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Like feathers in the wind,
We fall, sailing slowly, randomly blown about,
Never knowing which direction the wind blows,
Every move, every struggle how ever hard we tried to wrestle against the wind,
Down down we fell,
So is the beauty of an empty heart and a lost soul, searching for a solid base in the dark nothingness.

Like feathers in the wind,
We embraced the wind while we have no control over it,
Finally all worries gone without a trace,
And in our heart we were born a new,
With freedom in our minds and a heart to live through life freely.

So Leave the fools with the praise,
For in the end, we all are feathers in the wind,
Each one travelling between in it's own space,
Eventually falling into the sea,
Sailing into the near forever,
Disappearing from view.
A steady reminder that life is not a race.
Lauren M Jan 25
We are ghosts that cast shadows
flying through your thoughts like birds:
one minute there, the next gone.
We are the birds, the absent,
and it is bad luck to mention us.
We may take wing, stop lingering and leave,
may not return, may fade away
like fog under the burning sun.

But fly to us, come to us and you will see,
we are humans with body and voice,
with eyes that see and hearts that yearn.
We shed our feathers and weave stories with them,
give them away
give them all away.
You too will know what it is to fly.

But tiredly you flag,
the wind sags beneath your wings.
You drop to the earth,
feathers falling all around you,
and we become the birds once again
fading into the morning mist
that hovers on the horizon.
Nova Dec 2018
I grasp at feathers
So soft, so delicate, so easy to lose  
What color is the one we shall find
I grasp at feathers
But I can no longer see color, only black and white
What have I done
I grasp at feathers
So soft, so delicate, so easy to lose
a triolet
Abby M Dec 2018
Hoarse are the birds in this garden
Coarse are the feathers they wear
Strange are the songs that they’re singing
Songs that tell strangers “beware”

Deep in the shadows lies Beauty
Long overgrown by thick vines
Lying in silence she’s staring
At naught but the passing of time.

Footsteps are scarce in this garden
Scattered with leaves as it is
Darkness has snatched it from Beauty
Her once cherished garden is his

Crying in silence lies Beauty
Watching her poor garden rot
If it lies only in darkness
Her toil will soon be forgot

Soft sang the birds in this garden
Bright were the feathers they wore
Sweet were the songs they were singing
But now there is Beauty no more
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
rising out of the sea like sunshine
brilliant blue feathers
airfoils lifting you
your energy stabilizing
holographic universe
with black holes abound
******* up your endless brilliance
they’re no match
eventually you turn them
inside out
just patient galaxies
waiting to unfold
they need you
for your light
vicissitude of seasons
hearts gravitate to you
force of attraction
terrestrial bodies are know for
special reflection
souls need to find their way
kind gentle compassionate pulling


my very existence


without you
I wrote this  today to go with a closeup of a painting I posted ig @sadtra415
Celia Sep 2018
One single little bird
A sad sorrow voice trying to be heard
Engulfed in raindrops and feathers
Waiting for an answer.

The chirp of one
Surrounded by its music, wishing he were done
Its song carried on the branches and arboreal wind
All alone, answering its own echo.
Madison Aug 2018
He fell from heavens high

Back down to this miserable Earth

All in the interest of loving me.

He was a guardian

So pure of soul

But all I saw

Were his wings.

He promised to protect me

And kept his word

Treating me better than anyone had

In a very long time.

He lived a second time just for me

Always there to rescue his favorite broken soul.

He was the one

To drag me out of dark alleys

Take the bottle from my hands

Tell me who not to call back

Place a hand on my heart

Just when I thought I couldn't feel anything good anymore.

He danced with me to my favorite records

Taught me how to laugh again

Sang me to sleep

Offered the gentlest kiss

Without asking for anything more.

He pried me open

To see into my soul.

I found true desire

In staring at his wings.

As the days passed

Disenchantment crept back in.

Finally, I asked him

What it was like to fly.

He smiled at me

So beautifully otherworldly

And told me that

As long as I was there with him

He wouldn't dream of doing it again.

It was then that I asked him the million dollar question:

"If you don't want to fly again

Would you mind giving just one of your feathers to me?"

He stayed silent for a while


Before he reached out

And tore a single sparkling plume

From one lovely white wing.

He dropped it into my outstretched palm

Before meeting my gaze

With watering eyes.

"My love," he said.

"Never doubt that I am yours."

For a while

That one feather was all that I needed.

Alas, like all things

The passing of days

Dulled its shine.

A few nights later

I asked my angel for another

Sure he wouldn't mind.

"Please," I begged.

"Just one more."

He hesitated for only a moment

Before plucking out another.

With a smile

I took it from him

To join the previous one.

There was a sick thrill

In seeing them side-by-side

One for him

One for me.

Of course

Two wasn't good enough for long.

I plead to him on one of my hopeless nights

Dropping to my knees

Choking on tears.

"Please," I said once more.

"If you really love me, do this for me. Give me more of you."

His own eyes glistening

He ripped out a handful of glittering ivory

Shoving them into my hands.

I barely even heard his groan of agony

Over my own cries of anguish.

As my collection of feathers grew

Along with my longing for more

I hardly noticed my angel grow gaunt

Glowing skin going dull gray

Radiant smile fading away

Retreating into himself

As I stripped him

Of the badge that stated his purpose.

He gave and gave

And I took and took

Never offering anything back

Never worrying

Figuring that this --

Making me happy --

Was his job.

Not once did it occur to me

That every small sacrifice caused him so much pain

That I had changed him from a guardian angel

To a caged, flightless bird.

So I never pressed him.


How do you ask someone

If they're tearing themselves apart

To give you a piece of them?

I didn't expect it

When my angel fell into my arms

The light already leaving his beautiful eyes.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered.

"But I have to go now.

Please take care of yourself when I'm gone.

And, when you look at the feathers

Think of me."

The least I could do

Was hold him

As he faded away.

Now, I walk this miserable world alone

Two angel feathers

Hanging from my neck.

I stay away from dark alleys

Seek solace in the bottle

Screen every call

Clutch a hand to my chest

Wishing my heart would freeze back over.

I've put away the records I once loved

Muted my laugh

Let every tear dry on its own

Stay up all night

Blaming myself

Vowing to never let anyone kiss these selfish lips again.

Now, I fall to my knees

Pleading with the heavens

To let him come back to me

Save me again

Reclaim the things I took from him.

Oh, angel

Please don't do this for your next girl.
Aemr May 2018
Her heart fluttered,
When the little bird landed on her hand.

He was contented to sit
And fluff himself,
Perched on her finger,
And her heaviness and darkness
Dripped and dribbled
In streaks down her cheeks
While he sang.

The knot inside her loosened,
A little,
And she breathed,
Deep and easy.

When he lifted off her hand
And flitted away,
Some of the heavy went with him.

She smiled a yearling sort of smile,
Crooked and small,
And she tucked a feather into her heart
For safekeeping.
Everything's going to turn out okay :)
zb May 2018
if i could do anything
be anything

you'd find me way up with the clouds
i'd be a fearsome sight!
all tawny-brown, white-speckled feathers backlit by a rising sun
oh yes, the dream of my childhood
was to have wings
was to fly

unstoppable, i'd
soar in a low-pressure sea of blue
my wingtips carving clouds
into the most beautiful sculptures

adrenalin, epinephrine
sixty miles an hour
loop-de-loops and barrel rolls
death-defying stunts
blink and you'll miss me

i'd drift so gently
so effortlessly
free to move
with the stratosphere as my stage
each powerful beat of my wings
lofting me higher, faster, higher

looking down,
everything so small below my
dangling feet
giant leaps
from treetop to roof to treetop
wings casting the prettiest of shadows
long feathers feeling the wind ebb and flow

my back aches with longing, sometimes.
you can never really be rid
of the dreams you conceive at twilight
the dreams you imagine with a young mind
in my dreams, i can fly.
Bee Feb 2018
Every morning I
jump out of an airplane with
out a parachute:

Swallows Starlings and
Ancient Sparrows caress Me
through Mt. Everest,

Humming Magpie’s hang
on to my fingertips past
Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Plummeting over
the lark’s meadow the loon’s lake
and today seems small.

Fifteen-thousand feet
holds the rebirth of rubber
band resiliency,

Chant with my feathers
now bound to tumbling shoulder
blades like holy fowl.

Destiny a grail
all-embracing imminent

Morning endures as
I ascend our reflecting clouds
“Today is the day”.
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