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Megan Parson May 28
Maybe in an alternate universe,
we worked out.

broken promises
unfinished relationships,
random stranger
lock eyes with
And wish you knew.

smiling baby
lady's arms,
You wish was yours.

entwined fingers
passing couple,
which would have been yours,
if only he stayed.

But maybe?
Just maybe?

But hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have.
Edit : I'm so glad we never worked out.
© Megan Parson 2023
Megan Parson May 5
We are born,
To hurt the ones we love,
And love the ones we hurt.
Inspired by Lana Del Rey. © Megan Parson 2023
Dave Robertson Jan 2022
Today I began to hem,
rein in the threads that grow free
when left unstitched

I ticked a set of books
and, though I love my charges,
my heart hurt

My language is another,
my experience of this globe
unutterably different,
though geographically the same

And I want to help them play the game, I do,
but I don’t trust those
telling me how to

My instincts,
honed by humans I trust, unless
I’m lost in my own Truman Show,
show me the right way to go,
divergent  from this current shitshow

The pedagogy of care
is somewhere way, way
over there
Francie Lynch May 2021
Not hate,
Loss is a more apt opposite.
I don't hate.
Euphoria is distilled to misery;
Happiness trickles into sadness;
Delight drips to deflation.
Nope, I don't hate.
I'm lost, Love.
Eris Jun 2020
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Hurt me again
I'll stab you with a spoon
JB May 2020
don’t you know how much I
love you I love you I
only want what I
think is best
for you I
really do know best I
will take care of everything honey I
promise you I
just want you to be happy I
just want you to behave
anonturtles Apr 2020
If we were a movie,
I’m sure no one would watch
since you got the girl,
despite breaking her heart.
One, the times you cheated,
two, the times you’ve lied
about where you are or who you’re with.
I can’t count the times I’ve cried.
Yet I wake up every morning
wrapped in your warm embrace,
a spell so toxic I forget
those days you lied right to my face.
Am I weak or just forgiving?
Have you changed or your disguise?
Either way I’ve little choice
since I’m addicted to this lie.
Yes, there’s no denying I should hate you
after all you’ve put me through.
The facts are undeniable
yet still I’m sure I love you.
Tara Apr 2020
She wanted me first, always a lust
for me
Coaxed me to her side, always so
curious to me.

She desired me then, the impossible conquest
I was
Opened to me like petal to a rose, so
beautiful she is.

She hated me next, the guarded sentinel
she saw.
My heart was protected from her, so
scorned she was.

She loves me now, her one true soulmate
I am
I gave myself, in my being, for always
happy we are.
Shradha Sagar Jan 2020
I find myself looking for you around in other people,
When I walk past that door, Or, through the places unknown,
I see two people exchanging a glance, or kissing good-byes,
And I think of you a little more, and look at myself with a sigh!

I find you in places I thought I could be alone.
Moments that I thought brought me peace,
movies that I saw to clear my head,
All of these now only causes me distress.

But this is the ***** truth of life,
We'll be together forever was just a lie.
I know I'm broken badly,
It's all gonna be okay,
Gradually it is all going to be fine.

You left me in shock by not giving me any time,
I still can listen to your voice in my head,
And the smell of your skin makes me feel sad,
Future you showed to me, it all feels like a dream,
The only thing being it’s her in it now, and not me.

I keep telling myself these days,
Just give yourself some time,
Sit back, relax and sip the juice of the lime.
I too shall find the peace in my life,
The one that I can perfectly call mine,
But for now, I guess I need to move on,
Why cry for someone who's already gone.
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