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Jenny Gordon Mar 2019
cough, cough*


Where gloaming's blueish note of darkness thence
Culls oh, electric lights, I close the tale
Of drapes and we hang out in sheer betrayl--
All four of us--whiles I wash dishes, whence
Sweet conversation, or reproof for sense
When I drop lo, a spatula.  Detail
Whatever, but twas sweet to thus avail
Ourselves of time together for intents.
Now it's so dark, and I have played with her
Til aught before is lost in how the crew
Of dolls cavorted to her fancies, poor
As aught excuses, I am blank.  What, to
Effect, teased for a line hours ere?  What'd bestir
While I was working?  Nothing's left that'd woo.

Begging pardon, I was too vexed all ideas hitherto asking for a voice when I was working were flown when I'd finally opportunity to write, that I actually titled it with the 4-letter "s" word.
A Dec 2018
Keep your ******* eyes to yourself

You do not get to dictate to whom i give my time
Nor are you allowed to infer who i am involved with
And no i don't ******* care which person you think i should be with
Last time i checked i was standing here in my own shoes and you in your own
So for once ignore that old saying and do not try to walk in my shoes
If the outcome is going to be your ******* research paper on how i feel about other people
Do not confuse my friendship with someone of anything more than purely platonic
No matter how many small hand touches or lingering signs of affection you think mean anything
My love life is not your ******* criminal investigation do not treat it as such

Keep your ******* eyes to yourself
we love dropping the f word
SeaChel Mar 2018

My mouth
may be as ***** as a sailor's,
but I promise you
my lips
are as sweet as honey.
I admit I like cussing.  It doesn't make me any less of a lady; I know when to bite my tongue.
tricia jane Nov 2017
for what it’s worth,
we both didn’t know what we needed

i think
we relied on smoke to make up for the silence
we couldn’t fill

fingertips touching, flickering like the fire from
your lighter
gazes fluid like gasoline, waiting for a light to set it afire

but where the edges aren’t collapsing,
we’re still whole
flowing into each other,
falling back into place

we’re not looking to burn the night away
even in our self-destroying core,
we’re still looking to feel something,

**** falling apart, that’s not,
that’s not us

we’re not breaking, not leaving
just looking for a space to stay

we don’t breathe fuel, and even on the cruelest days
we know how to keep each other warm

so i guess when we extinguished ourselves,
in our own self-doubt,
fell apart,
that’s when we realized that,
for what it’s worth, what we needed
was each other
Now I feel like I need to bring something up
and it might be hard to stomach
Just sit back and shut your ******* mouth....

Your kids are slitting up their wrist because they've had enough of this
so how about you get your head out of your ***
Kids are dying in the street getting pumped full of led
Because you asked them to pick up your daily dose of ******

I understand if you want to report this but theirs one thing that I would like to say
From me to you :).....

"*******, **** your life your all ******* *** wholes! I hope you all ******* rot!
~Thanks :)
Brent Kincaid Sep 2015
I like cussin’
I even researched the word.
It ain’t cussin’
There’s an R that is not heard.
We’re talking of cursing,
The taking of God’s name in vain,
Back when it was blasphemy.
Those days will never come again.

It ain’t the same way
Like it was back in those times
When spitting on the sidewalk
Was a jailing crime
And black people had to walk
Down in the gutter.
There were words back then that
Decent folks didn’t utter.

Well, I ain’t religious.
I don’t go to any church at all.
It ain’t that I am evil;
I’m not riding for some fall.
But there are times
Like when you hammer your thumb
That saying “Oh fudge!”
Sounds just plain old **** dumb.

I am not sending
Anything or anyone here to hell.
It’s just helps
To say hell or **** or fuckaduck
When you have to yell.
A shuckydern don’t fit the bill like
A shouted “****”
When you are *******, raving
Ready to spit.

I totally understand
That some words have a place.
Calling people *******
Can be seen as a huge disgrace.
But I still insist
That many times in a conversation
The word *******
Just fits the momentary occasion.

So, scoff if you will.
I’ll try to play by your nicey-nice rules,
But there are people
What are nothing but ******* fools.
I do hope you pardon
My not liking any more pleasant words
When someone says
The dumbest **** I have ever heard
(Illustration from:
Lately I've felt held back by a lot of constraints.
Burdens on my mind that I can't contain.
I want to express myself through words but it's getting difficult.
Because, frankly, **** rhyming, and **** watching my language.
**** all this depression and being hypocritical.
**** those lines I just wrote and **** how I feel about this poem.
**** how I came into this wanting to be reflective and negative.
**** it, in the words of my mother, "**** it all".
Just try to have a good time with your life before it's all gone.
It can be pretty ******* hard, but it's worth it.
Whenever life confronts you with obstructions, get the **** over it.
It's YOUR life, YOUR decisions, and YOUR results.
When you waste time on the things that don't matter, you've wasted too much.
So the next time something is irking you that doesn't really matter,
or you're not feeling well enough to  be positive,
do me a favor and think to yourself "**** it".
This is all we've got.
Don't waste it.
**** the small things, be happy.
I love to ******* cuss
Up and down the street you will hear me *****
In the car I will scream *******
I will abuse the word **** because I want to
I am a ******* in the eyes of the public
I don't give a ******* what they think
I ******* love to cuss
They are just words in the end
A bunch of letters assembled just to be used
Banned from the vocabulary of others
**** it
Cuss for me,
Do it , to make yourself feel better,
Do it , when nothing but violence swells inside you
Do it, when you tell a joke
The  first line and the third are about the only truthful lines about me, I apologize to anyone offended, however if it makes you feel any better I had to look up cuss words just so I could write this.
Brianna Jun 2014
Clean endings never exist and I can't breathe when you're around.
I get stupid; I get dizzy.

You're like a bad taste in my mouth, I'm doing everything I can to clean you out.
You're every ****** word on the tip of my tongue.

Wounded birds have more fight left in them than I have standing in front of you today. I am a wimp in my own sense and fashion.

I can't think when you're around.
Do you understand the emotional breakdowns that go on inside my mind when you're around?

It feels like a blind person trying to read a book. Like a roller coaster flying off the tracks.

I love you more than I can explain in any sense. So much that I need to you get away from me before I end up insane.
jayson m May 2014
**** **** ****
What the **** is this
the **** is that
Dear jesus someone send help
Ah yes, finals are next week and I am woefully unprepared

— The End —