Life is a melody
      You can listen to only once

    The first thirty seconds, you find the groove,
         it's appealing
    A harmonious rhythm hereto unwritten
       This could be your favorite.

             It is.
       For the next three minutes, you settle in.
               The chorus comes around.

          You'll be here again.
                  It's fresh, it's catchy
You're enraptured by these certain pitches and the words rhyme perfectly.
   One line flowing into the next, the ends justifying the means.
       Another verse, another chorus. This one feels more weathered
          Routine, maybe. You still feel that groove but your perspective of it has been altered by the change in tempo and direction during the last verse.

           You realize you have fifteen seconds left.
         This was your song. What did you do with it?

       As you think back, a gentle blanket of white noise embraces everything that ever was, and your song fades

Let me know how you feel.

Being interrupted by far off people making exceptionally loud sounds while trying to write poetry is exactly like having a horrible toothache and trying to perform a tracheotomy on a rabid cat.

If you look at everything a little sideways

     You would be amazed at the intricate connections between everything in this life.

       Everything is poetry, just as poetry is everything.

Intellectual stimulation from a twisted mind
Bringing life to the insanity I tried to hide
Cracking whips to break the chains, feeling death drip from my veins
Pouring poison down the drain from infections inside
Chasing rumors through the sewers, lost in tunnels of depravity; God's the only viewer but this show's not quite reality
Gravity scraped knuckles with me all the way down
A brute stuck in a boot loop asking me to drown
These restarts after crashes turned my synapses to ashes
Now I can't feel the rats in my cyber cerebral casket
Dead in the head and strapped into my bed
I dug at my wrists until I saw red
The doctors applauded at everything the gauze did
It still couldnt stop it so on it bled

You blend with shadows
          And the cracks in sidewalks
                Brittle grime trickling down your hand
       You catch each bit between forefinger and thumb
    And turn them all into tiny broken men

           Stench streaming in smoke like ribbons
               Your skin is icicle cold
      But the smell ignites the sensory fears of those you draw close
Shattered skull love songs emit from your bones
    Calling all sinners to you to atone

You are the blackest person I know.
Not black by skin tone,

Who did the dicks?
I'm wanting to know
             Was it Chrysta or Alex
   Or someone unknown?
            27 dicks chilled my spine to the bone
                  I've seen less dicks on porn sites that I surf when alone

        Evidence was prevalent at the High School and the class fool was pinned as the guy
           Peter and Sam then planned to document everything to figure out who and why

          I won't spoil specifics cause that wouldn't be slick
     I'll let you peruse through a plot so thick
       Keep your eyes open watch for clues in the mix
       And ask yourself this question:

         Who Did The Dicks?

Inspired by the Netflix Original: American Vandal. A mockumentary style true crime drama you should check out.

I had a dream in the middle of the day
          About a boy with springs where his legs should have been
        He jumped so high he got tangled in barbwire clouds
             And it rained blood and viscera for a month

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