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Hannah May 24
I'm finally falling down
From this cloud.
I'm finally setting my heart straight
Getting my mind clear
Of all the things holding me down.

I can finally see
What I couldn’t before.
And it’s finally clear
I'm looking at the door.
I'm waiting to break free
From what’s holding me back.
I don’t know what it is,
But I’m tired of it hurting me.
Kairosclere May 24
Pages hanging on
By a breadth of
A mere molecule
Paper hearts
And discarded minds
Holding on to life
By a brief tether
By auspicious grim.
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If only we had evergreen memory
That could last for an eternity
Holding onto those bits and pieces
Of time like summer breezes.
Shay May 22
I’m afraid of you and I shouldn’t be.
I’m afraid of you.
Why do you have hold of me?
“Let me go!” I plead.
But still, you hold onto me.
Your hands never touching me,
But your words are entrapping me.
Why won’t you let go of me?
Am I holding on, too?
Let me let go of you.
Let me be free.
©️2020 Caelan Dean
Glenn Currier Apr 27
Guilt and its grave cousin shame
a heavy gnarled ball and chain
on my ankle, holding me back
sinking me into bloodthirsty black.
Far17way Apr 16

Flashing light of across the street,
We walk together to the street,
Step by step,
We matching our steps walking together,
Side by side,
Holding each other hand to warm our self,

The tingles of my heart makes me blush,
To see us through our shadow,
We laugh with our own world,
Such lovely scenery to us both,

You can walk me home,
All the way home,
Don't try to anyone else,
Just be yourself.

When our hands' touch
i feel electricity
run through my veins
like vines turned to ash

and then you pull away
and then you pull away
and then you pull away
O, son,
Whom I now hold in my arms,
Though I, from head to toe,
Am a broken man...

...I pray, only,
That you will find embrace
In the Arms
Holding me

For my son
andrea nicole Feb 20
I. He stopped by my apartment
and poured his heart out on the carpet,
knees bruised and eyes wild. We fell silent,
unspoken words lingering in the air
as the sun stilled. I held his hand.

II. Tears streamed down his face,
crossing the constellations on his cheeks.
He looks at me. I say nothing.
“Why does love hurt?”

III. “It’s meant to,” I reply,
tangling our fingers together. We watch
the morning bleed through clouds.
i realized
My hand was so skinny
Yours strong and gentle
We connected them together
So nervous to touch
We were the observatory
The new couple
How did we look?
I felt safe
Yours so warm
A mans hands I never held
In this way for love
I still grab these hands
When I feel sad and or glad
Always to feel safe
Even to calm my cries
Or my pains
There to heal me
Make me know everything’s ok
They are so smart
They teach
They write
But best of all they hold me
And they said “I do” and
They most certainly do
Thank you for having two
First time we held hands I remember like yesterday. It was at an Observatory
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