Today I walked to the city,
because the cat pissed on my bed.
I think my punk phase looks pretty,
and it helps to clear my head.
My work thinks I've gone insane;
I can't help but to agree.
Oh, but they don't know the pain
that's overwhelming me.
My lover packed up and went home,
leaving me here alone to mend.
Using my time to think and roam,
the solitude has become my friend.
Smile and nod at those who pass,
I wonder who I am.
Life seems to fuck me in the ass,
peace comes at $10 a gram ;)
In your sun I know I'll drown
So I rise when it goes down.
Add all my years, I am so old
yet I'll never feel your cold.
Your punctured skin are signs you're dead
but that to me means I am fed.
I'll lure you in with fake romance.
The lies I'll tell, you'll take a chance.
Allaying your fears, I'll promise you years.
Then, muffled screams that no one hears.
So what you see as silver and gold
in reality, a death so cold.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Be careful what you wish for.
Harrassed by the sweeping fog, I'd punch you

Meant for the flirtatious land, then I'd scowl

In mineral rich liquid, looking at you, starting to cry

Sand of amber hue, grounded, please hold me

Filling and flowing through bamboo veins, can you forgive me?
sort of in doubt of my progress every time i hear a tired sigh, watch a pair of eyes roll upward, try to ignore the whispers in the dark late at night. it seems like the weight of this body is catching up to me all at once, holding me down in an iron fist of the unknown. my pen runs dry and my fingertips bleed ink and the corner of my bedroom is my favorite spot to shut my eyes and sleep. my limbs are heavy, these aching parts begging to be freed. ghosts eat away at my brain like gray poison, but i can never fucking scare them away.
u either kill urself or get killed
Aaron LA Lux Jun 10
Some people say I’m over emotional,
but I can’t help it,
see love can be tricky to find,
I mean you can’t exactly Yelp it,

even though soul food is more filling than pop rocks,
so I focus on Self and people mistake that as selfish,
but there’s a difference between self centered and selfish,
and you’re a fool if you choose to not know the difference,

would rather be alone than with a clone,
that’s me being self conscious of all the noisy nonsense,
I’m strongest when I’m alone & when I find a love that’s true,
I get all Neo-Em and act all helpless,

well this,
is just the way it goes,
up late alone listening to Emo-Soul,
ready to Seal the Deal with a Kiss From A Rose,

while all these liars lie like Geppetto,
or better let Pinnocchio,
trying to prove what they say is true,
but I’m no fool so I just observe as their nose grows,

and no I don’t believe Them when their scheming,
because We’re wild & beautiful & They’re just tame & gross,
see nothing is more disgusting than a liar,
nothing more a turn off than someone frontin’ like they on one,

so if you’re not don’t front like you’re the one,
you’re not a rider you’re a parking meter who’s time expired,
We are Amazing Spaceships,
you’re just a scarred car ready to retire with flat tires all tired,

drained of all feelings,
you’re counterfeit not the real thing,
I don’t care about your Brand Names,
you can’t copyrite Freedom,
I don’t care what you are,
I care who you are a a human being being,

and I know I’m getting worked up,
but that’s only because I feel let down,
so don’t be surprised if you wake up,
open your eyes and find I’m nowhere to be found,

and you realize that I lost your lies found truth and left town,

with just a backpack full of daydreams,
and a heart full of gold,
I’ll have hit the open road,
just Me, Myself and my Emo Soul…

∆ LaLux ∆
the magi Dec 2017
Emo-esque tales of Razors slitting the cord
My spirit is tainted like an Ouija board

Arching Daemons summoned my name,
at the belly of Hell's burning wave.
In tune with the wind's shrieking fame,
The Moon was hung on my dampened grave
as a portrait of pain and despair.
Hand-held by Death's debonair,
A heart once cantered on Biblical lies
Cherubian Daemons that my soul now defies.

"For my song may not be gospel, yet
feared in life and Death.
I am one whom none reject
I'll always be there- Till your final breath."

"Aw, Stop claiming your life is over,
for it has but begun.
Starry nights; a pearly shore to Her
even though the noose is tightly strung..."
for the boy i loved, im sorry i could not see your pain in time
Mica Jun 4
you've got something to say, why don't you speak it out loud instead of living in your head? it's always the same, why don't you take your heart out instead of living in your head?
song by The 1975
julianna Jun 1
Sometimes wearing a choker is
A sign of weakness, a cry for attention.
But mostly, it's a token of strength.
I've walked through hell and back,
so know it.
Aaron LA Lux May 23
Can’t escape her,
not even in my dreams.

Last night she was there,

in my dream,
I was crying,
these eternal tears,
& instead of running away from me,
she took my head placed it on her shoulder,
& told me she was there for me & always would be.

Then I woke up.

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I don’t cut myself cause I want to die.

I cut myself to feel alive.

                        With love,
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