She's got a nice butt
but she's anything but nice

Karl Stewart Dec 2010

I am not bitchy all the time
sometimes I'm bright and gay
I am not always feeling down
at least not every day

Sometimes I wear a great big smile
sometimes I have a frown
sometimes I'm feeling really good
sometimes I'm really down

So if you see my smiling face
approach me if you dare
but piss me off and you will watch
as I yank off half your hair

I'll hit you like a big buzz saw
I'll chew and spit you out
so don't approach on my bad days
days when I sit and pout

I'll have to work on a happy version of this.

We were driving along
a dark windy road
when all of the
she said to me
“I don’t like this road
I can never see
what’s behind me”

“Why would you want to?”
I rebuttal
“You will see the headlights
behind you
and the taillights
in front of you
and if you see nothing
you are

Her face crumpled as
she turned her head
She remained silent
for a while
until her hand slowly guided
towards mine
“As if I would find
comfort in being

Middle Class Sep 2016

A meadowlark call, a brief marked stall on a structured walk.
A couple blocks more and the forest adorns the river and the rocks.
At this stop the wind has not yet been blocked, and it wavers on with the scent of crinkled leaves. 
  And just as it had begun,
the moment ends as the pathway bends.
I know it can be found and felt again, if I'm able to release and retrieve.

JM McCann Jun 2015

You see videos mean jack shit.
Videos don’t play the atmosphere in the air
tinged gently with shit from the nearby toilette
videos don’t play how it started.
They don’t hear the pounding of the dragon flies wings in the air
and the Walt Whitman you read before you arrived or
the amazing or shitty day the camera man had.
The tension of the air between two warriors as they fought
in good fun or for good riddance.
Videos do just as great a job as the person who watches
a minute of a debate and confidentially declares the winner.
Granted there is no such thing as what actually happened
everything I write beyond this is opinion declared to be fact.

Just an excerise
Taylor Perkins May 2017

We’ve spent our entire lives captive to your ideals
We enter our favorite bar to the reverential welcome of our brothers and sisters
There is sadness in the knowledge of your opinions
But freedom in the release of our worries of your attitudes
We can only be who we are; who we are sanctioned to be
Through trial and fire we were formed and through more fire shall we be refined
Your words and stones do not phase us,
We have been laden with assaults as long as we can hope to remember
So your judgments do not sentence us,
For we have made ourselves our own judges
Liberated from the corrupt and the pious
You do not know our stories,
Nor do you understand our hearts
You don’t care to know what we dream of at night,
Nor what we aspire to by day
You only see an image that you have been trained to prejudge
A rung on the social ladder that you can step on,
That way you are one step closer to your social goals
We are people,
Unlike you
But same somehow
We still feel, still care, still love,
We just do it a little better than you
Because we understand that you can never truly know someone
Until you give up the idea that you already know who they are.

Dear Julie,
Fuck you right back
or should I say jules
fuck you jules
with your stupid dumb name
your no jewel
your smile may sparkle
but your heart is made of coal
you try to hate me with your letters and words
you may even think you do
but you love me
I've got that bad boy edge
and all you've got is that vape
your goofy laugh bursts without warning
i may go deaf if it happens again
dear god please let me go deaf
i wouldn't have to hear your slanted remarks
always trying to cut deep with old memories
but you are the one thats still bleeding
you don't even have a shower to wash it away
i still have you around my finger
writing poems in exchange of a fake reason to come hang out
don't even try to deny it
cuz I'm the shit
and you just stink

Wolf Irwin Jun 2014

A quintessential detrimental light to the dark,
Its essential for potential blooming in our hearts,
Fitting puzzles is no trouble if we do our part,
We can struggle and rebuttal if we only start,
Work together towards the better having piece of mind,
Cut the tether love the weather peace is all we find,
Forget the clock just never stop there's no such thing as time,
Dodge road blocks pull up your socks and just watch for signs.

Tyler Loeslein Nov 2012

Swallow, and another pill slides down my throat. A pill so strong it digs and digs, then fills moat that separates me from the world with acid, and acid resistant sharks, boat proof, swimmer proof. So that no one from out there even has a chance of crossing. It’s dark in here where I’m isolated, the pill shuts the blinds and cuts all ties that I ever had. This pill promised to help me focus, and it did, but the focus remains under the lid of my skull. My thoughts run and run, like a river never dried. So focused on what the angry voices say, and my hopeless rebuttal of, “I tried.”  I can only focus on what’s inside. The words I read on the bottle lied. It said that the pill may cause drowsiness, but it steals my sleep, locks it up somewhere and keeps it out of reach. But without sleep these waking dreams that I am so diligently focused on are delirious, my problem is growing ever more serious, because each new dose makes it harder to float up where the oxygen is, instead these pills, they weigh me down, giving me a sinking feeling that I may drown. But still I swallow, and another pill slides down.

Samuel Feb 2012

It's as easy as life, this
chronic rebuttal and no
matter how right you are
you're always wrong placing
bets with your own bookie

It's as easy as life, but
who's to say life is easy?
certainly not those who have left
and gone on to bigger things; they'd
like to believe in all this in retrospect
but things should be simpler.

It's as easy
as easy as life

guessing is not easy.

Amitav Radiance Jul 2014

The jagged edges of rocks
Get smoothened by flowing water
Yet, the broken mental edges
Cannot be soothed by the flowing emotions
Holding on to life, hanging from a precipice
Not aware of the surrounding, but mental agony
Blurry eyes and senses, leaves you forlorn
Donning a black cloak, coalescing with darkness
Oblivion beckons with enthusiasm
To make you a part of the lonely journey
Travelling with a heavy load of denials
Yet, the rebuttal, becomes the only truth

Jacquelyn Lowe Feb 2013

Barely Walks.
And does not sleep

day squinting
night in trance;


& Anomie doesn’t speak 
What she thinks
Until she drink
Apart; life projector spreads in sheets

Anomie not loveable
so off she goes
with dogs in sheets
that bark and bones

& in the padded womb
zaps milky-Light
A spotlight for the bees
Getting Drunk between her Knees

Confusion explodes confetti
disorientation takes the plow
Sex the only how
An orgasm; or a fake hopeless meow
She lives in mental corners
watching window borders
They push in; she falls out

Brand new day
Teeth on pillows crack
Anomie's mind
has to react
She's fast to split-
Spit out a rebuttal
method witty-tactix kit

No one tells her time to go
But when Bee's belly full
She-goes - Self-loathes
Morning Glories still shriveled in their pods
They own the glory of her story and her song

Hiding in sarcastic retreat for clean feet
under dirty water bathes
wipes off the meat

Not your friend
She's trouble to love
The dirtiest dove

Anomie is naked and she's hated
Take away the curtain glove
eye slit under sunlit
She recovers

Don't judge
it's all her love
but you fucked Anomie anyways
just because
The Thrill

Lies, lies and lies again
From “No I swear, that wasn’t me” to you saying “She’s just a friend”
Your stupid story telling now begins
In my own eyes, your unfaithfulness I can no longer defend

From “No I swear, that wasn’t me” to you saying “She’s just a friend”
I find myself contemplating your game
In my own eyes, your unfaithfulness I can no longer defend
To love you again, I’d fall greatly to shame

I find myself contemplating your game
From mine to yours, words become babble
To love you again, I’d fall greatly to shame
In denial, leaves a sleepless night filled with rebuttal

From mine to yours, words become babble
An endless love, I refuse to begin
In denial, leaves a sleepless night filled with rebuttal
Lies, lies and lies again.

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