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They tell you that you'll never do anything
say your not worth the fight
They say to keep In your lane
You'll never get the chance to change
They tell you to fall in line
March to the same beet and to the same time  
They tell you its their world you live in
like its a privilege to be living
They tell you to act the same
I tell you.. to .forget what they tell you.
I hured this on the news the other day
a small girl tuck her life away
Because she had a skip in her step
and didn't followed the rest
They told her she wasn't cool
Made her look like a foul
She said she had enough
Like the world was to tuff
So in her last final words
she showed the world how bad it
do you see   how your words **** the kids with worth
Because they believe in the lie
Feel like its their time
When the world could be so much better
If that girl never wrote that letter
They tell you to fall in line
they tell you that you'll be fine
if you'll just follow suet
Forget the girl that knew
that not everyone is the same
Life's not meant to be lived that way
But oh well they'll tell you
like its your job to follow
Like you have to obey
the rules make everyone the same
and that if you just step away
the entire world will brake
forget those words
forget what they tell you
If you need me I will protect you

— The End —