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What will release us from our own mortal folly?

a burn across our stricken cheek?

a sorrowful departure?

a gentle kiss?

Death himself.
Sorry my stuff's been pretty drab lately. I've been having a rough year but I really look forward to writing more wholesome pieces.
void Sep 16
just let me inside please
all i want is to see
your china cabinet of my memories

im bigger than i was before
none of you can hurt me
void Sep 10
gun to my head id still choose drugs over you
knife to my neck id still choose scars over you

im as stable as ive ever been and my rage will destroy you soon
void Sep 10
Blood strange to mine, I could get ready to stay dead
I would hate my father for ever having planted me
A tall bird hunched in cold weather
Wild out of the darkness, I knew that living was terrible
The reason for living was to get ready to stay dead
Fear was invented by someone who had never had the fear
Pride, who never had the pride
Love, he called it
My aloneness had been violated
Words are no good;
Just a shape to fill the lack;
Words don’t ever fit.
Katblackfog Aug 28
You can see me in my shadow only some people I call a friendly fellow you can find me hiding in darkness left empty crying and speechless stress weighs down on my shoulders it's like I'm hitting giant boulders it seems like nothing could help me but I still look to the sky to try and see Lord is there I know he is how can I feel so dark if I know he's there hatred and depression it's my biggest bear life is not fair sometimes I wonder how can I live but to keep me going I try to share share poems share my thoughts but I'm still drowning and now I'm just lost.
Katblackfog Aug 28
R: rifle
E: empty
A: anxiety
T: threatened
H: hatred
E: exhausted
Starry Aug 25
That necklace I wear
I wear the blood
Of racists
In a pendant

That necklace
I wear the blood
of terrorists
In a pendant

That necklace I wear
I wear the blood
Of my enemies
In a pendant

That pendant is an omen
Of things too come
Who wrong people
void Jul 17
slumped against distress,
she moaned.

heavy-hearted comfort

           the stone
                           skips across
                                                   w  a  t  e  r

           f o r g o t t e n.
void Jul 17
mother of heaven

we are drifting
             without charts
                              our sky is
                                              un k n o w n
w e a r e  d  r  i  f  t  i  n  g
void Jul 17
the stars
heavy with despair,
brought to rest,

"lower sails
drop anchor"
as children.

the pendulum of a recovering darkness

some hope of rescue

                      maybe                  maybe


clatter of anchor chains

the new sick
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