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I've realized that I love hard
In the moment I can suffocate love
before it has even been born.
I rush in, in fear of loosing it.
And when they knock me back
I fall apart.
I can say that I'm strong all that I want but I'm not
and even this is just playing the victim
oh woe is me oh woe is I
suffocating love before it can cry.
oh woe is we oh woe is us...
or is it just me that cant see when enough is enough
wow its been a minute hasn't it since I posted....hoped you liked it!
I feel constricted
Like the buds of flowers closed at night
The eyes watching me
And trembling at the sight of me
Because I've been worn by the chains
And not the other way around
My soul's been twisted and churned
And ground into a fine powdered sand

The fear is crippling
It consumes
It devours
It leaves me stripped of all I once was
And of all I wanted to be
Until I feel empty inside
A hollow wisp
Of someone I once admired
you see this little girl
walking down the street
you'd never know
its death she's trying to beet
because those kids at school will tell her she's not worth it
like she's  second class
like she's not a person
I find i kind of funny
when these kids walk on they all want a friend and she could have been one
this little girl she'll g home and cry
call-in' out to god
'why cant I just die! everyone hates me, I'm just a waste of space, I am not loved and this time I've had enough
everyone turn's  as she fights depression
the only way she can get someone to listen
is when se go's to confession
Like she had something to be ashamed of
when its the kids who make her want to take off
now she's sat up in her room looking out at the moon, sad that she has to go so soon  but, she knows she cant take it anymore
"The world the sick one" she writes in her final words
all she ever wanted was to have fun
now she's braking down like a little kid
she cut at her wrist's she's had enough this
her body hits the ground she had enough of It
now she is gone d you really think that its over
because she's the dead one?
I find it kind of funny
that you think that its over
its a soldier that she needed
and I  failed her, but I will fight on
even when she's gone
for the kids who don't have one
my soared is my song as this winds to an end  I will never back down even when theirs no sight of an end I mad a promise to fight  and I will fight till my end
I just want you to know
their is someone who cares
and if you need
I will forever be their
till the vary end
you don't have to be scared
you dont have to be scared
just take a deep breath, close your eyes
I cant tell you it'll get better
but for now I'll be your reason why
and if I ask can you do me just one thing?
just don't give up, after losing her I've had enough
I know I seem tuff
but I cant take it if you go
if I could I would put us in hand cuffs
to let you know that if you jump were both going down
To be the only one to see
is a sad understatement
Its the sad truth that I'm a freak
and nobody seems to see
But with the powers of a freak
I will stand and I will see
all your grotesque atrocity's
because I am a freak a freak that see's
You say that I **** up
and all I do is mess up
every week ever day
But mommy I still love you its ok!
I cry alone in my room'
so you don't get angry at my tears
I don't know if you even care
but its ok mommy I still love you
I know im a mess yes its all my fault
yes I get that Im broken but you wont ever see that
Mommy I love you mommy I miss you
cant you see im lost without you
Broken I cry out to the night
It is now my time, I must say good by
don't you love me mommy?
I don't CARE! I loved you mommy
I played your game I said my sorry
I never said I loved you to your face
I am not scared I am not fearful I am damd
and im bringing you down to

— The End —