alyssa tombs Jul 17

i'm scared that when you grow up without me your self destruction will only worsen
trading smoking leaves to shooting amber liquid into your bloodstream
and tearing those same veins out simultaneously with a dull switchblade that i wish would just collect dust at your bedside table
but i know it never will

i'm scared your insomniac ways will worsen to the point where you don't get any sleep at all, unless you pass out from exhaustion
and even then, night terrors rack your frail body and your organs contract from the fear running through your bones
straight down to your frostbitten core,
cold and numb

You excluded me from your world
Because you felt that I was
"Over the Hill".
I had no way of sharing my Magic
With you.
One day,
I spotted you
Shooting Heroin in your arm
Underneath a bridge.
I was too polite to ask you
Why you had refused to accompany me
For Tea

Sirwca Jul 15

Well would you look at that.
By some form of junkie magic,
you found your way back

Back to my dreams
To haunt me
With a smile

I can feel your touch
slowly slide across my skin
Head to toe

Such a warm embrace
You feel exactly the same
As the last time we met

In an airport bathroom
Just before
The security checkpoint

You made me bleed then
Just like
All the years before

And now you're back
Massaging the temples
above my closed lids

Only showing your face
when I'm
Unconscious and drifting

Far away into
the same dreams
I've been having for years

You've returned
At an opportune moment,
Smiling ear to ear

Sharp as ever
I can see
the knife behind your lips

It's so obvious,
Your intent,
Malicious but inviting

I welcome it
Wish for it
Pray for it

And just before I wake
Each morning,
I hear your whisper

welcome home

I wonder when
I'll walk through
Your doors


Taylor Ganger Jul 13

How do I sleep at night?
When you're losing this fight
Choking on candid emotions
That I can't even eat
Look at me, I'm thinning
Sure you are too
Sure it's a symbol
Of what's going to happen to you
I can't even fathom
You not being here
No more of this chasm
That you've fallen into
I'm sure if you die
I will too.

For my best friend. I hope your fire still burns. I promise I'll see you again. I have to

No hope
No dreams
No Vision
For the Future
Just trying to make the pain go away.

Graduates to Heroin
Rather than Young Men and Women
Graduating from College.
Capitalism demands
It's sacrificial victims
Both among our "enemies"
In the Middle East
And among our own Youth
Who are  discarded

JM Romig Jun 28

They found him
laying on a bug infested mattress -
Rubber band around his right arm.
Cell phone in his left hand.
Text message:
never sent
says simply “I don’t”

He was gone when they got there.
The older man and the rookie
went quickly to work.

The older man filled the syringe
and handed it over.
The rookie pushed down the plunger
like a quarter into an arcade cabinet
trying for a second life
hoping his timer didn’t run out.

The longest second passed.

Color returned to his face.
He took a labored breath in
and moaned incoherently
like the lucky-ass zombie he was.

This was the third time in as many days
they’d performed this miracle
at this house:
First Dad, then Mom

“Now, Son”
The older one said to the rookie
as they shared a cigarette outside.
“Penny for your thoughts?”

The rookie wanted to tell him
all about the well in his heart -
How every time he goes on one of these calls
he imagines drawing up
a bucket of water from that well
and that lately,
the bucket has been coming up
with less and less water
and that he’s terrified
of the day it comes up empty.

But instead the rookie replies
“You know, it costs more
to make a penny now
than a penny is even worth.”

It feels like I'm drowning
Maybe that's just because
I'm downing
Ten shots of heroin
An hour
The power
Of comparison
To what I used to be
Addict free
Every ounce of purity
Now stained
By an unclean bloodstream
So I'm far underwater
Committing my own manslaughter

With every breath
Inhaling death
Free from thinking
It may be true that I'm dying
My own toxins
Lacking proper caution
All this to avoid crying
Maybe it's wrong
But goddamn it feels right
A fall with no flight
Clenched fists
With no fight

Because I can still breathe
When I'm drowning
And being underneath
The fluids
Is just as natural
And seemingly gradual
As a heart that's still beating
All my regrets retreating
The pain quickly fleeting
So I shoot up again…

And then just keep on repeating.

daryll smith Jun 10

Rocking around the rock tonight

Rocking around the rock tonight TicToc
Money comes in at 12 o'clock
Gone before long gouched out
On my mother’s couch eating
Al l the cupboard’s out

Rocking around the clock right now
Clucking for my white and brown

Rocking around the rock tonight
What would my poor dad think of me now
I’m even robbing shops and old lady’s now
Sorry miss I need my brown

Rocking around the rock and brown
Clucking stealing from my mother now
I’m even taking children’s savings for brown

Coffin Hurst and no one around
The dirt is why they call it brown

Rocking around the clock tonight
Nothing around but lots of night


Daryll smith

Based on the life of a heroin addict

Come on now!
Everything is JUST FINE!
President Donald Trump is doing a Great Job!
Just be careful!
Don't step on that guy's face on the sidewalk.
People are very self-indulgent nowadays.
They just LOVE to get smashed on Heroin!
If they would study the  Teachings of Jesus Christ
And be more obedient towards their parents,
They wouldn't have so many PROBLEMS,
And expect the Government
To bail them out.

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