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Kevin Sep 18
The second day i met you
You told me-

"Your body makes me...
                     Your so perfect-
        I'd rip your face off,
then your clothes."

I find my fingers graze-
Past your rosy cheeks
Through the locks of your hair
Across soft shoulders
Down your beautiful curves

Until I've met your tips
and my hands are
With you
Denny Crow Aug 25
As you stood there

With your heart in one hand

And nothing in the other

I knew I would take them both.
Umi Aug 12
An expectation,
A simple wish, to hold on,
With the desire of a brighter tomorrow.

~ Umi
Anastasia Aug 10
You hold me
No words necessary
A kiss
On the ear
A hand
Holding mine
How simple
It would be
To finally
Be happy
If only
You loved me
‏یہ سانحہ محبت کا
گزرا کچھ ہم پہ یوں
  روح تھی گھائل
۔۔۔  اور تھیں مضطرب سانسیں
بس اس کا ہاتھ تھاما تھا ۔۔۔۔

How Love happened to me?


My bruised soul
was exhausted,
Out of breath.


I just held his hand ...
When it comes to languages, Urdu will always be my first love. Still, I will try to do the English translation so that it is easier for the readers to understand.
Cursive N Aug 5
Everything feels out of focus,
When we're not in the same room.
Spinning smiles of the hopeless,
Grip your words like an heirloom.
Hold me in your arms
fold me into your heart
touch me and let me feel your softness
take me away from me
help me to see
through your big brown eyes
drench me in your light
for I am down
and in the dark
remind me to laugh
and lift me with your wings of hope
smile me that last mile
before I am too tired.
Brayden Allen Jul 30
Eventually we all grow old
but I’m truly ready to watch
their love grow old,
stronger with each day.
My brother’s love for his girl
resembles that of my Dad’s.
My parents aren’t the perfect couple
they bicker and they fight and they learn
to take everyday as a new
and use the ashes of yesterday
so they can fertilize the new morning.
When I look at my brother
and see his hand holding her’s
I know they worked to stay intertwined
like the most beautiful ******* vines
you’ve ever seen.
Nina Jul 1
My heart is broken,
Yet all the shattered pieces,
Love you endlessly.
Seanathon Jun 18
Is having held once before
And having time alone
Say no more

Holding For You
Holding For You
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