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annh Aug 2020
She offered to walk in my shoes, but hadn’t factored in the soul-destroying task of having to bend over and tie the laces every morning.
‘We're all kind of weird and twisted and drowning.’
- Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood
John McCafferty Aug 2020
Soon is the time to take a break
The body aches as high
energy starts to dissipate
This vacuum burns quick without a wick
For your sake vacate to an empty space
Absorb, recharge and wait
Before shadows turn to creep in place

Dedicate some wealth to yourself
Cleanse and replenish vital health
Prioritise the time ahead
This is not the start nor end
Regenerate in wake
More work to come in a second phase

There is only so far one can bend
Patterns formed from social habits
No linear trends
A new way of living is needed to mend
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Poetic T Jul 2020
For some may think it of ******
                    but to protect the innocence
some blood may fall.

But when one is only bending
                            a knee to show,
that they may partly descend,
           but will always stand up taller.

We must see that some times the glasses,
               are tinted and we are in fact the extension
                                             of not our ideals
but ones who only see no further than there power.
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
We live in war
But die in peace.
Doesn't matter if your face
Is full of wrinkles
Or caked in grease.
We live in war with ourselves
With emotions
And strangers
With finding hope
When every corner you turn
You only find a new danger.
But death is proof that war can end
So don't give up.
Stay strong, and know that you won't break if you bend.
Capriccio Jan 2020
Take the time
To be better then fine

Be happy and content
Doing saddest with intent

Play with the rainbows
Bend over backwards
Esther L Krenzin Oct 2018
Strong and resolute, it stands
seeking with claw-like limbs
for sunlight and raindrops.
Leaves, crimson and gold
slip from trailing branches
coming to rest on frozen ground.
Whispering and sighing
the great oak bends and sways
in the icy wind.
Roots, beneath the surface
delve deep down
as ages pass--
untouched by frost.
The strong winds may blow
and wage their wars
brittle branches may splinter.
But still the oak stands
not breaking against the forces.
-Esther L. Krenzin-
We must learn to be more flexible in life, and not let the world make us hard and unforgiving. If a tree were hard and brittle, than it would break and fall over. And if it had no roots, it would never be standing in the first place. When we are born, we are born a tree bud with roots like small veins. As the years past we grow and learn the ways of the world, our roots growing and spreading. Life may be difficult, there may be suffering, and we may become hard and splinter into pieces. But remember that everything that is broken, comes back stronger than before. I once saw lightning strike down a towering oak, causing it to fall and leave nothing but a barren stump.
After a year or two, a little tree began to grow from the stump of its former self, becoming everything it was before it fell--if not even more beautiful.
To this day, it still stands, looking as if nothing ever happened.
Life will knock you down, but it is your choice whether or not you will stand up again, or stay down.
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2019
Like a broken iPod
We cannot quite mend
I see only cliffs
Around every turn and bend
This is a stupid little bit I wrote back in high school... When iPods were still cool.
Whisperer Jan 2019
All I gave you was love and care
even if I was slightly bend from previous 'experiences'
All you ever did was stab me with words , breaking me further
And return those broken pieces wrapped in the cloak of betrayal
- The one you left broken
Bryce Jan 2019
Ice caps
Mushrooms with frost on their mycelium
The ceiling of the earth tearing,
Dropping liquid ****** to give quick interest

Outside the planets twirl and explode from small rocks
Impact like pebbles on a great salt lake
The ripples of death create movement
Momentous Momentum

Violative but oh so real
Not too kind but who needs to be
Break down walls and streets and building facades
Say hey, bullets of mind should try again,
Hit something new, slit the hole of older jeans

Plop your tetrapedes between the planet matter and look good for once
Clean unwashed blue and painful on the junk

These favorites are just irises, asking to see themselves selfish and alone
Always alone in the body of god
Always a single cell in the larger overall
Pull-ups and getting down to work
Unsheathed from sleeves and lost in only the most bare of skins

Speaking to the lovers of Horus, seeking sunlight between the zippers of their minds

Rings out the bells, love, death, destruct
All the conscious constructions of the mind

Always of the mind

Never in divine
Amy Duckworth Dec 2018
If I cannot bend

Then I will raise
This is relatable to some extent with me please don't take this in any bad way shape or form.
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