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Mag aaral ng mabuti para sa kinabukasan
Hindi lang para sa sarili para na rin sa bayan Magandang trabaho at magandang pangalan
Aking pamilya, saki'y inaasahan

Ginawa lahat ngunit di kailanman sumapat
Mas inuuna ang pamilya dahil yon ang dapat
Ni hindi makuha ang suporta na nararapat
Pamilya nga ba talaga itong maitatawag?
Para sa mga taong inaasahan ng kanilang pamilya
every moment you spent crying and every tear you let fall
came from words they keep calling
just because you walked down the hall
they don't know because they cant see
how vary close to the edge your standing
all your friends don't know you that well
if they did would they let you sit alone on a stair well
they will go on with their lives like everything is all rite
your left thinking if they just stood weir you are
they would care just a little bit more
no you wont make a sound
you smile just to fool all the kids who think they know what your going threw
you feel alone in your fight with  fear whispering in your ear
its the only thing that you can hear
every signal breath you take
seems like its harder than the one you took before
they tell you to stay calm
Keep your cool it wont be long
hold your head up don't cry
but they have no idea how close to the edge you are
they don't know because they cant see the scars on your heart
I wont say good bye
but I don't want to see you cry pleas just open your eyes...
why wont you open your eyes?
are you all rite?
pleas don't leave me hear I don't want you to die
I write with raw emotion fear or anger or hurt whatever it is...some days I'm *******....and days like rite now my entire world feels like its falling apart but, never and I mean never will I walk away from someone who needs pleas just...just think about the people in your lives who you fight with, one day they wont be their...dont waste your time on anger....pleas don't just walk away

— The End —