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Johnny walker Feb 24
I been hiding all today
deep inside my world of poetry writing since early hours of the morning early
evening now and still writing
Love every minute
of It totally engrossed buried deep within the very words of her that I write reliving every word I write every
For this my world now that of poetry writing my escape to where Im happy
so I'll just keep writing for as long as able
Poetry writing has become my life total dedication to my poetry of Helen
Johnny walker Feb 16
Told my mother lock the door tonight and every other night for I won't be
home no
Found a girl I'm getting married so lock the door ain't coming home no more
Met Helen told my mother won't be home no more found a girl getting married
Desyrae Feb 16
I stopped writing
Because the only thing
I wrote about was you

You filled my mind.
You left blue paint
On my yellow walls
Left notes
All over my desk
Left tears
In my carpet
You left marks
On the Windows

In paintings were you
In mirrors too
In books
And words
And letters
Were you,
I saw you everywhere

I replayed your record
More times than i should've.
I replayed your record
But you seem to have played me

I stopped writing,
Because my reality became my words,
My words became my reality,
You molded my thoughts like playdoh
And shaped them into knives.
You split my heart in half

YOU! Split my heart in HALF!

You... Are no longer present
You... Is no longer present

Was the reason I stopped writing
Reeled me in and tossed me back
Like a fish


Is not the reason I've started to write again

He is
He brought me up when she kicked me down
Seanathon Feb 8
A Tolstory was never for me
Nor an ounce of Frost on my fingertips found
In the complexities of Estlin’s dreams, I am
Not a man without my own Wit
Or Dunbarred from uncaging this, my own sound
Only to be let loose in a Field of youthful green
No I am nonesuch of these or be Twain
I am Seanathon you see
And here I've just been Dickinson around
Think less man, lessman

And Jane Austen won't write me back
nova Jan 30
i am, therefore i am a to be
but to be what?
to be what, i ask?
i am a to be, and to be a to be means i am a will be
but will be what?
what will i be?
and if i am to be a will be, i will have to have been a won't be
what have i not been if not being?
and if i am both a will be and a won't be, i will have to have been a never be
what will i never be?
what will i never have been?
because i am a will be and am to be a have been
and a haven't been
and a have done
and a haven't done
what have i if not to be and to have been?
i am, therefore i am a to be
what am i but a to be to be forgotten?
and i don't want to be a have been to be forgotten
(If you get it, you get it; if you don't, you don't.)
sophia moz Dec 2018
how long did it take you to forget?
the overwhelming pain that latches onto your heart and won’t let go
it will always be there
for you to break
you are surrounded and there is nothing you can do to rid of it
because this is what your life is now
constantly drowning in the waters that are depression
Melancholicid Nov 2018
Hey laziness, how are you doing?
You know you couldn't lay like that all day,
Gotta do what you've to do.

Hey you, it's okay, it's fine,
Just drink your coffee,
And think rationally,
You won't die today.

Just say okay and moved on,
Smile to them with that cheerful smile you have,
It's alright if they won't smile back,
Cause everyone have bad days,
But nothing lasts.

Even if the pain with every seconds,
Feels like eternity,
You'll survive certainly.
Fun fact : Elephant pregnant for two years.
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