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I've realized that I love hard
In the moment I can suffocate love
before it has even been born.
I rush in, in fear of loosing it.
And when they knock me back
I fall apart.
I can say that I'm strong all that I want but I'm not
and even this is just playing the victim
oh woe is me oh woe is I
suffocating love before it can cry.
oh woe is we oh woe is us...
or is it just me that cant see when enough is enough
wow its been a minute hasn't it since I posted....hoped you liked it!
Being good at Abstract art dose not mean you are bad at art...
It means that you don't follow,
you lead
your art is an extension of yourself.
Don't let anyone take that away
How many people have to die,
for you to understand.
That you don't hold someone's life,
in the palm of your hand.
They say "You can't stop me."
They mean "Pleas try and help me."
They'll tell you "Go away."
But pleas understand they want you to stay.
Because they feel alone,
and loneliness gets old fast.
Because in their heads they see nothing
but, the stretch marks on their legs.
The thoughts that run through their heads,
are about the fact that they cant go out with their friends
they have to save up to be able to afford food instead.
Don't look down on them because they work.
Don't look down on them because of their race.
Don't look down on them because you cant face
the fact that when they grow up...
They'll have more caricature in their pinky toe
than you ever had with that fake *** face....
And even if they fall down.
Get nocked down and locked away.
Some wont turn out ok
but you'll have that one, the Mandela of today.
Don't act like you would have turned out any better than they did.
And I hate to say this...
But my generation is ****.
Grow up, get over yourself....
I thought we were better than this....
I saw your face in the clouds todays and I remembered you
I remembered your smile and how its been gone for a while
how much you loved the sunny days and the rainy ones alike
I remember how you loved us and how you cared so much
but it also made me sad because the first person I thought about telling
was so far up in the clouds I hurt my voice yelling to you
She placed herself alone in a room with her thoughts that were dark.
She danced with the demons that lived in her head and she didn't fall apart.
This girl that I once knew with eyes so blue, danced with the demons inside of her head.
She spoke with them calmly and danced with them till dawn.
So they wouldn't cry when she was dead.
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