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I stand here dripping wet from the rain;
From the storm you left in your wake
Shivering from exposure;
Droplets fall off of me to the ground
My tears blending in;
No one can hear my calls for you
The thunder drowning out my cry's;
No on can see me with the fog that begins to crawl in
But I am not invisible;
I see myself
From a distance I see headlights approaching;
As if my prays had been answered
And looking through the windshield I see you,
as if you had never left
Bringing with you the sunshine I so crave;
And I can finally begin to dry.

This entry of mine is kinda of half based on myself and half just my imagination and i hope you like it x
Jack Jenkins Jul 2016
If the tears are what wash my heart,
Then every night spent crying
Has been worth all tears.
So one more night spent
With pillow wrapped my face,
Let these salty tears flow and I'm clean.
Inspired by my parents possible divorce, July 24...
Breakella Feb 2016
I hate this house
There is no love in home
There is no joy in family
All there is pain, screams and crying
This family is ******* toxic
Too sick to care about others
I hate it
I want out, I want out
Beer bottles thrown on broken walls
Your children hide as you try to crawl
hes made you a sheep
to afraid to stand up
Your children are to young
so they shut up
How can you tell your children everyday before school
To believe in themselves when everyone seems cruel
How do you look them in the eyes without getting sick
Because when you tell them good bye you have to put up with that *****
When the nurse asks you tell them to lie
when it was him who gave you that black eye
And they are to young but they understand
That if their mother puts up
Its ok not to raise a hand
Your daughter will grow up thinking that its all rite
to have your husband beet you up almost every night
And have your children cry out for their mother
but because she has a fat lip
they get no answer
That its ok to curl up in the middle of the floor
after he's said he wont hit you no more
And because you let them see what happened your daughter will grow up
to expect it to happen
so stop what your doing and open your eyes
your children lurn by the look in your eyes
if you were a mother and a good one at that
when he first punched you, you would have called it that
left with your children and said your good byes
but no your children fall asleep to your cry's at night

— The End —