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Their are many things in this world
that are straight and bent and twirled
and wrapped around my little finger
but don't worry the pain wont linger

Because what is love without a bit of pain
to put the whole world into perspective again.
To show you that the world is cruel
But I find beauty when I find you

You with all your faults
And all of your short comings
Back to your side I find myself running.
Love me or not I cant tell you enough
That yeah life gets rough
But you are enough

Life wont be easy
and our hearts are not perfect
But I'll work with you because I think your worth it
your heart never beet to the sound of a drum
you never blindly followed anyone

....your gone and it hurts to watch you leave
But, I would rather it hurt to breath without you
Then to watch your eyes fill with misery at the sun rise
I cant follow you as you went
so I watched the sun as it set
with or without me
love me or hate me
Ill bend so you don't have to break in the end.....
Dear sister  can you hear me
are you out their are you listening.
Do you know that they have got me,
do you know that I fee like I'm drowning.
Our father he did tell us about the monsters in the sea
He told us to be cautious
he taught us to be weary.
Now I've lost you the ocean floor.
now the very monsters have me, locked behind the door.
I don't know if your still breathing,
But if you are I'll tell you this.
I am aboard the vampiret ship

Aboard the ship that moves threw nightmares
The flags made of bones and ash
Threw your dreams we will go
Aboard this ship that we sail
Aboard the ship of black and soulless flags

I have lost you but one day find you
Then we will never again fear the night
We together aboard this ship that carries all of fear
Aboard the vampires ship

— The End —