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Daniel Magner Jan 2020
A rocky, wavy buffet
served out on the water today.
Waiting on the whales,
but their hiding,
or sleeping,
or swimming away.
In the misty distance waits Diamond Head,
looking out on us,
Take a dive
in the Hawaii ocean.
Daniel Magner 2020
Daniel Magner Jan 2020
March single file, up, up, up.
Take the stairs two at a time,
sweat beads run lines down your face.
Get to the tunnel carved in rock,
push past the crowds to break out,
then up, up, up
till you peak at the top,
the trail's end.
Survey the crater, lush, serene,
barricaded against the city
which spills between hills and mountains.
Forget it all,
turn to face the sea.
Daniel Magner 2020
Daniel Magner Jan 2020
Fine rain falls onto the reflection pool,
tiny ripples bouncing off each other,
transient touch.
Mist hangs on the mountains,
shrouds peaks.
A bell tolled out,
reverberating purity,
find peace in obscurity.
Daniel Magner 2020
Daniel Magner Jan 2020
Slippery, muddy, tropic path,
foliage overgrown.
Sheer rock face reaches skyward,
water pouring, crashing
down to a cool pool, overflowing.
The jungle holds millennia,
without rest.
Daniel Magner 2020
Daniel Magner Jan 2020
Five sea turtles bask,
the evening sun glinting off their shelled backs.
The sand glistening with each waves retreat.
Like statues, the turtle guardians.

One cracks an eye, slow,
peeks at those watching,
then closes the eye again.
Not concerned with human things,
it's only desire to store sun fire
deep under it's scale skin,
bring it back underwater
and heat its soul within.
Daniel Magner 2020
Daniel Magner Jan 2020
Fine sand grains coat my toes
as pure, crystal waves break,
playful, ancient, against the shore.

The swaying plink of reggae guitar
bounces over the sand,
lulling a laze in my core
then emanates out across the beach,
past the break,
and out to sea.
Daniel Magner 2020
Sammie Garibay Nov 2019

Take me somewhere
far from everything
where nothing can be trace
back to you and i

Take me somewhere
where there's a tall building
that glows at night
where we can fall in love

Take me somewhere
where there's a beach ,
swimming with you
while you hold me
as we face each other

Take me somewhere
where we can dance
all night ,
walk around town
that has every spice to try
Sammie Garibay Jul 2019

What a paradise
Where there is so many palm trees
The sun getting brighter
Sand feeling soft and warm
Not too warm just perfect
The sound of waves crashing
Our bodies getting darker
As we're lying on sand
With the flowers falling from the trees
Falling down towards us
As we're under the tree with flowers falling
You holding me
With those arms around me
My hands around you

Sounds amazing huh
Now let’s drive to Hawaii
rei Jun 2019
the lushness of the land
the ruggedness of the rocks
pictures can capture everyone's view of perfection.
but have you sat on a cheap beach chair,
with sand in your toes and curly hair,
across your sunburned face?
subtly smiling at the distant crash of waves,
or listening to the live music
that sounds like the band "summer salt?"

lava lava beach club
with cats wandering around the island
just as your heart wanders around the lovely memories
that you count one by one
to taste their delicious ideas
and finally, finally
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