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I hiss and withdraw
to the core
retreating behind my thicket
of thorns
fangs bared against
beleaguered attempts
to shred the serendipity
I've fought relentlessly
to nurture.

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Beleaguer: to exhaust with attacks
Serendipity: finding something good without looking for it
Johnny walker May 10
I'm holding on clinging
on to the past for that
how I survive and all
I now
So I keep holding on to
all I have left now that
of my memories of
Johnny walker May 10
I know Helen visits me at night whilst I'm asleep, she speak not a word but I feel
her holding my
But when I awake to dawns early light I knows She's been here a faint smell perfume
lingering In the
I know that all but a
fantasies born In my head
through her memory for I never let her
I loved Helen more than anyone could ever know
for I'm holding on, for her Inspiration keeps me strong
enough to carry
I never let Helen go for keeping her memory alive keeps me alive
for I loved her so no one but me truly knows
Naya May 4
I hold you up so high, it’s like you could grasps the spangled stars that are in mere reach of you;
and I wonder why sometimes,
for I too deserve this divine view
when there is no balance, i'm better off on my own
Death is the only little pleasure
Left in this sullen world
For all things have their own
attempt at death.
I wish, I could turn the time
Find myself standing near you
Holding each other's hand
And your eyes looking at me like
I am the only one exist in the world
We talked today.
I'm not sure if it affected you as it did me,
I'm not willing to stand here,
my bleeding heart in my hands,
waiting for a sign from you that it's okay to let go.
We spoke today,
and I broke down sobbing.
I truly believe that I **** everything up,
everything, everyone that I love,
I ruin them.
We bled today,
waiting for those we love to love us back,
we're not patient enough to be the ones
holding hearts in bleeding hands.
Why is it that when I think I'm over you, it all comes rushing back?
Eden Quinn Mar 6
How many times
did I try to hold back my heart
when it was clearly
craving for yours
to crave mine?

clever Mar 16
everyone says that habits hold you back,
but i think i liked you better that way.
it was easier when you had something
to keep your ego from overtaking
i'm far too done to be holding my tongue.
and sometimes you just have to let them go,
not because you are  not strong enough to fight for them,
but because they wont even try to win you
i had to let you go because i was tired, tired of everything ...i just couldnt take it anymore..........
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