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Bede Sep 22
I won't let my dreams,
Remaining dreams,
Be stamped out,
But I won't let them rule over me.

But my dreams keep me
Holding on
To the life that
Others find so dear.

Who do I have?
What do I have?
Am I truly alone?

When my friends dwindle
And I've got no one,
You're still there.

Even when everyone
Around me
Can betray me.

You're still there.

So am I ever truly alone?
No, never, you won't let me.
For this, I appreciate you most.
Even when all those I admired turned to rust, you're still there. Thank tou
don't expect me to be easy
theres a fire in my gut
and i wont put it out
for the likes of

Esther L. Krenzin
Denise Uy Sep 14
I laid out my promises on a blanket.
I chose which ones I'd make, which ones I'd break, and which ones I'd keep.

I pick one up to examine it thinking, where would this one be when I'm older?

I choose in a rush, in a blurry space where liquid burns in my eyes, I ride on a promise I'm forced to cling to.

I choose with wise judgment, I see myself keeping it until I don't have to.

I make impossible promises, hollow reassurance, empty, delusional, and temporary.

I make promises to you, ready with a puffed chest and proud smile. I will keep them all.
I promise.
A change of mind
A change of thought
Will never turn him away
He is always there for you

A change of life
A change of love
Will never turn him from you
He will always be there

The almighty

The three in one
As you change, God will never turn from you.
Johnny walker Aug 25
Last I stood staring at the darkened sky whilst smoking a gigarrette watching the smoke curling up toward
the night sky then
fading to
I'm thinking I must give this bad habit up for It no good for me destorying my health
but since my sweetheart been gone no longer
the will
I'm 66years old and made It through thus far but without Helen with me not really Interested In doing much anymore perhaps another won't hurt or perhaps I
don't care no
A love like ours I no will never die all my crying seems to be all
For I know our love Is still so strong even though my darling you've passed
It won't be long before I see you again just a matter
time before we're together again
For I know which way now
I must go till my final days
Inevitably come
End of days I'll see your face again It be long before we're together
But till that day I'll keep your love hear In my heart
until that day
we meet
For what we started that of true love we will live over again  but this time
I'll not lose
I won't give up.
You hear me?
I won't give up on us.
I won't give up.
It's never easy.
I will try more harder.
I will never be afraid to speak my mind I see the
way our country Is being ruined
by this ruling tory party who have nearly In
a decade destroyed our
once great
I just want to see them
gone they have destroyed
the hard working men and women of this
put families Into debt degrading them by forcing them to use food
because they can't afford
basic food and worst of
all they're In deniel there were calls for a
public Inquiry Into
deaths linked to benifit cuts they refused Instead help held
an Internal Inquiry but Important documents disappeared how covinient for them they are slowly dismantling
county because of their
greed I cannot understand why for nearly a
they've been allowed to continue I can only assume they consider because of global
perhaps they think this planets finished and they're just grabbing what they can In the time left or
with there wealth they'll be able to start life again on a other planet
either way the poor are doomed
you can cut out the tongue
of someone’s who’s numb
and still they shall not say a thing.

there is nothing beneath
that mirror of grief
and nothing to stir the silence.

no flame to purify
you’ll still want to die
and sink into oceans palm.

so you drown in the sea
you can soon be free
and still you shall not feel a thing.
and still I do not feel a thing
Planejane2 Jun 17
I’m convinced you came in and put shackles on those who out-loved you.
Outlived you as life went on, so you struggled to keep up.
You found the deepest darkest corner
You took from the fullest of cups.
You bound star crossed lovers together in hopes that they would get stuck
But you didn’t realize that their love could be used correctly unlike the sick twisted plots you stuck
In their minds and flesh.
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