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CarolineSD Apr 21
Every bend of a mountain stream
Has an inlet somewhere,
A little warm corner where the
Currents churn slow
And soft
Across the water worn rocks.

And notice how the river's things
Quick darting fish and splintered
Sticks all come to rest
For a moment in the rhythm of this Gently swirling space
That gives freely of her embrace
Before everything goes drifting on and
On to where it is supposed to go
Waterways to the raging sea
And beyond.

And I am an inlet.

I do not know how to turn cold and
Resist each time
Love comes close.
No, I reach out to gather and to hold.

But yet, it is always only passing
Through and like the gentle bend of a Mountain river, I must let go.

So it is
Every time
I find myself alone.

Sitting by the banks of a
Rushing river
Listening to the whisper of the water That sounds like

Everyone I know goes away
In the end.
-Johnnie Cash
My Dear Poet Feb 7
Let’s plant this kiss
and bring forth fruit
our lips entwining
with tongue-like root
Let’s water this kiss
with tears we cry
over trees of life
lest they wither dry
Let’s bury this kiss
beneath our eyes
our last taste of sun
before love dies
My Dear Poet Nov 2021
These hands were made for holding
Then came fear and taught me how to grasp

These lungs were made for holding
Then came anxiety and taught me how to gasp

This heart was made for holding
Then came love and taught me how to clasp
I was made wonderfully and beautifully
and now life teaches me to take hold
frog Nov 2021
Your hand
On my knee,
My hand
On your hand,
Your arms
Wrapped around me,
And mine
Around you.
catching feelings man
Alexa Genesis Jun 2021
walk firmly looking up front as if there was no problem
i walk in front of you because i want you to see how fix i am like a rubiks cube.
i want you to look at me in the eye while i walk passed you. and i want you to remember how you messed-up every color in my life.
i want to tell you a story of how much morphine i took just to numb the pain i holding, while you seem like nothing happened.

i remember the pain i'm holding, while you holding someone hands.
while you are content and i'm not
while i'm suffering in this pain like a fire, burning in my heart.

i want you to remember the memories. the memories that haunt you till the rest of you life.
i want you to look at me in the eye and look down on me and walk passed by
past is a lesson. don't live in past
aspen wilde Jun 2021
the whole night
i've been holding my breath
without realising,
so when i exhale
it surprises me with an intensity
i've never known.
Tears rolling down my cheeks
Rain pouring on mountains
Water gushing down fountains
Ice frozen on its peaks
I've been crying for weeks
My cheeks still have the tear streaks
My eyelashes all wet
My eyes can't forget
Going over and over it makes me cry more
I keep sobbing on this cold floor
I can't hold it in anymore
Leaning against this rough wooden door
I let my tears pour
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