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Infant writer May 11
With my inward eye
I saw the light
When darkness was
My only companion.
From behind my lashes
I stepped a little
With dreams to
Clothes humid
Like my mortal
Heart held me
When I was broken.
But people forget
The shattered mortals
Can be united not
The broken ones
With weights of all
Gone faiths, I walked.
Though I didn't reach
The summit yet
I saw the peak
Nzangi Muimi Mar 5
I saw you in a dream,

Wondering through the green fields,

You were admiring the wilds,

Stunned by the sweet scent,

That the flowers sent

I saw you in a dream,

Hovering like a bird,

From yard to yard,

Me, you were missing,

The sound of your steps pleasing

I saw you in a dream,

Wearing a yellow dress,

You seemed to dislike stress,

In a scooter ride,

Looking like a bride

I saw you in a dream,

You were sitting beside me,

You left arm on my shoulder,

Whispers of love,

As our eyes move

6 a.m. in the morning,

The kitchen sink was frothing,

You were far in a wonderland,

It felt like a dreamland,

Opening my eyes, the dream was gone!
I saw a cat
outside my window;
decided to write a poem
about that.
It's big yellow eyes stared up at me
and it's long, black tail
looked like a rats'.
I thought that if I'd look long enough,
I'd start to talk to about stuff.
It looked like it
knew so much about love,
his eyes were flying like a dove.
I stared at it
for a while longer,
every minute getting closer
                                            and closer.
I stepped outside,
gently opening my hand.
The cat came closer
and started chewing at what I gave him.
His gently purr
relaxed me
and there we were,
sitting together like we were
friend forever.
I felt like I really needed to write something about the cat outside my window, plus I was kinda board. Hope you enjoyed this! :)
Johnny walker Feb 22
I know there are times many times I show my
sadness through my
words but It's my way
of surviving
In these so very difficult days we live and of cause extremely dangerous times we all face every
But there Is still so much love In this world sometimes we all have to dig a bit deeper to find It but It's there waiting to be found
I was lucky and found It through poetry writing
and made so many amazingly talented friends
One very special friend In America
That's has all come from poetry writing Insperation
from my wife started writing tribute poems to her
And never look back I have found poetry and I'm happy, there was a time I'd never even read a poem, let alone wrote one but I've
seen the light and that light being poetry
Found poetry writing through dad circumstances the loss of my wife but found a peace In writing poems of Helen
Mazen Edlibi Feb 22
I saw it in me! I saw it in my silence! I saw it in my dream!
I saw every minute telling me to leave!
I have to leave! But where to? That I didn’t know!
Just walk away…walk and other things will fall into its places! Don’t be afraid!
Don’t be scared!
Don’t be skeptical!
Don’t wait for that thing to happen!
Don’t wait for that change, that you are longing for!
Don’t wait to be a stranger again!
It is just a label! You are a stranger even in your enoughness…
In your fullness…
In your wholebeing…
Just take that Leave…and be …
The Leave!
In the bitter cold of winter
my sweetheart was taken
from me the first time In
twenty years I was now
facing winter

Left with the memory of
Helen and that she'd had
her last summer and the
summers together we do
no more

The anger that's held Inside
me for she was taken far to
soon In life and the plans we
had for retirement faded just
away to dreams
Helen and I never saw retirement together
our plans just faded to dreams
Black Lips Jan 4
I want to play a little game
Don't need you talkin bout your fame
I'll put your heart inside a frame
I'll put you in my hall of fame
You burned down a building with people inside
Do not try to run there is nowhere to hide
You killed nine people all under twenty one
The things that you did can never be undone
Burn half of your body to see how it hurt
I wonder if your husband knows you're a flirt
All you have to do is take that gasoline
And cover yourself from your toes to your waist
Then light a match
I think you know what to do
No need to cry yourself to sleep
I really hope you continue to weep
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Remembering back to the very
first time Helen and I made love
such a beautiful moment slowly
******* each other seeing her
***** for the very first time
couldn't take me from her
She drew my hand onto her
breast the softness of her skin
the stiffness of her excited
I tweaked them with my fingers
with loving care then placed my
lips upon them running my tongue around the now hardened
Felt moist between her legs
with my fingers to where I
entered her for that first time
only describe as Heaven, she
waited to ****** she held till
I was ready Then together like
a melody and harmony we hit
the perfect
Laying afterwards with
Helen arms wrapped around
I felt like I was In a different
world pure magic
To make love to Helen The first time can only describe as Heaven surely seen I will never forget my loving wife
Jon Thenes Nov 2018
Guarantee the familiar
Body the Juvenile recipe
spark authority
give clutch
a drunk torrent
of confusion
**** each new Moon
a loud Need
perhaps heart
is chesting
a pale secretion ?
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