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It's mwe Jan 30
they said we fall in love at 2 a.m
when you and i fight with our demons
and spill out our swear words

they said we fall in love at 2 a.m
when our problems are revealed
and our scars are redeemed

they said we fall in love at 2 a.m
when conversations starting to sprout
and promises starting to knock us out

and i left my last words at 2 a.m
when you slam the flam
and that night you feel ashamed.
Hayley Rena Dec 2018
I asked him I said “don’t lie to me”
Give it a couple weeks but after that
then he be denying me,
take without supplying me
With the way we started
I guess this **** is irony, this **** is irony
If I told this would happen
Would you try to stop it?
Lay back in the mayback
Sit and wait
N Try to watch it
Boy I know we had our problems,
But you ain’t work to solve them
I been thru all this last year
I think that I’m revolvin
I’ve been thru this **** before
I took all of the detours
He told that he loves me
But it seems he always needs more
I can be the best for you
I’m so focused on you but you focused on what drug next for you
I know I have my issues but at least I try to fix it
You said that loves a game,
You say we swung and that we missed it
Switched up in an instant
We went from hugs and kisses
To tryna keep our distance
We barely speak our words
But I know you feel this verse
Ain’t denying it, I miss you
So I prey to god it hurts
I tried and tried and tried with you
I knew that I would ride for you
It really takes some honesty
And know I barely lied to you
Love was thrown around so let me be the last to save you...

I knew I should’ve expected this
Maybe you ain’t it no more
But I sure need to check for this
I tried everything so I think it’s time for an extra man, what extra man?
No this not a diss track,
But baby you ain’t it no more
So you can get your ***** back, get your ***** back
No regrets except for you,
Shoulda up and left on you
This is all yours so keep listen
And the rest for you
Love is gonna throw you out,
Told my friends I had no doubt, had no doubt yah yah had no doubt
Can’t believe that I defended you,
Broken hearts I’d mend for you
I used to send long paragraphs
But now this song in sendin you
It’s broken
I won’t bend for you
I won’t bend for you
Nah I won’t bend for you
You get on my nerves,
But it used to be my mind
I used to think you’re perfect
It’s a ****** waste of time
And I swear i keep searchin
But your type is all I find
All I find
Yah yah you’re all I find
Pretending you don’t know me gone be hard after this
Thought that I was done
Still goin hard after this
Baby we was up to bat
I guess we all gotta me,
We all gotta miss

But I should say thanks
I’m super focused now
You don’t want it?
That’s okay I won’t go hold you down
Used to spend my nights
We’d fall asleep on the call
Now I spend my nights I sleep quite at all
I hate you and I love you
And I wrote to express that
I hate this I hate us
It’s done now, never text back
I’ll send calls to voice mail
I won’t take my ex back
I hope you gonn find better
But baby it don’t get that
Baby It don’t get that
Written// November 21, 2018
This was originally written as a song, not something I share with people but I rap.
Gracie Nov 2018
I say I love you.
But really?
I love to break you.
i was a toy for him to play with his.
Bansi Adroja Oct 2018
I keep you in my back pocket
for lonely Sunday evenings
or Tuesdays when he doesn't come home
when he's busy with something else
someone else

You hate me for it
and I hate me too
for calling when I shouldn't
for needing you
when I really shouldn't
A Poem a Day : Guity 3am Phone Lines
Aa Harvey Sep 2018
I Hate You, My Love

No longer together, in a world of madness;
Just sat alone, in my world of sadness.
So come with me, on this journey through life;
I'll enlighten your eyes and I'll open you mind.
Open your mind,
Open your mind,
Open your mind, to another kind.

Something new, old, bluesy or rocking;
Musically free, from you becoming damning.
Criticisms needed, if your work is wrong;
But you’re perfection in a glass, so I wrote you a poem.

Softly bang your head and break your neck;
Live a life of missed opportunities, but have no regrets.
Hold me in your arms, because I've become contagious;
Come die with me…nobody can save us.

And save us from what?  This living ****?
Your perfumed body has begun to smell.
No longer the fresh smelling roses from Heaven;
You’re disgustingly *****, since you let me in.
No longer a ******, do you think they can tell?
Your mothers lead you to believe, you’re condemned to ****.

I see through your eyes, as you describe what you see;
You've now become a part of me
And now I've let you, smoke my ****;
I've now shown you, all I need.

Everyday I'll write you a song;
Everyday the words will be wrong.
Everyday you'll see that you hate me;
Everyday we'll disagree.
Everyday I'll want to **** you;
Everyday you will **** me.
Everyday is a whole new day;
And everyday is wrong for me.
Everyday I kiss you with passion;
Everyday I get satisfaction.
Everyday we drift apart;
Everyday you break my heart.
Everyday I **** myself
And everyday I need your help.
Everyday you must die with me;
Everyday we must both believe.
So everyday let's both fall to the ground
And everyday the lyrics will crumble down.
Ashes to ashes and blunts to blunts;
Come die with me *****, you ******* ****!

I love you dearly, but I hate your guts;
You drive me crazy.  Completely nuts!
I'll love you forever, until I don't;
This is my suicide letter, now I have to go.

**** it I didn't go through with the plan;
Because of you *****, you held my hand
And told me that you understand
And told me that I'm your only man.

Can you not see how much I hate you?
Can you not see how much you hate me?
Why don't you believe, what I say is true?
Why are you here, when I told you to leave?

You’re a punk rocking beauty, but completely false.
You’re a grunge kissing psychopath, that I completely love.
I have to say I hate you, so I don't feel we’re too close;
But promise me Angel, you will never go.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Katie Edmunds May 2018
I guess you’re back again,
Hoping to waltz back into my heart
Like you never left it shattered
Or made me doubt my own worth
What makes you think I’ll fall for you again?

Is it the way I let your hands
Rest on my waist for a little too long?
Or how I tried to look away?
The fact that we see each other every weekend?
Or that I smile so wide at the sight of you?

The truth is I can’t, I won’t, I haven’t
Fallen for you again
How could I when I never truly hated you?
I never fell out of love with you
Everything you put me through and
I still made an excuse to love you

You can’t fall back in love with someone
If you never fell out and I hate you for that
Jean Lewis Mar 2018
An eighth

Value you
I want you
I like you
I need you
I love you

Also true
You hate I...
-Jean Lewis
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