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Scrapping by without a lending hand
The rent raised, they’d never understand

Streets to wander with hearts heavy laden
A carefree spirit, hopes to have made it

While piles stack up with unpaid bills
They wish for freedom, to run to a hill

Without the trivialities and endless payments
To be well-off enough, not even famous

Toiling work and nights unslept
A bucket of savings slowly kept

And the climb and perseverance away from being poor
Gained them the freedom out of the door

Of sleepless nights and unfed stomachs
Their pitiful despair gave way to a plummet
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
My soul found true love
First second my eyes met yours
Saw that sparkle there
I miss you
Mark Wanless Nov 2020
saw was if fi not ton
a soldier a child a serpent mild
**** lik crap parc fell lef it ti
a man will grow and be
Karijinbba Oct 2020
Respectability boredom
The basis of your
very happy marriage.
Added to it my painful
everlasting suffering.
My heart-ache,
and heart-break.
It all came to it's
inevitable end.

Everyone as everything
comes to a holt the"end."
I roled your deceitful dice back!
You now rip back
what greedy ones have planted
in your ***** garden's door
and my suffering.

This universal law applies
as a balancing Libra scale!
It just never fails for anyone
It's all an ever
pendulum Oscillation.
By: Karijinbba
Copy Rights apply.
We all rip what we saw
my unprovoked enemies too :
my other torturers Hell
doesn't want you there and Heaven's
doors remain externally closed  
Jose Oscar Haro, Billy Win,
Haralambos Mantalozis
haralobo matasolo matador
human predator poisoner
child torturer biggot
Henry Welonek Henry Robert Welonek Elizabeth Welonek
their team of Charles Manson's advocate s witches voodoo human trafficking haters racist bigoted human predators; Arthur Susan Raitano
Kiriaki mantalozis poisoner jealous medea Elena Olivia your ant and cousin in Athens
Billy Panajotis Basiliki in Calamata
and even you my twin soul Pat J. Cham
aka rdd..Susan Miller Caugh my pain your own now.
As for the many greedy demons in Veracruz predator thieves of all my burried loot by my twin soul hell has got you now
Jeff Albrecht, John Christianson mad son in law from hell weakly pendejos
cowards lacking courage brains heart biggots habitual drug user idiots my hell is now your own.
All who hurt me because I was simply all alone in the world. I never hindered any of you knowingly nor unknowingly not even in self defense! I was simply existing living doing what any righteous protective Mom do best loving caring and surviving all of you satanic blood thirsty morons
two face predators with greedy ******* agendas where malice greed mattered
more to you all
than my life and my children's life.
Now you rip as you planted for I return to you all evil doings and bind them to you
for all eternity in Jesus, Gods name
and it is God tells me so.
revenge is from the lord receive yours,! .
the blood of my dead baby boys and mine as you yook it it's is in your hands
As for the only human ET like myself
who wished me well may you rip the gold
you once burried for me that was such a great pain suffering loss.
As for the love you gave I keep as my own and add it to my heart's wealth bank.
I shine in my own light but I am not all that I won't forgive all the evil doers go to hell all you who wished me evil. The same hell you gave me plus interest is now yours.

Mark Wanless May 2020
saw an episode
of my life
and was not impressed
Brian Johnson Jan 2020
I saw a computer chasing a pen as the follen artist cried tears of emptiness. I saw confusion ridiculed by reason as I saw a book watching TV. I saw my reflection in a field of poppies dancing blindly with a syringe, I saw promise held down by lies, hope strangled reality. I saw the homeless ridiculed by societies ignorance. I saw all my dreams injected into screaming viens who recoiled at truth.................. To be continued
This poem is probably too long to print on her.
Eliseatlife Nov 2019
I see sadness in your eyes
As if you knew what I saw
As if you know what I think
As if you fall how I fell
annh Oct 2019
Robert told Olive
And Olive told Dee
That Emma likes Peter
But Peter likes me.

And Stephen saw Jamie
Tell Anna and George
That Vicky kissed Edward
And Clarence kissed Maude.

But Peter told Edward
And Edward told me
That Vicky saw Stephen
Tell Clarence and Dee

That Robert kissed Emma
So Anna told George
That Olive likes Jamie
But Jamie likes Maude
‘I never gossip. I observe. And then relay my observations to practically everyone.’
- Gail Carriger, Timeless
I wish you saw me
As something other than a friend
Mark Wanless Sep 2019
saw a breath of mist
mist became a cloud
the view from space
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