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Josiah Bates Oct 4
A daisy in a dragon flower meadow
water turns to lead
the air tastes metallic

A flower among weeds that grow so tall
a flower spreading seeds, hoping that, come fall
another daisy will bloom.

Come, fall, to the dragon flower meadow,
so that what we said when we were alone
will at last, like dust, settle.
I once was told
In Broooklyn New York
I had a lackadaisical attitude.
It was the first time I was hearing
That whimsical adjective !
So lackadaisical I was !
Looked like an illness
The way they said it
It seemed I could contaminate.
So I stopped a few seconds to think  and dissect the word
I lacked a daisy somewhere !
Sounded like I lacked a fuse in my brain !
Next thing I know I was checking the word
In my reminiscences of the Oxford English Dictionary
Or may be it was Webster's
And  it said in black and white ferns I lacked purpose
I wasn't properly lazy, I just lacked directions
I lacked enthusiasm, stamina
I was devoid of zest
I was blasé
Translated into  more French I was nonchalant and better said
It was during an encounter group
And they threw that lackadaisical attitude ******* to my face
And guess what i did ?!
I just kept on smiling
Jemenfoutiste to the extreme.
And they kept saying
See what I mean, you 're so ******* lackadaisical , man !
You're so pathetic !  You're so apathetic !
It was Winter in America like Gil Scott-Heron would say
And it felt so good, so warm,
As far as I could see,
To be called lackadaisical
And not laconical.
I not only lacked a daisy
I lacked a bunch of tropical flowers indeed !
Like bouganvillea, orchid or hibiscus
Anthurium, jasmine or bromeliad
I lacked sun and sea
Strange as it was
Even though I was near Atlantic Avenue, Coney Island
So I was lackaseacal and lackasuncal
But what I didn't lack was ants in my pants
And until today they make me dance
My forever lackadaisical dance.
Pyrrha Aug 25
I feel like a daisy
With every petal you remove
I'll tell you that I love you
But you'll still look for a lie
Eloisa Jul 29
Beautiful morning
in the great company of
daisies and lilies
To the white and yellow wildflower
sitting next to me in the grass,
you look lonely.
You are the only one of your kind in all the field,
and I understand how much that aches.
There are so many trees that shade you,
but all you want is to taste the sunlight—
and then maybe you will feel like yourself again.
There are so many plants around you,
but all you want is one strong enough
loving enough
loyal enough
to cradle you in its leaves
and count the petals framing your face
(all thirteen of them)
and there is so much wind to make you dance,
but all you want is for it to guide you
to a shoulder to rest upon.
To the white and yellow wildflower
aching next to me in the grass,
I wish I knew your name.
You are the only one of your kind in all the field,
and yet you stand anyway.
There are so many trees that give you shadow,
and yet you grow anyway.
There are so many of the same plants around you,
and yet you are different anyway.
There is so much wind to make you shiver,
and yet you dance anyway.
There is life in your petals, dear one—
all thirteen of them.
To the white and yellow wildflower
blooming next to me in the grass,
I am here, and I see you.
I can't wait to learn your name someday
Cox Jul 7
The flower wilts,
Tired, sad, dead.
With the scorching sun and it's burning blaze,
You cry.
It's white hair of age has seen it all,
but it never expected that it's own petals would fall.
They fall surrounding the burning ground,
Once was it fluffy and luscious green,
Once had it fulfilled every flower's dream.
Once did it hold events where teenagers would lay,
Where children would play,
Where kites were thrown into the sky.
Once did the flower wish it were a dream.
A wish for a world that wasn't so catastrophically destroyed.
Cox Jul 7
Flowers seem to bloom ever so beautifully,
The colour stains to them like blood.

The water that filled their stalks gave them the most power weapon to live for,
Even if it were for a week, or even a month over time.

When the time came,
Slowly and peacefully the daisies petals shrivel and lose colour.

They fall...

Because he was her water that quenched her thirst,
And her sun that helped her grow.

He represented yellow.

Yellow represented many things love, the sun, happiness, and warmth.

But to her,
He was a daisy.
Alaska Jul 1
I was once a fully bloomed daisy.
But then every time you hurt me
You ripped out a petal
Till I was left with with none
And you were finally done with me.

And there I was..
Left empty and alone.
A daisy stops me
On my way to the door
Symmetry ideal
A hued absence pure
Among the bed
Of Vitruvian make
No flaw I can detect
Yet no aroma to adore
Invisible May 11
It's never I want to
It's always I have to
I need to
Be free

They pick me
They throw me
In a pile of dirt
A lonely daisy

Surrounded by roses
Red trickling down their thorns
I'll do what they do
I'll bleed

I'll never be a rose
I'm stuck in the ground
While they're in glass vases
Staring down at me

They're words get stronger
They're actions speak louder
My cuts get deeper
On the edge of insecurity

Soon I won't be breathing
Oh, the irony
In the middle of roses
A dead daisy
Yeah. Well... Yeah.
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