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CupcakesArePink Nov 2020
you wont talk to me anymore. i made sure of that

you wont ever see me dance in up(r)ple rain
or the way my eyes glint in the setting sun
(y)ou wont catch our scent of coffee
or feel the soft lingering of my h(a)nd
you wont taste the cherry o(n) my lips
or hear my unfinished lullaby

you wont talk to me anymore. you made sure of that too.

(you) *******, you(h)eartbreaking familiar stranger
take it all back
(u)nset ou(r) da(t)e and senti(me)nts
(take it all back)
Zhavaed Haemaed Apr 2020
My evening star stopped shining bright
It went off course, into the dark night
I saw it not, for it was.. perhaps a year
Or so it appeared to a brooding mind
I had nurtured it true, for my sore eyes
Every ev'ning, its twinkle w'd bring me
Delight; but off it went, into the black
Never to soothe my eternal sore eyes
It left me stranded, who w'd have seen
The end to our rendezvous, I c'd never
Foresee_ it had been pure intimacy of
A different kind; why then retire into
The dark night, why resign dear, w'out
A single sigh ! A shining star, my wont
Eternal companion of the forever sky?
Alas ! It flickered bright then died out.
Maja Mar 2020
Is this not what you wanted?
Is this not what you meant?

Sorry, oh my,
did you want a compliment?

but no.

Actually just no
I’m not sorry, and I didn’t forget

I’m just not sorry

because you broke that part of me
that could feel regret.

So I don’t,
and for you,
I won't
not anymore
Maja Mar 2020
No, I can’t.

Yes, you can.

No, I won’t.

Yes, you will.

Just stop.

Just try.

What if I fall?

What if you fly?
Just dare to take a leap.
kain Feb 2020
This is a letter
On what you did to me
How much of me you claimed
A lifetime of things
That nobody deserves
That I got anyway

I'd cast you out
If I really thought you'd go
But you won't
And I'm stuck with you
At least now I know
That this is not my fault
I don't have to go with you
You don't own
A sliver of my soul

You are nothing compared to me
To my blinding vibrancy
I am so much more
That what you -- I -- made me out to be
But at the end of the day
You aren't a part of me
We share the same space
But I will always be human
That's something you'll never be

Truth be told
I don't owe you anything
The hatred you grew in me
I've pulled out like weeds
If a lifetime of maintenance is what I need
Then I will grow my own garden
In place of what you made

Because I am beautiful
I am worthy
I will not live to die
There won't be one more wasted night
Trying to strangle out my life
I am so much more than you
You will never come that close
To winning again
I promise you that

So I'll go to the beach
In that skimpy bikini
While you thrash and writhe
In the back of my mind
Because every second proving you wrong
Is a second more of freedom

And I'll do what I want
I'll wear a dress to prom
Ask out that pretty girl
Face you head on
In the back of a car
With tears streaming down my face
Screaming to myself
That I am worth it
I am strong
I am more than you ever thought I was

This is a letter to you
Spelling out
The end of your reign
The gates have burned down
I'm gone now
I owe it to myself to win this one, and I'll do it, over and over again.
Colm Jan 2020
I trick myself
More often than most
That the time before me will feel better
Than the air which I now breathe most close

It won't

Time is time
Just as a perception is a vision of the mortal mind
Most unknown
Heck, I
Need to learn how to live for the moment of most

It's time
This is one of the ways my mind works. Even if I do mimic a bit of EE in my speech.
Kee Dec 2019
If I don’t let it out soon
All my troubles and worries
All my trials and tribulations
If I can’t open up my mouth soon
I will wither
I will shrivel up like a beautiful rose
That’s been depleted of its nutrients
I shed my last tear and haven’t watered myself since
If I don’t let it out soon
I will be still addicted to something
That isn’t even good for me
Addicted to someone
That isn’t even good for me
But is everything I could ever need
But if that’s so
Then why am I still withering?
If I can’t open my mouth soon
I will never be able to change
“I just want happiness”
Is all I have to say
How can I have that when I won’t let myself
Trapping myself in this box
Was not intended
Now I’m too comfortable
In a place I don’t even want
All things that I feel every second of the day
If I don’t let it out soon
I’m going to be just like you
And that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person
But I can’t see myself being happy like this anymore
I love you so much
I never would’ve thought leaving you would be the only way to break free
From everything holding me back
If I can’t open my mouth soon
I’ll just be the next stereotypical black female
And I can’t have that
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