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One more day is all that I ask
I just want to see the sun set before I pass
The light as it plays off of the river bend
This is weir I want to be burred in the end
Take my hand now mother pleas don't cry
Tell our family that it ends tonight
Pleas tell them that I am going home
and someday we will meet again
I want to go to the river bend tonight
hear the nightingale sing as I look up at the sky
Mother tell Father that I am ok
I will love you both forever and always
I want to go to the river bend
Lay me down to rest
pleas don't levee me till I've breathed my last
And sing the songs of ages past
I am gone to the place weir angels rest
Mother tell my brothers that it is all rite
I don't fear my death a little tonight
I want to pass at the rivers bend
Because as the sun sets and the colors are bright
maybe the angels will find me all rite

— The End —