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Feathers fall to Earth
At the request of the heart
A gift from angels
Haiku 10
D Fury Mar 9
The sky is pink silk
Candy floss clouds for angels
Feathers for stained eyes
Payton Feb 25
She lay on the ground, dirt collecting on her bones and in her hair.
Feathers and twigs scatter around her as the raven builds its nest.
A gentle breeze stirs up leaves around her.
It never served her to have a heart of gold.
This poem was written in 2017.
Samara Dec 2020
give me your gentle loving
and your tender caressing.
speak to me softly
but love me oh so loudly.
- - -
scuffle of feathers
laid upon the grass
their weight not
enough to sink in

so they rest atop
the blades
so delicately
leaving no trace
of what took place
to lay them there.
Betty Nov 2020
A feather in the wind


and knows nothing of direction

a free flying thing

without the slightest notion

that others find it beautiful

as they watch it skip and dive

gently landing and taking to the air once more

it has no cares

no timely worries

a happy child of the elements

chasing the libertine breeze

little knowing how much we would like to follow
Maria Mitea Sep 2020
Sky’s feathers
shedding on earth’s
burned umber skin
in a drifting dance spelling
away the winds,
with penetrating kisses
slowing down earth’s temper,
cooling in between its layers,
touching gently its crisp
unfreezing its heart,
bringing back on earth
the sublime.

Make the earth feel loved by the sky

That's why,
I believe in snowflakes,
Even if you would say,
anyway, they melt.
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