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Dec 2016 · 354
Nov 2016 · 867
Woe is me...
I've realized that I love hard
In the moment I can suffocate love
before it has even been born.
I rush in, in fear of loosing it.
And when they knock me back
I fall apart.
I can say that I'm strong all that I want but I'm not
and even this is just playing the victim
oh woe is me oh woe is I
suffocating love before it can cry.
oh woe is we oh woe is us...
or is it just me that cant see when enough is enough
wow its been a minute hasn't it since I posted....hoped you liked it!
Oct 2016 · 301
Being good at Abstract art dose not mean you are bad at art...
It means that you don't follow,
you lead
your art is an extension of yourself.
Don't let anyone take that away
Oct 2016 · 320
How many people have to die,
for you to understand.
That you don't hold someone's life,
in the palm of your hand.
Oct 2016 · 977
Dont Look Down On Them
They say "You can't stop me."
They mean "Pleas try and help me."
They'll tell you "Go away."
But pleas understand they want you to stay.
Because they feel alone,
and loneliness gets old fast.
Because in their heads they see nothing
but, the stretch marks on their legs.
The thoughts that run through their heads,
are about the fact that they cant go out with their friends
they have to save up to be able to afford food instead.
Don't look down on them because they work.
Don't look down on them because of their race.
Don't look down on them because you cant face
the fact that when they grow up...
They'll have more caricature in their pinky toe
than you ever had with that fake *** face....
And even if they fall down.
Get nocked down and locked away.
Some wont turn out ok
but you'll have that one, the Mandela of today.
Don't act like you would have turned out any better than they did.
And I hate to say this...
But my generation is ****.
Grow up, get over yourself....
I thought we were better than this....
Oct 2016 · 344
I saw your face in the clouds todays and I remembered you
I remembered your smile and how its been gone for a while
how much you loved the sunny days and the rainy ones alike
I remember how you loved us and how you cared so much
but it also made me sad because the first person I thought about telling
was so far up in the clouds I hurt my voice yelling to you
Oct 2016 · 722
She placed herself alone in a room with her thoughts that were dark.
She danced with the demons that lived in her head and she didn't fall apart.
This girl that I once knew with eyes so blue, danced with the demons inside of her head.
She spoke with them calmly and danced with them till dawn.
So they wouldn't cry when she was dead.
Sep 2016 · 392
Hold On
What will our last deeds be when we are faced with death...
And will we prove to be inherently evil when we have no breath.
They say the memory that you leave behind is glorified.
And to live every day like its your last ride.

I am no better than anyone.
And I am no stronger than you.
But I understand my place in this world..
Do you?
I will not be content with stationary thoughts
Or paths the say they end but the world lays beyond.
I will not be content with this town, this state, this country.
Because I am not content with myself.

Be better they will say than you were yesterday.
Learn something new everyday.
I've learned that life douse give but mostly takes.
Its taken my innocence, its taken my purity.
Because I was not able to value myself,
I was not able to scream for help
But I've learned that he himself was harmed,
like he had harmed me.
So I have forgiven him for what he did,  but,not easily.
Because I understand what it dose to your mind
to be beaten brutally.
It is what it is, don't feel bad for me.
because like an angel with broken a wing,
I again will learn to sing.
Be carful and hold fast, because nothing in this life will last.
It is, what it is
Sep 2016 · 991
Chase the sun
We will chase the sun until our time is up
And we will be ok because we have to be
oh, we will chase the sun, till our time is up.
so don't fear for us we were strong enough.
Oh chasing the sun until the moon comes up in the sky.
We might get sad but, youll never hear us cry.
Tell my mom that I am alright, tell my dad I wont
be home tonight.
I am chasing the sun, but Ill be home when I've had enough.
and when its all said and done I would have lived,
I would have chased the sun.
As great as it might seem, freedom is never really free.
We are young and we still bleed.
We were young, much to young
we didn't get to see the world for what it was
But we chased the sun, our time came now our time is up.
Pleas don't foget us now that we are breathless
don't cry for us because we are gone
love us for what we were not what we could have been
love us till the end
We will chase the sun till our time is up,
and we will be ok because we have to be.
We have lived, we have lived enough.
We chased the sun till the moon came up in the sky
so pleas don't cry for us now that our time has come.
pleas be strong enough
Dedicated to all of the teens that have died from texting and driving, drunk driving, suicide, or who were killed because of something they couldn't have changed
Sep 2016 · 1.4k
My fault
its alright if I am secondary to whoever comes before me.
its alright if you don't love me anymore.
Because I must, I must have a sine that sais 'use me'
And it must be my fault that you left.

Im sorry that I had a few morals, and I didn't want to have ***
Im sorry that I wanted to Waite till I was in my wedding bed.
And im sorry I made you do it, because my **** was my fault.
At least that's what you said.

Its not even a ****, I didn't **** you.
You never said no, you never told me to stop did you?
No I suppose your rite, I didn't tell you to stop.
You couldn't hear me after you covered my mouth.
And you couldn't see my face while tears rolled down.
And you didn't realize that the sounds coming from beneath your hands were my cry's for help.

I guess your rite, it wasn't a ****, because you wont admit it Im the one to blame?
No Not this time this wasn't my fault.
My parents still love me, what will yours think when they see you locked up behind bars like a vault.
because again I suppose my **** was my fault.
This is dedicated to the people who are sexually assaulted every day, for the people who are still coming to terms with what happened to you. **** is never the victims fault, no matter what their wearing.
Aug 2016 · 2.3k
Dear future boyfriend
Dear future  boyfriend....
I will assume you will break my heart even before we speak.
And hold on to every word like it were the air that I breath.
I will ignore the good things that you do.
And search for every mistake meticulously.
I promise to never have faith in you and to always expect you to fail.
I promise to put you on a pedestal  that you'll fall off of
and to always go running to my friends the second you speak out agents me.
And when I do something wrong and you say something about it,
I promise to always find a way to blame it on you,
Dear future boyfriend I promise to drain you emotionally so that you cant ever find the strength to leave me,
And to always ,make you feel like you cant leave me alone.
Dear future boyfriend, I promise that when it ends ill make Facebook posts about it so that all my friends can see,
and so that they can all take part in a breakup that was largely to do with me ...
Dear future boyfriend, pleas.....don't be my future boyfriend
Aug 2016 · 1.2k
Daisy Heart
Theirs a daisy in my tea cup.
Theirs a sun set setting high.
Theirs a river running past me.
And the deer are striding by.
Their are feathers stuck inside the tea ***,
and their are a few in my cup.

We  remember, or at least most of us do.
The lesions we were taught
about a people who are now few
fewer than the patches of grass in our city parks
fewer than the smog less city's that
have wilted our daisy hearts

Now we've gone and built our world
on top of their prairie plains
we gave them land to live on
but reservations aren't the same
Jul 2016 · 974
From my finger tips to my elbow
my arms are covered in paint.
They are all different colors,
but the idea is the same,
to create something beautiful,
a sunset, a rain shower .
an old pine tree or a flower.
I don't paint with anger,
I paint with love
I paint with my heart,
shouldn't that be enough
I see beauty in what could be
But so many before me have written it out
what beauty is supposed to be
One color, don't mix, separate, don't  fix.
Yes one color can be beautiful,
and one can be bright.
But one without the others,' seems like a very plain sight
Why do we separate one from the other, why do we try to moderate one from another color.
The world around us is changing and yes we wont be hear forever
but we can stay together if we could only love  one another
Jul 2016 · 401
hold on to you
id never tell you to love me if you cant
stay if you want to but go if you don't
I wont hold on to you if you want to go.
Jul 2016 · 483
Just Like Daddy......
cry yourself to sleep at night to the sounds of another pointless fight.
don't listen to mommy cry tonight, daddy doesn't mean to fight.
are you alright dear, are you ok?
I know it hurt when daddy drove away.
who would blame him you want to go.
You walk away but daddy drove.
     Years have gone, and so have you
along a tear stained avenue, with your mind and your manner to
you are your fathers son through and through.
      and just like him, children came, from a woman, you cant even remember her name.
Unlike him you tried to stay but just like he did you drove away.
      Your boys left now without a dad, you've given him no better life than you had.
Don't you remember crying yourself to sleep, doesn't matter the bottle you'll keep.
     While your boy learns to stand on his own two feet.
Jun 2016 · 656
Were all liars,
our house is broken.
This house is not my home,
I feel broken.
I don't know how im supposed to feel,
when I don't want my reality to be real.
This house is broken,
its not a home,
hasn't been  since you threatened to leave so long ago.
I love you, I do,
Ill never leave you,
but, I cant take all this heart ace.
I've got nothing left inside of me,
Becoming numb to your memory.
This house is not a home,
were all liars because we say so
This house is not a home....
and I feel broken...
May 2016 · 371
The love of a Vampiret
Their are many things in this world
that are straight and bent and twirled
and wrapped around my little finger
but don't worry the pain wont linger

Because what is love without a bit of pain
to put the whole world into perspective again.
To show you that the world is cruel
But I find beauty when I find you

You with all your faults
And all of your short comings
Back to your side I find myself running.
Love me or not I cant tell you enough
That yeah life gets rough
But you are enough

Life wont be easy
and our hearts are not perfect
But I'll work with you because I think your worth it
your heart never beet to the sound of a drum
you never blindly followed anyone

....your gone and it hurts to watch you leave
But, I would rather it hurt to breath without you
Then to watch your eyes fill with misery at the sun rise
I cant follow you as you went
so I watched the sun as it set
with or without me
love me or hate me
Ill bend so you don't have to break in the end.....
May 2016 · 732
Dear sister  can you hear me
are you out their are you listening.
Do you know that they have got me,
do you know that I fee like I'm drowning.
Our father he did tell us about the monsters in the sea
He told us to be cautious
he taught us to be weary.
Now I've lost you the ocean floor.
now the very monsters have me, locked behind the door.
I don't know if your still breathing,
But if you are I'll tell you this.
I am aboard the vampiret ship

Aboard the ship that moves threw nightmares
The flags made of bones and ash
Threw your dreams we will go
Aboard this ship that we sail
Aboard the ship of black and soulless flags

I have lost you but one day find you
Then we will never again fear the night
We together aboard this ship that carries all of fear
Aboard the vampires ship
Apr 2016 · 677
Is It Just Me
is it just me?
I don't think so..
Is it just me
that's what I've been told
Im getting real sick of all this *******
all this dull ****
Im real sick
if you don't love me then be on your way
you aren't a necessity in my life today
I don't need you if you wont want me
so  if that's the case
you can be replaced
is it just me?
I don't think so...
Is it just me?
That's what eve been told
But that's ok if that's the case
I don't need fake friends in my life today
Mar 2016 · 411
your alone.
God that hurts
The world wont stop spinning
God that's hell.
Just stop trying
But I cant
I cant let go of them
but they don't looove you*
No, but I love them
Mar 2016 · 622
When I Am A Mother
When I am a mother,
my children will be kind,
they will be strong, but they will have a kind mind.
I will be good to my children, but they wont have it easy.
My daughter will know about boys her age and how they automatically assume she's just as ******.
She will know that she can never be replaced, shell know Ill love her always.
When I am a mother my son will know grace.
He will treat others, the way he would like to be faced.
He will know to protect his sister, value her over any of her misters.
When I am a mother I will love my children.
If my daughter decides she's a he,
and if my boy wants to play dress up Barbie.
Because when I am a mother, like I plan to be,
no matter who my children are, what gender they will identify as, even if their body doesn't say that.
No matter who they fall in love with.....When I am a mother, I will love my children...because they are my miracle....and they are the world to me
Mar 2016 · 417
what do you think?
I kind of just sat their numb to the world while Vanaleta whirled around me like a tornado. Throwing anything she saw necessary into the trunk. I couldn't see a pattern in what she threw in. The look on her face told me not to put up a fight, to not ask her why she was inside my room, why their was a creature, man thing flickering like a candle in my room. It didn't hit me until she started to slow down what was going on. She was in my bathing room when i shot up out of bed and promptly fell to my knees. Once i was on my feet the world went black. I crashed to my knees, something caught my shoulders, holding me upright. My vision slowly came back, it felt like being stuck under water looking up at the world tat was above you but not being able to see it clearly, then suddenly braking threw the surface. the next clear thing to me was having my hair held back, and someone gently rubbing circles on my back. It felt like they were trying to be carful, like they were touching an unfamiliar animal for the first time. I remember looking up and seeing Vanaleta run into the room, seeing her eyes go dark, as my world went black again. God i wanted to scream, to make a sound, to so anything. But the Black that pressed down on my vision it felt like a crushing weight, pressing down onto my chest until i gasp, al the air was let out, and it finally pulled me under.
Mar 2016 · 525
Like the main the author must die
their lives written out, bound by a books spine
Their eyes are yours, you have what's left of their mind.
How tragic the story line was?
Well that was their lives.
They give you who they are, so you can read to
throw away some time.
Months to years of their lives soaked up in a weeks time.
But yes like the main, their creator must die.
But they are immortal in another way.
Their mind might die but their world will stay.
With hands now plagued with arthritis, and blind milky filmed eyes
They cannot tell you about their mains lives.
Aged is their mind, taken by time,
But immortal is the world they created....
A whole a few hundred pages...lives carried out
and then shut down....
Yes like their main an author must die.
Mar 2016 · 387
When i die
When I die I will live on.
You will find me weir I've lived for so long.
In between books seems and in poetry readings.
In brush strokes and paintings.
I am a child of literature, the daughter of written things
My skins made out of book pages, my mind out of
the words I read.
When I die yes I will live on.
I will live on in between hard and paper back book seems.
Mar 2016 · 503
I am
I am a lover who's never known love
A dreamer who cant fall asleep and
a human that cares to much.
even with this do you still think I'm enough?
Mar 2016 · 732
I'm not going to die today
but I might just need you still.

No im not going under tonight
but I could use your company

Yeah I'm not going to die tonight
but without you I just might
Mar 2016 · 386
The Dream Men....
Once I had a dream that my father tried to **** me,
and everyone that was beside me was a man who had hurt me.
He had my heart inside a box and figured I was lost,
so he brought out a knife he had labeled 'Time.'
All the men in my life at some time or another,
left me at some point, in pursuit of another.
So no wonder in my dream, some men did try to protect me
but, turned around and carved their names into my heart.
All the women did not come, to heal my heart or give me another one.
So I was left on my own, with a hollow space under bone.
A cold feeling in my soul, that I now call my home....
Mar 2016 · 454
Your Eye's........
"Its very easy to put up with you, because your so damb wonderful."
I've never let words make up my worth,
what some people say, even if it hurts.
But, the way you speak makes me want to be,
to some how live up to the way you think of me.
I've fallen for your eyes, but they barley know me yet.
Don't these feelings you forget,
I'm in love tonight.
Your heart is what I want,
because mines yours to keep.
As long as you care,
I know I'm safe in your reach.
God I'm in love tonight.
With all these words that I write,
I value yours over mine.
So if these words you do forget,
I promise you I wont regret all the time that we have spent.
I've fallen for the look inside of your eyes,
I hope you find a home in mine.
I'm still falling for you yet,
God I'm in love tonight.
"Its very easy to put up with you because your so damb wonderful."
No I've never let words make up my worth,
But, I've fallen for the rest of my life,
I can see in your eyes.....
WOW, my first love poem.....Do you like it?....So yeah the ever so dark Andie, has fallen in love with someone...its scary to think that someone can effect me and my life so easily.....I just want to put it out their that this is not in any way me saying oh, now that I love someone even if they say im worthless I think I, if he ever did that yeah it would hurt but, I know its not only saying someone that I love who is not my mother, thinks that Im as wonderful as I think they are, and its going to make me open up more, wish me luck!
Mar 2016 · 222
I have held a thousand fears
and cried a thousand tears
just when you don't think
that your heart can brake anymore
you go and open p another door
ill never be fire proof
yeah I know im not good enough for you
you seem to like to remind me of that
cut me some slack and give me my heart back
Feb 2016 · 587
My heart
dear my heart is what I'm afraid of
Because I finally feel like I'm enough.
How have you captured me so easily
How did you make me fall in love
Love is what I am afraid of
in all its vulnerability
How easily you could brake me
And then still make me fall in love
Dear my heart is what I am afraid of
because in your hands it rests
Because you can care for it so easily
or make me feel like second best
Feb 2016 · 1.9k
Wind Chimes
Your tears are like wind chimes,
as your heart brakes so softly,
silent you try but this you cant hide.
You've tried to be sweet, and keep the melody up beet,
but sometimes the wind goes and  dies.
But no your not fragile,
from this you shall grow.
That although your tears fall like wind chimes,
you are stronger than most know.
Yes you are hurt ,
because you feel burnt,
but dear you are a wind chime ,
you've faced so much worse.
From storms in the sky,
and when the earth quakes from bellow,
you have faced so much worse that you must know.
Dear the wind shall come again
jut be carful to who you give your heart to spend
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Rose And Their Thorns
really how sweet is the rose that ****** one to many times?
You know the one that wilts but never dies
thinking its over you go to see if its all rite
but how sweet is the rose that makes you cry
bring her some flowers
act like you love her
see if she wants to get back together
you've pricked her small finger
still her heart lingers
because what is a rose without its thorns
She reverts back to the written not spoken to speak
because to her feelings she hides them to keep
just to keep you around and to see your bright eyes
but how sweet is the rose that only ****** and never dies?
Feb 2016 · 479
She Was
I'm still learning about life
I've seen so little before me
closed into a world that truly barley knows me.
You see some kids at school thought it was funny to call her ugly
little do you know she's dealing with  some suicide theory's
she deals with it all by writing songs and story's
she's made it to seven years old,
She already thinks the world is cold.
she wants a better life
crying herself to sleep for a shorter one.
She's made it to fifteen and the world seems un-clean.
her heart is braking.
she's had enough of the world around her that barley knows her.
why did you think it was all rite to try and write the end to her story.
now she's made her mind their wont be no happy ending
Write your apology, and put it in a sad little eulogy
your words meen more than what you think
she didn't make it to seventeen,
she wont be getting married,
she was in search for a better world now she's found one
once she was fifteen years old her world did seem cold
but now she doesn't have to feel the world around her falling
once she was fifteen years old.
but, i guess that's how the world goes
Feb 2016 · 321
Little Broke One
Little one I can see how much you cry.
Dry your eye you don't have to die.
Who has made you forget the sun.
Who has made you love no one.

Dear child are you all rite
why do you cry almost every night
Who had taken the light from behind your eyes
Dear little child are you all rite?

Yes. I can see you standing in the shower
your tears shed in vain mixing with your bleeding hips
You tuck your anger out on yourself
now I can hear you begging for death

Small little broken thing pleas don't cry.
I couldn't stop you but, I'll hold you tonight.
I will carry you as far as I can go.
Dear little broken girl why did you jump out of your window.

I cant tell whir your going,
But ill follow you down as far as I can
I hate the tears that your crying.
Why did you have to leave like this

So when the moon goes down tonight
and the sun comes up in the sky.
When they find you dyeing,
out in the street,
they'll try to stich you up
Ill be out in the hall weighting
till you've had enough
So little broken thing, your not alone.
Ill be out in the hall weighting to take you home
we all think that we'll leave a mark on this world that will last. but more times than not the marks that we leave are scars. We don't want to be forgotten so we try to inspire emotion in those after our death. Our funerals are a mass of people trying to clam they felt the most pain over your the end were all dust in the the end loves just a shout into the the end none of us mean anything....
Jan 2016 · 540
save yourself
Am I suicidal?
just a little bit why?
I can see it in your eyes how bad you hurt inside
my mom caught me a few times with my last will wrote
she asked me why I wanted to die
and said I felt broke inside
kids at school these days
don't know how much It takes
just to stop the tears and say that your ok
they don't know how bad it hurts
to be pushed around the hallways almost constantly
but because you don't want to be week
you refuse to standup and speak
you see kids these days are blind, they don't see the world threw clear dark and blue eyes .
They think their indestructible but they arnt' all that wonderful
I popped a few pills when I was five, I was young and I wanted to die
I was to stupid to know what ones to take
so I swallowed about five to take the headache away
but, pleas don't follow down this rode
I might not be dead yet
but I can feel its close
just huge your pillow tighter
harden up become a fighter
because no ones going to save you
you got to save yourself
Jan 2016 · 380
you know ill put back the peace's together
just to get a glimpse  of what went wrong
Yeah I can see that now your with her
but cant you hear their playing our song
it goes like this
a melody
a good night kiss
you've got a part of me
and no matter weir you go
no matter how far your life takes you
Ill remember this just this moment
nothing more
I know ill see you off and on just running about
And to think that she brought back your smile
Is all that I really care about
so don't you worry
don't give this a second thought
its all rite
I can lurn to move on
just remember me as long as you can
I hope your happy
as you hold her hand
Jan 2016 · 669
if I wasn't made out broken dreams,
I could do most anything.
but the world around me seems just a little to cruel,
and I just feel a little to blue.
so if your not busy  why don't you stop bye,
just to see if I'm all rite tonight.

now I know we've got our problems,
you and I.
But, you said you would never leave,
can you promise me that tonight.
if you can only see the world  threw my eyes,
you'd know how much I really need you tonight.

just promise me that whir ever you may go,
its  only down a rode I can follow.
I guess this is good-bye for you and I.
just know you are the sun and the moon in my eyes.
Well, this is a little reprieve from my norm, I hope you like it and I'm curious to see what you think its about so leave a comment if you would like! Let me know if I should write more in this type of style  or if you like my norm !
Jan 2016 · 310
Hey little girl
What's going on
You cant fool me
I can see how you cry when they close their eyes
you dream about dyeing almost every night
You can clam that your fine all that you want
but you cant say your prayers are for hope because their not
They cant take it back, don't pull out a flask
Because their is no alcohol
Look in the mirror and tell me what you see
I can see your dreams are dyeing
down another pill, just for the thrill
of a promised ending
it might not be happy but who really cares
you just want to get away from hear.
so little girl have you made up your mind
about how this story ends douse it end tonight
you pull out your notebook and write a little more
'it should have ended before'
you don't say so long because they wont  see you again
this is the fun of it
Jan 2016 · 282
Love is irrational, but it douse not hurt
being dishonest with yourself that's what burns
and wen you cry over them and you feel all alone
the blame is no ones but your own
now I cant say that I know how bad it gets
im only fifteen
I haven been their yet
But I know what love is and the high that you get
because I am young but yet I have loved
So with all that I am ad all that I have
I say love doesn't hurt, its the one that you love
that will be  your end
Jan 2016 · 803
Beutiful world
the world is filled with beautiful things
others die just to allow their kids to dream
A boy is allowed to walk because someone dared to think
But a beautiful world is not in my dream's
Silence is deadly as far as I'm concerned
My minds filled with beautiful words
I write the truth nothing more
Cover up the deadly the sick and the depressed
All so you don't have a heavy heart inside your chest
you've devoted your time to playing video games
im sorry that I act this way
but my words do speak the truth
the world is beautiful
but I owe my beautiful world to you
kind as you are I don't know much
your catholic your not its not a big deal but
I know you like fallout boy
and your American flag pants
you wore your sisters shirt
and you wore a 1920's hat
your suspenders are red and you like to excel
You don't like drama and your kind of introverted
your eyes are brown
and you have no idea how bad im hurting
but ill put it aside all just to Keep you happy
because without you I don't know if I could keep lasting
You are my beautiful world. I don't know how much you know about me and I don't think you would want to. just know I left you alone because I knew you hated drama even though you love to be in plays  because I would rather be invisible to you than for you to not be happy I wouldn't be hear without you Chimney something ells
Jan 2016 · 416
Remember I Love You
dear don't cry for me I know it hurts,
but their is nothing that you could do.
I know that you want to follow me threw
but its not the time for you.
take a deep breath and then another,
take a few days to recover.
know that I will always love you no mater witch way the wind blows.
I am hear and you are their,
I know that it huts,
and its hard to bare.
just take a step back
a try to understand that....I don't want you to hurt.
wipe the tears out of your eye,
I don't want you to cry.
If you need me I will stay until you fall asleep.
one day I will see you again,
but until then just remember,
don't cry for me I know that it hurt
and their is nothing that you could do.
Just smile as often as you can,
and remember I love you
Dec 2015 · 383
i dont want to die
She looked up into the sky and smiled. "I don't want to die" She finally knew what had spoken to her, inside  her head, in her dreams, the thing that pushed her along her path. It wasn't the light in Michael. Because The ark angel wasn't her creator...he was a distant part of who she was but, he had been so far removed she didn't know him. She said it again. "I don't want to die"  And she felt the air around her ripple with heart ace, with human pain. if she could have spared her creator this pain I hoped she would have. 'But I do, I am dyeing, because my life is filled with 'its just one name they call me its nothing' but my life if I let this go will all turn into 'its nothings' I will be nothing, and I don't want to live to see the end of this journey...I don't want to see a part of me die in the end because you will, its how it would have always turned out Nanoen, it ends with your death...and mine.' The pain that her creator felt reverberated threw Nanoen's  bones....The one who had written out her life, the one who had made her into what she was ,wanted to die. in her heart Nanoen knew that she was made up of the broken peace's of her creators heart, the hidden scars and all that her creator hoped to be. "Then take my strength, I am a part of you, and you have made me for a are my mother, my creator...if no one reads the story you have written no one will ever know me..and I might as well be dead...You wrote me up in a book for a help the kids who need a not end your life...pleas do not end mine I am a character in a book ...but pleas listen to your heart because it is what is saying not end your life, because you'll take me with you, the world you created.....and you will take away someone's resin to live...." I paused, this person I had made up was a part of me...and a part of me did not want to die....but was that part bigger than the on that did...
Dec 2015 · 350
sometimes I wish I could turn back time
to those better days
when I didn't dream of death and want to slip away
I find myself thinking about you
what do you think it would be like
to look in the mirror and hate who you see
to think about your flaws not what I see
some days are better and then some are not
you think your worthless but I think your worth it
you wont hear me because your music's blaring
you draw a picture and write down the names
of every kid or person who made you feel that way
now I guess I must agree when I see you cry I feel a bit of sympathy
I wish I could turn back time
to some better day
when you would pull your ear buds out and listen to what I had to say
your hearts of gold
your mind of silver
made up of beautiful things
don't let words give you a sliver
**your not worthless now stop caring about what they think
your not worthless now stop caring about what they think
Dec 2015 · 411
Nanoens heart
My heart was cold and my walls were high
I felt safe weir I lye
Then you came and you tore them down
now it hurts not to have you around
weir did you go now and are you coming back
I asked you to stay but you had to go
you left me alone and I'm getting cold
I don't know if I can hold
weir did you go with my heart
you said I would see you again
I feel so lost when your not around
pleas don't let me lose you again
My kingdoms falling all around me
My Queen has lost herself
My heart is yours but you are lost now
I think I might fall I have no more walls
now if you can still hear me know i love you
but you've left me with no protection
so say good bye for the last time
I hope you keep my heart warm tonight
let my memory strengthen you
always know my heart belongs to you
Dec 2015 · 278
some days will be darker than others
said the angel to his fallen brothers
don't be sad because your Abigail's black sheep
your hearts did follow the sound of a different drum beet
you see kids these days are filled with broken dreams and hearts of hate
they cut up their wrists as they try to cry away the pain
some people don't see that their words could ****
they don't see the ones who cry standing on the window sill
kids barley fifteen years old some younger writing their last note
screaming out how much they hate the world
tears falling because of a stupid ****** girl
your kids their afraid to walk down the hall
because they know no one cares about them at all
you see you need to open your eyes
think about your words before more kids die
Dec 2015 · 660
Walk Away.
every moment you spent crying and every tear you let fall
came from words they keep calling
just because you walked down the hall
they don't know because they cant see
how vary close to the edge your standing
all your friends don't know you that well
if they did would they let you sit alone on a stair well
they will go on with their lives like everything is all rite
your left thinking if they just stood weir you are
they would care just a little bit more
no you wont make a sound
you smile just to fool all the kids who think they know what your going threw
you feel alone in your fight with  fear whispering in your ear
its the only thing that you can hear
every signal breath you take
seems like its harder than the one you took before
they tell you to stay calm
Keep your cool it wont be long
hold your head up don't cry
but they have no idea how close to the edge you are
they don't know because they cant see the scars on your heart
I wont say good bye
but I don't want to see you cry pleas just open your eyes...
why wont you open your eyes?
are you all rite?
pleas don't leave me hear I don't want you to die
I write with raw emotion fear or anger or hurt whatever it is...some days I'm *******....and days like rite now my entire world feels like its falling apart but, never and I mean never will I walk away from someone who needs pleas just...just think about the people in your lives who you fight with, one day they wont be their...dont waste your time on anger....pleas don't just walk away
Dec 2015 · 392
sometimes I think about smoking **** but then I'm like better not
sometimes I think I can be brave but then I start to cave
some days I want to go up to you but then I think you'll reject me
I second guess every thing I do
I second guess the makeup I weir the shape of my hair
the way I look in the mirror all because of you
Dec 2015 · 373
idk yet
im a loner in a world of stoners
im a conservative compared to other girls
im the one who goes to church
but I am still human and my heart still hurts
I am not the perfect child
my parents can attest to that
I am not happy with my body my scars the proof  
but I am only human a selfish creature
I am a liar by nature
if you ask me if I am all rite I will say yeah
if you ask me if im hungry now will be it
I don't have scars because I am smart enough not to let them leave a mark
but mine are deep cut in my heart
sometimes I don't like being a loner
but I guess its better than being a stoner
I am caught in mellow drama
kids these days hooked on marijuana
I will not smoke *** with you
but I will read you pride and prejudice
I like my books better than oxycontin
My Clarry and Jace more than your straight ***** and chase  
I like books more than people
reading is my choice drug
while yours starts bringing you down
on your addiction is frowned
mine is making me looked up to
yes I am a loner
my walls build from Stephen kings
my heads not clouded with weirs the ****
no I guess I am not a stoner
but fictional people are better than real ones
I wont **** for a too finger bag
but touch my paper back and ill have your ***
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
charity is not my thing
I am not much of a talker
I'll stand in the background
poetry hidden inside me
My breath carry the wish of dreams
my dreams the hops I carry
I am a dreamer without my peter pan
my Dan without a Phil
I hate everything about me
and love the things a faults me
I cant take criticism well
Words can hurt me
No I am not bold but I will speak my mind
and one day I will come true to time
but for now I will stay silent in the background
silence is the best thing I found
I believe in truth above pride
but I wont give myself time
I am self detrimental broken not ok
but I have dealt  so I will deal
I hold up but I fall
im complicated
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