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Now I feel like I need to bring something up
and it might be hard to stomach
Just sit back and shut your ******* mouth....

Your kids are slitting up their wrist because they've had enough of this
so how about you get your head out of your ***
Kids are dying in the street getting pumped full of led
Because you asked them to pick up your daily dose of ******

I understand if you want to report this but theirs one thing that I would like to say
From me to you :).....

"*******, **** your life your all ******* *** wholes! I hope you all ******* rot!
~Thanks :)
Chloe Chapman Jan 2015
Yesterday it snowed.
Big fluffy flakes whirling down in a flurrie of white.
But they lasted only seconds, as they touched the wet ground their state changed, they left behind their cold, hard edges and symmetry and became fluid and liquid. there was no going back to its delicate structure, just like all its brothers it was something new and they didn't choose it. They were forced to adapt.
This is unedited, I just worte it how it came to me. Sorry

— The End —