scared of getting sick.
I really want a cigarette."
21 years old but he sounds like a 3 year old,
With a high pitched whine.
****** does that to you...
Last time I saw him he looked 35
And probably only weighed 110.
Arms scarred with needle marks
Infected sores throughout his body.
Smelled of sweat and dumpsters
Where he had been digging for food.
I barely recognized him.
Where had my son gone?
He couldn't look me in the eye.
****** does that to you...

L. Mack

True story
Amanda Sep 18
I wish you'd put as
Much effort into getting
Clean as getting dope
When I lost my excuses I gained results
Lewis Irwin Aug 20
She had eyes like a crater,
Innocent as any girl could be.
I think she had some bruises when I met her,
But it never seemed to deter me.

I chased her like a dog chasing tails,
Was only then I started to notice her ***** nails.
And then those Yellow eyes,
Blue and Yellow never look pretty to my mind.

She belled me with croaky breathes of air,
I rushed to her house shook and scared.
She was slumped against a wall with the choker she used to wear,
Strapped around her arm and specks of ***** in her hair.

She's got track marks like a craters,
Darkness lay dormant in her soul.
A once natural and elegant Beau,
Now alone in the world of ****** and Blow.
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