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void 6d
and it makes me so ******* sick that any sort of mild ******* inconvenience makes me wanna **** myself
but i guess that's just it
the only solution in this miserable life
void 6d
arm the so-called enemy to
shove the war down citizens throats
throw the blame onto anyone but yourselves
void 6d
im sick of this smell
i hate feeling like the hospital
it feels like the hospital
cant sleep
ears hurt
stomach tight
mouth dry
smells like the hospital
pillow hard
walls cold
too warm
does the city feel a little bit like home or the hospital
void 6d
i layed forever just holding back dry tears and when i finally got the courage to move i went through the motions of going to bed
and i got upstairs and i grabbed my guitar and i held it and i tried to play but i couldn't it kept getting worse so i just stood there
guitar in my hands and i was shaking and i couldn't breathe
so i layed down and i waited to be told goodnight and i layed on my side choking on myself
and then i couldn't move and i couldn't do anything and i tried to write but it didn't feel good so i layed in my side choking on myself
and i tried to draw but it almost made me cry so i layed on my side choking on myself
and i grabbed my guitar again and put it down and layed down on my side choking on myself
and i just couldn't break away and
it was the most awful feeling on earth
and i could hear so many things being said and i could see
so many things happening inside my head and i couldn't shut them out so the tears started to seep but i couldn't cry and i could feel myself choking
on myself and i couldn't do anything about it
choking on myself and
i couldn't do anything about it
choking on myself
void 6d
put it under your arm so it doesnt choke you in your sleep
just watch the road and don't think too much on anything
through the windshield in your dreams
just watch the road and don't think too much on anything
void 6d
i just want to scream at them that theydont get to care now
they dont get to pretend that they never hurt me
not without saying sorry
not without telling me why
why that for years they ignored me
no matter how hard i tried
no matter what i did or said or didn't do
they never tried for me then
not when i needed them
not when i was screaming for help
but now
now that im okay and can handle myself
they care
void 6d
and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth now
to see them all so blissfully unaware
void Dec 6
I try to believe
That he does not torment
Me. Not in any
Significant way, at least.
Blacker than any void
In space or dark
Matter. Featureless yet
So distinctly humanoid,
More human than humanly
Possible. A presence so
Unnerving, not physical
In the least yet so
Completely suffocating.
Darker than the absolute
Absence of everything,
All consuming – he
Follows me.

The harbinger of
Tragedy and downfall,
An entity designed for
Destruction. Determined
To desolate every
Last piece of me.
I will not give in
Easy. I refuse to let
Him take me. I
Refuse; he will not
Ruin, or
Tame me.

I refuse to
He has no

void Dec 6
To you I am grateful
Unwavering and graceful
You have been my support
You alone hold my heart
By my side and never gone
Through all I have said and done
Unequalled in idolatry
My rapture, nirvana, and ecstasy
“You’re not in this alone”
You blare through headphones
“Follow your bliss”
The one I never have to miss
“Burns a hole through everyone
Who feels it” never alone
O Music
I thank you
void Dec 6
Insides crawl with a monster

Writhing through

Devouring all it can

The Eater slithers

Through and slices

With it’s skin

Outsides twist and deform

Wrenching from

Inside out The Eater

Destroys from within

The Eater annihilates from within

Ravaged and Mutilated

The Eater wins
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