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rosecoloredpoet Mar 2018
You are the reason can't you see?
I am begging you please stop crushing me
I am so tired of this
I can't remember the last time I woke up feeling ready for the day
I must let you go
you don't even want to stay

This is unhealthy and I know it so why am I always coming back?
I thought I was stronger than this but I guess I was wrong I am just a hopeless wreck

I think I fell for the idea of you and I find it hard to believe that the things I thought about you were just a beautiful lie, my deepest wishes projecting onto you
Now all that's left for me is to cry
the world is filled with beautiful things
others die just to allow their kids to dream
A boy is allowed to walk because someone dared to think
But a beautiful world is not in my dream's
Silence is deadly as far as I'm concerned
My minds filled with beautiful words
I write the truth nothing more
Cover up the deadly the sick and the depressed
All so you don't have a heavy heart inside your chest
you've devoted your time to playing video games
im sorry that I act this way
but my words do speak the truth
the world is beautiful
but I owe my beautiful world to you
kind as you are I don't know much
your catholic your not its not a big deal but
I know you like fallout boy
and your American flag pants
you wore your sisters shirt
and you wore a 1920's hat
your suspenders are red and you like to excel
You don't like drama and your kind of introverted
your eyes are brown
and you have no idea how bad im hurting
but ill put it aside all just to Keep you happy
because without you I don't know if I could keep lasting
You are my beautiful world. I don't know how much you know about me and I don't think you would want to. just know I left you alone because I knew you hated drama even though you love to be in plays  because I would rather be invisible to you than for you to not be happy I wouldn't be hear without you Chimney something ells

— The End —