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Panda Boy Mar 2022
There’s this holly tree
That can imitate
Its shape to
That of a Christmas tree,
And every time I can’t help but state
‘Doesn’t that tree look like it wants to be
A Christmas tree?’
And all year round,
My co-workers laugh politely.
Man Dec 2020
i can barely keep my eyes opening
listening to everyone whine about inane ****
that they'll do really nothing to change
are you really going to quit vaping?
stop your drinking?
finally get "in-shape?"
what's this years resolution?
guess what man, i don't ******* care
keep it to yourself, i could give a ****
do something for others
selfish *****
Hope Santa kicks it.
Steve Page Nov 2018
Fa-la, la-la, *******-la!
Deck your halls, don't skimp on the holly.
It's the season to be jolly -
Shelve you woes, wrap up your ills,
use your credit, put off the bills.
Follow us for merry pleasure,
you know we're all in this together.
It's just started, it's one long trial,
but we'll get through it, just fix that smile.
Not an easy season for many, but still the expectation to be jolly.
Karijinbba Jul 2018
You are invited to come
to dine with me
From now through all Eternity, Believe in the father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
And dine with the Lord
as your host
To live in Heaven Eternally,
All you must do is.? 

Kariinbba: Inspired by bible.
For years I looked at this words framed on my walls along with Foot Prints"until I remembered Lancelott my knight had mailed it to me on a card 40 years ago and just Like that he pierced my heart with his bow, his ray of light and my cup of thorns was no more
(my fashionably late xmas greeting
could long foster for this century 21 a meeting
of thee poetic minds pleasantry sent once
   boot not worth reap peat ting).

up in the air
mine barrel sized girth
   sloshes with cheap beer
wishing many strangers

   happy holidays and good cheer
making me suitable
   as santa claus and his team of rein deer
chewing gum to avoid

   popping in both left and right ear
yet the rickety sleigh
   may not become air borne I fear
landing ungracefully
   scattering presents and gear

if wooden contraption alights,
   a horrendous crash many will hear
no doubt instigating
   children and adults to jeer

comparing this jolly fellow to king lear
yet running for the hills
   as this mad man gets considerably near
the madding crowd,

   who expected a more
   healthy saint nick to a pear
with healthy physique
   instead of the trademark outsize rear

which cause for observers
   to guffaw and sneer
whereby my trademark suit
   will seemingly tear

and reveal that this clown
   wears frilly under wear
prompting me to avoid
   accepting this role for next year.
Savannah Dec 2017
Holly berries drip wet with rain.
They seem painted against the dark green leaves
like a Thomas Kinkade piece,
the ones my grandmother loved.

The sky is a gloomy grey hanging over the town,
not so that it brings me down,
only makes me feel wrapped in the rain the clouds cry,
swimming through the afternoon.

Ah, what a day it is to be alive,
lying in the grass, soaked wet from weather
while dreaming snow meets the soggy ground
and rests atop the holly berries.
If I could read you like a book
I’d read you from cover to cover.
What would I find as each leaf turned over
To find me more and more hooked?

Your expression the preface?
Your walk the reference?
Your thoughts - the appendix?
You should copyright all these.

Your table of contents
Your chapters and headings,
Short stories or pretense,
Or expression of longings.

Each page a blessing
Reader and writer forever conjoined.
Read/Writing without resting
No writer’s block or pages deformed.

One page flying into another
As the story of you unfolds.
Could I be a footnoted lover
With a love that remolds?
Or perhaps the main character,
One to gray and grow old?

Placing one hand on your spine
While the other opens the divine.
Oh if only I could read you like a book
I’d read you from cover to cover

Memorize every line.
The are many meanings in this piece. Least of which are the feelings between two lovers or those evoked by a poem or a book. The most important meaning is that connection to the Devine that resides in each of us.
Em MacKenzie Apr 2017
Loving you is like breathing;
it's natural, and instinct.
I do it every second of every day.
Without it I would die.

And being near you is like being under sunshine;
it's warm, it's bright,
it's beautiful and positive.
It causes everything to grow.

Listening to you is like hearing for the first time;
maybe like an orchestra,
where all different sounds intertwine to create a symphony.
Maybe a story, the description of a new novel,
and it's always bound to be your favourite.

Looking at you is akin to the first glimpse of sunlight during the rise,
and being mesmerized by the stars, all at the same time.
Such beauty could never be properly defined,
but I've found myself breathless in a trance when infront of you,
like looking at a piece of priceless artwork
that you're afraid to touch,
because no perfection should ever be brushed by human hands.
leinstinct Jan 2017
You don’t want to see me
You believe I don’t belong
Lack of courage in your being
I am sure I am alone
It is fine to be a believer
I don’t think that you are wrong
When acceptance is deceiving
And the rumor is too long
Name the hollow time I ask for
Name the person I could be
Lie along my own persona
I am deep within my dreams
Should you mind my flesh without a soul nor an aura?
Could you really care for me?
you are one among the holly
i am buried underneath
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