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Black Part 2: The Darkest Room

My whole life is one big dark room
Somehow I ended up dragging you down too
There's a hole in my head
That leads to the infection within

I tell you time and time again
I'm broken I'm no good
Just a washed up toy that's never in the mood.

Roses are red
Our love is turning blue
By the time this is over we will probably be through.

My whole life is one big dark room
I never wanted you to have all my gloom and doom.
They say come to the light
But my heart knows it's a lie
An addict for dramatics

Our dynamics aren't the same
In this unfair game.
My whole life is one big dark room

I ended up hurting you
And all I loved-I loved alone.
Leifa May 25
Souls, once one in the sun,
Now reach for fallen stars.
Ludic, hopeless fingers—
G r a s p i n g
For a sole thread of truth.

Don’t fly too close, little firefly.
For it’s flame shall render
All your desires and dreams
To spurned puddles of wax.

D r i p p i n g

In these wrinkled hands
Formed for puppets
A silhouette on the sphere
As the Earth only knows,
The darkness it adheres.
Leifa Jan 31
Descry the glittering sand,
Every coin is vestal, unused.
He cast unto the well,
Uttering a spell
That dwindled on his aching lips.

Amiss, his voice does not graze
Her conscious divination.
A thousand times again,
He strives-
Just for a spare thought.

But the fool, consumed, controlled
Wallows in the walls
She sculpts around him.

He begins to work away the vines
Of her honied tendrils.
Yet, each finger twined of gossamers,
Drenched in delirium.

Nay, she rejects his presence.
But grants her endless visitations
As a specter, with a Faustian kiss.

He drinks of her,
To parch his arid throat.
Remote, he holds the seed
Which festers within.
Luckymoonfall Jan 13
You made
A great impression
On me girl
Your not a man or a doctor
But just a plain simple
Goth girl after our
Talk yesterday
All I want to do is kiss you
Where ever I want
Though I wish to kiss your personality
As well as your lips.......
Just that one kiss.
Mitch Prax Jul 2020
I dug up that grave-
I couldn't help myself and
now the ghosts haunt me

7:12 PM
teaxstains Jul 2020

It’s the late 1990′s and you’re a kid

You’re skipping down the path in the garden called memory lane

Holding your mother’s hand

Suddenly you trip and fall

You see the lacerations across your knee that sting for days when you try to shower

For the path in the garden of memory lane has tripped you over by your nimble child legs

Wounding you temporarily


It’s the present day and you’re a grown woman

You’re walking down the rocky road  called adulthood, wringing your own hands together in frustration

Your husband was found dead in a crashed car with another woman

Drunk driving and infidelity do not mix

You don’t see lacerations anywhere

Nor feel the ache of wounds that sting for days when you try to shower

For the rocky road whose name is adulthood has tripped you over by your last legs

Wounding your heart instead

For life
Keebo Jul 2020
I’m listening to Siouxsie and the Banshees
The song “Happy House” repeatedly
I’m laughing at the irony
The projections of a prefect family
Blonde hair, smiles and sunshine everywhere
Everybody’s thin and everyone cares
But sadly, that’s not our reality
That’s just something we see on the TV screens

What we have is husband’s beating wives  
Children on the street dying from a high
Angels losing their faith because of ****
And body size is always on the mind
But like Siouxsie says it’s safe & calm if you sing along
“This is a happy house, we’re happy here in the happy house
To forget ourselves and pretend all’s well
There is no hell.”
Music has and always will be an escape from this ****** reality. This poem is based on one of my favourite songs that makes me feel a little more “sane”
nick armbrister Jul 2020
Her band was made up of many cool members. Cecil on drums; he wore a cut down decades old Sisters of Mercy t-shirt bought from Jason, old blue jeans and scuffed boots. Jason noticed this and elbowed Craig in the ribs and drunkenly grinned to his mate,

“That’ll do wonders for my business!” On bass was Ronnie. A full-length leather jacket made him look like an undertaker. Underneath he wore nothing but leather hot pants. Boys and girls alike loved this and thought he looked a million dollars. Then there was guitarist Sunny wearing his studded motorbike jacket with the

picture of a speeding snail painted on the back (this was Sandra’s handiwork, she was too busy making love to a random lad she had picked up to notice). Sunny had black leather combat trousers on and massive gothic boots with chrome toecaps that glittered in the

light. Finally there was Snot the keyboard player, he had a plain white t-shirt on and black leather jeans backed up by combat boots.
nick armbrister Jul 2020
They stormed through their set that was made up of songs each ten minutes long - they did just two! What a musical journey it was. Fast aggressive heavy music the quickest human beings could play and then slow monotonous rhythms that lulled the audience to sleep, followed up by loud aggressive music to wake them up. Song lyrics of trolls, witches, wizards, mysterious deep lakes, twilight skies and moody moons. After their set they gave out a number of free music discs to spread their awe-inspiring music.
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