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Whenever I feel this way
Thinking I've nothing to say
I gather my thoughts straightaway

With the words on a page
Simply rearrange
Letters like a Daisy-Chain

The Intent is clear
I hold dear
How I truly feel

(C) Debra Lea Ryan
1st Poem/Words of 1st Album Concept I have challenged myself to create during 2024 - Life Willing. .
(for Daisy, a true companion to poet rr)

in the city,
we fight daily the toughest of hombres,
brown, grayed, mottled city pigeons,
who fear no human predator,
in the fight
for the crumbs and crusts of
however, they may come our way

get a message, a post,
with the words
“a good create”

the words form a chord,
in my throat, taut, visible, tense
even knowing it’s likely a typo,
probably meant “creature,.”

but the phrase strikes me
as one too little spoke
in our diurnal drudgery
numbing~dumbing struggle,
but, I take them as (a) writ,
for the crumb of challenge

if we cannot justify our existence,
daily with a new create,
then incumbent upon us
to cherish, double and thrice,
the good and wonderful
the surround us

been decades since my body
was warmed by the shape of an animal’s
curves fitted into mine,
our sleep rhythm intertwined,
so once again,
I mourn a living poem
who crossed my path
in photo, in words,
but never,
not in,
living color

but the sighs of loss,

so as is my wont,
inquire within,
where shelter?

in the love
we create
tween us and our

A M Ryder Sep 2022
What is beautiful
About reality
Is what is beautiful
About math
There are
Many things
That have happened
The things that have
Produced this moment
Are at most times
Meaning so big
It renders itself
Yet.. it happened

Even if the
Numbers against
Stand taller than
The daisy itself
Ever could
It still remains
In the meadow
For you and I
To see
Strangerous Apr 2022
He too saw the promise of a distant light,
but unlike him he renounced the gold hat,
and unlike her she did not renounce him.
His parties were simpler, but she was content
with what he could offer: a romantic
readiness, just like his; a gift for hope
for a life together; a capacity
for wonder at the promise of a dream.

Even now he remembered the sad thing
that happened to them -- the deprivation
and the foul dust that floated in their wakes.
But through the smoke he peered into her eyes
and saw the light there, green as ever,
and knew they’d turn out all right at the end.
© 1989 by Jack Morris

Hear the song on Spotify:
Raven Feels Nov 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, dreams are the best part of the day<3

the daisy behind my ear
her hands so small held her so real
my heart beats for that earthy love
joined foreheads and looks from above
between that child let be
something never found within me
genuine pink smiles
to be loved with no lies
for a back then
was a time for everything
Payton Hayes Mar 2021
Night flower blossoming
Beneath the summer sky
Petal parasols unfurling
Throughout June and July

She was born under the moon
Nocturnal butterfly
Pollinated by pale moths
To live one day then die

Moonflower blooms in warmth
Her short season’s end nigh
Shriveling once the frost sets in
And conceding to the ice

Moonblossom rich in scent
A true pleasure to stand by
Her short-lived sweet fragrance
Would all surely vivify
This poem was written in 2020.
take this snow white daisy chain
a handmade token of my faith
my faith in love
my faith in love
take this and please don't give up
daisy chain  of faith
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